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Ullaring 1904 Electoral Roll
Western Australia

CARLSSON Kate- Ularring-Married
CLINCH Mary- Ularring-Widow
CUNNINGHAM J.- Ularring-Miner
DONOVAN James F. -Ularring-Miner
DOWNING Alfred Ernest- Ularring-Miner
LEEDER Henry George- Ularring-Miner
LESWELL Blanche Catherine- Ularring-Home Duties
LICHBERG August R. -Ularring-Publican
LICHBERG Elizabeth P. -Ularring Hotel, Ularring-Married
O'DONNELL Francis- Ularring-Miner
PAVY Frederick- Ularring-Miner
PORTER Robert B. -Victoria Hotel, Ularring-Labourer
TAYLOR Edward- Ularring-Carter
TAYLOR James Frederick- Ularring-Miner
TUPPER H.- Ularring-Miner
WALLACE James- Ularring-Miner

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