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Yarri 1904 Electoral Roll
Western Australia

BARLOW James- Yarri-Miner
BEYERS Hugo Lewis- Yarri-Miner
BEYERS Oswald- Yarri-Miner
BEYERS Theodore- Yarri-Miner
BLACK Gerald- Yarri-Miner
CARROLL Edward C -Yarri-Miner
DALEY Patrick -Yarri-Miner
DANCE Jane- Yarrie-Home duties
DANCE John Edward- Yarrie-Caterer
DELANEY Edward Walter- Yarrie-Miner
FIRMINGER Jessie- Yarrie-Home duties
FIRMINGER William- Yarrie-Miner
FITZPATRICK Peter- Yarrie-Storekeeper
FORREST Roland- Yarrie-Miner
GODDARD William- Yarri-Miner
GOULD James- Yarri-Miner
HANCOCK Maud- Yarri-Housekeeper
HAMILTON James- Yarrie-Publican
HARDS Richard- Yarrie-Shepherd
KETTLE Peter- Yarrie-Miner
LORD Samuel- Yarrie-Baker
LORD Teresa Mary- Yarrie-Caterer
LOWE Frederick  -Yarrie-Miner
MADDEN Henry -Yarrie-Miner
MOORE Margaret- Yarrie-Domestic Service
McINTYRE James- Yarrie-Miner
McINTYRE Laurence- Yarrie-Miner
NEWLAND Walter- Yarrie-Miner
O'NEILL Charles- Yarrie-Miner
PEARCE John- Yarri-Miner
ROBINSON Percy McNaughton- Yarri-Miner
ROSS Ralph John- Yarrie-Miner
SAUNDERS Philip H -Yarri-Mine Manager
SELBORNE William Thomas- Yarrie-Miner
SERGEANT Frederick George- Yarri-Miner
SERGEANT Josephine- Yarri-Married
THOMAS David Bunyan -Yarrie-Miner
THOMAS Maurice D. -Yarrie-Prospector
THOMAS William - Yarrie-Miner
TURNBULL Joseph Albert- -Yarrie-Teamster
WELLS William- Yarri-Miner
WINDSOR Frederick- Yarri-Miner
WOOD Alfred- Yarree-Miner

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