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Mulwarrie 1904 Electoral Roll
Western Australia

ABDY William- Mulwarrie-Miner
ANDERSON Alice Ester- Mulwarrie-Married
ANDERSON Matilda- Mulwarrie-Home duties
ANDERSON William Martin Egelmbert- Mulwarrie-Civil servant
BARRY A.E.- Mulwarrie Hotel, Mulwarrie-Housekeeper
BARRY Rose Lozetti- Mulwarrie-Home duties
BLACK James- Mulwarrie-Miner
BLACKER James Ricks- Mulwarrie-Miner
BLIGHT John- Mulwarrie-Teamster
BRANT Peter- Mulwarrie-Teamster
BROWN-E.-Mulwarrie-Domestic duties
BROWN Michael- Higgins street, Mulwarrie-Miner
BROWN William- Mulwarrie-Miner
BURKE Michael- Mulwarrie-Miner
BYRON James - Mulwarrie-Miner
CADBY Arthur Edward- Higgins street, Mulwarrie-Storekeeper
CADBY Frank John- Higgins street, Mulwarrie-Storekeeper
CADBY Harry George- Higgins street, Mulwarrie-Baker
CADBY H.G.- Mulwarrie-Storekeeper
CAPLES Patrick- Mulwarrie-Miner
CARROLL James David- Mulwarrie-Miner
CARROLL John Patrick- Mulwarrie-Miner
CARSON George Andrew- Mulwarrie-Miner
CARVAL James- Mulwarrie-Miner
CHURCH Ernest Arthur- Mulwarrie-Miner
CHURCH Frederick James- Mulwarrie-Miner
CHURCH Minnie- Mulwarrie-Home duties
COHEN Maurice- Mulwarrie-Publican
CONNELL Mrs. A. A.- Mulwarrie-Married
CONNOR Thomas- Mulwarrie-Miner
CONWAY John Joseph- Mulwarrie-Miner
COOK William C.- Government well, Mulwarrie-Well sinker
COVENY John Joseph- Mulwarrie-Mine manager
COWE John- Mulwarrie-Mine manager
D'ALTON Alice- Mulwarrie-Domestic duties
D'ALTON Annie Marion- Mulwarrie-House duties
D'ALTON Edward Michael- Mulwarrie-Police constable
D'ALTON George William- Mulwarrie-Miner
DE GRACIE Catherine- Mulwarrie-Domestic
DEUCHAR J.G.- Mulwarrie-Miner
DUCROW Annie- Mulwarrie-Home duties
DUCROW Catherine- Mulwarrie-Married
DUCROW William Thomas- Mulwarrie-Miner
DUNLEA John- Mulwarrie-Miner
DUNN Charles- Mulwarrie-Miner
DUNPHY Nicholas- Mulwarrie-Labourer
EDWARDS William Graham- Mulwarrie-Miner
EVANS Andrew John- Mulwarrie-Miner
EVANS Sarah Emma- Mulwarrie-Married
FITZPATRICK Bridget Teresa- Mulwarrie-Home duties
FITZPATRICK John-  Mulwarrie-Hotel keeper
FITZWILLIAM John- Government well, Mulwarrie-Well sinker
FOOTE Norman- Mulwarrie-Engine driver
FORBES George Edward- Mulwarrie-Miner
FOSTER John- Mulwarrie-Groom
FOTTE Ada Mary- Mulwarrie-Married
FRAWLEY Jeremiah James- Mulwarrie-Teamster
FRECKLETON John- Mulwarrie-Miner
FREEMAN Thomas James- Mulwarrie-Blacksmith
GATES Thomas- Mulwarrie-Miner
GERMAIN John- Mulwarrie-Miner
GOLDSWORTHY William - Mulwarrie-Miner
GRIMES Mary Anne- Mulwarrie-Domestic duties
HALDANE Andrew- Mulwarrie-Miner
HALDANE Andrew- Mulwarrie-Miner
HALDANE Elizabeth- Mulwarrie-Home duties
HALDANE Isabella- Mulwarrie-Married
HALMAN Sarah Ann- Higgins street, Mulwarrie-Married
HARRINGTON John Patrick- Mulwarrie-Miner
HARROP Francis Andrew- Mulwarrie-Engine driver
HOLMAN James- Higgins street, Mulwarrie-Mining manager
JACKSON Emma Clinch- Mulwarrie-Home Duties
JACKSON Sydney Hale- Mulwarrie-Miner
JESSUP Mary Ellen- Mulwarrie-Home Duties
JOHNSON Charles- Mulwarrie-Miner
JOHNSON Hugh- Mulwarrie-Miner
JOHNSON James William -Mulwarrie-Miner
KEARNS Edward- Mulwarrie-Miner
KEARNS James B.- Mulwarrie-Miner
KILMARTIN Peter- Mulwarrie-Miner
KLEINE Edward- Mulwarrie-Miner
LEES Thomas William- Mulwarrie
LESLIE Bernard- Higgins street, Mulwarrie-Newsagent
LESLIE Jean- Mulwarrie-Home Duties
MAIN John - Mulwarrie-Miner
MALONE John - Mulwarrie-Baker
MARSHALL William Henry- Mulwarrie-Miner
MARTIN Matthew Ferguson- Mulwarrie-Engineer
MASON William- Mulwarrie-Miner
MOORE Alice Mary- Mulwarrie-Nurse
MULLENS Edward- Mulwarrie-Miner
MUNRO Robert- Mulwarrie-Miner
McCARTHY Denis- Mulwarrie-Miner
McFARLIN John Thomas- Mulwarrie-Miner
McKELL Thomas -Mulwarrie-Medical Practicioner
McLOUGHLEN Daniel- Mulwarrie-Miner
McMANUS Richard- Mulwarrie-Miner
McPARLIN A.- Mulwarrie-Miner
McPARLIN Charles Arthur- Mulwarrie-Blacksmith
McPARLIN E.- Mulwarrie-Married
McPARLIN Mabel- Mulwarrie-Married
O'DRISCOLL Daniel- Mulwarrie-Miner
O'FLAHERTY Michael Andrew- Mulwarrie-Miner
O'NEILL Andrew- Mulwarrie-Miner
PAVY Frederick- Mulwarrie-Miner
POPE James- Mulwarrie-Miner
PYM Rebecca Eliza- Mulwarrie-Domestic
RAFTICE Robert- Mulwarrie-Miner
RALPH Arthur B. -Mullwarrie-Labourer
RICHARDSON James Arthur- Mulwarrie-School Teacher
RIDDLES Frederick James- Government well, Mulwarrie-Well Sinker
ROSE Annie- Mulwarrie-Caterer
ROWE W.C.- Mulwarrie-Miner
SANDON Hugo Hoffman- Mulwarrie-Mine Manager
SMITH Arthur Braunt- Mulwarrie-Labourer
SMITH Charles William- Mulwarrie-Miner
TATE George Bone- Mulwarrie-Postmaster
TAYLOR Florence- Higgins street, Mulwarrie-Married
TOWNSEND Ethel Maud- Mulwarrie-Spinster
TWYFORD Mary Jane- Mulwarrie-Married
VALLANCE Thomas- Mulwarrie-Miner
WALSH Peter James -Mulwarrie-Draper
WELLMAN William- Mulwarrie-Miner
WHITE James S. -Mulwarrie-Miner
WILKINSON Reginald Clyde- Mulwarrie-Miner
WILLIAMSON James- Mulwarrie-Miner
WILLIAMSON Sarah- Mulwarrie-Home Duties
WILSON Richard Williamson- Mulwarrie-Miner
YOUNG Robert- Mulwarrie-Miner

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