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Bulong Postal Directory 1921
Western Australia



BERGIN Joseph –prospector

BERTHOU W. –prospector

CONDELL J. – secretary Bulong Miners Institute

CABLE, Lardner & Jones –storekeepers

CARNE Henry –prospector

COEN John – Court Hotel

CREEDON Jeremiah – pastoralist

DALLEY J. –miner

DODMAN John –prospector

DWYER W. – prospector

ELLIS J. –miner

EVANS E. –ganger

FINCHER T. –prospector


GESSINER Frank – prospector

GREEN Christopher – ganger

GUANE James – ganger

HALCROW A. –miner

HARRIS Benjamin – prospector

HARRIS William –prospector

HUFFA Thomas –prospector

JOHNSON Alfred –carpenter

JONES E.F. – farmer –Hampton Hill

JONES Robert C. – J.P. – of Cable Lardner & Jones –storekeepers

LEE William –ganger

McCRAE Duncan –prospector

McCULLAGH David –prospector –at Ballagundi

McCULLAGH Edward – prospector at Ballagundi

McNICKOLE W. –miner

MILLER David –miner

MURPHY Jack –miner

NELSON W. – prospector

O’BRIEN Maurice –miner

O’NEIL M. –prospector

O’ROURKE Patrick – Federal Hotel

PEACH Edwin B. – prospector

PERRY Albert –ganger


POWER Paddy – prospector

REID A. – miner

ROBERTSON Jack – wood carter

RODGERS H. –miner

ROGAN John –miner

STRIKE E. – prospector

SWEET W. –miner

TAPP W. –miner

TEASDALE Thomas –prospector

TENNY Gretta –dressmaker

TENNY Thomas –miner

THOMPSON William –miner

VAUTHIER Madam – Hotel Keeper

VINCENT T. –prospector

WARRELL Robert –miner

WESTHEAD J. –prospector

WHEATLEY William – prospector

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