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Boogardie Western Australia    

Latitude 28° 02' Longitude 117° 47'

Dryblowing Boogardie 1905 - Photo SLWA

Boogardie, also known as 'Jones Well" is a mining townsite about seven kilometres north west of Mount Magnet. It was gazetted on the 28th Jan1898, and is a local Aboriginal name, the meaning of which is unknown.

A progress committee was formed and the first members were J H Rose, E Lehmann, G Laurie, R Stuckey, J Taylor and J Moore. The Government donated £100 for a recreation ground and £250 for sanitary works. A flourishing settlement sprang to life with a hotel and stores.
Jack Collins, who had been ‘one of the most skilful whips on the road’ driving Gascards mail coaches, built and operated with his wife, The Royal Hotel. A three foot piece of steel rail from the Mullewa Cue railway track was suspended from a Mulga bush in front of the hotel and was used to call diners to Mrs Collins ‘Rattling Good Meals’.

A second hotel, almost hidden in the bush, was in the course of construction at ‘Jones Well’ in 1897. Mr John Ward had applied for a licence. Much bush still covered the roadways although a number of business and residence areas were being occupied with many the roofs of tents being visible in the bush.  S Wolfe of Geraldton opened a store as did H H du Boulay. In time, Boogardie operated its own post office, WA Bank and a school, all manner of sports were keenly pursued. Gold was used by the prospectors to buy all commodities and each business had its own scales.

Boogardie State School
On the 28th Aug 1905 a request was made by A H du Boulay, William Morton, Thomas Anderson and Charles Williams for a state school to be established at the Boogardie townsite. In 1904 the children of Boogardie were walking to Mt Magnet for schooling. It was stated that the Miners Institute could  be used free of charge to start a school. There was also board available for a teacher at £1 10s a week at both hotels. The first children to start school were:

Hartley and Gordon ANDERSON
Dorothy and Marjorie du BOULAY
Irene, William, Mona and Frederick WHITE
Vera and Stanley ROBERTS
Nell and Hugh MORCOMBE
Marion ALLAN

At a later date a school was built by the education Dept where W G Morcombe was the teacher for 7 yrs.

Boogardie State School 1946 - Photo N Burrows


The Golden Crown Hotel – Joe Harris Proprietor advertised the very best brands of liquor, cleanliness, civility and prompt attention, first class billiard table, excellent accommodation and moderate terms.
The Royal Mail Boogardie had an up to date daily service to Mount Magnet and had a telephone. A first class billiard table, also horses carts and harness were available to hire.

The Royal Hotel, Jones Well Boogardie - Photo SLWA

A H du BOULAY General Cash Store Boogardie  - Photo SLWA


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