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QUARTETTE Arthur Otto, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 5 Sept 1905, Section A 62, Age 32, Occ Prospector/Miner, Father: Hans Hendrich Ludwig QUARTETTE, Mother: Auguste Emilie ROLAND, Born 14 Sep 1871 in Bendigo VIC, Married to Alice Amy COOPER in Mt Morgans WA at age 29yrs, No children, Cause, Acute Pneumonia. Reg 51/905, Mt Margaret.

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Arthur  Otto QUARETTE


RAMSAY Robert, in the Mt Morgans Hospital. Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 9 Aug 1902, Section 32, Age 45, Single, Occ Miner, Father: Christopher RAMSAY, Mother: Mary, Born County Durham, Northumberland, England, In NSW 10yrs, In WA 5 ½ yrs, Cause, Mine accident, Killed in a fall of earth at the North stope No 1 level Westralia Mount Morgan Gold Mine, Verdict of the Coroner, Reg 49/1902 Mt Margaret.

RAMSAY Robert Laverton and Beria Mercury 16 August 1902, page 3

RAMSDEN William Henry, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 21 Jan 1908, Section A 40, Age 40,  Occ Prospector/Secretary, Cause, Typhoid Fever, Father: Issac RAMSDEN (Clerk), Mother: Eliza GULLETT, Born South Melbourne VIC, In VIC 28yrs, In WA 12yrs, Married to Sara LAWSON in Drouin, VIC at age 28yrs, Children: William Henry 11yrs, Deceased 1 male,  Registered by wife, Reg 6/1908 Mt Margaret.

RAPACHOLI / REPACHOLI unnamed male, at Westralia Lease, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 12 May 1907, Section D 1, Father: Denis RAPACHOLI (Miner), Mother: Hilda Gertrude HABERLEY, Registered by mother, Reg 33/1907  Mt Margaret.

RAWNSLEY Clarice, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 25 Nov 1904, Section A 1, Age 8 mths, Born 1904 Mt Morgans, WA, Father: Alfred Redferne RAWNSLEY (Miner), Mother: Grace READE, Registered by father. Reg 5/1904 Mt Margaret.

REGAN Louisa May,  Mount St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 25 Apr 1904, Section B 3, Age 7 mths,  Born 1903 Mt Morgans, WA, Father: Michael Cornelius REGAN (Engine Driver), Mother: Louisa Mabel Page HAMILTON. Reg 17/1904 Mt Margaret.

REHILL John, d 1 Feb 1909, Mt Morgans Hospital, 70yrs, Occ Prospector, Cause, Apoplexy, Parents Unknown, Reg 6/1909 Mt Margaret.

REHILL John, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 2 Feb 1910, Section B 28, Age 70, Occ Dryblower from Yundamindera, Reg 6/1909 Mt Margaret.

REPACHOLI Phyllis, at Westralia Mt Morgans GM Lease, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 12 Aug 1910, Section C 9, Age 6 hrs, Cause, Premature Birth, Father: Denis REPACHOLI (Station Hand), Mother: Hilda Gertrude HABERLEY, Registered by father, Reg 45/1910 Mt Margaret.

RICKARD Fanny, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Burial date Unknown, Section A 38.

ROACH John, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 8 Jun 1906, Section B 7, Age 34,Occ Prospector/Miner, Cause, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Chronic Brights disease, Born, Capetown, South Africa, In WA 33yrs, Registered by F Roach (Brother), Reg 35/1906, Mt Margaret.

ROBERTSON Edith, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 24 Oct 1905, Age 32yrs, Cause, Edith showed signs of alcoholism at the time of her death and also had been assaulted, all of this contributed to her heart failing. Reg 1527/1905.

ROBINSON James, Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 19 Jun 1905, Section A 44, Age 56,Single, Occ Blacksmith/Engine Driver, Born Kadina SA, In VIC & NSW 10yrs, In WA 10yrs. Reg 36/1905 Mt Margaret.

RUDEBERG John Olaf Harold , Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 13 Jun 1902, Section A 34, Address, Phoenix Mt Morgans, Age 13 mths, Cause, Gastric Enteric Catarrh, Born South Perth WA,  Father: Johan Wilhelm RUDEBERG, Mother:  Caroline CHRISTENSON. Reg 34/1902 Mt Margaret.

RYAN Mary,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 27 Dec 1903, Section B 1, Age 37, Occ Barmaid,  Born Victoria, Father: Patrick, Mother Bridget, Cause Typhoid. Reg 1492/04 Mt Margaret.

SANDERSON Alfred Edward, at Residence of John Mathew SANDERSON, Queen St, Mt Morgans,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 1 Sept 1906, Section A 65, Age 18days, Father: John Matthew SANDERSON (Cordial Maker), Mother: Anna Elizabeth  KIESWETTER. Registered by father, Reg 46/1906 Mt Margaret.

SEAMAN unnamed female, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 14 Nov 1903, Father: Thomas SEAMAN (Labourer), Mother: Ellen DOWE, Cause, Stillborn. Registered by father.  Reg 4/1904 Mt Margaret.

SHEEHAN William, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 22 Oct 1902, Section F 4, Age 43, Occ Assistant Cook.

SHIELDS Robert James Michael, d 7 Mar 1901, 11mths,at Murrin St, Mt Morgans, Cause: Syncope, Gastric Enteric, Father: Michael SHIELDS (Boarding House Keeper), Mother: Catherine ARNOLD,Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery,  Born: Burbanks, Coolgardie WA, Reg 15/1901 Mt Margaret.


SLYTH  Jessie (twin to Charles) d 23 Oct 1901, 10wks, at Watkins St, Mt Morgans, Cause: Diarrhoea, Mother: Bella SHAW, Registered by Mother, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Mt Morgans WA, Reg 42/1901 Mt Margaret.

SLYTH Charles ‘Charlie’ (twin to Jessie), d 28 Oct 1901, 10wks, at Watkins St Mt Morgans, Infant               , Cause: Gastro Enteritis, Mother: Bella SHAW, Registered by Mother, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Mt Morgans WA, Reg 44/1901 Mt Margaret.

SMITH James, d 29 Oct 1929, at Eucalyptus Dam, 66 miles south of Laverton, Age 67yrs, Occ Old Age Pensioner, Cause, Heart Failure, Born Burra SA, In WA 40yrs. Reg 17/1929 Mt Margaret.

SMITH John,  at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 10 Feb 1907, Section A 68, Aged 46, Occ  Mine Owner &  Mayor of Morgans, Father:- Donald SMITH (Farmer), Mother: Christina MCKINNON, Married to Emily McKENNA in Wilcannia NSW at age 21yrs, Children: John Donald 24yrs, Rubina Constance 22yrs, Aileen Christina 21yrs, Leslie Albert Charles 19yrs, Reginald Roy 15yrs, Vivian William 12yrs, Morgan 4yrs, 2 females deceased,  Born Ballarat VIC in 1861, In VIC 15yrs, In WA 14yrs, Reg 8/1907 Mt Margaret.

STANLEY James, d 18 Jul 1920, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 21 Jul 1920, Section C 48, Age 81, Single. Died at his camp at Murrin Murrin, Born England, Spent many years in New Zealand, In WA 20yrs. Reg 25/1920 Mt Margaret, 

STANLEY William, Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 1 Jul 1905, Section A 59, Age 29,  Parents unknown, Occ Miner, Born Queenstown, Ireland, Cause, Cerebral Aneurysm. Reg 31/1905 Mt Margaret.

STEEN James, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 16 Apr 1921, Section B 58, Age 59, Single, Occ Miner, Cause, supposed heart failure, Born Golburn NSW, In WA about 30yrs. Reg 8/1921 Mt Margaret,

STOKES Unnamed male, at the Mt Morgans Hospital,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Burial 6 Dec 1922,  Section B 18, Age 2 ½ hrs, Father:  Jessie Richard STOKES (Labourer), Mother: Ethel Mary FAIRCHILD, Cause, Premature Birth, No suspicious circumstances, Verdict of the Coroner and Jury, Reg 3/1923 Mt Margaret.

STUART Bruce Wallace, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 2 Mar 1916, Section C 14, Age 53, Occ Miner, Cause Tetanus, Born Scotland, In WA for 2 yrs. Died at the Mt Morgans Hospital. Reg 8/1916 Mt Margaret.

SUTCLIFFE Fanny, d 11 Apr 1902, 1day,at Mt Morgans, Cause: Syncope, Father: John SUTCLIFFE (Labourer), Mother: Elizabeth SEYMORE, Registered by Mother,  Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery,  Reg 28/1902 Mt Margaret.

THOMAS Vera Louisa, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 26 Nov 1902, Section A 24, Age 11 mths, Born Mt Morgans, Father: Edward Henry THOMAS (Miner), Mother:  Louisa LANE, Cause, Teething, WA, Registered by mother. Reg 76/1902 Mt Margaret.

TINNION William, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 8 Jun 1920, Age 53, Occ Storekeeper, Single, Cause, Broncho Pneumonia, Father: J TINNION (Retired Station Master), Born Cumberland England, In WA about 25yrs. Reg 20/1920 Mt Margaret.

TOOKABAH alias Sugar Bag, Mt Morgans Hospital, Buried 17 Sept 1906, Section B 12, Age 20, Occ, Stockman, Cause, Tuberculosis.
Reg 57/1906 Mt Margaret.

WALLACE Charles Richard, Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 30 Mar 1905, Section A 48, Age 15 mths, Cause, Acute Colitis, Heart Failure,  Born Mt Morgans WA,  Father: John Lambell WALLACE (Builder), Mother: Marion ROBINETTE, Reg 11/1905 Mt Margaret.

Wallace Kookynie Press Saturday 1 April 1905, page 1

WALTON George Raymond, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 10 May 1904, Section A 53,  Age 7 mths,  Born Boulder WA,  Father: George WALTON (Miner), Mother: Emma LOGAN, Reg 26/1904 Mt Margaret.

WILLIAMS James Robert, d 22 Sep 1924, on the Yundamindera Rd, 7 Miles from Murrin, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 26 Sep 1924, Section A 93, Age 64, Occ Prospector from Murrin, Cause, Natural Causes, Heart Failure, Born New Zealand, In WA 30yrs. Reg 23/1924 Mt Margaret.

WILSON Lena Sophia,  Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 30 May 1905, Section A 22, Age 36, Lived 14 miles along Redcastle Road,  Born Finland, In NSW 2yrs, In WA 11yrs, Father: Andrew ? (Carpenter), Mother: Lena ?, Married to Charles WILSON in Bunker NSW at age 23yrs, Children: Emut Olaf 10yrs, Evald M 8yrs, Edith Sophia 6yrs, Esther Helena 5yrs, Carl Eric 3yrs, Cause, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Reg 21/1905 Mt Margaret.

WURFETT unnamed, Section B 49 ,

ZALA Remigio, at the Mt Morgans Hospital.  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 12 Sep 1905, Section RC B 8, Age 23, Single, Father: Remigio ZALA (Farmer) ,Mother: Margaret Mary BRANNIGAN, Born in Stallwell VIC,  Occ mine employee,  Cause, Pneumonia and acute heart failure, Registered by Peter Zala (Brother), Reg 44/1905 Mt Margaret.

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