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I would first like to thank Danelle Warnock for her tireless work in editing and correcting the names on this list. The job was a big one, which she has spent a great deal of time on. The full register would not now be available to everyone without her assistance.

This data has been compiled from several sources such as copies of the index of the Kalgoorlie/ Boulder Cemetery which were photocopied many years ago by the Goldfields Family History Soc members on behalf of WAGS (The Western Australia Genealogical Soc) who in turn were assisting AGCI (Australian Genealogy Computer Index). This information was then put on the ‘AGCI disk’ and made available for purchase, now out of production unfortunately. This was done by the ‘Society of Australian Genealogy.  It contains the burials from hundreds of cemeteries all over Australia along with other information.   The burial details for Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, Boulder and many of the other smaller cemeteries in our area are also listed.  The disk can be found at some libraries and at WAGS and the Battye Library in Perth. When the AGCI disk was completed the photocopied cards were then returned to the Goldfields Family History Society which sadly closed its doors some ago. Additional information has been added by family members and from the newspapers.

The complete list of all the burials along with details of grave number and locations has always been available from the Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery office which is open every weekday.  If you do wish to locate a grave in person you can obtain a map from the office. This list in no way replaces the excellent service offered by the Cemetery Board but is an additional search tool for those who aren't able to visit in person.

Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery Board
P.O.Box 79 Kalgoorlie WA 6430

* denotes – unable to locate on the Western Australian Deaths with the WA Registrar General

More recent deaths may not be included as the records have only been recently become available and will be added in due course. If you would like a name added now please do send us the details.

If you have any photographs of your relatives headstone or memorial and would like it to be added to the web site please get in touch with me and I will add it in.  We will soon start adding the photographs from my own collection.

I would like to ask if you find any entry incorrect or missing please contact me for correction.


First Name Age Burial Date Denom Grave No. Section Father Mother Comments          
EARLE Francis Naomi 7 days 01/Jun/1924 Methodist 848 I      
EARNSHAW Elizabeth Crompton 51 04/Oct/1907 Methodist 278 I      
EASTERBROOK Rachael 88 02/Sep/1952 Methodist 1069 I      
EASTERBROOK William John 65 16/Jan/1925 Methodist 1069 I      
EATON Arthur Balfour 92 01/Jul/1998 Salvation Army 235 H      
EATON Dorothy 4 hours 01/Feb/1919 Anglican 651 R      
EATON Ethel Jane 84 16/Jun/1965 Salvation Army 80 H      
EATON Samuel James 52 24/Dec/1930 Salvation Army 80 H      
EATON Unnamed Male Stillborn 08/May/1916 Anglican 651 R      
EATON Violet 88 28/Dec/1993 Salvation Army 235 H      
EDDY Alice Alma 26 16/Apr/1927 Methodist 916 I      
EDDY Alice Violet 50 25/Aug/1937 Methodist 180 KQ      
EDDY Annie 82 03/Sep/1937 Methodist 179 KQ      
EDDY Edith 14 days 02/Dec/1907 Anglican 163 D      
EDDY James 58 03/May/1905 Methodist 48 A John Eddy Grace Johns  
EDDY Thomas 84 02/Feb/1938 Methodist 178 KQ      
EDDY Unnamed Male Stillborn 24/Apr/1916 Methodist 694 I      
EDDY Walter H 1 month 26/Oct/1912 Anglican 479 R      
EDE Douglas Walter 6 07/Oct/1935 Anglican 320 E      
EDE William Walter John 61 11/Aug/1948 Anglican 320 E      
EDGAR Annie 6 hours 23/May/1917 Presbyterian 69 C      
EDGAR Annie 30 18/Apr/1919 Presbyterian 74 KQ      
EDGAR Charles Ernest 20 19/May/1907 Presbyterian 69 C      
EDGAR Charles Leonard   08/Nov/1985 Methodist 74 KQ     Ashes.
EDGAR Hans (Harry) 68 09/Nov/1948 Anglican 804 R      
EDGAR Hilda 88 *1992 Anglican 804 R      
EDGAR Jean Mary 14 days 11/Oct/1915 Presbyterian 69 C      
EDGAR Murial May 8 months 03/Mar/1916 Presbyterian 69 C      
EDGAR Unknown 4 hours 03/Mar/1919 Presbyterian 69 C      
EDGE Gwen 75 05/Apr/2001 Anglican 1314 R      
EDGE Thomas Tryfan 3 18/Apr/1969 Anglican 1314 R      
EDGELL Alfred 72 27/Sep/1956 Methodist 649 KQ      
EDGELL Emeline Ivy 58 13/Jan/1942 Roman Catholic 509 M      
EDGERTON Irene Hannah 64 05/Jul/1982 Presbyterian 247 KQ      
EDGERTON Samuel Thornton 46 05/Oct/1956 Presbyterian 247 KQ      
EDISON Cora 15 days 21/Dec/1920 Anglican 765 R      
EDWARD Thomas Arthur Lyall 38 09/Jul/1957 Anglican 1179 R      
EDWARDS Alice Christine 56 23/Dec/1965 Anglican 1283 R      
EDWARDS Annie Anderson 80 25/Nov/1940 Presbyterian 221 C      
EDWARDS Bridget Teresa 79 12/Mar/1930 Roman Catholic 234 M      
EDWARDS Charles Ernest 19 months 23/Nov/1910 Anglican 337 E      
EDWARDS Colin Leslie 14 days 11/Feb/1937 Methodist 200 KQ      
EDWARDS Edmont James 71 11/May/1964 Anglican 1271 R      
EDWARDS Eliza Jane 78 17/Jun/1948 Methodist 344 KQ      
EDWARDS Ernest Malcolm 6 days 28/Oct/1933 Anglican 955 R      
EDWARDS Gilbert Mary 3½ months 19/Nov/1910 Methodist 442 I      
EDWARDS Harold Henry 51 19/Dec/1962 Methodist 819 KQ      
EDWARDS Ivy Eva 83 20/Oct/1983 Anglican 1271 R      
EDWARDS Leonard 54 12/Aug/1943 Anglican 1089 R      
EDWARDS Louisa 64 04/Nov/1918 Presbyterian 18 C      
EDWARDS Norman Leslie 23 16/Nov/1905 Methodist 133 A Charles Edwards Emily Emma Baker  
EDWARDS Samuel Pearce 63 07/Jun/1909 Methodist 428 I      
EDWARDS Stanley Richard 4 months 13/May/1923 Methodist 844 I      
EDWARDS Unknown 1 hour 21/Nov/1910 Methodist 458 I      
EDWARDS Unnamed Female 3 hours 25/May/1905 Methodist 153 A Samuel Edwards Annie Symons  
EDWARDS Unnamed Female Twin Stillborn 05/May/1931 Methodist 237 A      
EDWARDS Unnamed Female Twin Stillborn 05/May/1931 Methodist 237 A      
EDWARDS William Arthur 77 02/Jul/1981 Anglican 1283 R      
EDWARDS William Henry 71 28/Apr/1941 Methodist 344 KQ      
EDWARDS William Hilton 48 26/Sep/1928 Anglican 40 D      
EDWARDS William Percival 21 08/Mar/1906 Methodist 132 A Charles Edwards Emily Baker Reinterred from the Kalgoorlie Cemetery.
EGAN Charles Edwin 5 months 08/Sep/1906 Methodist 207 A      
EGGELING Annie Margaret 70 06/Jul/1937 Anglican 1122 R      
EGGETT Henry 57 23/Sep/1906 Methodist 276 I      
EKHOLM Clara Stillborn 15/Apr/1915 Anglican 526 R      
EKHOLM Unnamed Male Stillborn 01/Aug/1920 Anglican 632 R      
EKMAN Sarah 72 28/Aug/1907 Anglican 148 D      
ELARI Catherina 56 17/Nov/1935 Roman Catholic 690 M      
ELARI James 50 11/Mar/1922 Roman Catholic 690 M      
ELDER Elizabeth 69 04/May/1914 Anglican 497 R      
ELDER Henry 65 28/Jan/1948 Anglican 497 R      
ELDER Thomas 28 07/Jan/1908 Anglican 143 D      
ELDER Thomas 17 months 20/Nov/1911 Anglican 494 R      
ELDER William John 24 10/Oct/1911 Anglican 494 R      
ELDRIDER       Methodist 799 KQ     Unmarked Grave.
ELLEN Unnamed Stillborn 22/Apr/1917 Roman Catholic 660 M      
ELLENDON Annie 58 24/Apr/1938 Anglican 111 D      
ELLERY Susannah 22 04/Mar/1908 Roman Catholic 197 B      
ELLINGSON Ole Peter 56 08/Oct/1917 Anglican 654 R      
ELLINGSON Robert Peter 30 09/Nov/1918 Anglican 654 R      
ELLIOTT Ellen Isabel 53 18/Aug/1936 Methodist 125 KQ      
ELLIOTT Frederick John 6 months 25/Oct/1912 Methodist 505 I      
ELLIOTT Hubert Herbert 3 weeks 08/Oct/1914 Methodist 815 I     Unmarked Grave.
ELLIOTT John Herbert 64 22/Jun/1973 Methodist 278 KQ      
ELLIOTT John Moore 73 10/Jun/1954 Methodist 125 KQ      
ELLIOTT John Wilson 60 08/Jul/1975 Anglican 1367 R      
ELLIOTT Mary 28 17/Jan/1911 Methodist 616 I      
ELLIS Ann 73 12/Nov/1905 Methodist 96 A William Ellis Dinah Deacon  
ELLIS Archibald Dickson Horsburgh 70 09/Sep/1980 Presbyterian 389 KQ      
ELLIS Henry Richard 64 26/Mar/1925 Methodist 96 A      
ELNER Cryril 55 24/Jun/1978 Roman Catholic 839 N      
ELSWORTHY Amy 69 11/Nov/1952 Anglican 1130 R      
ELSWORTHY Evelyn May 8 days 03/Feb/1923 Anglican 116 D      
ELSWORTHY George Harold Mathew ? 19/May/1907 Anglican 116 D     Unmarked Grave.
ELSWORTHY Robert James 13 months 27/Nov/1904 Anglican 106 D William Elsworthy Amy Doyle  
ELSWORTHY Wilfred Norman 1 day 24/Jun/1907 Anglican 116 D      
ELSWORTHY William Stillborn 13/Dec/1913 Anglican 116 D      
ELSWORTHY William 77 08/Feb/1946 Anglican 1130 R      
EMBURY Grace 52 15/Sep/1919 Anglican 766 R      
EMBURY William Robert 63 04/Dec/1924 Anglican 766 R      
EMMERSON Harry Kendall 76 21/Jun/1983 Anglican 166 RS     Unmarked Grave.
EMPSALL Unnamed Male 1 hour 25/Aug/1921 Roman Catholic 809 M      
ENGLAND Elvirda 82 30/Jun/1938 Anglican 513 R      
ENGLAND Joseph Henry 58 03/Aug/1913 Anglican 513 R      
ENNIS James 83 28/Aug/1935 Methodist 102 KQ      
ENWRIGHT Michael Joseph 25 22/May/1907 Roman Catholic 121 B      
EPIS Alesio 43 04/Jun/1925 Roman Catholic 424 M      
EPIS Allesandro 49 10/Oct/1932 Roman Catholic 643 M      
EPIS Attilo Giovanni 59 23/Jun/1986 Roman Catholic 113 N      
EPIS Constantino 57 15/May/1940 Roman Catholic 529 M      
EPIS Eileen Mary 92 17/Sep/2013 Roman Catholic 846 N      
EPIS Gesuina 73 29/Feb/1988 Roman Catholic 3a N      
EPIS Giovan Maria 51 03/Nov/1937 Roman Catholic 846 M      
EPIS Giovanni 67 23/Apr/1962 Roman Catholic 113 N      
EPIS Joseph 82 07/May/2000 Roman Catholic 846 M      
EPIS Lorenzo 48 03/Dec/1932 Roman Catholic 850 M      
EPIS Lucia 72 12/Sep/1962 Roman Catholic 643 M      
EPIS Peter 63 18/Jun/1985 Jehovah's Witness 182 G      
EPIS Petro 41 19/Jun/1932 Roman Catholic 846 M      
EPIS Vigilio 53 12/Jul/1965 Roman Catholic 3a N      
ERCEG Jeanette Matilda 4 days 05/Aug/1942 7th Day Adventist 175 G      
ERCEG Lillian Rose 24/Aug/1940 Roman Catholic 563 M      
ERCEG Marinko Luke 6 months 04/Dec/1921 Roman Catholic 834 M      
ERCEG Mary 3 days 01/Jun/1937 Roman Catholic 563 M      
ERCEG Michael Marion 55 22/Nov/1940 Roman Catholic 834 M      
ERCEG Samuel Michael 14 weeks 30/Apr/1920 Roman Catholic 834 M      
ERCEGOVICH Letica Joe 73 09/Dec/1977 Roman Catholic 1001 N      
ERENS John 76 18/Aug/1944 Roman Catholic 478 M      
ERICKSEN August 36 03/Feb/1918 Anglican 744 R      
ESMOND Ernest John 28 24/Jul/1953 Anglican 1075 R      
EUDEY William John 76 13/Jan/1954 Anglican 1137 R      
EUSTACE Mabel Elma 7 months 28/Nov/1906 Anglican 161 D      
EVANS Alexander John 50 28/Jun/1906 Anglican 173 D      
EVANS Campbell Stillborn 12/Nov/1911 Methodist 418 I John    
EVANS Edward (Ted) 47 15/Jul/2004 Memorial Wall          
EVANS Edward Thomas (Shack) 41 04/May/1981 Roman Catholic 17 NZ      
EVANS Harry Norman 3 months 12/Jun/1913 Anglican 520 R      
EVANS Harry Norman 60 13/Apr/1946 Anglican 1125 R      
EVANS Horace George 61 06/Mar/1973 Anglican 1352 R      
EVANS Leah Stillborn 01/Jan/1907 Methodist 108 A John    
EVANS Stanley 24 16/Jan/1911 Methodist 540 I      
EVANS Thelma 99 30/Jan/2017 Anglican 1352 R ? Criddle    
EVANS Unnamed Male Stillborn 26/Nov/1909 Methodist 418 I      
EVELEIGH Francis 48 07/Apr/1906 Anglican 121 D      
EVERETT Charles Frederick 9 weeks 01/Jul/1905 Anglican 183 D Frederick Frith Everett Christina Leipold  
EVERETT Frank 82 06/Sep/1962 Anglican 1258 R      
EVERETT Lily 76 06/Sep/1962 Anglican 1258 R      
EYNON Eunice Jean 21 08/Sep/1939 Anglican 792 R      
FABRIO Durka 85 13/Jun/1961 Roman Catholic 423 M      
FAGAN Florence Adeline 60 24/Nov/1978 Roman Catholic 1046 NZ      
FAGAN William Patrick 47 13/Jul/1972 Roman Catholic 1046 NZ      
FAIR Norman Henry 2 20/Sep/1905 Anglican 178 D Alfred Edwin Fair Annie Jackson Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
FAIRCLOUGH Gordon 11 months 25/Jun/1910 Methodist 120 A      
FAIRCLOUGH John William 57 20/May/1955 Anglican 468 R      
FAIRCLOUGH Mary 68 25/Aug/1930 Methodist 797 I      
FAIRCLOUGH Mervyn 62 14/Feb/1921 Methodist 797 I      
FAIRHALL Alan Milton 47 31/Aug/1972 Methodist 197 KQ      
FAITHFULL Unnamed Male 2 hours 16/Mar/1905 Methodist 143 A James Faithful Mary Ellen Jones  
FALLOWS Robert Leslie 59 10/Nov/1958 Anglican 1174 R      
FALLOWS Winifred 67 21/May/1973 Anglican 1174 R      
FANCHI Luigi 57 06/Nov/1948 Roman Catholic 29 N      
FANCHI Maria 99 19/May/2011 Roman Catholic 29 N      
FANETTI Stefano 44 03/Nov/1930 Roman Catholic 20 B      
FANNING Harold Desmond 76 22/Mar/1978 Roman Catholic 904 N      
FARRELL Bernard 80 02/Jul/1942 Roman Catholic 519 M      
FARRELL Margaret Marie 74 19/Jun/1941 Roman Catholic 519 M      
FARRELL Muriel Rose 69 03/Jan/1973 Methodist 277 KQ      
FAUCKNER Henry  55 03/Aug/1904 Methodist 13 A John Fauckner Elizabeth Cocking Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
FAWCETT Alice Mavis 7 weeks 28/Jul/1914 Methodist 324 I     Unmarked Grave.
FAWCETT Lillian Thelma 17 months 28/Aug/1908 Methodist 324 I      
FAWCETT Reginald 5 weeks 17/Jul/1917 Methodist 324 I      
FAWCETT Unnamed Male Stillborn 27/Sep/1907 Anglican 296 E      
FAWCETT William George 6 weeks 18/Aug/1913 Methodist 324 I      
FAZEY John Robert 36 20/Sep/1939 Anglican 826 R      
FEDERICI Valerie 75 15/Nov/1985 Roman Catholic 38 NZ      
FEE Margaret Annie 47 24/Aug/1919 Roman Catholic 722 M      
FEEDE Charles 1 day 25/May/1922 Anglican 832 R      
FEGAN Walter John 5 months 18/Dec/1910 Roman Catholic 321 M      
FELL Michael 32 01/Aug/1904 Roman Catholic 23 B      
FELORA Tony 54 12/Jan/1937 Roman Catholic 466 M      
FENTON Frances Edith 3 months 26/Dec/1910 Anglican 330 E      
FENTON John Gilbert 6 07/Aug/1916 Methodist 811 I      
FENTON Robert 11 months 20/May/1916 Methodist 811 I      
FENWICK Alfred John 63 14/May/1945 Roman Catholic 541 M      
FENWICK George ? 16/Nov/1906 Roman Catholic 170 B     Unmarked Grave. 
FENWICK James 32 04/Mar/1921 Anglican 766 R      
FERALLI Pascal Charles 60 22/May/1943 Anglican 983 R      
FERGUS Charles 83 13/Apr/1919 Presbyterian 148 KQ      
FERGUSON John Albert 54 28/Dec/1979 Roman Catholic 1024 R      
FERGUSON John Alexander 18 months 17/May/1910 Presbyterian 58 C      
FERGUSON Phillip John Raymond 10 months 08/Jun/1922 Methodist 971 I      
FERRIS Francis James 77 19/Jul/1976 Presbyterian 319 KQ      
FIELD James Robert 23 07/Feb/1937 Methodist 182 KQ      
FIELD Richard 55 08/Feb/1933 Roman Catholic 854 M      
FIELDING Robert 78 09/Mar/1924 Anglican 749 R      
FILZELL Ciha Lilly 9 months 01/Apr/1910 Anglican 362 E      
FINCH Robert George 86 14/Jul/1959 Anglican 1249 R      
FINDTNER John 53 30/Jun/1915 Presbyterian 197 C      
FIORI Giovanni Bernardo 41 26/Jan/1946 Roman Catholic 469 M      
FISHER Christina  May 7 months 29/Mar/1905 Methodist 141 A William Fisher Veronica May Ernst  
FISHER Dorothy Jean 7 months 24/Aug/1908 Methodist 141 A      
FISHER Edith Margeurite 4 months 16/Feb/1906 Roman Catholic 67 B      
FISHER Elizabeth May 71 20/Aug/1973 Anglican 1358 R      
FISHER Harry Thomas 2 months 16/Jun/1905 Roman Catholic 50 B Henry Herbert Fisher Nellie Whittaker  
FISHER Hugh Addison 74 15/Oct/1973 Anglican 1358 R      
FISHER Joseph Henry Patrick 3½ months 31/Aug/1906 Roman Catholic 50 B      
FISHER Melva Irene 61 21/Sep/1967 Presbyterian 212 C      
FISHER Ronald William 58 *2001 Presbyterian 212 C      
FISHER William 1 day 17/Jun/1909 Methodist 141 A      
FITZGERALD Catherine 54 13/Jun/1938 Roman Catholic 292 M Lawrence Spruhan Bridget Dunn  
FITZGERALD Edmund 60 14/Nov/1922 Roman Catholic 612 M      
FITZGERALD Francis Patrick 5 weeks 11/Jan/1919 Roman Catholic 292 M Martin Fitzgerald Catherine Spruhan  
FITZGERALD Martin C 50 22/Feb/1933 Roman Catholic 292 M      
FITZGERALD Unnamed Female Stillborn 06/Jul/1906 Methodist 189 A James Fitzgerald    
FITZGERALD Unnamed Female Stillborn 20/Nov/1911 Roman Catholic 292 M Martin Fitzgerald Catherine Spruhan  
FITZGERALD Unnamed Male Stillborn 06/Jun/1917 Roman Catholic 292 M Martin Fitzgerald Catherine Spruhan  
FITZGERALD Unnamed Male Stillborn 05/Jan/1922 Roman Catholic 292 M Martin Fitzgerald Catherine Spruhan  
FITZPATRICK James Joseph 79 10/Apr/1954 Roman Catholic 120 N      
FIVEASH Dorothy Berwick 3½ months 30/May/1913 Methodist 541 I      
FLANDERS Daphne Eileen 8 months 17/Jun/1905 Roman Catholic 61 B William Peter Flanders Marie Helena Kersten  
FLANIGAN Thomas 51 07/Dec/1924 Roman Catholic 400 M      
FLANNAGAN Kathleen May 6 months 12/Oct/1912 Roman Catholic 247 M      
FLANNAGAN Michael 55 04/Dec/1909 Roman Catholic 247 M      
FLEMING Catherine Maud 89 19/Jun/1978 Roman Catholic 233 KQ      
FLEMING Charles 55 29/Jun/1924 Roman Catholic 397 M      
FLEMING David Webster 75 24/Aug/1967 Presbyterian 233 KQ      
FLEMING James McMaster Jardine 42 21/Mar/1947 Presbyterian 250 KQ      
FLETCHER Ernest Edward 46 05/Jun/1920 Anglican 777 R      
FLETCHER John Joseph 63 30/Jun/1941 Anglican 882 R      
FLETT John James 54 01/Apr/1932 Anglican 1018 R      
FLOCKHART David 6 months 03/Dec/1931 Roman Catholic 804 M      
FLOOD Joan Pamelia 66 23/Sep/2010 Anglican 57 RS      
FLOWER Lewis Mitchell 25 23/Feb/1907 Presbyterian 106 C      
FLOWER Walter Burnett 42 18/May/1914 Presbyterian 106 C      
FLOYD George 55 27/Jun/1908 Anglican 228 D      
FLOYD George Selwyn 17 weeks 29/Jun/1906 Presbyterian 87 C      
FLOYD Robert Jordan 64 12/Apr/1920 Anglican 228 D      
FLYNN Jeremiah Patrick 63 12/Mar/1963 Roman Catholic 101 N      
FLYNN Thomas William 8 months 22/Feb/1906 Congregational 31 F      
FOGARTY Laurence 26 14/May/1906 Congregational 16 F      
FOGG Charles Frederick 50 27/Mar/1919 Methodist 1078 I      
FOGG Sarah 69 12/Jun/1919 Methodist 1078 I     Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
FOLINI Guiseppe 70 19/Dec/1959 Roman Catholic 193 N      
FONTANA Beverly Joan 69 11/Jan/2010 Roman Catholic 826 N      
FONTANA Domenica 33 02/May/1920 Roman Catholic 634 M      
FONTANA Francis John (Frank) 76 23/Oct/2001 Roman Catholic 826 N      
FONTANA Francis John (Frankie) 18 28/Feb/1987 Roman Catholic 826 N      
FONTANA Francisco 45 11/Aug/1929 Roman Catholic 634 M      
FONTANA William Victor 10 weeks 13/Jun/1934 Anglican 440 E      
FOORD George Marshall 49 29/Jul/1933 Anglican 954 R      
FORAN James 83 30/Jan/1963 Roman Catholic 143 N      
FORAN Thomas 75 30/Aug/1976 Roman Catholic 143 N      
FORD John 69 10/Jun/1924 Methodist 724 I      
FORD Mary Jane 85 01/Feb/1944 Methodist 724 I      
FORD Unnamed Male Stillborn 11/Oct/1937 Anglican 1112 R      
FORISTAL John 48 13/Jun/1915 Methodist 818 I      
FORREST Charles ? 11/Oct/1951 Presbyterian 164 C     Unmarked Grave.
FORREST Charles Edward 50 04/Nov/1954 Anglican 1149 R      
FORREST Edna 84 09/Oct/1994 Anglican 1149 R      
FORREST Margaret 90 02/Apr/2006 Methodist 637 KQ      
FORREST Mary 56 01/Jul/1930 Presbyterian 164 C      
FORREST Norman Robert 90 26/Jun/2000 Methodist 637 KQ      
FORREST William Healey 21 01/Oct/1906 Roman Catholic 156 B      
FORTH Thomas 49 13/May/1911 Roman Catholic 314 M      
FORWARD Alice Maud 67 12/Jun/1951 Methodist 513 I      
FORWARD Harold Neil 28 24/Oct/1967 Methodist 514 I      
FORWARD Jane 79 03/Sep/1934 Methodist 514 I      
FORWARD Kathlean Mary 2 29/May/1935 Methodist 513 I      
FORWARD Nellie Evelyn 11 months 19/Jul/1914 Methodist 514 I      
FORWARD William 60 16/Jun/1938 Methodist 513 I      
FOSTER Minnie 72 20/Sep/1929 Methodist 322 I      
FOSTER Robert (Sonny) 3½ months 20/Dec/1935 Anglican 1019 R      
FOX Gloria Anne 4 months 22/Jul/1976 Anglican 60 RS     Unmarked Grave.
FOX Kevin Joseph 2 days 20/Mar/1908 Roman Catholic 24 B      
FOXLEY Mary Ellen 80 24/Feb/1961 Anglican 1244 R      
FRANCHINA Adale 3 16/Nov/1915 Roman Catholic 746 M      
FRANKS John Wilson Saxon 4 months 21/May/1906 Presbyterian 89 C      
FRASER Charles 33 24/Sep/1912 Anglican 510 R      
FRASER Claude 11 07/Sep/1908 Presbyterian 144 C      
FRASER Daniel 48 29/Dec/1952 Presbyterian 244 KQ      
FRASER Eric Charles 3 months 02/Mar/1906 Methodist 197 A      
FRASER Hugh Albert 19 months 30/Sep/1908 Methodist 197 A      
FRASER John 15 months 31/May/1913 Methodist 197 A      
FRASER William Alfred 73 06/Oct/1935 Presbyterian 153 KQ      
FRASER William Donald 7 months 07/Jun/1912 Presbyterian 167 C      
FRAYNE Frederick 9 months 26/Oct/1909 Anglican 355 E      
FREAP Gladys Amelia 36 16/Nov/1936 Salvation Army 84 H      
FREAP Unnamed Female Stillborn 22/Jan/1925 Salvation Army 84 H      
FREE Frederick Ernest 54 02/Jul/1924 Presbyterian 90 KQ      
FREER Lillian Hope 84 24/Sep/1995 Anglican 851 R      
FRENCH William George 62 09/Sep/1972 Anglican 1354 R      
FRIEND James Charles 2 15/Dec/1919 Presbyterian 176 C      
FRIEZER Irene Louisa 3 months 06/Feb/1906 Methodist 173 A      
FRY John 41 03/Nov/1907 Anglican 174 D      
FULKER James Thomas Sydney (Jim) 68 10/Sep/1998 Methodist 633 KQ      
FULKER Valma 79 22/Sep/2013 Methodist 633 KQ      
FULLER Elizabeth Beatrice 6 months 10/May/1905 Methodist 157 A Joseph James Fuller Emily Beatrice Bray  
FURIA Giovanni 47 07/Jan/1939 Roman Catholic 442 M      
FURIA Lina 79 23/Jul/1970 Roman Catholic 442 M     Not mentioned on headstone.
FYFE Kathleen 35 08/Aug/1911 Roman Catholic 350 M      
GAJEWSKI Henry 27 10/Jun/1978 Roman Catholic 952b N      
GAJEWSKI Hildegard 91 26/Aug/2012 Roman Catholic 952b N      
GAJEWSKI Janek 91 12/Jun/2008 Roman Catholic 952b N      
GALBRAITH Clarence Bert 51 31/May/1974 Methodist 282 KQ      
GALBRAITH Clarence James 48 26/Sep/1942 Anglican 1010 R      
GALBRAITH Hubert Roy 49 12/Jan/1951 Anglican 994 R      
GALBRAITH John Edward 63 20/Sep/1993 Anglican 206b RS      
GALBRAITH Susan Henrietta Augusta 84 17/Feb/1976 Anglican 1010 R      
GALLAGHER Mary 11 months 21/May/1907 Roman Catholic 153 B      
GALLAHER Thomas 32 09/Jan/1907 Presbyterian 75 C      
GALLE Amadeo 99 31/Aug/1936 Roman Catholic          
GALLE John (Jack) 51 26/Jun/1919 Roman Catholic 764 M      
GALLI Rassello 85 28/Jan/1950 Roman Catholic 764 M      
GAMNON* Joseph Stillborn 06/Jun/1908 Methodist 369 I      
GANDOSSINI Thelma 4 weeks 11/Jul/1918 Anglican 594 R      
GANNAWAY Phyllis 11 months 03/Nov/1930 Anglican 496 R      
GANSBERG Margaret Mary 83 18/Oct/1958 Anglican 1076 R      
GANSBERG Neil Kingston 37 02/Oct/1945 Anglican 1058 R      
GANSBERG Niel Kingston 75 30/May/1953 Anglican 1076 R      
GANSBERG Thelma May 29 28/Feb/1944 Anglican 1058 R      
GARBY Leslie George 8 months 10/Nov/1911 Anglican 334 E      
GARD Arthur Redvers 19 10/Sep/1919 Methodist 346 I      
GARD Richard Stillborn 08/Apr/1911 Methodist 319 I      
GARD Ruth Alberta Victoria 62 28/Oct/1939 Methodist 358 I      
GARD Ruth Jemmings 71 13/May/1924 Methodist 358 I      
GARD Stanley H 11 months 09/Aug/1908 Methodist 319 I      
GARD William James 25 21/May/1912 Methodist 346 I      
GARDINER William Barrett 63 09/Jan/1905 Methodist 97 A      
GARDINER Willliam Frederick 5 days 29/Jul/1914 Anglican 550 R      
GARE Albert Samuel 42 29/Jun/1921 Anglican 780 R      
GARE John Laurence 8½ months 18/May/1913 Roman Catholic 160 B      
GARE Kathleen Anne 11 months 18/Jun/1907 Roman Catholic 160 B      
GARE William Robinson 4 months 02/Apr/1908 Methodist 337 I      
GARLAND Allan Roy 5½ months 09/Oct/1914 Methodist 696 I      
GARLAND Roy 20 02/Apr/1919 Methodist 387 I      
GARLAND William Arnold 6 months 15/Oct/1914 Methodist 696 I      
GARNAUT Emily Maud 24 15/Jun/1911 Methodist 255 I      
GARNAUT Hector George S 4½ months 19/Apr/1907 Anglican 255 D      
GASMIRE Hazel Harriet 72 27/Mar/1975 Anglican 1280 R      
GASMIRE John 62 23/Jan/1965 Anglican 1280 R      
GATES Archibald Murray 69 18/Jul/1975 Anglican 35 RS      
GAUGHAN Elizabeth 52 26/Mar/1946 Roman Catholic 506 M      
GAUGHAN Richard 67 10/Mar/1951 Roman Catholic 506 M      
GAY Alice Maude 37 23/May/1910 Methodist 449 I      
GAY George 42 06/Jun/1915 Methodist 449 I      
GAY Unnamed Female Stillborn 23/Sep/1905 Methodist 179 A George Gay Alice Maud Martin  
GAZIA Unnamed Female Stillborn 10/Dec/1953 Roman Catholic 122 N      
GEACH Agnes 78 28/Oct/1952 Methodist 258 KQ      
GEACH Joseph 69 05/Jun/1942 Methodist 258 KQ      
GEACH Norman 1 hour 04/Feb/1926 Methodist 851 I      
GELMINI Giovanni 73 25/Jun/1970 Roman Catholic 1093 NZ      
GENEFINI Joseph Henry 24 05/Mar/1914 Roman Catholic 629 M      
GENOVESI Lorenzo 64 30/Aug/1961 Roman Catholic 137 N      
GEORGE Alfred Hewett 55 20/Dec/1912 Anglican 518 R      
GEORGIOU Pauline Anne 15 20/Nov/1984 Shiloh 181 G      
GETHING Alfred John 5 months 28/Jun/1907 Anglican 118 D      
GETHING Godfrey 10 weeks 07/Apr/1905 Anglican 109 D William Gething Ellen Vindston  
GETHING Walter M 15 months 28/Apr/1906 Anglican 203 D      
GIACINTO* Magre 77 26/Jan/1954 Roman Catholic 115 N      
GIACOTTO Carlo 53 05/Nov/1919 Roman Catholic 689 M      
GIANNI Angela 78 03/Jun/1973 Roman Catholic 184 N      
GIANNI Charles 55 18/Jun/1976 Roman Catholic 229 N      
GIANNI Leo Louie 77 06/Aug/2015 Roman Catholic 95b NZ      
GIANNI Lynette Patricia 1 hour 16/Mar/1961 Roman Catholic 229 N Frank Gianni Patricia J  
GIANNI Michele 51 23/Nov/1953 Roman Catholic 184 N      
GIANNI Romeo 60 28/Dec/1957 Roman Catholic 184 N      
GIANNI Shirley Valda 81 15/Jul/2016 Roman Catholic 95b NZ      
GIANONCELLI Luigi 53 09/Feb/1942 Roman Catholic 486 M      
GIARDINA Lena 21 30/Jun/1927 Roman Catholic 597 M      
GIBBONS Annie Mary 83 11/Aug/1936 Roman Catholic 468 M      
GIBBS Unnamed Female Stillborn 17/Sep/1913 Methodist 349 I      
GIBELLINI Italo 7 months 12/Dec/1915 Roman Catholic 712 M      
GIBELLINI Maurice  2 months 18/Oct/1916 Roman Catholic 226 M      
GIBLETT Alfred James 44 02/Apr/1942 Anglican 1009 R      
GIBSON Sarah 69 29/Apr/1918 Anglican 691 R      
GILBERT Arthur Reginald 4 16/Sep/1972 Anglican 1347 R      
GILBERT Ellen Mary 57 26/Feb/1976 Anglican 1347 R      
GILBERT Emmanuel Michael 33 24/Feb/1904 Methodist 74 A Emmanuel Francis Gilbert Margaret King Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
GILCHRIST Emelie Augusta 40 17/Apr/1908 Presbyterian 55 C      
GILCHRIST Jessie Jane 11 months 06/Nov/1909 Congregational 58 F      
GILL Edwin W Stillborn 23/Jul/1918 Methodist 830 I      
GILL Francis J P 28 14/Jul/1937 Salvation Army 75 H      
GILL John James 49 13/Jan/1920 Salvation Army 75 H      
GILL Margaret 75 14/Jul/1950 Salvation Army 75 H      
GILL Maud 2 29/Feb/1908 Anglican 86 D      
GILL Violet May 34 24/Mar/1934 Salvation Army 75 H      
GILL Edward Brian 9½ months 25/Apr/1927 Methodist 830 I      
GILLAN Unnamed Male 1 hour 09/Sep/1921 Presbyterian 85 C      
GIMERI Giovanni 64 29/Oct/1962 Roman Catholic 109 N      
GIOVANAZZI Sergio 29/Jun/1939 Roman Catholic 447 M      
GIOVINAZZO Teresa 8 months 08/Nov/1939 Roman Catholic 585 M      
GLANCE Phleta 1 week 21/Aug/1914 Anglican 558 R      
GLASSON Arthur James 30 13/Mar/1917 Anglican 644 R      
GLASSON Augusta 69 13/Jan/1924 Methodist 852 I      
GLASSON Freda Rose 5 19/Aug/1908 Anglican 112 D      
GLASSON Louis Charles 71 16/Mar/1961 Methodist 739 KQ William Ambrose Glasson Lucinda J ?  
GLASSON Lucinda Pearle 74 12/Oct/1962 Methodist 739 KQ Ambrose ?    
GLASSON Myrtle Augusta 48 26/Nov/1962 Methodist 740 KQ Louis Charles Glasson Lucinda Pearl ?  
GLASSON Unnamed Male Stillborn 02/Oct/1906 Methodist 252 I William Glasson    
GLASSON William 40 31/May/1919 Methodist 970 I      
GLASSON Willliam Henry 45 12/Sep/1913 Anglican 552 R      
GLAVES Willliam 24 17/Jun/1915 Anglican 628 R      
GLEDHILL Frederick Wheelhouse 55 06/Nov/1915 Anglican 658 R      
GLEGHORN William John Walker 39 20/Apr/1951 Roman Catholic 27 N      
GLISENTI Pietro 74 17/Mar/1969 Roman Catholic 1096 NZ Giorgio Glisenti Domenica ?  
GODDARD Edmund Ernest 56 12/Aug/1919 Anglican 323 E      
GODDARD Joseph John 19 months 19/Nov/1910 Anglican 323 E      
GODENZI John Adrian 77 17/Oct/1958 Jehovah's Witness 102 G Joseph Godenzi Caroline  
GODFREY Frederick Stockden 2 23/Mar/1908 Anglican 137 D      
GODFREY Henry Robert 13 months 22/Mar/1905 Anglican 134 D Robert Simpson Godfrey Harriet Goldsmith  
GODLEY Benjamin Thomas 5 months 25/Jan/1906 Roman Catholic 65 B      
GODLEY Mary Ann 75 06/Dec/1957 Roman Catholic 65 B George Mary  
GODLEY Richard Francis 39 07/Aug/1918 Anglican 668 R      
GOJANOVICH Sten 6 weeks 13/Dec/1939 Roman Catholic 587 M      
GOLDSWORTHY Ernest John 49 19/Jun/1935 Church of Christ 40 H      
GOLDSWORTHY Thomas A Stillborn 06/Mar/1908 Methodist 297 I      
GOLTZ Arthur Ernest 6 months 04/Feb/1916 Presbyterian 195 C      
GOLTZ Sarah Jane 64 30/Jul/1915 Presbyterian 195 C      
GOODACRE Kenneth John 3 months 11/Nov/1904 Anglican 78 D Charles Moss Goodacre Harriet Mary Clarke  
GOODACRE Lucy Alice 63 29/Nov/1978 Anglican 225 RS      
GOODALL John Senior 62 03/Dec/1957 Anglican 1182 R George G Goodall Blanche E  
GOODLIFF Mary 60 25/Jul/1935 Anglican 1102 R      
GOODROPE Albert George 1 20/May/1909 Methodist 399 I      
GOODROPE Ella 2 months 24/Mar/1905 Methodist 142 A Thomas Arthur Goodrope Ellen Jane Bart  
GOODWIN Margaret 42 11/Jul/1905 Roman Catholic 73 B John ? Margaret Lannagan  
GORDON Alexander 89 17/Aug/1951 Methodist 343 I      
GORDON Bridget Marie 66 13/Oct/1951 Roman Catholic 52 N      
GORDON Carmen Patricia 72 26/Jul/1979 Roman Catholic 1022 NZ      
GORDON Christina 29 26/Jun/1907 Methodist 343 I      
GORDON Eileen  Margaret 20 02/Jun/1919 Presbyterian 66 KQ      
GORDON Jessie 54 10/Mar/1915 Presbyterian 150 C      
GORDON John Charles 75 10/Apr/1981 Roman Catholic 1022 NZ      
GORE Walter Wadmore 21 26/Aug/1931 Presbyterian 105 C     Buried in a sand pass at the Croesus Proprietary Mine. 
GORZALA Katharina 46 21/May/1969 Roman Catholic 1088 NZ Adam Rosa  
GOSS Alec John 82 28/May/1962 Methodist 789 KQ Isaac William Goss Rebecca  
GOSS Florence Lorraine 66 19/Jul/1985 Anglican 162 RS      
GOSS Horace  58 15/Apr/1941 Methodist 4 A      
GOSS Isaac William 80 30/Jun/1928 Methodist 8 A      
GOSS Jane Rachel 90 21/Jun/1974 Anglican 789 R     Ashes.
GOSS Jessie May 85 04/Oct/1996 Methodist 44 KQ      
GOSS John Edward 64 06/Oct/1964 Methodist 44 KQ      
GOSS Myrtle Emily Vivienne 67 07/Aug/1949 Methodist 4 A     Ashes.
GOSS Rebecca 84 31/Dec/1935 Methodist 8 A      
GOSS Unnamed Female Stillborn 12/Nov/1923 Methodist 804 I      
GOUDGE Adelaide Lillian 58 19/Oct/1983 Roman Catholic 4 NZ      
GOUGH Arthur Richard Allan 1 25/Dec/1904 Anglican 42 D Henry Gough Louisa Jane Saunderson  
GOUGH Dorothy Gladys 1 19/May/1921 Anglican 845 R      
GOUGH Emily 53 14/Dec/1905 Anglican 61 D William Vigus Diana Giles  
GOUGH Ethel Mary 6 months 30/Apr/1910 Anglican 292 E      
GOUGH George 3 months 08/Jun/1919 Anglican 549 R      
GOUGH James 76 27/May/1915 Anglican 61 D      
GOUGH Johanna E 7 weeks 23/May/1918 Anglican 549 R      
GOUGH Julia Elsie 10 months 19/Mar/1908 Anglican 42 D      
GOUGH May 10 hours 23/Mar/1909 Anglican 300 E      
GOUGH Unnamed Male  Stillborn 11/Nov/1915 Anglican 292 E      
GOULD Alma Vera 6 months 21/Apr/1906 Methodist 218 A      
GOULD Desmond 4 26/Dec/1942 Anglican 727 R      
GOULD Ethel Ellen 66 03/Jun/1954 Roman Catholic 547 M Michael Ellen  
GOULD Henry 97 13/Jun/2003 Methodist 539 KQ      
GOULD Hilda Mavis 79 04/Sep/1986 Methodist 539 KQ      
GOULD Kenneth 57 14/Dec/1997 Methodist 546 KQ      
GOULD Kevin John 14 22/Nov/1960 Methodist 546 KQ Henry A Gould Hilda Mavis ?  
GOULD Mary Norma 5 months 17/Jul/1925 Roman Catholic 427 M      
GOULD Norah 86 13/May/1950 Roman Catholic 390 M      
GOULD Thomas 64 07/May/1924 Roman Catholic 390 M      
GOULD Thomas John 55 12/Jul/1943 Roman Catholic 547 M      
GOULD Unknown Stillborn 15/Oct/1963 Anglican 1246 R      
GOULD Unnamed Female Stillborn 17/Oct/1950 Methodist 546 KQ      
GOULDSPRING Ethel 74 29/Apr/1980 Anglican 994 R      
GOZDZIK Eva 36 26/Apr/1960 Roman Catholic 217 N Michael Eva  
GRAFTON Doris May 5 months 11/Nov/1909 Roman Catholic 253 M      
GRAFTON Lurline 4½ months 13/Oct/1909 Roman Catholic 253 M      
GRAFTON Nelly Maude 1½ hours 08/Mar/1913 Roman Catholic 253 M      
GRAHAM Brian Percival 2 months 30/Jan/1937 Anglican 1040 R      
GRAHAM Edward James 75 24/Jul/1970 Roman Catholic 1086 NZ      
GRAHAM Gertrude Irene 15 months 31/Oct/1910 Methodist 547 I Peter Graham Louisa Ann Edwards  
GRAHAM Gladys Violet 21 months 21/May/1913 Anglican 414 E      
GRAHAM James 42 19/Jul/1943 Anglican 1090 R     Died by gas poisoning at the Great Boulder Mine. 
GRAHAM Julia 74 18/Feb/1970 Roman Catholic 1086 NZ George Mary  
GRAHAM Leslie Claude 15 months 26/Oct/1910 Methodist 547 I Peter Graham Louisa Ann Edwards  
GRAHAM Mabel Laurel Daphne 1 17/Oct/1911 Anglican 421 E      
GRAHAM Matilda Adelaide 68 19/Jun/1912 Congregational 80 F      
GRAHAM Maurice Hilary 4 months 06/Dec/1915 Methodist 807 I      
GRAHAM Peter 46 27/Apr/1910 Methodist 547 I      
GRAHAM Susan 35 09/Jul/1911 Anglican 414 E      
GRAHAM Thomas 49 07/Nov/1922 Methodist 372 I      
GRAHAM Thomas George 10 15/Aug/1910 Methodist 372 I      
GRAHAM Unnamed Male Stillborn 01/Nov/1911 Roman Catholic 293 M      
GRAHAM Viola Jane 9 weeks 24/Dec/1909 Methodist 372 I      
GRAINGER Hedley James 43 15/Feb/1941 Anglican 821 R      
GRAINGER Richard Robert 54 25/Dec/1954 Anglican 707 R Richard Grainger Maggie ?  
GRANT Alfred John 67 28/Oct/1974 Presbyterian 316 KQ      
GRANT Beatrice Alice 68 24/Jul/1980 Presbyterian 316 KQ      
GRANT Beatrice Elizabeth 67 11/Jan/1939 Anglican 890 R      
GRANT James Angus 9 months 17/May/1918 Presbyterian 68 KQ      
GRANT John 81 07/Nov/1956 Anglican 1139 R      
GRANT John Ambrose 18 27/Feb/1918 Presbyterian 75 KQ      
GRANT Nellie 87 03/Apr/1954 Anglican 1139 R      
GRANT Unnamed Female Stillborn 24/Nov/1906 Church of Christ 44 H Ewen T Grant    
GRANUCCI Nora Winifred 43 30/Aug/1984 Methodist 708 I      
GRAY Ann 34 06/Aug/1913 Anglican 555 R      
GRAY Anna Bella 75 31/Mar/1969 Presbyterian 216 KQ William Margaret  
GRAY David Hunt 37 25/Jun/1909 Presbyterian 134 C      
GRAY George Edward 9 15/May/1917 Presbyterian 163 C      
GRAY James 52 14/Jun/1943 Presbyterian 216 KQ      
GRAY Sybil Florence Eliza 58 10/Jun/1950 Roman Catholic 521 M      
GRAY Unnamed Female Stillborn 29/May/1918 Anglican 551 R      
GRAY Unnamed Female Stillborn 27/Aug/1951 Anglican 998 R      
GRAY Unnamed Male Stillborn 03/Nov/1905 Presbyterian 43 C James Gray Jane Mary Bestie  
GRAY William 73 12/Nov/1909 Anglican 387 E      
GRAY William James N 47 05/May/1973 Presbyterian 216 KQ      
GRAZZIADELLI Eufemia 63 21/Oct/1943 Roman Catholic 511 M      
GREANEY Owen 5 months 25/Sep/1915 Anglican 603 R      
GREAVES Albert Cookson 35 29/Apr/1909 Methodist 485 I      
GREAVES Albert William 1 09/Jan/1910 Congregational 74 F      
GREAVES Charles Henry 5 months 04/Nov/1913 Roman Catholic 375 M      
GREAVES Emma 83 04/Jan/1942 Methodist 535 I      
GREAVES Evelyn Stella 14 months 15/Mar/1906 Congregational 52 F Richard Thomas Greaves Ethel Mary Williams  
GREAVES Henry 60 06/Jul/1913 Methodist 535 I      
GREEN Annie Margaret 2 months 14/Jun/1905 Methodist 156 A Edward Green Rose Isabella Dale  
GREEN Elena Gladys 10 months 21/May/1912 Anglican 345 E     Unmarked Grave.
GREEN Ellen Myrtle (nee Moore) 46 03/Dec/1938 Roman Catholic 462 M      
GREEN Herbert Charles Augustus 68 21/Jul/1952 Roman Catholic 462 M      
GREEN Herbert Clarence 4 days 30/Jan/1928 Roman Catholic 22 B      
GREEN James Stillborn 10/Jan/1909 Methodist 408 I      
GREEN Lindsay Innes 17 19/Jan/1911 Anglican 406 E A Green M ?  
GREEN Margaret 81 06/Jun/1962 Roman Catholic 23 N      
GREEN Mary Patricia 2 14/Aug/1925 Roman Catholic 803 M      
GREEN Sophia 81 11/May/1915 Methodist 805 I      
GREEN William 85 01/Jul/1918 Methodist 805 I      
GREEN William James 71 01/Jun/1948 Roman Catholic 23 N      
GREEN William John Stillborn 31/May/1906 Roman Catholic 89 B      
GREENE Joseph Austin 53 17/Sep/1911 Anglican 435 E      
GREENHAM Richard Cecil (Dick)   30/Jul/1934 Anglican          
GREENMOUNT Kevin Victor 38 24/Aug/1970 Anglican 1336 R Charles V Greenmount Violet E ?  
GREENWAY Alfred James (Bendy) 27 25/May/1918 Methodist 534 I      
GREER Ann Jane 57 31/Oct/1916 Presbyterian 74 KQ      
GREER William 60 02/Mar/1918 Presbyterian 74 KQ      
GREGORINI Andrea 21 05/Jan/1916 Roman Catholic 707 M      
GREGORY Alfred 54 05/May/1940 Methodist 146 A      
GREGORY Emily Mavis 18 months 15/Dec/1911 Methodist 146 A      
GREGORY Frank Stillborn 05/Jul/1918 Methodist 146 A      
GREGORY Frederick 13 months 17/Jun/1921 Anglican 615 R      
GREGORY Mabel Alice 9 days 14/May/1910 Methodist 437 I      
GREGORY Martha 51 08/Jul/1942 Methodist 146 A      
GREGORY Mary Jane 63 22/Apr/1921 Anglican 491 R      
GREGORY Unnamed Female Stillborn 31/Mar/1913 Anglican 491 R      
GREIG Alfred Henry 77 24/Apr/1984 Anglican 150 RS      
GREIG Phyllis May 87 29/Aug/1994 Anglican 150 RS      
GRELISH John ? 20/Jan/1906 Roman Catholic 99 B     Unmarked Grave.
GRENFELL George Henry 61 09/Aug/1925 Methodist 62 A      
GRENFELL Mary Elizabeth 70 06/Jun/1951 Methodist 62 A      
GRETTON Mavis Jean 3 months 11/Dec/1911 Methodist 457 I      
GREVE Neils 68 03/Oct/1923 Roman Catholic 406 M      
GREVILLE* Unknown Stillborn 08/Jan/1908 Anglican 210 D      
GREY Anne Beverley 3 hours 16/Dec/1935 Methodist 105 KQ      
GREY Elma Eulalie 18 months 14/Apr/1905 Methodist 61 A William Henry Gray Annie May Gehl  
GREY Josephine Julia Margaret 3 months 12/Aug/1910 Anglican 176 D      
GRIBBLE Vera Vine 15 31/Jul/1904 Presbyterian 1 KQ Edward William Gribble Martha Emma Brown  
GRIERSON William Joseph (Billy) 39 01/Oct/2000 General 196 G      
GRIFFIN Jean Agatha 7 06/Jun/1921 Roman Catholic 836 M      
GRIFFITHS Catherine   22/May/1929           Died from shock/burns when her clothes caught fire while cooking. 
GRIFFITHS Chriss Stillborn 12/Oct/1910 Methodist 456 I      
GRIFFITHS David 84 06/Jul/1987 Anglican 55 RS      
GRIFFITHS Grace 33 11/Oct/1910 Anglican 396 E      
GRIFFITHS James Bailie 43 22/Jun/1916 Roman Catholic 715 M      
GRIFFITHS Jessie May 74 02/Mar/1984 Anglican 55 RS      
GRIFFITHS Lloyd 18 months 10/Jan/1912 Anglican 396 E      
GRIFFITHS Margaret Rose 47 10/Aug/1983 Anglican 55 RS      
GRIFFITHS Unnamed Female Stillborn 02/Nov/1910 Anglican 327 E Thomas Edwin Griffiths    
GRIGG Irene Glenda 9 months 19/Jun/1906 Congregational 51 F      
GROSE Charles Gilbert 60 02/Aug/1963 Anglican 1264 R Charles Grose Elizabeth ?  
GROSE Henry H 44 09/Jul/1918 Anglican 618 R      
GROSE Hermon Henry  6 weeks 08/Sep/1908 Roman Catholic 198 B      
GROSE Unnamed Female Stillborn 08/Dec/1931 Roman Catholic 845 M      
GROSINA Francesco 55 25/Jun/1948 Roman Catholic 32 N      
GROUNDS Helena 79 06/Jan/1942 Anglican 794 R      
GROUNDS William Johnson 87 23/Sep/1944 Anglican 794 R      
GROVE Grace Myrtle Mabel 8 12/Mar/1908 Methodist 335 I      
GROVE William Sinclair 56 21/Dec/1985 Roman Catholic 86 NZ      
GROVER Fay 73 29/Jan/2003 Anglican 1306 R      
GROVES Jean Elizabeth 5 months 05/Aug/1919 General 178 G      
GROW Christian John 70 04/Oct/1947 Anglican 1192 R      
GROW Clarice Phoebe 61 06/Aug/1951 Anglican 1192 R      
GROWCOTT George William 60 25/Aug/1933 Presbyterian 52 C      
GRUBB Frederick Robert 74 15/Jul/2004 Anglican 1384 RS      
GRUBB Kevan Peter 1 hour 19/Feb/1982 Roman Catholic 214 N     Ashes.
GRUBISICH Kleme 27 16/Oct/1958 Roman Catholic 223 N Mate Grubisich Maria ?  
GUERIN Kevin Michael 30hrs 16/Jan/1931 Roman Catholic 52 B      
GUERIN Michael Joseph 61 19/Jan/1930 Roman Catholic 211 B      
GUERIN Michael Valentine 2 16/Dec/1908 Roman Catholic 211 B Michael Joseph Guerin Julia Annie Geraldine Cavanagh  
GUERIN Unnamed Male Stillborn 06/Apr/1930 Roman Catholic 609 M Basil Francis Roger Guerin Gladys Reynolds  
GUGICH Petro (Peter) 24 02/Sep/1933 Roman Catholic 856 N     Killed on the Ivanoe Gold Mine when he struck his head while riding on a train car. 
GUIDELLA Guiseppe 63 14/Sep/1962 Roman Catholic 108 N      
GUIDICE Robert Battista 57 18/Jan/1969 Roman Catholic 148 N Bernard Giudice Teresa  
GUIDICI Guiseppe 73 03/Nov/1964 Roman Catholic 62 N      
GUILBERTI Unknown Male 60 22/Nov/1937 Roman Catholic 456 M     Italian man found dead in his camp. Was directed to the hospital earlier but refused. 
GUIZZARDI Mary Ann 64 19/Jul/1943 Roman Catholic 522 M      
GUIZZARDI Vortolo (Bob)   11/May/1933 Roman Catholic          
GUNDRY Alec Jeffrey 12hrs 15/Jun/1930 Methodist 797 I      
GUNDRY Beatrice Hannah 88 21/Jun/1977 Methodist 280 KQ      
GUNDRY Dorothy Ellen 89 05/Oct/2009 Anglican 170 RS      
GUNDRY Elsie Nancy 66 04/Jun/1956 Anglican 1198 R William T Mary J  
GUNDRY Frederick James 30 hours 30/Aug/1923 Methodist 797 I      
GUNDRY Frederick James 92 27/Aug/1975 Methodist 280 KQ      
GUNDRY George Stephen 69 15/May/1913 Methodist 239 I      
GUNDRY Harry Stephen 65 27/Dec/1984 Anglican 170 RS      
GUNDRY Horace John ? 09/Sep/1932 Anglican 1030 R      
GUNDRY Horace Verdum William 63 14/Feb/1981 Anglican 198 RS      
GUNDRY Jessie May 41 31/Oct/1940 Methodist 392 I      
GUNDRY Martha Johns 88 02/Jul/1938 Methodist 239 I      
GUNDRY Norman Hopetoun 63 20/Apr/1954 Methodist 621 KQ George Stephen Gundry Martha Johns ?  
GUNDRY Samuel George 52 24/Jun/1931 Methodist          
GUNDRY Unnamed Female Stillborn 26/Jun/1970 Anglican 1333 R Keith Gundry Susan M ?  
GUNDRY Unnamed Male Stillborn 23/Sep/1921 Anglican 682 R      
GUNDRY Unnamed Male Stillborn 04/Sep/1923 Anglican 767 R      
GUNDRY Victor Albert 70 08/May/1958 Anglican 1198 R George Stephen Gundry Martha Johns ?  
GUNN Laurel Ella 23 03/Aug/1910 Methodist 448 I      
GURRY Patrick Joseph 25 10/Mar/1912 Roman Catholic 16 B      
GUSTAFSON Martin C 56 03/Apr/1926 Anglican 948 R      
GUY Edwin Arnold 68 14/Aug/1957 Anglican 625 R Charles Guy Mary A ?  
GUY Elsie Jane 49 25/Sep/1956 Methodist 645 KQ Charles Guy Mary A ?  
GUY Frederick William 49 18/Oct/1918 Methodist 1086 I      
GUY Frederick William Vingoe 30 21/Mar/1937 Presbyterian 175 KQ      
GUY Mabel 77 09/Nov/1965 Anglican 1282 R William Emma  
GUY Philip Ashley (Buzza) 21 10/Feb/1979 Roman Catholic 897 N Buzza Guy June  
GUY Phillip Richard Chergwyn 60 28/Apr/1970 Methodist 645 KQ Frederick William Guy Hilda M ?  
GUY Reginald Thomas Victor 68 12/Jun/1975 Methodist 643 KQ      
GUY Violet 11/Feb/1928 Anglican 625 R      
GUYATT Elizabeth Ann 4 weeks 05/Nov/1949 Roman Catholic 20 N     Exhumed in 1957.
GUYATT Frederick James 39 16/Feb/1939 Anglican 917 R      
GUYATT George Henry 26 13/Apr/1939 Anglican 898 RS      
GUYATT Helen Henrietta 4 days 30/Jan/1913 Anglican 493 R      


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