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The townsite of Trafalgar is located in the goldfields region, 598 km east north east of Perth and 3 km east of Boulder. As demand for land increased in the Kalgoorlie area in the late 1890's, the government set aside an area named the "Lake View Suburban Area", this name being gazetted in 1899. In August 1899 the residents of the area met and formed the "Trafalgar Square Progress Committee", preferring this name to Lake View. In 1900 the name was shortened to Trafalgar Progress Committee, and in 1901 the Lake View Suburban Area was renamed Trafalgar Townsite. In 1904 it was changed back to Lake View, because there was another Trafalgar in Victoria. Local usage however remained Trafalgar, as did the railway station and post office, and in 1923 it was changed back to Trafalgar. The reason for the choice of name is not known, but it is obviously named after London's Trafalgar Square.

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