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Carnage 1904 Electoral Roll
Western Australia

AHERN Patrick- Carnage-Miner
BLAIR Harold- Carnage-Miner
CRAMOND Ernest W.D.- Rowles lagoon, Carnage-Miner
CRAWFORD R.- Carnage-Miner
CROOK Benjamin- Carnage-Miner
DEJARLAIS E. Jerome- Carnage-Miner
GORDON James- Carnage-Miner
HANNAN Gerald- Carnage, Zealander lease-Miner
HEAD John- Carnage-Miner
HOARE Bert- Carnage-Miner
HOOD Samuel- Carnage-Miner
HORNICK John Edward- Carnage-Baker
ISLES Julian- Carnage-Publican
JINKS Alfred- Carnage-Miner
KIRKHAM Albert- Carnage-Hotel Keeper
LONGSTAFF Frank- Carnage-Miner
MATSON Isaac- Carnage-Storekeeper
MOHAN F.E.- Carnage-Contractor
McCULLAUGH Beatrice- -Carnage
McCULLOCH Edward- Carnage-Miner
McCULLOCH Elizabeth- Carnage-Domestic
McCULLOCH John- Carnage-Miner
OGDEN Charles- Carnage-Woodcutter
PARSONS Annie- Carnage-Domestic
PARSONS Henry John- Carnage-Miner
PHILLIPS John E.- Main street, Carnage-Engine driver
REGAN Annie-Carnage-Domestic
REGAN Daniel-Carnage-Miner
ROSS Marian A.- Carnage-Domestic
THIELE Edmond W.V.- Carnage-Miner
TRAVIS Albert-Carnage-Hotelkeeper
TRAVIS George-Carnage-Miner
VALENTINE Edmund Maximilian-Carnage-Miner
VIAL William- Carnage-Miner
WILLIAMS Francis- Carnage-Miner

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