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I would first like to thank Danelle Warnock for her tireless work in editing and correcting the names on this list. The job was a big one, which she has spent a great deal of time on. The full register would not now be available to everyone without her assistance.

This data has been compiled from several sources such as copies of the index of the Kalgoorlie/ Boulder Cemetery which were photocopied many years ago by the Goldfields Family History Soc members on behalf of WAGS (The Western Australia Genealogical Soc) who in turn were assisting AGCI (Australian Genealogy Computer Index). This information was then put on the ‘AGCI disk’ and made available for purchase, now out of production unfortunately. This was done by the ‘Society of Australian Genealogy.  It contains the burials from hundreds of cemeteries all over Australia along with other information.   The burial details for Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, Boulder and many of the other smaller cemeteries in our area are also listed.  The disk can be found at some libraries and at WAGS and the Battye Library in Perth. When the AGCI disk was completed the photocopied cards were then returned to the Goldfields Family History Society which sadly closed its doors some ago. Additional information has been added by family members and from the newspapers.

The complete list of all the burials along with details of grave number and locations has always been available from the Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery office which is open every weekday.  If you do wish to locate a grave in person you can obtain a map from the office. This list in no way replaces the excellent service offered by the Cemetery Board but is an additional search tool for those who aren't able to visit in person.

Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery Board
P.O.Box 79 Kalgoorlie WA 6430

* denotes – unable to locate on the Western Australian Deaths with the WA Registrar General

More recent deaths may not be included as the records have only been recently become available and will be added in due course. If you would like a name added now please do send us the details.


If you have any photographs of your relatives headstone or memorial and would like it to be added to the web site please get in touch with me and I will add it in.  We will soon start adding the photographs from my own collection.

I would like to ask if you find any entry incorrect or missing please contact me for correction.

Surname First Name Age Burial Date Denom Grave No. Section Father Mother Comments          
LADD Elizabeth 65 28/Aug/1934 Presbyterian 92 C      
LADIGES Debra Ann 3 hours 05/Aug/1971 Roman Catholic 1056 NZ   Heather J  
LADIGES Eileen E 70 27/Jul/1991 Anglican 193B RS      
LADIGES George Henry Thomas 60 03/May/1979 Anglican 218 RS      
LADIGES Lillian M 69 ? Anglican 218 RS      
LADIGES Phillip Stanley 60 06/Jul/1981 Anglican 193B RS      
LAFFIN Albert John 17 months 04/Apr/1912 Anglican 62 D      
LAFFIN Andrew Fisher 59 24/Apr/1972 Anglican 1036 R      
LAFFIN Hugh 51 08/Jun/1923 Anglican 733 R      
LAFFIN John 48 27/Jun/1918 Anglican 733 R      
LAFFIN Leslie Arthur 49 14/Jan/1941 Anglican 724 R      
LAFFIN Nellie 6 months 01/Apr/1912 Anglican 286 E      
LAFFIN Rita Isabel 2 11/Oct/1907 Anglican 62 D      
LAFFIN Rose Ada 68 25/Dec/1950 Anglican 1036 R      
LAFFIN Rose Evelyn 19 months 14/Jun/1917 Anglican 639 R      
LAFFIN William 61 17/Dec/1935 Anglican 1036 R      
LAFFIN William Andrew 30 12/Oct/1926 Anglican 733 R      
LAING David John. 62 08/Nov/1980 Anglican 185 RS      
LAING Eddie 2 days 16/Feb/1962 Anglican 1260 R Eddie R Laing Wendy J  
LAKE Bridget 93 20/Jan/1921 Methodist 1096 I      
LAMBERT Jane Matilda 68 09/Feb/1905 Baptist 7 G William ? Mary ?  
LAMBERT Philip Arthur 32 03/Oct/1905 Baptist 7 G Alexander Medthorn Lambert Jane Matilda Mullen Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
LANCASTER Godfrey William Frederick 61 17/Dec/1945 Roman Catholic 476 M      
LANDRE Angelo 55 13/Jan/1943 Roman Catholic 540 M      
LANDRE Mira 76 09/Dec/1959 Roman Catholic 540 M Peter Maria  
LANFRANCHE Giacomo 43 31/May/1930 Roman Catholic 123 B      
LANGDON Donald George 13 days 31/May/1910 Methodist 435 I      
LANGDON Dorothy Enid 9 months 05/Nov/1909 Methodist 126 A      
LAPSLEY Frank 24 04/Jun/1930 Roman Catholic 604 M      
LAPSLEY Harry 67 11/Apr/1934 Roman Catholic 604 M      
LARKIN Margaret 31 16/Nov/1907 Roman Catholic 177 B      
LARNEY James 28 17/Oct/1917 Roman Catholic 777 M      
LARSON Alfred 22 17/Dec/1922 Methodist 1072 I      
LARSON Alfred John 54 27/Apr/1978 Uniting Church 1072 I      
LARSON Catherine May 82 05/Dec/1973 Methodist 266 KQ      
LARSON Sarah Alena 87 02/Aug/1961 Church of Christ 8 H George S Larson Martha J  
LARSON Severen 75 11/Jun/1948 Methodist 528 KQ      
LATHBY Magdalena 45 02/Sep/1908 Methodist 359 I      
LATTIMORE Elizabeth 79 31/Jul/1944 Anglican 1065 R      
LAURY Sydney 7½ months 02/Aug/1916 Baptist 84 G      
LAVARS Roy Garfield 6 weeks 02/Apr/1906 Methodist 219 A      
LAWN Isobel Amy Lloyd 89 24/Jan/1999 Methodist 193 KQ      
LAWN James Henry 69 19/Sep/1970 Methodist 193 KQ James H Lawn Marian M  
LAWN Thomas Herbert 5 days 22/Apr/1907 Methodist 292 I      
LAWRY Richard John 2 20/Jul/1915 Baptist 84 G      
LAWS Robert Francis 6 months 02/Nov/1936 Roman Catholic 560 M      
LAZELL Samuel 32 13/Apr/1940 Anglican 1171 R      
LE MERCIER Aimee Eleanor 1 day 13/Mar/1907 Anglican 34 D      
LECKIE Charles Gordon 14 02/Feb/1915 Anglican 579 R John Leckie Thyrza Sophia Swinbourn  
LECKIE Unnamed Female 2 hours 01/Jan/1904 Methodist 32 F John Leckie Thyrza Sophia Swinbourn Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
LECKIE Unnamed Male 6 hours 10/Oct/1904 Congregational 32 F John Leckie Thyrza Sophia Swinbourn  
LEE Christina Jane 84 28/Dec/1954 Presbyterian 118 C George Jane  
LEE Doreen Elsie 92 19/Aug/1999 Memorial Wall          
LEE Ernest Albert 9 08/Jan/1904 Anglican 455 R Frederick Lee Matilda Dressen Died in a house fire with 2 of his brothers. Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
LEE Frederick William 11 09/Jan/1904 Anglican 455 R Frederick Lee Matilda Dressen Died in a house fire with 2 of his brothers. Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
LEE Geoffrey Selwyn 69 06/Jan/1972 Memorial Wall          
LEE Ivy Jane 7 months 22/Nov/1911 Presbyterian 118 C      
LEE Joseph 65 10/Jul/1938 Presbyterian 118 C      
LEE Percy Henry 7 08/Jan/1904 Anglican 455 R Frederick Lee Matilda Dressen Died in a house fire with 2 of his brothers. Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
LEE Ruby Edna 5 months 22/May/1904 Anglican 455 R Frederick Lee Matilda Dressen Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
LEECH Alfred Charles 59 30/Jan/1939 Anglican 916 R      
LEECH Maude Louise 55 16/May/1942 Anglican 916 R      
LEEDER Eileen Olive 45 05/Mar/1942 Anglican 1008 R      
LEEDER Rebecca Margaret 44 02/Jul/1936 Anglican 1105 R      
LEES Margaret 30 29/Jul/1904 Methodist 44 A David Kate Wilson  
LEGGERINI Anthony Leo 51 10/Aug/1948 Roman Catholic 30 N      
LEGGERINI Leo Gramby 23 23/Dec/1949 Roman Catholic 30 N      
LEGGERINI Patricia Francis 4 months 31/May/1934 Methodist 353 I      
LEGGERINI Walter Russell 21 12/Mar/1953 Roman Catholic 30 N      
LEGGO Ada 8 months 24/Sep/1913 Methodist 538 I      
LEITCH Henry James 54 06/Nov/1924 Roman Catholic 624 M      
LEKOVICH George 43 26/Apr/1933 Anglican 1022 R      
LEMBERG Oliver                              40 27/Mar/1913 Methodist 685 I      
LEMIN Ada Helena 32 25/Jan/1905 Anglican 111 D David Miller Ellen ?  
LEMIN Dorothy Ada 3 months 12/Apr/1905 Anglican 111 D John Lemin Ada Helena Miller  
LENNELL Edward Samuel 79 18/Feb/1961 Methodist 738 KQ Thomas Lennell Susanna  
LENNELL Frederick Albert Ernest 22 02/Dec/1908 Methodist 425 I      
LENNELL Isabella Dick (Ella) 22 22/Sep/1921 Presbyterian 133 C      
LENNELL Robert Allan 2day 22/Sep/1921 Presbyterian 133 C      
LENNELL Ruby Hilda Olive 81 07/Jul/1971 Methodist 738 KQ Thomas ?    
LENNELL Susanah 71 21/Feb/1930 Methodist 426 I      
LENNELL Thomas 66 05/May/1926 Methodist 426 I      
LENNELL William 90 23/Jul/1945 Methodist 456 KQ      
LENNON Patrick 10 days 27/Jan/1913 Roman Catholic 366 M      
LEO Donald Brian 55 07/Jan/1999 Methodist 638 KQ      
LEONI Bortolo 27 15/Jul/1919 Roman Catholic 762 M      
LESLIE Dorothy Annie Beryl 10 18/Oct/1921 Anglican 831 R William James Leslie    
LESLIE Margaret Alice 78 18/Sep/1962 Anglican 831 R George D P ? Elizabeth  
LESLIE Mary 2 days 21/Jun/1913 Roman Catholic 329 M      
LESLIE Patrick 2 months 29/Nov/1914 Roman Catholic 329 M      
LESLIE William James 48 26/Dec/1925 Anglican 831 R      
LESTER Peter James 62 17/Mar/1983 Presbyterian 388 KQ      
LETTS John J (Jack) 72 02/Jul/1939 Anglican 800 R      
LETTS William Stephen 58 02/Aug/1927 Anglican 638 R      
LEVERENCE Edward William David 81 13/Mar/1984 Anglican 215 RS      
LEVERETT Lawrence Henry 2 days 29/Jul/1918 Roman Catholic 794 M      
LEVERETT Matilda 91 09/Apr/2006 Anglican 215 RS      
LEVERETT Molly 1 26/Jan/1921 Roman Catholic 794 M      
LEWIS Clarissa 68 19/Jun/1917 Anglican 739 R      
LEWIS Elizabeth 58 10/Apr/1967 Roman Catholic 114 N Denis Elizabeth  
LEWIS Evelyn 2 28/Aug/1904 Anglican 48 D William Lewis Rachael Charlton  
LEWIS Francis Leslie 82 10/Jul/1974 Roman Catholic 1030 NZ      
LEWIS Henry 44 18/Apr/1923 Anglican 870 R      
LEWIS Mary 24 19/Feb/1911 Anglican 423 E      
LEWIS Norman George 83 10/Feb/1988 Roman Catholic 114 N      
LEWIS Robert 29 14/Mar/1904 Anglican 212 D William Lewis Rachel Symonds Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
LEWIS Robert Lennard 70 02/Jul/2011 Roman Catholic 114 N      
LEWIS* Thomas Henry 36 15/Jul/1931 Anglican 967 R      
LEYSHON William 63 06/Jun/1916 Presbyterian 211 C      
LIDDELL Aaron Geoffrey 2 months 18/Oct/1977 Anglican 61 RS     Unmarked Grave.
LIDDY James Kenneth 61 05/May/1928 Roman Catholic 591 M      
LIEBIG Adelaide Madge 9 months 20/Nov/1904 Anglican 79 D Walter Charles Liebig Mabel Adelia Simpson  
LIEBIG Edith Madge 7½ months 08/Nov/1906 Anglican 79 D Walter Charles Liebig Mabel Adelia Simpson  
LIEBIG Ernest William 3 17/Nov/1906 Anglican 160 D Ernest William Liebig Ludvignee Gruner  
LIESFIELD Johannes Adolph 90 07/Feb/1975 Presbyterian 241 KQ      
LIESFIELD Myrtle May 58 31/Dec/1954 Presbyterian 241 KQ Alfred Mary  
LIGHTLY Leigh Francis 8 months 20/Mar/1916 Roman Catholic 674 M      
LIGHTLY Thora Dawn 9 months 25/Jan/1919 Roman Catholic 674 M      
LILLEY Lena 39 18/Mar/1917 Anglican 646 R      
LIMPUS Olive Reynolds 78 28/Aug/1964 Methodist 366 KQ William T ? Jane ?  
LINDSAY Georgean 3 months 06/Nov/1916 Presbyterian 184 C G Linsday    
LINDSAY Gracie 9 months 18/Apr/1918 Presbyterian 184 C G Linsday    
LINKLATER Gladys Stillborn 14/Mar/1909 Anglican 297 E      
LINKSON Olive Helen 40 23/Nov/1940 Anglican 728 R      
LINKSON Robert Thomas Clarence (Bobbie) 22/Dec/1926 Roman Catholic 421 M      
LINTON Marie Therese 32 hours 21/Sep/1965 Roman Catholic 197 N      
LISTER Grace Lillian 9 weeks 03/May/1904 Anglican 156 D George Lister Mary Ann Lindsey Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
LITHGOW Francis John 18 hours 05/Sep/1937 Roman Catholic 562 M      
LITHGOW Francis Leslie 59 19/Jun/1974 Anglican 1363 R      
LITHGOW Herbert Allen 64 23/Aug/1977 Anglican 1363 R      
LITHGOW John Francis 1 day 22/Aug/1947 Roman Catholic 562 M      
LITHGOW John James 72 20/Aug/1956 Anglican 1209 R Joseph Lithgow Jamin ?  
LITHGOW Norah 70 01/Aug/1958 Anglican 1209 R Richard Gurry Jane  
LITTLE Hamlet Nicholas 26 04/Jan/1938 Presbyterian 201 C      
LITTLE Terrence Anthony 29 03/Jun/1982 Roman Catholic 30 NZ      
LIZATOVICH Mate 70 17/May/1968 Roman Catholic 156 N Marko Iva  
LLOYD* Raymond George 55 14/Sep/1964 Anglican 169 RS      
LOCKE* Charles  84 23/Aug/1944 Anglican 1062 R     Not in register but there are articles in newspaper. 
LOCKHART Emily Jane 47 03/Sep/1914 Anglican 537 R      
LOGAN Frederick James 16 months 28/Apr/1912 Anglican 442 E     Unmarked Grave.
LOJE Catherine Margaret 6 months 20/Sep/1936 Roman Catholic 572 M Marin Loje Margaret Ruljancich  
LOJE Unnamed Female Stillborn 11/May/1938 Roman Catholic 572 M Marin Loje Margaret Ruljancich  
LOMAS Frederick 48 31/Oct/1917 Anglican 735 R      
LONG Ann 43 25/Aug/1909 Congregational 91 F      
LONG Charles Gilbert 84 02/Jul/1945 Anglican 1159 R      
LONG John Francis 59 25/Feb/1915 Roman Catholic 754 M      
LONG Unnamed Female Stillborn 24/Dec/1908 Congregational 59 F      
LONGA Giovanni 75 15/Jul/1978 Roman Catholic 901 N      
LONGA Margherita 66 10/May/1978 Roman Catholic 901 N      
LONSDALE Mary 36 17/May/1911 Methodist 606 I      
LONSDALE Richard William 72 24/Sep/1936 Methodist 606 I      
LOUSHE Harry 62 10/Nov/1923 Anglican 127 D      
LOVATT Sophia 78 29/Mar/1966 Anglican 1290 R Charles Katherine  
LOVATT Thomas William 83 21/Apr/1973 Anglican 1290 R      
LOVE Audrey Maureen 9 weeks 15/Nov/1911 Anglican 424 E      
LOVE Constance Beryl 2 months 26/Sep/1911 Anglican 424 E      
LOVE Louisa 45 10/Oct/1907 Methodist 282 I      
LOVE Samuel 77 24/Dec/1937 Anglican 424 E      
LOVELY Graeme Lewis  13 months 17/Mar/1952 Roman Catholic 51 N      
LOVERING Annie Jessie 65 27/Aug/1928 Anglican 969 R      
LOWE Alice Elizabeth 84 29/Apr/1957 Anglican 941 R Thomas Mary  
LOWE Clarence James 77 21/Feb/1980 Anglican 213 RS      
LOWE John 51 16/Oct/1925 Anglican 941 R      
LOWE Keith Williamson 35 01/Dec/1955 Anglican 1144 R John Lowe Alice Elizabeth  
LOWE Leslie Arthur 1 19/Jun/1914 Anglican 941 R      
LOWE Muriel Leonie 46 13/Jan/1977 Roman Catholic 960 N      
LOWE Percival Samuel 24 01/Apr/1934 Anglican 15 D      
LOWES Mary Ann 46 14/Jun/1911 Methodist 497 I      
LOWRY Annie 75 26/Jan/1949 Roman Catholic 703 M      
LOWRY Cornelius 52 25/Jul/1914 Roman Catholic 703 M      
LOWRY John Joseph 36 16/Aug/1941 Roman Catholic 537 M      
LOYDSTROM Cecil Andrew 4 months 06/Aug/1913 Roman Catholic 246 M Eric Bransby Loydstrom Emily Jane Ayers  
LOYDSTROM Roylance Andrew 15 months 16/Jul/1914 Roman Catholic 246 M Eric Bransby Loydstrom Emily Jane Ayers  
LUGG Christina 69 17/Jun/1925 Congregational 98 F      
LUKICH Irena 3 02/Jun/1960 Roman Catholic 196 N Savo Lukich Maria  
LUMBUS Elsie Mary 3 25/Oct/1906 Roman Catholic 139 B      
LUNN May Hazel 1 22/Dec/1913 Anglican 563 R      
LUNN Rose Agnes 30 01/Jun/1915 Anglican 563 R      
LUTEY Unnamed Female Stillborn 13/May/1906 Methodist 205 A      
LYNCH John 56 04/Jun/1930 Roman Catholic 605 M      
LYNCH Mary Jane 51 26/May/1921 Roman Catholic 821 M      
LYNCH Roy Ernest 6 months 14/Oct/1907 Methodist 330 I      
LYNCH Stephen Richard 38 15/Oct/1936 Roman Catholic 848 M      
LYNCH Stephen Richard 21 months 09/Jul/1933 Roman Catholic 848 M      
LYONS Francis G 20 24/Feb/1907 Anglican 152 D      
LYONS James 58 28/May/1932 Methodist 215 A      
LYONS Samuel William 27 years 5 months 28/May/1907 Anglican 153 D James Lyons Margaret Johnson Killed in an explosion at the Lake View Consols Mine. Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
LYONS* Margaret 86 05/Dec/1930 Methodist 215 A     Not on register but there is articles in the newspapers. 
MABIE Cornelius Cato 85 12/Jun/1937 Roman Catholic 430 M      
MACADAM Malcolm William 65 11/Feb/1921 Presbyterian 962 C      
MACALLUM Catherine 77 19/Sep/1920 Roman Catholic 696 M      
MACALLUM Joan Taylor 46 31/Jan/1924 Roman Catholic 696 M      
MACALLUM John Hickey 76 06/Jul/1962 Roman Catholic 696 M   Margaret ?  
MACINTOSH David 53 30/Sep/1907 Presbyterian 95 C      
MACK John 65 07/Feb/1932 Anglican 961 R      
MACKAY Hugh Charles 33 17/Jun/1917 Presbyterian 86 KQ      
MACKAY John Sutherland 37 09/Dec/1908 Presbyterian 128 C      
MACKENEY Annie 86 07/Dec/1951 Methodist 2 A      
MACKENEY Ellener Sarah 83 19/May/1979 Anglican 2 D      
MACKENEY Thomas John 73 05/Feb/1970 Methodist 2 A Thomas Mackeney Annie  
MACKENNEY Thomas 52 07/Dec/1917 Methodist 1 A      
MACKINLAY Charles Heatley 73 16/Oct/1950 Methodist 47 KQ      
MACKMAN Frederick 80 30/Dec/1929 Anglican 238 E      
MADDERN Jessie Violet 6½ months 15/May/1914 Methodist 527 I      
MADDERN* Daniel 44 21/Nov/1930 Methodist 151 A     Died when he became entangled in the winding gear of the main shaft at the Great Boulder Mine. 
MADIGAN Mortimer 42 16/Oct/1906 Roman Catholic 166 B      
MADIGAN William 65 30/Oct/1906 Roman Catholic 157 B      
MAGEE Coral Jean 69 29/Jul/1970 Anglican 1339 R John C Emma  
MAGEE John Patrick 72 15/Oct/1974 Roman Catholic 1339 R      
MAGEE Julia 26 16/Feb/1923 Roman Catholic 176 B      
MAGINI Dino 53 26/Aug/1964 Roman Catholic 60 N Angelo ? Angela  
MAGNER Cornelius Francis 40 20/Apr/1914 Roman Catholic 788 M      
MAGNER Emma Edna 45 31/Jan/1918 Roman Catholic 788 M      
MAGOVENEY George 40 26/Jun/1915 Anglican 626 R      
MAGOWAN Alice Jean 55 22/Apr/1963 Methodist 793 KQ William Alice  
MAGOWAN Phillip John 68 13/Jan/1964 Methodist 814 KQ Walter P Magowan Sarah E  
MAGOWAN Raymond 46 05/Jun/1975 Methodist 279 KQ      
MAGOWAN Raymond Charles 58 30/Jun/1961 Methodist 793 KQ Walter P Magowan Sarah E  
MAGUIRE Frederick (Rangi) 47 20/Mar/1940 Roman Catholic 549 M      
F Maguire                  
MAGUIRE Maria 46 11/Jan/1910 Roman Catholic 347 M      
MAGUR Dorothy Violet 15 months 14/Dec/1905 Methodist 169 A Reuben John Magur Elizabeth Bert  
MAHER Alfie Artville Oliver 61 30/Nov/1970 Roman Catholic 1076 NZ John Maher Emily ?  
MAHER Kerry Ann 11 days 08/Oct/1953 Anglican 1142 R      
MAHER Martin Christopher 30 27/Aug/1905 Roman Catholic 81 B Michael Maher Margaret Mulcahy Died in a premature explosion at the Lake View and Star mine. 
MAHER Martin Daniel 65 10/Dec/1976 Roman Catholic 955 N      
MAHER Mary Monica 79 30/Aug/1955 Roman Catholic 124 N Edward Brigid  
MAHER Maurice 75 16/Dec/1963 Roman Catholic 70 N Dennis Agnes  
MAHER Unnamed Stillborn 21/Mar/1955 Anglican 1142 R William J Maher Patricia J  
MAHER William 80 14/May/1954 Roman Catholic 124 N Dennis Agnes  
MAHOLU Frank Banicevich 49 07/Oct/1937 Roman Catholic 440 M     Register lists surname as Banicevich.
MAIN Albert Mitchell 5 months 12/Apr/1911 Methodist 548 I      
MAIN Alice 3 months 09/Feb/1905 Presbyterian 49 C Robert Henry Main Elizabeth McKay  
MAIN Jessie Isabel 15 months 09/May/1910 Church of Christ 45 H      
MAIN Margaret Christie 80 21/Sep/1968 Presbyterian 298 KQ William Mary  
MAIN Mary Ellen 36 16/Nov/1910 Methodist 548 I      
MAINWARING Evelyn 87 12/Sep/2001 Methodist 198 KQ      
MAINWARING Wyndham 58 17/Jun/1971 Methodist 198 KQ Thomas Mainwaring Rose ?  
MALE Claire 10 days 23/Dec/1908 Anglican 259 E Louis Bartle Male Sarah Louisa Roper Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
MALE John Lindsay 3 years 1 month 21/Aug/1908 Anglican 259 E Louis Bartle Male Sarah Louisa Roper  
MALLIA John Joseph 68 07/Jun/1973 Roman Catholic 1041 NZ      
MALLIA Ruby 69 20/Dec/1973 Roman Catholic 1041 NZ      
MALONEY James Lawrence 79 04/Jul/1955 Roman Catholic 131 N Dennis Brigid  
MALSEED Violet 84 *2002 Methodist 451 KQ      
MANGLESDORE Kathleen Anne 59 04/Mar/1994 Anglican 1337 R      
MANGLESDORE Lynette Anne 11 22/Dec/1970 Anglican 1337 R Leslie G Manglesdore Kathleen A  
MANLEY John Sydney 39 18/Aug/1919 Presbyterian 66 KQ      
MANN Benjamin Thomas 79 24/Aug/1994 Anglican 179 RS      
MANN Charlotte 72 01/Feb/1911 Anglican 410 E      
MANN Edith Alice 91 19/Oct/1974 Methodist 350 KQ      
MANN Edward George Gilbert 50 04/Jul/1962 Methodist 786 KQ Edward H Mann Edith A  
MANN Ernest Francis 9 weeks 14/Jul/1911 Roman Catholic 94 B      
MANN Stephen John 2 18/Aug/1908 Roman Catholic 94 B      
MANN Thelma 87 14/Aug/2009 Anglican 179 RS      
MANN Unnamed Twin Stillborn 15/Dec/1909 Anglican 311 E      
MANN Unnamed Twin Stillborn 15/Dec/1909 Anglican 311 E      
MANSFIELD Thomas 75 29/Aug/1922 Anglican 865 R      
MANSOM Ernest 6 days 26/Jul/1915 Anglican 604 R      
MANUEL Mathew 36 18/Nov/1904 Methodist 23 A Henry Manuel Maryann Pope  
MANUEL Stanley Milton 20 27/Sep/1910 Methodist 550 I      
MAPLESDEN Elizabeth Jane 63 09/Dec/1912 Baptist 93 G      
MAPLESDEN George Frederick 08/Jun/1916 Methodist 809 I      
MARCHANT Spencer Frederick 70 17/Apr/1939 Anglican 894 R      
MARCHANT William Arthur 39 17/Jul/1943 Anglican 894 R      
MARCHESA Phyllis Doreen ? 26/Dec/1912 Roman Catholic 243 M     Unmarked Grave.
MARCHESI Guiseppe 43 31/Jan/1930 Roman Catholic 237 M      
MARCHETTI Giovanni Battista 76 24/Jan/1961 Roman Catholic 157 N Ceasar Marchetti Maria  
MARCHETTI Pietro 73 05/Apr/1963 Roman Catholic 157 N Ceasar Marchetti Maria  
MARELICH Bartul 54 26/Dec/1936 Roman Catholic 841 M      
MARELICH Ivan 1 22/May/1921 Roman Catholic 841 M      
MARELICH Unnamed Female Stillborn 08/Jul/1922 Roman Catholic 841 M      
MARINGONI Angelo 57 30/Oct/1946 Roman Catholic 503 M      
MARINGONI Francesco 66 12/Jun/1938 Roman Catholic 556 M      
MARINGONI Petro 59 31/Jul/1952 Roman Catholic 76 N      
MARINOVICH Ivan Ante 84 15/Oct/1968 Roman Catholic 149 N Andrija Marinovich Matiya  
MARKHAM Jeremiah 70 26/Nov/1945 Anglican 1154 R      
MARLOW Cheryl Anne 2 hours 23/Mar/1961 Methodist 735 KQ William C Marlow Dorothy G  
MARNHAM James 8 days 24/Sep/1918 Anglican 588 R      
MARONI Anna Maria 93              
MARONI Antonio 78 29/Jul/1981 Roman Catholic 14 NZ      
MAROVICH George 73 23/Mar/1971 Anglican 700 R Micho Marovich    
MAROVICH Velika 30 11/Aug/1941 Anglican 700 R      
MARQUAND Lillian May 74 06/Feb/1985 Roman Catholic 36 NZ      
MARQUAND William Henry 73 25/Jul/1974 Anglican 1341 R      
MARQUAND William Leonard 32 10/Oct/1970 Anglican 1341 R William Marquand Lillian May Morris  
MARRELL Alva Jean 1 08/Dec/1919 Anglican 672 R      
MARRELL Shirley Cavell 4 months 12/Jun/1921 Anglican 672 R      
MARRIOTT Frank Green 63 05/Aug/1909 Methodist 388 I      
MARRIOTT Mervyn Arthur 62 06/Aug/1987 Roman Catholic 833 N      
MARRIOTT Verna Doris 81 20/Oct/2009 Roman Catholic 833 N      
MARRON Bertha 72 02/Nov/1932 Roman Catholic 349 M      
MARRON Charles Lawrence 63 03/Feb/1958 Roman Catholic 233 N James Marron Bertha  
MARRON Dorothy Mabel 48 04/Sep/1936 Roman Catholic 349 M      
MARRON James 77 26/Nov/1940 Roman Catholic 531 M      
MARSH Allan James 56 14/Apr/1988 Anglican 189 RS      
MARSHALL Amy Jane Rebecca Rofe 78 03/Sep/1962 Anglican 1054 R James Mary A  
MARSHALL Charles Oliver 18 days 21/Jul/1911 Anglican 407 E      
MARSHALL Edith Radcliffe 24 17/Oct/1918 Anglican 369 E      
MARSHALL Eunice May 72   Anglican 1054 R      
MARSHALL Ivy Dawson 20 12/Feb/1917 Anglican 369 E      
MARSHALL Jean L 48 01/Aug/1942 Roman Catholic 536 M      
MARSHALL John Clarence 14 days 18/Jul/1938 Roman Catholic 10 B      
MARSHALL Nellie Irene 12 days 07/Nov/1912 Anglican 407 E      
MARSHALL Robert 58 07/Jun/1935 Anglican 1054 R      
MARSHALL Unnamed Female Stillborn 26/Feb/1906 Methodist 183 A      
MARSHALL William 35 21/Jun/1921 Anglican 634 R      
MARSHALL William Augustus 48 04/Aug/1908 Anglican 369 E      
MARTELL Alfred George 32 10/Mar/1905 Roman Catholic 69 B Frank Martell    
MARTIN Andrew Thomas Stillborn 27/Dec/1950 Roman Catholic 19 N Donald D Martin Eileen M Miller  
MARTIN Andrew Thomas (Andy) 76 25/Oct/1950 Salvation Army 148 H      
MARTIN Christopher 64 30/Mar/1931 Methodist 102 A      
MARTIN Christopher Berriman 62 10/Nov/1913 Methodist 563 I Christopher Martin Wilmot Edwards Berriman Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
MARTIN Christopher Berriman 74 19/Aug/1978 Roman Catholic 963 N Andrew Thomas Martin Ellen Mayger  
MARTIN Cosworth William 80 14/Jun/1911 Methodist 604 I     Spouse: Elizabeth Jane Prisk
MARTIN Dorothy Mary 16 12/Aug/1918 Roman Catholic 837 M C Martin    
MARTIN Eileen Mary  93 22/May/2008 Roman Catholic 19 N      
MARTIN Elizabeth Ann 87 04/Sep/1925 Methodist 563 I      
MARTIN Ellen 63 26/Nov/1936 Salvation Army 148 H      
MARTIN Ellen Patricia 6 months 29/Jul/1949 Roman Catholic 19 N Donald D Martin Eileen M Miller  
MARTIN George Alexander 15½ 27/Jan/1928 Anglican 975 R      
MARTIN Gustav William 83 17/Sep/1971 Anglican 459 R Karl A Martin Anna E ?  
MARTIN Ivy Lucille 3½ months 04/Sep/1924 Methodist 850 I      
MARTIN Jeoffre Hamilton 7 months 04/May/1916 Methodist 698 I W J Martin    
MARTIN John Frederick 55 02/Oct/1934 Methodist 129 KQ      
MARTIN Josephus 79 30/Nov/1929 Anglican 451 E      
MARTIN Joyce 3 months 17/Sep/1914 Methodist 698 I      
MARTIN Linda 5 months 03/Oct/1911 Methodist 473 I      
MARTIN Margaret 74 04/Sep/1946 Methodist 102 A      
MARTIN Martha 79 06/Apr/1920 Methodist 791 I      
MARTIN Martha 53 21/Jan/1934 Methodist 130 KQ      
MARTIN Mary 85 25/Mar/1929 Methodist 487 I      
MARTIN Mary Ann 70 13/Dec/1954 Anglican 459 R Henry ? Margaret ?  
MARTIN Norman Gordon 24 07/Nov/1909 Methodist 487 I      
MARTIN Pauline 1 day 20/Oct/1907 Methodist 336 I      
MARTIN Raymond Hugh 54 23/Aug/1983 Anglican 42 RS      
MARTIN Ronald Cecil 5 weeks 26/May/1913 Methodist 496 I      
MARTIN Sydney Smith 25 29/Jun/1911 Methodist 487 I      
MARTIN Thomas John 68 11/Jun/1938 Salvation Army 177 H      
MARTIN Unnamed Male Stillborn 17/Jan/1905 Anglican 72 D John Edward Martin Victoria Adelaide Hislop  
MARTIN Unnamed Male Stillborn 04/Sep/1907 Methodist 297 I Andrew Martin    
MARTIN William N 6 22/Dec/1918 Methodist 940 I      
MARTINELLI Paolo (Paul) 26 19/Jul/1917 Roman Catholic 802 M      
MARTINOVICH Ivan 45 15/Apr/1944 Roman Catholic 483 M      
MARTINOVICH Yure 75 10/Mar/1969 Roman Catholic 104 N Nikola Martinovich Kata ?  
MARTYN Josiah 28 17/Nov/1904 Methodist 78 A Thomas Martyn Eliza Jane Gake  
MARTYN Leah Ruby 1 22/Apr/1907 Methodist 257 I      
MARTYN Priscilla Maria 26 16/Apr/1908 Methodist 320 I      
MARVEGGIO Leone 77 07/Aug/1958 Roman Catholic 225 N      
MARWICK Laurence William 73 20/Apr/1983 Presbyterian 376 KQ      
MASANOVICH Juro (George) 43 04/Feb/1942 Anglican 981 R     Died in the Boulder Bombings. 
MASLIN Barbara Mercy 8 months 12/May/1905 Methodist 158 A Alfred William Maslin Adeline Eliza Joyce  
MASON John 66 03/Jul/1938 Methodist 252 KQ      
MASON Leonard Charles 8 months 12/Dec/1911 Anglican 80 D      
MASON Robert George Stillborn 06/Aug/1912 Anglican 438 E      
MASON Ronald Charles 2 years 4 months 18/Oct/1916 Anglican 80 D      
MASON Unnamed Male Stillborn 11/Aug/1919 Methodist 1082 I      
MATHER William Frederick 29 23/Feb/1904 Methodist 107 A William Mather Agnes Tschentscher Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
MATHERS William Lowe 60 05/Jul/1930 Presbyterian 171 KQ      
MATHEWS Louisa Elizabeth 58 04/Sep/1906 Baptist 43 G      
MATHEWS Mamie (AKA: Mamie Bull) 40 28/May/1910 Anglican 390 E     Unmarked Grave.
MATHEWS Richard 73 07/Mar/1974 Anglican 1355 R      
MATHIESON Alan Cameron 56 06/Dec/1915 Presbyterian 210 C      
MATHIESON Marjory Alice 4 months 01/Apr/1905 Anglican 105 D Henry Mathieson Esther Emma King  
MATICH Amelia 3 months 01/Jul/1917 Roman Catholic 663 M      
MATICH Anton 48 11/Mar/1932 Roman Catholic 122 B      
MATICH Frank 41 12/Apr/1929 Roman Catholic 663 M      
MATICH George 72 22/May/1987 Roman Catholic 75 NZ      
MATICH Ivan 8 months 01/Apr/1919 Roman Catholic 663 M      
MATICH Maria 42 04/Sep/1932 Roman Catholic 663 M      
MATICH Mick Toni 12 weeks 24/Dec/1924 Roman Catholic 663 M      
MATICH Rose Angelo 9 months 25/May/1927 Roman Catholic 663 M      
MATICH Vidjelko 3 months 17/Dec/1920 Roman Catholic 663 M      
MATKOVICH Nicholas (Mick) 56 12/Aug/1934 Roman Catholic 596 M      
MATTHEWS Albert 66 02/May/1944 Methodist 450 KQ      
MATTHEWS Charles 43 13/Aug/1981 Anglican 223 RS      
MATTHEWS Eva May 25 25/Oct/1930 Methodist 224 A      
MATTHEWS Frances O 6 weeks 03/Sep/1910 Anglican 317 E      
MATTHEWS Frederick Charles Thomas 40 11/Feb/1957 Methodist 647 KQ Frank Matthews Charlotte M  
MATTHEWS Henry 74 18/Sep/1925 Baptist 101 G      
MATTHEWS Ivy May 71 04/Apr/1993 Methodist 647 KQ      
MATTHEWS Jennie 73 03/Oct/1952 Methodist 450 KQ      
MATTHEWS Martha Elizabeth 79 06/May/1937 Baptist 101 G      
MATTHEWS Nannie 88 17/Jul/1931 Methodist 691 I      
MATTHEWS William 67 16/Jun/1944 Presbyterian 214 KQ      
MATTHEWS William Reginald 78 05/Mar/1980 Anglican 182 RS      
MATULICH Anthony 75 23/Jul/1948 Roman Catholic 338 M      
MATULICH Bogoslaiv 4 months 02/Jul/1912 Roman Catholic 338 M Anthony Matulich Perina ?  
MATULICH George Joseph Benedict 60 22/Nov/1968 Roman Catholic 146 N Anthony Matulich Perina ?  
MATULICH Perina 81 29/May/1954 Roman Catholic 338 M      
MAURIER Alice Ann 40 26/Sep/1911 Anglican 419 E      
MAWBY William George 61 03/Mar/1934 Anglican 16 D      
MAXWELL Catherine Sarah 74 18/Dec/1939 Roman Catholic 617 M      
MAXWELL Kathleen Margaret 9 months 22/Apr/1904 Roman Catholic 206 B Michael Maxwell Catherine McCourt Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
MAXWELL Michael Francis 62 26/Dec/1922 Roman Catholic 617 M      
MAXWELL* Unknown Stillborn 17/Mar/1905 Roman Catholic 40 B      
MAY Nesta Jean Infant 09/Apr/1910 Methodist 87 A John May   Unmarked Grave.
MAY Vesta (Dolly) 11 months 20/Dec/1906 Methodist 87 A John May   Unmarked Grave.
MAYE Unnamed Male Stillborn 28/Apr/1905 Baptist 50 G Richard James Maye Elizabeth Moyes  
MAYER Thomas William 45 30/Jul/1912 Anglican 520 R      
MAYGER Catherine 72 27/Jul/1911 Methodist 619 I      
MAYGER Dardanella Stillborn 26/Nov/1915 Anglican 611 R Arthur Mayger    
MAYGER Dorothy Eileen 1 08/Dec/1906 Roman Catholic 148 B      
MAYGER George Gould 76 21/Dec/1915 Methodist 619 I      
MAYGER Unnamed Male Stillborn 07/Mar/1915 Roman Catholic 148 B      
MAYNARD Dorothy Mary Ellen 69 02/Feb/1973 Roman Catholic 1077 NZ      
MAYNARD Jane Catherine 84 13/Aug/1963 Church of Christ 461 H John    
MAYNARD John Bayden 7 01/Nov/1952 Roman Catholic 78 N      
MAYNARD John Charles 73 01/Aug/1978 Roman Catholic 898 N      
MAYNARD Keith Stanley 74 16/Sep/2001 Memorial Wall          
MAYNARD Norman Stanley 22 09/Aug/1948 Roman Catholic 22 N      
MAYNARD Raymond Charles 19 03/Nov/1950 Roman Catholic 22 N      
MAYNARD Stanley Norman 69 03/Jul/1970 Roman Catholic 1077 NZ   Jane  
MAYNARD William John 71 31/Aug/1937 Roman Catholic 461 M      
MAYNE Richard 65 31/Mar/1907 Methodist 299 I      
MAYS Isabella 59 10/Feb/1919 Anglican 750 R      
MAZURANICH Frank 72 28/Jun/1969 Roman Catholic 1091 NZ      
MAZZA Elsie 8 months 28/Mar/1931 Roman Catholic 695 M      
MAZZA Giovanni 70 22/Dec/1962 Roman Catholic 107 N Stefano Mazza Caterina ?  
MCALISTER Agnes Annie 79 11/Jun/1971 Presbyterian 215 KQ Thomas Rubina  
MCALISTER Alexander 57 20/Jun/1915 Presbyterian 186 C      
MCALLISTER Alexander Bert 54 22/Mar/1944 Presbyterian 215 KQ      
MCALLISTER Margaret M 5 months 21/Feb/1916 Roman Catholic 700 M      
MCALLISTER Winifred 64 26/Nov/1920 Presbyterian 186 C      
MCCABE Jack Wilfred 14 days 27/Dec/1916 Anglican 581 R Richard McCabe Emily ?  
MCCABE Thomas Ronald Edward 2 months 10/Dec/1920 Anglican 561 R      
MCCALLUM Jessie Jane 57 18/Apr/1910 Methodist 428 I      
MCCALLUM John Hughes 30 31/Aug/1912 Methodist 428 I      
MCCALLUM Ronald James 17 months 03/May/1908 Presbyterian 110 C      
MCCARTHY Jane Agnes 17 months 16/Jul/1911 Roman Catholic 319 M      
MCCARTNEY Eveline 75 27/Mar/1980 General 179 G      
MCCARTNEY Robert 84 29/Jan/1985 General 179 G      
MCCAW William 62 29/Sep/1921 Congregational 109 F      
MCCAWLEY John Vincent 40 23/Jun/1914 Roman Catholic 224 M      
MCCONVILLE Hugh 55 17/Aug/1934 Anglican 5 D      
MCCONVILLE Rhonda Jane 1 12/Nov/1951 Anglican 721 R      
MCCONVILLE Rose 76 11/Apr/1960 Anglican 5 D Richard Ann  
MCCORMICK Francis James 6 16/May/1908 Roman Catholic 264 M      
MCCORMICK John 45 02/Jul/1915 Roman Catholic 669 M      
MCCORMICK Philip 46 13/Dec/1914 Roman Catholic 791 M      
MCCOURT John Alfred Thomas 7 weeks 09/Jul/1916 Roman Catholic 667 M      
MCCOURT John Francis 79 19/Feb/1920 Roman Catholic 820 M      
MCCOY George 65 17/Sep/1909 Anglican 393 E      
MCCULLOCH Brian Thomas 10 04/Sep/1969 Methodist 188 KQ Thomas E McCulloch Thelma M ?  
MCCULLOCH Catherine 82 16/May/1942 Presbyterian 205 C      
MCCULLOCH David 76 06/Dec/1935 Presbyterian 205 C      
MCCULLOCH Martha 71 27/Apr/1943 Roman Catholic 513 M      
MCCULLOCH Thomas Clement 70 23/Apr/1994 Methodist 188 KQ      
MCCULLOCH Unnamed Male Stillborn 11/Apr/1916 Presbyterian 185 C      
MCCULLOCK Alice Rebecca 49 24/Jan/1925 Presbyterian 160 C      
MCCULLOCK Hilda May 3 months 19/Apr/1919 Anglican 185 D      
MCCULLOCK William John 36 27/Jul/1933 Presbyterian 160 C      
MCDERMOTT Peter 51 27/Jul/1921 Roman Catholic 658 M      
MCDERMOTT Sarah Jane 50 02/Feb/1930 Roman Catholic 658 M     Died at the St John of God Hospital in Kalgoorlie. 
MCDONALD Alan 3½ months 18/Jan/1913 Roman Catholic 294 M      
MCDONALD Alexander 44 11/Dec/1914 Anglican 397 E      
MCDONALD Clarence James 15 02/Dec/1910 Anglican 397 E      
MCDONALD Colin 49 23/Jul/1906 Presbyterian 71 C      
MCDONALD Doris Mary 8½ months 11/Mar/1910 Anglican 284 E      
MCDONALD George Harford 62 20/Oct/1931 Anglican 1016 R      
MCDONALD George Henry 10 months 19/Oct/1905 Anglican 194 D Alexander McDonald Ellen Mills  
MCDONALD James Alexander 55 04/Dec/1906 Methodist 314 I      
MCDONALD M F  66 25/Jul/1995 Anglican 54 RS      
MCDONALD Robert John 6 weeks 22/Mar/1974 Anglican 1359 R      
MCDONALD Ruby Ethel 8 months 12/May/1904 Anglican 153 D Alexander McDonald Ellen Mills Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
MCDONALD Thomas Duncan 17 months 02/Aug/1922 Presbyterian 60 KQ      
MCDONALD Wallace D 16 weeks 29/Jan/1911 Roman Catholic 294 M      
MCDONALD William Hardie 54 03/Jul/1933 Anglican 957 R      
MCDONALD William Patrick 16 months 23/May/1907 Roman Catholic 159 B      
MCDONALD* Alex Ainsley 27 12/Dec/1938 Church of Christ 39 H      
MCDONNELL John Patrick Austin 60 15/Oct/1963 Roman Catholic 69 N Felix Alice  
MCDONNELL Murray Walker 17 12/Aug/1954 Roman Catholic 125 N Frederick S McDonnell Catherine E F ? Died when his motorcycle collided with a timber truck. 
MCENROE Michael 56 08/Oct/1929 Roman Catholic 238 M      
MCENTEE Albert Edward 9 weeks 14/Aug/1906 Congregational 49 F      
MCENTEE Emma Caroline 91 26/Nov/1951 Anglican 392 E      
MCENTEE James 49 05/Mar/1910 Anglican 392 E      
MCENTEE Rose May 55 14/Jul/1950 Roman Catholic 43 N      
MCENTYRE Patrick 38 23/Sep/1907 Roman Catholic 117 B      
MCERLIAN Paul 48 13/Sep/1912 Roman Catholic 382 M      
MCEVOY John 87 30/Jun/1949 Roman Catholic 39 N      
MCEVOY Laura Louise 93 13/Jul/1966 Roman Catholic 39 N William Dinah  
MCEWAN James 32 21/Feb/1904 Presbyterian 78 C James McEwen Sarah Halls Killed by falling stone at the Ivanhoe Gold Mine. Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
MCEWEN Maggie 23 31/May/1908 Roman Catholic 266 M      
MCFADDEN Louisa 80 18/Nov/1939 Anglican 25 D      
MCFADDEN Michael 75 20/Aug/1933 Anglican 25 D      
MCFARLING Jean May 53 01/Nov/1967 Anglican 1204 R David Mabel  
MCFARLING Joseph Mitchell 51 12/Aug/1957 Anglican 1204 R John McFarling Mary G  
MCGAFFIN James 58 31/Jul/1928 Presbyterian 136 C      
MCGANN Charlotte 64 10/Dec/1931 Roman Catholic 14 B      
MCGANN Mary Ellen 5 20/May/1911 Roman Catholic 14 B Michael McGann Charlotte George  
McGANN Michael 68 24/Jun/1936 Roman Catholic 15 B      
MCGAVIN Estelle 51 07/Apr/1959 Methodist 732 KQ Joseph Matilda  
MCGAVIN Leslie Ivan C 70 15/Jun/1993 Methodist 732 KQ      
MCGHEE Daniel Malcolm 53 15/Nov/1925 Anglican 937 R      
MCGILL Ernest Harris 7 23/Nov/1907 Congregational 36 F      
MCGILL Marion 28 27/Feb/1913 Roman Catholic 352 M      
MCGILL Minnie 67 03/Nov/1934 Presbyterian 168 KQ      
MCGILL Thomas 63 27/Dec/1928 Presbyterian 168 KQ      
MCGILLIVRAY Adelaide Eveline (Addie) 89 13/Feb/1995 Methodist 447 KQ Ethelbert Edwards Beatrice Louisa Semmens  
MCGILLIVRAY Archibald Hay 73 26/Mar/1980 Uniting Church 447 KQ      
MCGILTON Unnamed Female Stillborn 17/Jul/1907 Roman Catholic 100 B Patrick McGilton Annie Ryan  
MCGINTY James Andrew 62 28/Dec/1959 Roman Catholic 88 N John McGinty Isabella I  
MCGINTY Maud 58 15/Sep/1953 Roman Catholic 88 N      
MCGOLDRICK William James 8½ months 04/Jan/1905 Roman Catholic 35 B Thomas McGoldrick Bridget Devaux  
MCGOVERN Lucy May (Masie) 2 01/Oct/1911 Roman Catholic 343 M      
MCGREGOR Colin Anderson 52 29/Oct/1931 Presbyterian 148 C      
MCGREGOR Olive 13 29/Apr/1908 Anglican 340 E      
MCGREGOR Unnamed Male Stillborn 28/Apr/1909 Roman Catholic 212 B      
MCGUIRE Eileen Elizabeth 6 months 01/Sep/1913 Anglican 506 R      
MCINERNEY Alice ? 20/Feb/2008 Anglican 720 R      
MCINERNEY Hugh 1 02/Dec/1908 Anglican 280 E      
MCINERNEY James 66 16/May/1945 Anglican 697 R      
MCINERNEY James Arthur 4 30/Jan/1952 Anglican 720 R      
MCINERNEY James Joel 13 months 27/Jan/1909 Anglican 298 E      
MCINERNEY Ronald Reginald 45 09/May/1966 Anglican 720 R James McInerney Violet Evelyn ?  
MCINERNEY Violet Evelyn 89 28/Jun/1972 Anglican 637 R      
MCINTOSH Duncan 82 31/May/1937 Anglican 1116 R      
MCINTYRE Mary Molly Josephine 14 months 04/Jun/1912 Roman Catholic 367 M      
MCKENNAY Amy Florence 81 07/Sep/1962 Methodist 5 A William Elizabeth  
MCKENNAY George 51 13/Jul/1931 Methodist 5 A      
MCKENNAY Maisie 8 months 30/Nov/1908 Methodist 405 I James McKennay Emily M Hosken  
MCKENZIE Gladys Malinda 39 29/Jul/1940 Anglican 896 R      
MCKENZIE James Henry 35 18/Jul/1984 Salvation Army 140 H      
MCKENZIE Leith Mitchell 24 17/Jun/1904 Methodist 22 A Thomas McKenzie Elizabeth Hawkins  
MCKENZIE Unnamed Male Stillborn 25/Aug/1923 Anglican 840 R      
MCKEOWN Janet Temperaire 59 25/Nov/1972 Methodist 5 A     Ashes.
MCKERRIN Joseph 52 01/Feb/1927 Roman Catholic 409 M      
MCKINLEY Jane Annie 40 11/Dec/1911 Roman Catholic 340 M      
MCKINLEY Thomas 26 21/Jun/1906 Anglican 124 D      
MCKINNEY Mary Emblyn 50 22/Nov/1925 Presbyterian 163 KQ      
MCKINNON Maud 39 12/May/1905 Roman Catholic 56 B Charles ?    
MCLAVERTY William Walter 5 months 28/Jan/1907 Methodist 110 A      
MCLEAN Albert Jamieson 17 months 17/Apr/1907 Methodist 250 I      
MCLEAN Donald 60 13/Nov/1917 Presbyterian 80 KQ      
MCLEAN Doris Emma 90 16/Jul/1981 Uniting Church 534 KQ      
MCLEAN Eugene Eve Rebecca 53 20/Jun/1925 Presbyterian 162 C      
MCLEAN Jeanie 69 07/Jun/1957 Methodist 714 KQ Robert Kate  
MCLEAN Kenneth 93 24/Feb/1981 Methodist 534 KQ      
MCLEAN Robina 76 08/Jun/1937 Presbyterian 80 KQ      
MCLEAN Unnamed Female Stillborn 14/Nov/1918 Presbyterian 216 C      
MCLEAN Unnamed Male Stillborn 24/Sep/1914 Anglican 532 R      
MCLEOD Aldyth 77 10/Jun/1988 Anglican 1219 R      
MCLEOD Alexander 82 15/Oct/1943 Anglican 1088 R      
MCLEOD Alice Elizabeth 4 months 19/Nov/1910 Roman Catholic 274 M      
MCLEOD Alice Maude 76 04/Sep/1952 Roman Catholic 79 N      
MCLEOD Ellen Ethel 6 months 01/Nov/1906 Roman Catholic 138 B      
MCLEOD Ernest Joseph 18 months 11/Oct/1910 Roman Catholic 274 M      
MCLEOD Frederick Phillip 44 10/Jul/1939 Anglican 799 R      
MCLEOD Kenneth 7 05/Jul/1922 Presbyterian 63 KQ      
MCLEOD Mary Helen 11 months 28/Aug/1908 Roman Catholic 104 B      
MCLEOD Norman Thomas 42 24/Mar/1947 Anglican 1219 R      
MCLIHENEY Edna Elizabeth 63 11/Oct/1968 Presbyterian 119 KQ Francis Margaret M  
MCLIHENEY Mary Ann 62 08/Aug/1931 Methodist 1088 I      
MCLIHENEY William 53 29/Jul/1921 Methodist 1088 I      
MCLIHENEY William Leslie 25 29/Nov/1917 Methodist 1088 I      
MCMAHON Edward 77 29 February 1970 Anglican 1334 R John F McMahon Alice  
MCMAHON Edward Thomas 70 02/Mar/1944 Roman Catholic 492 M      
MCMAHON Henry James 2 weeks 08/Apr/1906 Roman Catholic 7 B      
MCMAHON John Francis 63 10/Aug/1977 Roman Catholic 492 M      
MCMAHON John Francis 66 02/Jun/1932 Roman Catholic 847 M      
MCMAHON Joseph 65 28/Apr/1933 Presbyterian 141 KQ      
MCMAHON Margaret Helen 92 01/Jul/1995 Anglican 1334 R      
MCMAHON Perth James 26 19/Oct/1921 Presbyterian 141 KQ      
MCMAHON Rosalind Mary 7 months 15/Apr/1914 Roman Catholic 355 M      
MCMAHON Tom 1 day 31/Jul/1904 Roman Catholic 25 B Tom McMahon Charlotte Louisa Sarre  
MCMANIS Mary Jane 52 04/Mar/1917 Methodist 956 I      
MCMANUS Bernard Gordon 34 15/Nov/1932 Roman Catholic 832 M      
MCMANUS Dennis Joseph 78 26/Nov/1941 Roman Catholic 830 M      
MCMANUS Edward Patrick 18 26/Aug/1918 Roman Catholic 831 M     Died after an attack of the flu. 
MCMANUS Marion Agnes 74 17/Feb/1940 Roman Catholic 830 M      
MCMANUS Veronica 21 26/Apr/1926 Roman Catholic 831 M      
MCMARTIN Henry Lorenzo 72 01/Feb/1949 Methodist 521 KQ      
MCMARTIN Thetis Lillian 91 10/Nov/1977 Methodist 521 KQ      
MCMATH Samuel 36 18/Feb/1905 Presbyterian 57 C William McMath Agnes ?  
MCMILLAN Alexander 81 12/Jul/1924 Presbyterian 155 KQ      
MCMILLAN Elizabeth Ann 82 18/Aug/1929 Presbyterian 155 KQ      
MCMULLEN Thomas 65 02/Apr/1904 Methodist 105 A     Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
MCNALLY Charles 69 16/Jul/1947 Roman Catholic 473 M      
MCNAMARA Francis Vincent 29 19/Jul/1943 Roman Catholic 541 M     Died by gas poisoning at the Great Boulder Mine. 
MCNAMARA John 57 22/Nov/1935 Roman Catholic 579 M      
MCNAMARA William Francis 74 21/Dec/1954 Roman Catholic 127 N Michael Annie  
MCNAUGHTON Alexander 60 03/May/1938 Presbyterian 62 C      
MCNAUGHTON James 53 28/Aug/1933 Presbyterian 62 C      
MCNERNEY Frank 32 22/Dec/1909 Anglican 266 E      
MCNERNEY Fred 54 08/Aug/1934 Anglican 13 D      
MCNERNEY Honora 55 25/Apr/1934 Anglican 20 D      
MCNERNEY Margaret 22 hours 22/Dec/1905 Roman Catholic 68 B Frank McNerney Hanora Savage  
MCNERNEY Margaret Hannah 62 05/Nov/1916 Anglican 266 E      
MCNERNEY Stephen Walter 84 07/Jul/1919 Anglican 266 E      
MCNICOL Emily Grace 34 30/Sep/1911 Anglican 434 E      
MCNICOL Walter ? 04/Jan/1907 Methodist 265 I     Unmarked Grave.
MCNIEL Alexander 39 30/Jul/1919 Roman Catholic 718 M      
MCNIEL David 65 27/Sep/1919 Presbyterian 59 KQ      
MCPHEE James Duncan 92 12/Jul/1945 Presbyterian 211 KQ      
MCPHEE Sarah 60 16/Sep/1926 Anglican 949 R      
MCQUEEN John Frederick 6 months 12/Dec/1940 Roman Catholic 463 M      
MCQUEEN Sadie Elizabeth 46 22/Jul/1949 Anglican 909 R      
MCRAE Robert Whitelaw 73 01/Aug/1960 Methodist 737 KQ John Jane  
MCROBERTS Eliza Jane 49 06/Feb/1926 Methodist 781 I      
MCVEIGH David Patrick 7 months 28/Oct/1910 Anglican 267 E      
MCVICAR John 54 09/Jul/1922 Methodist 976 I      
MCVICAR John Ewin 42 21/Aug/1962 Methodist 787 KQ John McVicar Florence Emily Smith  
MEADE John 66 22/Nov/1983 Roman Catholic 24 NZ      
MECHCOFF Florence Beryl 77 12/Jan/1981 Congregational 8 F      
MELENDEZ Don 42 22/Sep/1939 Roman Catholic 553 M     Killed by a fall of rock in the Hamilton Shaft of the Great Boulder Mine. 
MELLOR Charles 64 15/Jul/1935 Anglican 242 E      
MELLOR Mary Edith 65 21/Nov/1963 Anglican 1268 R James Emily  
MELVELLE Harvey S 56 25/Sep/1947 Anglican 1184 R     Unmarked Grave.
MENNER Caroline 38 05/Nov/1915 Presbyterian 103 C     Unmarked Grave. Register lists name as Louisa. 
MENNER Unnamed Female Stillborn 03/Nov/1915 Presbyterian 147 C     Unmarked Grave.
MENON Florence 67 25/Jul/1937 Salvation Army 178 H      
MENZIES Jessie 65 03/Jun/1910 Presbyterian 181 C      
MERLA Joe 69 04/Nov/1929 Roman Catholic 232 M      
MERRILEES Susan 80 22/Dec/1914 Methodist 705 I      
MERRITT Alan (Marsh) 68 16/Dec/2008 Methodist 804 KQ      
MESSERLI Arthur Alfred 65 23/Sep/1982 Anglican 197 S      
METCALF George 76 08/Jun/1951 Roman Catholic 76 N      
METCALF George Alfred 45 10/Oct/1922 Anglican 867 R      
METCALF Iris May 2 31/May/1921 Methodist 116 A      
METCALF Joseph 69 24/May/1916 Anglican 683 R      
METCALF Theresa Hannah 81 02/Mar/1946 Roman Catholic 470 M      
METHERALL George  59 15/Apr/1906 Methodist 233 I      
METHERALL Samuel Edward 15 months 04/Dec/1919 Methodist 523 I      
METHERALL Unnamed Female Stillborn 08/Aug/1910 Methodist 453 I      
METHERELL Daffodil Jean 14 months 18/Dec/1920 Methodist 170 A      
METHERELL Doris Estelle 3 12/May/1908 Methodist 327 I      
METHERELL Edward 16 months 17/Apr/1914 Methodist 523 I      
METHERELL Eliza Florence 45 17/Mar/1921 Methodist 327 I      
METHERELL Elizabeth 55 11/Apr/1906 Methodist 233 I Nathaniel White Betsy Cocks Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
METHERELL Ethel Pearl Stillborn 14/Aug/1921 Methodist 523 I      
METHERELL Henry George 3 16/Apr/1914 Methodist 327 I      
METHERELL James 50 26/Oct/1918 Methodist 327 I      
METHERELL Louisa Margaret 1 day 08/Sep/1905 Methodist 170 A George Metherell Rubertha Mary Ann Budds  
METHERELL Reta Elizabeth 11 months 14/Feb/1906 Methodist 170 A      
METHERELL Rosylin Gay 8 hours 21/Jun/1955 Anglican 458 R Albert R Metherell Mary L ?  
METTAM Albert Frank (Bert) 27 15/May/1918 Anglican 778 R William Mettam Mary Jennings Killed in Action. 
METTAM Frederick 46 14/Jun/1934 Anglican 778 R      
METTAM Mary A 70 03/Apr/1924 Anglican 778 R      
MEYER Ethel 74 26/Jul/1954 Anglican 945 R John Jemima  
MEYER Peter 50 26/Dec/1926 Anglican 945 R      
MEYER Unnamed Male Stillborn 30/May/1908 Roman Catholic 134 B      
MEYERS Annie 68 26/Jan/1942 Methodist 361 KQ      
MEZGER Rosa Clara 35 08/Apr/1911 Presbyterian 140 C      
MICHELL Eliza 89 24/Aug/1961 Methodist 202 KQ George S Martha  
MICHELL George 68 28/Jul/1938 Methodist 202 KQ      
MICHELL George Thomas 61 05/Dec/1958 Anglican 1223 R George Michell Eliza  
MICHELL Richard Henry 8 months 13/Jun/1906 Methodist 221 A      
MIDDLETON Edgar Bruce 52 05/May/1918 Anglican 621 R      
MIDDLETON Leo Robert 54 23/Jul/1991 Anglican 185 RS      
MIDDLETON Robert 47 28/Jan/1904 Anglican 38 D     Intended to head to hospital but died in his camp before making the trip. Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
MILBANK Stanley Kenneth 61 25/Oct/1967 Anglican 1308 R Stanley Milbank Edith  
MILES Thomas 73 18/Oct/1929 Anglican 970 R      
MILLARD James 60 27/May/1963 Presbyterian 292 KQ      
MILLEN Hazel Eva 4 weeks 23/Aug/1913 Methodist 614 I      
MILLEN Jessie Eva 4½ months 10/May/1923 Methodist 614 I      
MILLER Albert 2 days 21/Aug/1908 Anglican 224 D      
MILLER Anthony David 3 months 13/Apr/1907 Methodist 256 I      
MILLER Charles 81 18/Jul/1947 Methodist 453 KQ      
MILLER Elizabeth Ann 82 13/Apr/1925 Methodist 3 A      
MILLER Francis Henry 38 18/Dec/1904 Anglican 57 D Edmund King Miller Mary Kurtland  
MILLER Frank Briggs 6 26/Mar/1921 Methodist 964 I      
MILLER Frederick Roy 27 18/Aug/1919 Methodist 964 I      
MILLER Hugh Charles 32 20/Aug/1914 Anglican 590 R      
MILLER Hunter 65 24/Sep/1922 Methodist 3 A      
MILLER James C   30/Mar/2001 Methodist 1012 KQ      
MILLER Laura May 76 11/Feb/2012 Presbyterian 133 C      
MILLER Lloyd Goyne 16 months 10/May/1918 Methodist 964 I      
MILLER Unnamed Female Stillborn 26/Sep/1909 Anglican 329 E      
MILLER Unnamed Male Stillborn 21/Aug/1907 Anglican 224 D      
MILLER William Ellis 63 28/Mar/1920 Anglican 858 R      
MILLS Catherine Ann Elizabeth 38 07/Jun/1907 Presbyterian 67 C      
MILLS Jean 3 09/Jun/1910 Presbyterian 131 C      
MILLS John 60 23/Mar/1920 Methodist 720 I      
MILNE Arthur Herbert 2 days 18/Aug/1905 Anglican 9 D Herbert Milne Maria Harriet Stone  
MINCHINGTON Henry Joseph William (Minchy) 52 20/Sep/1938 Anglican 1164 R      
MIORINI Peter 35 02/Dec/1916 Roman Catholic 634 M      
MIOSICH Mate 68 12/May/1960 Roman Catholic 194 N Mate Ane  
MIOTTI Erminia Isolina 45 09/Sep/1961 Roman Catholic 141 N Agastino Maria  
MISSEN Arthur James 78 24/Nov/1949 Anglican 907 R      
MISSEN Ellen 73 07/May/1955 Anglican 907 R James B Elizabeth  
MITCHELL Annie M 9 weeks 04/Apr/1908 Methodist 376 I      
MITCHELL Clayton John 59 03/Jul/2005 Methodist 815 KQ      
MITCHELL David 69 13/Oct/1949 Methodist 522 KQ      
MITCHELL Eliza A 44 26/Dec/1921 Anglican 783 R      
MITCHELL Ernest James 51 02/Mar/1963 Methodist 815 KQ Samuel H Mitchell Adelaide E  
MITCHELL Florence Amy 61 14/Dec/1984 Anglican 152 RS      
MITCHELL Florence Pearl 13 12/Apr/1910 Presbyterian 136 C      
MITCHELL Francis James 78 13/Jul/1942 Methodist 367 KQ      
MITCHELL James Glasson Stillborn 25/Feb/1906 Methodist 202 A      
MITCHELL James Henry 74 10/Jan/1941 Presbyterian 136 C      
MITCHELL Mabel Isabella 86 14/Oct/1976 Anglican 522 R      
MITCHELL Mary Sophia 53 12/Mar/1926 Methodist 610 I      
MITCHELL Mathew Maxwell 51 04/Nov/1924 Anglican 783 R      
MITCHELL Ronald 22 months 28/Apr/1921 Methodist 838 I      
MITCHELL Selina 61 29/Oct/1943 Methodist 367 KQ     Ashes.
MITCHELL Thelma May 31 14/Oct/1947 Anglican 1191 R      
MITCHELL Thomas 75 01/Apr/1910 Presbyterian 138 C      
MITCHELL Thomas Paul 37 06/Jan/1920 Presbyterian 138 C      
MITCHELL Unnamed Female Stillborn 20/Mar/1910 Congregational 71 F      
MITCHELL Unnamed Male Stillborn 12/Sep/1907 Methodist 289 I      
MITCHELL Unnamed Male Stillborn 15/Mar/1954 Roman Catholic 116 N William R Mitchell Kathleen M ?  
MITCHELL Victor Ernest 21 26/Oct/1933 Methodist 394 I      
MITRASINOVICH Radivoj 62 25/May/1984 Anglican 167 RS      
MITROVICH Louis 27 10/Aug/1936 Anglican 1096 R      
MODERANA Caterina 86 02/Nov/1982 Roman Catholic 3 NZ      
MODERANA Pietro 86 28/Nov/1981 Roman Catholic 2 NZ      
MOHER William 62 01/Jun/1926 Roman Catholic 411 M      
MOIR Sydney Horace 55 12/May/1977 Roman Catholic 1005 N      
MOIR Unnamed Female Stillborn 27/Aug/1956 Roman Catholic 180 N Sydney Horace Moir Grace M ?  
MOLONEY Thomas Joseph 59 10/Mar/1923 Roman Catholic 618 M      
MONAGHAN Basil Vincent Anthony 58 25/Jul/1939 Roman Catholic 682 M      
MONAGHAN Margaret Joan 10 weeks 21/Nov/1921 Roman Catholic 682 M      
MONAGHAN Mary Josephine 89 24/Apr/1969 Roman Catholic 682 M John Mary  
MONAGHAN Patrick 62 29/Oct/1946 Roman Catholic 472 M      
MONKTON* Unknown Stillborn 04/Dec/1909 Roman Catholic 251 M      
MOODIE Thomas 57 20/Feb/1995 Anglican 196 RS      
MOODY Gladys May 40 hours 12/Apr/1921 Anglican 627 R      
MOON Laurence Ramon 18 hours 28/Aug/1967 Roman Catholic 206 N Ramon E Moon Margaret  
MOONDA Unknown Male 45 01/Apr/1924 Anglican 844 R      
MOORE Clarence Ronald 38 18/Mar/1931 Roman Catholic 849 M      
MOORE Emma Jane 43 20/Dec/1920 Roman Catholic 766 M      
MOORE Eva Mary 22 23/Mar/1910 Presbyterian 127 C      
MOORE George Stillborn 24/Oct/1920 Anglican 499 R      
MOORE Herbert Edward 73 13/Sep/1974 Anglican 1371 R      
MOORE James 62 06/Dec/1914 Roman Catholic 13 B      
MOORE John McClelland 48 10/Dec/1919 Anglican 760 R      
MOORE Joseph (Twin) Stillborn 08/Oct/1906 Roman Catholic 101 B      
MOORE Muriel 4 months 24/Nov/1924 Methodist 926 I      
MOORE Olive 6½ hours 19/Dec/1919 Anglican 499 R      
MOORE Patrick (Twin) Stillborn 08/Oct/1906 Roman Catholic 101 B      
MOORE Ronald 2 days 03/Sep/1915 Anglican 499 R      
MOORE Rowland 15 weeks 31/Jul/1923 Methodist 962 I      
MOORE Thomas John 84 20/Aug/1981 Roman Catholic 766 M      
MOORE Unnamed Male Stillborn 18/Jan/1918 Methodist 957 I      
MOORE William 62 05/May/1919 Methodist 1080 I      
MORA Michael (Mick) 44 13/Apr/1930 Roman Catholic 231 M      
MORAN Catherine 71 09/Sep/1910 Roman Catholic 196 B      
MORAN John 37 06/Jul/1918 Roman Catholic 196 B      
MORAN Joseph Richard 29 22/May/1907 Roman Catholic 196 B      
MORAN* Matthew 85 02/Mar/1936 Roman Catholic 580 M      
MORATTI Duralina 54 02/Nov/1924 Roman Catholic 407 M      
MORATTI Mary 73 31/May/1935 Anglican 1092 R      
MORGAN Albert H 8 months 29/May/1914 Anglican 566 R      
MORGAN Caroline Bridget 66 08/Apr/1910 Roman Catholic 313 M      
MORGAN Charles Richard 11 months 25/Apr/1906 Anglican 206 D George William Morgan Pearl Theresa George  
MORGAN Ella May 92 09/May/1984 Anglican 1183 R      
MORGAN George Robert 52 03/Nov/1904 Anglican 71 D   Margaret Kennedy  
MORGAN Joy 5 weeks 29/Sep/1947 Anglican 1216 R      
MORGAN Ruby Doreen 6 months 27/Apr/1904 Anglican 152 D George William Morgan Teresa George Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
MORGAN William Charles 10 31/Dec/1940 Presbyterian 133 C      
MORGAN William John 68 20/Jun/1957 Anglican 1183 R William Morgan Alice ?  
MORIARTY Harold Stillborn 12/Dec/1910 Anglican 344 E     Unmarked Grave.
MORIARTY Ronald Owen 64 28/Nov/1972 Anglican 1194 R      
MORIARTY Thomas Edward 20 02/Sep/1954 Anglican 1194 R Roland O Moriarty Velletta May ?  
MORIARTY Veletta May 86 03/Sep/1999 Anglican 1194 R      
MORIARTY Victoria Mary 6 months 12/Sep/1912 Anglican 344 E     Unmarked Grave.
MORIARTY* John E 3 months 28/Mar/1911 Anglican 344 E     Unmarked Grave.
MORLEY Jessie 6 days 27/Sep/1905 Methodist 164 A Thomas Edwin Morley Mary Ellen Pattison  
MORLEY Thomas E Stillborn 06/Jul/1917 Anglican 649 R      
MORONEY Thomas 59 03/Apr/1938 Roman Catholic 555 M      
MORRIS Florence Violet 79 31/Jan/1990 Methodist 354 KQ      
MORRIS John Richard 53 26/Dec/1909 Anglican 251 E      
MORRIS Michael 5 months 19/May/1904 Roman Catholic 17 B Michael John Morris Catherine Carberry Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
MORRIS Richard Edgar 75 19/May/1976 Methodist 354 KQ      
MORRIS Unnamed Male Stillborn 09/Jun/1906 Methodist 220 A Alex Morris    
MORRIS Unnamed Male Stillborn 13/Dec/1918 Roman Catholic 776 M      
MORRISON Daniel 68 24/Jun/1923 Presbyterian 95 KQ      
MORRISON Emily Grace 5 15/Nov/1910 Methodist 47 A      
MORRISON Michael John 16 07/Sep/1978 Anglican 219 S      
MORRISON Unnamed Female Stillborn 19/May/1906 Methodist 216 A      
MORROW John Harold 17 14/Aug/1967 Anglican 1309 R Harold G Morrow Muriel  
MORTON John 51 01/Nov/1913 Methodist 626 I      
MORTON John Duthie 13 months 16/May/1913 Roman Catholic 315 M      
MORTON Unnamed Male Stillborn 03/Oct/1916 Baptist 42 G Thomas Morton    
MOSSOP Annie Eliza 72 16/Jun/1949 Anglican 900 R      
MOSSOP Tom 70 02/Jul/1948 Anglican 900 R      
MOTTO-BOSCHIS Onelio 68 28/Jul/1971 Roman Catholic 1060 NZ Antonio Motto-Boschis Maria  
MOUNSEY Eva Stillborn 09/Mar/1918 Methodist 432 I      
MOUNSEY Joseph Abel 5 months 15/May/1910 Methodist 432 I      
MOUNSTER Catherine Amelia 55 21/Dec/1923 Roman Catholic 398 M      
MOXHAM Hubert Albion 60 25/Dec/1913 Baptist 92 G      
MOYLE Albert 24 27/Apr/1916 Methodist 546 I      
MOYLE Anne 77 23/Aug/1938 Methodist 261 KQ      
MOYLE Arnold 7 months 03/Jun/1904 Methodist 25 A William Moyle Mary Rowe Martin  
MOYLE Arthur James 43 27/May/1957 Methodist 706 KQ Arthur W Moyle Elsie M ?  
MOYLE Arthur William 52 01/Apr/1929 Methodist 231 I      
MOYLE Caroline 59 21/Jun/1906 Methodist 125 A      
MOYLE Charlotte Vigla 34 18/Dec/1951 Methodist 49 KQ      
MOYLE Elizabeth Ann Eleanor (Marty) 82 15/Jan/1990 Methodist 46 KQ      
MOYLE Elizabeth Jane 80 21/Sep/1946 Methodist 455 KQ      
MOYLE Elsie May 85 11/May/1972 Methodist 231 I      
MOYLE Frederick Francis 38 15/Jan/1932 Methodist 341 I      
MOYLE George  20 22/Sep/1914 Methodist 692 I      
MOYLE Grace 65 27/May/1992 Methodist 640 KQ      
MOYLE Harold 79 07/Sep/2005 Methodist 640 KQ      
MOYLE Harold Rupert 58 14/Sep/1964 Methodist 46 KQ William Moyle Mary R ?  
MOYLE John Joseph 36 19/Sep/1932 Methodist 17 A      
MOYLE Lily 75 17/Oct/1967 Presbyterian 280 KQ William Alice M M  
MOYLE Mary 78 08/Sep/1908 Methodist 363 I      
MOYLE Mary Eliza Agnes 34 25/Jul/1924 Roman Catholic 396 M      
MOYLE Mary Rowe 81 24/Jan/1952 Methodist 283 KQ      
MOYLE Mathew Terence 49 07/Oct/1930 Roman Catholic 186 B      
MOYLE Nancy 11 months 14/Jun/1921 Methodist 794 I      
MOYLE Robert William 54 31/Mar/1983 Methodist 716 KQ      
MOYLE Thomas 43 22/Apr/1937 Methodist 176 KQ      
MOYLE Unnamed Male Stillborn 21/Mar/1924 Roman Catholic 622 M      
MOYLE Walter 39 11/Jun/1907 Methodist 341 I      
MOYLE William 64 02/Sep/1965 Methodist 41 KQ William T Moyle Elizabeth J ?  
MOYLE William 83 08/Mar/1940 Methodist 283 KQ      
MOYLE William Cyril 28 08/Apr/1923 Methodist 673 I      
MOYLE William Henry 44 28/Feb/1924 Methodist 125 A      
MOYLE William Thomas 48 23/May/1914 Methodist 17 A      
MUIR Edith May 10 months 28/Jun/1905 Presbyterian 47 C Robert Muir Emily Norwood  
MUIR Isabella May Norwood 1 18/Apr/1904 Presbyterian 203 C Robert Muir Emily Norwood Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
MULJAT Anton 2 01/Jan/1920 Roman Catholic 811 M      
MULJAT Mijo 30 14/Jul/1919 Roman Catholic 768 M      
MULJAT Mila 24 30/Jan/1919 Roman Catholic 768 M      
MULJAT Steve 6 hours 10/Apr/1916 Roman Catholic 717 M      
MULLER Frederick 57 05/Jan/1937 Church of Christ 69 H      
MULLER William 5 weeks 08/Dec/1907 Roman Catholic 209 B      
MULLER William Theodore 51 13/Jun/1925 Church of Christ 69 H      
MULLIGAN Robert Andrew 50 27/Apr/1951 Roman Catholic 42 N      
MULLIGAN Thomas Patrick 31 29/May/1907 Roman Catholic 109 B      
MUMFORD George 55 20/Dec/1923 Methodist 847 I      
MUMME Honora Oriel 2 months 29/Dec/1906 Roman Catholic 154 B      
MUMMIE Nora 7 months 11/Oct/1908 Roman Catholic 146 B      
MUNDAY Charles Cecil 19 months 20/Apr/1904 Anglican 179 D Charles Henry Mundy Clara Ann Mellor Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
MUNNS Ernest 27 30/Jun/1907 Congregational 34 F      
MUNNS Mary Annie 65 12/Sep/1915 Congregational 33 F      
MUNRO Edward George 69 08/Dec/1981 Methodist 531 KQ      
MUNRO Geraldine Myrtle 67 18/Dec/1987 Methodist 531 KQ      
MUNRO Ivy ? 27/Jan/1995 Presbyterian 333 KQ      
MUNRO John Currie 79 16/May/1988 Presbyterian 333 KQ      
MUNRO Sarah 73 26/Jun/1957 Methodist 208 KQ Edward Phillipa  
MUNRO William Brown 54 02/Jan/1938 Methodist 208 KQ      
MUNYARD John 64 22/Jan/1906 Methodist 119 A      
MURASZKO Euginia Laule 79 12/Sep/1973 Roman Catholic 1044 NZ      
MURPHY Adam Joseph 31 22/Dec/1906 Roman Catholic 98 B      
MURPHY Henry 36 30/Jul/1908 Roman Catholic 256 M      
MURPHY James Edward Clarence (Spud) 65 17/May/2005 Salvation Army 190 H      
MURPHY James Patrick 10 weeks 22/Apr/1907 Anglican 114 D      
MURPHY John 43 26/Nov/1909 Roman Catholic 241 M      
MURPHY John 44 11/Dec/1915 Roman Catholic 705 M      
MURPHY Margaret Dorothy 16 months 15/Dec/1911 Roman Catholic 337 M      
MURPHY Phylip Edward 6 weeks 12/Jan/1949 Anglican 914 R      
MURPHY Roystan Bernard 65 23/Jan/1978 Roman Catholic 958 N      
MURPHY Sylvester 6 28/May/1918 Roman Catholic 337 M      
MURPHY Unnamed Male Stillborn 30/Dec/1905 Roman Catholic 74 B      
MURPHY Wilhelmina Sarah Jane 46 24/Sep/1952 Salvation Army 185 H      
MURRAY Elizabeth 1 day 03/Nov/1918 Presbyterian 83 KQ      
MURRAY George Stillborn 30/Mar/1908 Methodist 328 I      
MURRAY James 80 26/Jul/1930 Presbyterian 177 C      
MURRAY John 58 09/Nov/1938 Presbyterian 196 C      
MURRAY John Stillborn 12/Dec/1906 Anglican 214 D      
MURRAY John 45 29/Sep/1909 Roman Catholic 304 M      
MURRAY John Henry 29 14/Sep/1904 Anglican 101 D William Murray Jane  
MURRAY Katie 84 19/Jan/1957 Roman Catholic 129 N Hugh Bridget  
MURRAY Maria 52 13/Mar/1912 Presbyterian 177 C      
MURRAY Myrtle Stillborn 06/Aug/1904 Methodist 41 A Francis Curtin Murray Mary Patten  
MURRAY Patrick Joseph 78 08/Aug/1946 Roman Catholic 129 B      
MURRAY Sarah Annie 36 11/Aug/1917 Anglican 546 R      
MURRAY Theresa Mary 39 08/Nov/1907 Roman Catholic 187 B      
MURRAY Thomas Stillborn 01/Mar/1915 Methodist 328 I      
MURRAY Vincent Patrick 16 months 03/Oct/1907 Roman Catholic 129 B      
MUTTI Constanta 39 08/Apr/1923 Roman Catholic 611 M      
MUTTON Frederick George 67 27/Dec/1946 Methodist 431 KQ      
MUTTON Snowdrop May 66 27/Oct/1950 Methodist 431 KQ      
MUTTON Unnamed Female Stillborn 20/Aug/1915 Methodist 697 I      
MUTTON Unnamed Male Stillborn 06/Jul/1920 Methodist 687 I      


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