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Brown Hill Postal Directory 1921

Population 900

AIKEN John R. –manager Sanitary Depot

AINLEY John A –miner –71 Brisbane St.

ALEXANDER George –engine driver – Maritana

ALEXANDER John – prospector –Maritana Hill

ANDREWS John H. – Oroya Lease

ANTHONY Josiah – Lake View Consols


ARMSTRONG James M. –miner - Brown St

BAILEY J.W. –manager -Sydney St

BAINS James –Oroya Links

BARRATT Edward – Menindie Lease

BATTEN John –Brown St

BENNETT Thomas K. –engineer – Associated Gold Mine

BENNETTS Mrs C. –store – Brown St

BENNETTS William A. –miner – Brown St

BLAKE John –Menindie Hill

BLACKER Edwin P. –Paringa Lease

BOUCHER Sam – Bellevue Lease

BOUNDY Herbert W. – Wycliffe St

BOWEN Harold –miner – Oroya Links

BOWER William C. –Croesus Lease

BRIDLEY Frank –miner –Brown Hill Lease

BROOKS A.H. –JP – Associated Northern Lease

BROTHERTON Robert –Croesus Lease

BROWN James –Brisbane St

BROWN John –Oroya Links

BULL Percy A. –assayer – Associated Lease

BULLER Richard –Ironstone Lease Hill End

BYFIELD Mrs M.J. – Brisbane St

CAMPBELL Roderick –fitter –Oroya Links

CARROLL –Croesus South Lease

CHAMBERS Patrick –Oroya Links

CLARKE William J. – Queen St

CONROY James –Brown Hill Extended Lease

COOPER George –miner – Brisbane St

CRADDOCK F. –Menindie Lease

CRESSEY Mrs E. –Brown Hill Hotel

DOUGLAS Robert –engine driver – Brown Hill Central

DOWNES William J. –Brown Hill Extended

EATON Joseph –Brown St

EUDEY William –miner –Brown Hill Lease

FAHEY John M. – miner –Brown Hill Lease

FITZGERALD Patrick –superintendent –Oroya Links

FLANNAGAN John –miner –Brown Hill

FLYNN John –miner

FLYNN Thomas –Oroya East Lease Hill End

FRANCIS Guy –miner –Melbourne St


GODDARD Alfred –Boomerang Lease

GORDON Robert –Cassidy Hill

GRAHAM J.D. –miner –Sydney St

GREER Henry –Croesus Lease

HALFORD Ewart G. –dairy

HALLS John A. – Hannans Consols


HARD Norman –Sydney St

HOLM Charles –miner –Hill End

HOOD James –Melbourne St


HUGHES Joseph F. –Croesus South Lease


JEFFREY Matthew J. –miner –Brisbane St


JENKINS Frederick W. – Curfew St

KNIGHT Frederick –North Boulder Lease

LEEVERS William T. –engineer –Perseverance Gold Mine

LEWIS Frederick H. –Oroya South

LINDSAY Richard –Cassidy Hill

LITTLE Robert J. –True Blue Lease

LYNCH William H. –miner –Maritana Hill

McAULEY Duncan F. –manager Associated Gold Mine

McCALLUM James G. –Associated Gold Mine Lease

McGRATH Frances H. jnr –Melbourne St

McPHEE Alexander –Brisbane St

MATTHEW Frederick –fitter –Sydney St

MICHAEL Alick –Oroya East Lease Hill End

MILLER Christoper –Auckland St

MORLEY Cornis –JP –miner - Sydney St


MUNDAY John –miner –Brown Hill

MUNDAY Reg – Captain Fire Brigade Station

MUNRO William –underground manager Associated Mines

MURRAY James G. – Kalgoorlie Gold Mine Lease

NOONAN John – Hannans Consols

NORTON J. –miner –Melbourne St

O’CONNOR James –miner Oroya

OWEN Mrs E. –Melbourne St

PADDICK James F. –foreman Perseverance Gold Mine Lease


PARBS Henry –Maritana Hill

PARRY William – Hainault Gold Mine Lease

PASLEY William G. –Maritana Hill

PEIRCE Charles W. –fitter-

PERRY Charles – Adeline Lease

PERRY William –underground manager Kalgoorlie Gold Mine Lease

PHILLIPS George – Brisbane St

PILLAGE C.J. –miner –Brown St

REES Aaron –manager Hill End

REX Albert J. –Sydney St

ROBERTS William –Cassidy Hill

ROWE Frederick W. –assayer –Oroya Links

ROWE William –miner Brisbane St

RUTTER John –miner –Croesus Lease

SHAW Edward –engineer –Oroya Links

SHREEVE R.V. –Sydney St

SMITH A.W. –mechanic-Perseverance Gold Mine

SMITH Alfred –miner –Maritana Hill

SOFTLY William H. –Brisbane St

SONSEE M.J. –miner–Sydney St

STACEY Richard –True Blue Lease

STEVENS Hugh –miner –Oroya East Lease Hill End

STONE J.T. – dairy

STONE Samuel –miner - Brown Hill Lease

TAYLOR Edward J. –Sydney St

TAYLOR Harold E.

TAYLOR James –Paringa Lease

TAYLOR Mrs M. – Brown St

TAYLOR John –secretary Mechanics Institute - Sydney St

TELFER John W. –Lake View Consols Mine

THOMAS Matthew – miner- Curfew St

THOMAS Mrs E. –Brisbane St

THOMSON R.H. –clerk - Oroya Links

TOY Frank – Oroya East

TREMBATH J. –miner –Melbourne St

TREZISE Simon –miner –Melbourne St

TRUMAN Leslie –Cavaliers Battery Croesus Lease

TURNER Edgar F. –accountant – Oroya Links

TURNER Henry – Brisbane St

TURRELL William W. –Mint Gold Mine Lease

VALL Herbert E. –mining engineer –Lake View Mine

WALKER William –North Kalgoorlie Lease

WARBURTON Con –Hainault Lease

WALTON F.J. – West Boulder Lease

WHARTON John –miner Curfew St

WHOLLEY John –miner

WILLIAMS Alfred T. -Brisbane St

WILLIAMS Alfred jnr –Brisbane St

WILLIAMS Peter –Croesus Lease

WOOD Andrew –Oroya Links

YEATS George – Hannans Consols

YOUNG Robert –miner

ZEEP Mrs E.B. –Wycliffe St

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