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Darlot/ Lake Darlot > Darlot Cemetery

Also known as Lake Darlot
260Kms North East of Leonora
GPS: Latitude and Longitude 27o55 00    -     1210 17 57e

All Photographs courtesy - Paul Tonkin 

ALFORD Alfred d. 28 Nov 1895 age abt 45, from Yorkshire England. Cause:- Sudden Death. (Cannot locate any death registration).

BEAL William James, d 25 Nov 1901, 39 yrs, Ballangarry Hotel, Cause:- Kidney Disease, Woodarra, Occ:- Publican,– Father:- John Stephen BEAL (Miner), Mother:-  Anne SANDERS, born Kooringa South Aust, In SA 33yrs, In WA 6yrs, not married, death registered by his brother Charles BEAL-  East Murchison 21/1901

CRUMP Walter, d 28 Aug 1900 at the Auragon Mine, Lake Darlot, Infant 13 hrs, Father:- George William CRUMP (Leaseholder) Mother:- Alice May CRUMP, Cause:- Convulsions, born Lake Darlot, 1406/1900

EDWARDS William, d 10 Apr 1936, Melrose Station, Lake Darlot, 68yrs, Occ:- Prospector and Old Age Pensioner,  Cause:- Tuberculosis and Asthma attack. Born Moonta S Aust,– East Murchison death cert 15/1936 (Last Burial)

FARRELL Hilda Florence, d 29 Nov 1900, Murchison GM, Lawlers, Infant 2mths, Cause:- Whooping Cough, Father:-  Hugh Kernohan Mcniece FARRELL (Contractor) Mother:- Isabella DONALDSON, born Cottesloe, WA, East Murchison 7/1900

LAMBERT Edward William d. 8 Aug 1899, Ballangarry Lease, Lake Darlot, 30yrs, Cause:- Accidentally drowned after falling down the main shaft of the Ballangary Lease, Father:- William LAMBERT (Caretaker) Mother:- Margaret James GEOGHEGAN, born Wexford IRELAND, 6 yrs in VIC 7 yrs in WA, Single -, buried Darlot Cemetery - East Murchison death cert 7/1899

MACKEY John Francis d. 20 Feb 1906, Infant 9mths, Cause:- Dysentry and teething, Father:- Lewis MACKEY (Miner) Mother:- Annie GLEESON, born Perth WA, buried Darlot Cemetery  – East Murchison death cert 9/1906

McGRATH James d 14 May 1914 , 48 yrs, State Battery, Lake Darlot, Occ:- Caretaker, State Battery, Lake Darlot, Cause:- Suicide, cyanide self-administered, Verdict of Coroner, born Ireland, 28yrs in WA, buried Darlot Cemetery – East Murchison death cert 4/1914

METZKE Mabel Florence d 2 Nov 1919, Lake Darlot, 36yrs, Cause:- Sudden death by verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Surname NUTT (Labourer), born Bendigo VIC, in VIC 21yrs, In WA 15yrs, married to Alfred METZKE in Perth WA at age 25yrs, buried Darlot Cemetery – East Murchison death cert 3/1919


METZKE Margaret Anne d 21 Jun 1908, 42yrs, Married woman, Cause:- Tubercular Pleurisy, Father:- Alexander MILREY (Miner) Mother:- Margaret MCINTYRE, born Casterfield VIC, In VIC 37yrs, In WA 5yrs, Married to John METZKE in Alexandria VIC at age 24yrs, buried Darlot Cemetery -East Murchison death cert 10/1908

PATTERSON Percy d 21 Dec 1908, Zaybar Mine, Lake Darlot, Occ:- Miner/Prospector, 36yrs, Cause:- Died from natural causes by order of the Coroner, buried Darlot Cemetery, East Murchison death cert 18/1908

PETERSON Neil d. 21 Nov 1916, 67yrs, Occ:- Dryblower, Cause:- Natural Causes, Order of the Coroner, Father:- Olans LUNDSTROM, Mother:- Anna ANDERSON, born Trelleborg, SWEDEN, not married, buried Darlot Cemetery – East Murchison death cert 9/1916

WARREN Gordon Campbell, d 29 Feb 1916, Child 6yrs, Cause Tetanus, Father:- Aubrey Albert WARREN (Station Owner) Mother Isabel TELFER, born Perth WA, buried Darlot Cemetery – East Murchison death cert 2/1916

WARREN Joseph,  d 2 Mar 1916,  45yrs, Occ:- Station Owner, Cause:- Foul air in shaft while being lowered to do repairs, no blame attached to anyone, verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Joseph WARREN (Stonemason) Mother:- Mary HYDE, born Geraldton WA, 45yrs in WA, Married twice:- 1st to Maggie HORTON in Melbourne VIC, 2nd to Eglantine CAMPBELL in Menzies WA at age 33yrs, Children all of 2nd marriage:- John 9yrs, May 7 yrs, Olive 6yrs, Alexander 5 yrs, Roy 1 yr, Stanley 3 weeks, deceased 2 females, Death certified by his brother Aubrey WARREN, buried Darlot Cemetery - East Murchison death cert 3/1916

WESTBROOK William Henry d about 4 Nov 1906 at Lake Darlot, 63yrs, Occ:- Prospector, Cause:- Want of nourishment and old age, - East Murchison death cert 3/1907

First Cemetery:-  burials re interred in the new cemetery
From Horsemans Gully by Forsyth/Plutonic Mining in 1995


BARKER W, d 29 May 1895, 25yrs

BEATTIE Charles, d 4 Jun 1895, 29yrs  


BISHOP George d 27 Jul 1895,

CARSON Samuel, d 14 May 1895, 45yrs

ELVER Robert d 27 Jul 1895, From Qld 31yrs

HENDERSON Daniel, d 24 Mar 1895, 50yrs

HILDER James, 2 May 1895, 28yrs from NSW, Father has the Mittagong Hotel 50miles from Sydney

WILLIAMS Hugh, d 31 May 1895, 59yrs


This is the skeleton of Hermanus Lambertus Looke alis Herman Henry Looke. He disappeared with his son Henry Augustus Looke (Gus) the story goes that they were selling grog and merchandise about Lake Darlot. He married his first wife Sarah Ann Anderson nee Kennedy and when she died her oldest daughter Emma Jane became pregnant to him and they later married, and had 12 children including my husband fathers mother Sarah Josephine Looke - Information supplied by Marlene Counsel


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