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Mt Margaret
Western Australia
Legislative Assembly Electoral Roll

JACKSON David M Kookynie Ironmonger
JACKSON David H. M Kookynie Storekeeper
JACKSON Ellen Louisa F Kookynie Married
JACKSON Evelyn Agnes F Mt. Morgans Married
JACKSON Frederick Robt. Wright M Mt. Morgans Cyanider
JACKSON Sarah F Kookynie Home Duties
JACKSON Sydney Hall M Erlistoun Proprietary Miner
JACKSON Sydney James M Murrin Accountant
JACKSON Thomas M Kookynie Miner
JACKSON Thomas Lamb M Kookynie Miner
JACKSON Wilfred Jno. M Burtville Miner
JACOBS Edwin M Kookynie Miner
JACOBS Morris M Water right, 38G, Kookynie Water Carrier
JAEGER Adolph S. M Kookynie Miner
JAMES Albert M Kookynie Miner
JAMES Elizabeth F Kookynie Home Duties
JAMES Gilbert Henry M Mt. Morgans Assayer
JAMES Hugh M Craiggiemore G.M. Amalgamator
JAMES John M Burtville Miner
JAMES John M Ida H. G.M. Miner
JAMES Thomas M Kookynie Miner
JAMES Thomas M Burtville Storekeeper
JAMES Thomas M William Street Grocer
JAMESON Thos. C. M Mt. Weld South Miner
JAMESON Thos. Clark M Burtville Miner
JAMIESON James M Hawk's Nest Plumber
JARICK Elizabeth F Kookynie Home Duties
JARVIS Annie F Kookynie Home Duties
JARVIS Mary Ann F Mt. Morgans Married
JARVIS William M Kookynie Engine Fitter
JAY Charles G. M Pumping Station Prospector
JEANES Henry M Between "Gooses Rd" & "Keep it Dark" Miner
JEFFRIES Richard M Potosi G.M. Miner
JENKIN Joseph M Kookynie Miner
JENKIN Louisa F Kookynie Domestic Duties
JENKIN William M Terlinga Miner
JENKINS Daniel M Morgans Miner
JENKINS Thomas M Euro Miner
JENKINS W. M Phoenix street, Mt. Morgans Miner
JENNINGS Bernard M Mt. Morgans Wood Stacker
JENNINGS David Martin M Euro Miner
JERRED Emily F Mt. Morgans Widow
JERVIS Ferdinand M Kookynie Miner
JESSUP John Benjn. M Duketon Miner
JEW Samuel M Mt. Morgans Blacksmith
JEWEL Thomas M Kookynie Blacksmith
JHERARDIN John M Kookynie Labourer
JOHNS Charles M Kookynie Labourer
JOHNS Edward Ash M Kookynie Stockman
JOHNS John M Yundamindera Miner
JOHNS Margaret F Kookynie Home Duties
JOHNS Thomas M Kookynie Engineer
JOHNS William M Kookynie Clerk
JOHNS William M Kookynie Labourer
JOHNSON Arthur M 50 Mile well, Cue road Teamster
JOHNSON Charles M Manally Alluvial Miner
JOHNSON Henrie F. M Red Flag Miner
JOHNSON J.J. M Euro Labourer
JOHNSON James M Lancefield Miner
JOHNSON John M Kookynie Miner
JOHNSON Joseph M Potosi G.M. Miner
JOHNSON Joshua M Yundamindera Miner
JOHNSON W. M Cement Creek Miner
JOHNSON William M Kathleen Miner
JOHNSON William M Mt. Morgans Labourer
JOHNSTON George Alexander M Kookynie Grocer
JOHNSTON Hugh M Waite Kauri Miner
JOHNSTON J. Charlton M Mt. Morgans Accountant
JOHNSTON James M Erlistoun street, Laverton Carpenter
JOHNSTON James Donald M Brewery, Lavertone Brewery Hand
JOHNSTON James T. M Euro Miner
JOHNSTON Mary Sinclair F Burtville House Duties
JOHNSTON Robert M Burtville Miner
JOHNSTON Sarah May F Burt Street Domestic
JOHNSTON Thomas M Longhole, 6 mile Cook
JOHNSTON William M Mt. Morgans Book keeper
JOHNSTONE Tom M Websters Find, Cardinia Wood Cutter
JOLLY John M Mt. Morgans Butcher
JOMNSON Thomas M. M Mt. Morgans Wood Cutter
JONAS Bertram M Morgans Hairdresser
JONAS Bertram M Mt. Morgans Hairdresser
JONAS Elizabeth F Mt. Morgans Home Duties
JONES Albert M Kookynie Miner
JONES Arthur M Augusta Miner
JONES Edward M Lancefield G.M. Blacksmith
JONES Elizabeth F Kookynie Home Duties
JONES Frank Felton M Block 10, Yundamindera Miner
JONES Gwilyin M Euro General Hand
JONES James M Craiggiemore Engine Driver
JONES John M 50 Mile well, Cue road Carrier
JONES John Francis M Kookynie Miner
JONES Joseph M Anaconda Contractor
JONES Kate F Morgans Married
JONES Leonard M Kookynie Horse Trainer
JONES Richd. E. M Erlistoun Miner
JONES Sampson M Kookynie Miner
JONES W.M. M Laver street, Laverton Butcher
JONES William M Gwalia Miner
JONES William M Gwalia Miner
JONES William M Lancefield Miner
JONES William M Mt. Weld South Labourer
JONES William M Kookynie Night Porter
JONES William M Kookynie Night Porter
JONES William James M Queen street, Mt. Morgans Labourer
JONES William Richard M Kathleen Miner
JORDAN George M Kookynie Grocer
JORDAN George Mulvehill M Hotel, Laver street, Laverton Organiser
JORGENSON Neil M Australia United Miner
JORY Minnie F Ida H. G.M. Home Duties
JORY Thomas M Ida H. G.M. Miner
JOYCE Matthew M Mt. Morgans Miner
JUDGE Geoffrey Thomas M Laverton Contractor
KAIN William James M Mt. Morgans Jeweller
KALLINBERG Harriet Augusta F Mt. Morgans Home Duties
KANE Richard M Leinster Miner
KANE Winnie F Mt. Morgans Home Duties
KARRICK George M Kookynie Carrier
KARRIDGE George M Sunrise G.M. Miner
KAURIES George M Kookynie Miner
KAURIES Lily F Kookynie Home Duties
KAVANAGH Charles M Kookynie Prosepector
KAVANAGH John M Kookynie Miner
KEAN Charles M Kookynie Miner
KEANE Daniel M Phoenix street Miner
KEANE Daniel M Mt. Morgans Miner
KEANE John M Yundamindera Miner
KEANE Mary F Kookynie Laundress
KEARNS Frederick Clifford M Kookynie Builder
KEATING Ernest M Ivy Well, Mt. Morgans brick Kilns Well Owner
KEATING Robert M Eucalyptus Miner
KEELY Patrick M Mt. Morgans Miner
KEENAN Thomas M Kookynie Miner
KEENAN William M Kookynie Fireman
KEITH Effie F Kookynie Home Duties
KEITH John M Lancefield Engine Driver
KEITH John M Phoenix street, Mt. Morgans Carpenter
KELLEHER James M Kookynie Miner
KELLEY Catherine F Kookynie Home Duties
KELLEY James Henry M Lancefield Engine Driver
KELLEY Terence M Kookynie Blacksmith
KELLIHER John M Burtville Miner
KELLS William M Laver street, Laverton Carpenter
KELLY Arthur M Ida H. G.M. Miner
KELLY Arthur M Kookynie Miner
KELLY Charles M Duketon Prosepector
KELLY Chas. Edward M Burtville Baker
KELLY David M Lancefield Horse Driver
KELLY Ellen F Burtville House Duties
KELLY Frederick M Redcastle Prosepector
KELLY James M Kookynie Miner
KELLY James F. M Kathleen Miner
KELLY John M Phoenix street, Mt. Morgans Trucker
KELLY Joseph M Mt. Morgans Miner
KELLY Marian F Burtville House Duties
KELLY Patrick M Kookynie Labourer
KELLY Robert M Hard Cash claim Miner
KELLY Thomas John M Mikado G.M. Miner
KEMP George M Till street, Kookynie Miner
KEMP Nellie F Till street, Kookynie Married
KEMP William M Anaconda Miner
KENANE Thomas M Kookynie Miner
KENNEALLY Daniel M Dingo Creek Teamster
KENNEDY Edward M Webo station Shepherd
KENNEDY James Bowles M Duketon Miner
KENNEDY John M Cumberland street, Kookynie Storekeeper
KENNEDY Martin W. M Childe Harold, Kookynie Miner
KENNEDY Michael M Mt. Morgans Miner
KENNEDY Percy M Euro Miner
KENNEDY William M Kookynie Miner
KENNEDY William M Cumberland street, Kookynie Miner
KENNEY George Lewis M Mt. Morgans Labourer
KENNY James John M Kookynie G.M. Schoolmaster
KENNY Jas. Jno. M Kookynie School Teacher
KENYON Walter B. M Laverton Cyanide Manager
KEOGH Peter M Kookynie Miner
KEOUGH Thomas James M Kookynie Miner
KERLEY George M Kookynie Carpenter
KERMODE John M Euro Miner
KERR Alfred M Lancefield Trucker
KERR James M Cumberland street, Kookynie Carpenter
KERR Maurice M Mt. Morgans Woodcutter
KERR Richard M Kookynie Miner
KERR William M Anaconda Labourer
KERRIDGE George M Burtville Woodcutter
KESSELL Harry M Yundamindera Miner
KETTERER Eugene M Mt. Morgans Carpenter
KETTLE Peter M Kookynie Carter
KETTLE Robert M Mt. Harris road Labourer
KIDD Charles M Yundamindera Mine Manager
KIDD Margaret Jane F Yundamindera Domestic
KILLEEN Thomas M Kookynie Miner
KILMARTIN John M Golden Crown lease Miner
KILMARTIN Peter M Mt. Pascoe Miner
KILMURRAY Patrick M North Pool Shepherd
KINANE Thomas Michael M Yundamindera Miner
KING A.E. M Euro Miner
KING Helen Mary F Sailor Prince G.M. Home Duties
KING James M Kookynie Miner
KING John M Kookynie Carter
KING John M Sailor Prince G.M. Engine Driver
KING Thomas M Mt. Morgans Miner
KING Thomas M Kookynie Miner
KING Thos. Christopher Nunn M Cardinia Miner
KING William M Golden Spinifex Miner
KINGS Sydney Herbert M Burtville Butcher
KINVER Wm. J. M King of the Hills Engine Driver
KIRBY Patrick M Redcastle Prosepector
KIRBY Thomas M Euro Cook
KIRK James M Anaconda Labourer
KIRKMAN Amelia Rosetta F Childe Harold Midwife
KIRKMAN Mildred F Craiggiemore Married
KIRKMAN Oswald M Kookynie Labourer
KIRKMAN Rose F Kookynie Miner
KIRKWOOD Amelia R. F Childe Harold, Kookynie Married
KIROT Blanch F The Brook Domestic
KIRSH John M Lancefield G.M. Miner
KISS John Ambrose M Kookynie Carrier
KISSELL John M Mt. Morgans Miner
KITLEY Edgar M Lancefield Trucker
KITTELTY Henry M Camel leases Miner
KITTELTY May F Camel leases Married
KNIGHT Joseph W. Imisley M Laver street, Laverton Baker
KNOTT John M Kathleen Engine Driver
KNOWLES Alfred Albert M Murrin street, Mt. Morgans Carpenter
KNOWLES George Yeo M Blue Jacket lease, Mt. Stirling Accountant
KNOX Wm. Douglas Carnigg M Hotel, Laver street, Laverton Prosepector
KNUDSEN Christen M Yundamindera Bootmaker
KNUDSEN Martin M Diemel street, Yundamindera Bootmaker
KNUDSEN Matilda F Yundamindera Domestic Service
KNUDSON Martin M Bates street Bootmaker
KRAMER Augustus Christian M Cumberland street, Kookynie Mine Engine Driver
KRAMER Elizabeth F Kookynie Married
KRAUSE John A. M Laver street, Laverton Cycle Agent
KRAUSE John Alexander M Cremorne G.M. Engine Driver
KUHL P. M Euro Miner
KUHLMAN Frederick M Kookynie Labourer


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