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Bullfinch Postal Directory 1921

Population 800


BARR A. of Hughes & Barr from Radio Mine

BAYES John –contractor

BURNS John –blacksmith

BYNON William E. – store –Bullfinch Mine

COLE William D. –newsagent & greengrocer

CONNELLY & Church – Exchange Hotel

CHURCH OF Connelly & Church

DILLON James –miner

EDWARDS John –miner

FIRMIN Herbert – of Woodroffe & Firmin –grocers

FITTS Charles A. –dealer

FRENCH James D. –miner

FURZE Miss L. – manager – Exchange Hotel

GILROY John-miner

HAY Archibald L. – mine manager

HOCKLEY Samuel –blacksmith

HUGHES J.G. of Hughes & Barr – Radio Mine

ICKERINGILL Thomas –carrier

KELLY Charles –shift boss

KELLY P.J. –secretary Miners Union

LEONARD Theodore – shift foreman

LORRAINE William R. –commission agent

McGLASHAN R.B. – mine clerk

MANN Fredrick J. – store & greengrocer

PARKINSON Robert –mine accountant

SIMPSON Thomas E.D. – coach driver

STROTHER Sydney – manager hotel

VALTINK H. – hairdresser

WALTERS J.F. –assayer

WALTERS Mrs J.F. –boarding house keeper

WILSON E.M. –shift boss

WOODROFFE & Firmin -grocers

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