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Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery & Crematorium Board -

I would first like to thank Danelle Warnock for her tireless work in editing and correcting the names on this list. The job was a big one, which she has spent a great deal of time on. The full register would not now be available to everyone without her assistance.

This data has been compiled from several sources such as copies of the index of the Kalgoorlie/ Boulder Cemetery which were photocopied many years ago by the Goldfields Family History Soc members on behalf of WAGS (The Western Australia Genealogical Soc) who in turn were assisting AGCI (Australian Genealogy Computer Index). This information was then put on the ‘AGCI disk’ and made available for purchase, now out of production unfortunately. This was done by the ‘Society of Australian Genealogy.  It contains the burials from hundreds of cemeteries all over Australia along with other information.   The burial details for Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, Boulder and many of the other smaller cemeteries in our area are also listed.  The disk can be found at some libraries and at WAGS and the Battye Library in Perth. When the AGCI disk was completed the photocopied cards were then returned to the Goldfields Family History Society which sadly closed its doors some ago. Additional information has been added by family members and from the newspapers.

The complete list of all the burials along with details of grave number and locations has always been available from the Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery office which is open every weekday.  If you do wish to locate a grave in person you can obtain a map from the office. This list in no way replaces the excellent service offered by the Cemetery Board but is an additional search tool for those who aren't able to visit in person.

Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery Board
P.O.Box 79 Kalgoorlie WA 6430

* denotes – unable to locate on the Western Australian Deaths with the WA Registrar General

More recent deaths may not be included as the records have only been recently become available and will be added in due course. If you would like a name added now please do send us the details.

If you have any photographs of your relatives headstone or memorial and would like it to be added to the web site please get in touch with me and I will add it in.  We will soon start adding the photographs from my own collection.

I would like to ask if you find any entry incorrect or missing please contact me for correction.

Surname First Name Age Burial Date Denom Grave No. Section Father Mother Comments          
NAAKE Kathleen Faye 38 16/Feb/1988 Anglican 179a RS      
NAGEL Albert Charles A L 65 10/Jun/1934 Methodist 127 KQ      
NAGHY AKA VULPE Jana 75 12/Jan/1978 Anglican 228 RS      
NAIRN Maud 84 17/Mar/1947 Presbyterian 222 KQ      
NANKERVIS Ellen 46 27/Oct/1905 Methodist 94 A Walter Hicks Grace Bray  
NANKERVIS Eunice 15 months 17/Aug/1920 Methodist 806 I      
NANKERVIS Jane 32 28/May/1910 Baptist 87 G      
NANKERVIS John Henry 21 months 11/Jul/1918 Methodist 967 I      
NANKERVIS Richard 57 01/Sep/1921 Anglican 827 R      
NANKERVIS Unnamed Female Stillborn 11/Apr/1917 Methodist 806 I      
NANKIVELL Phillip 43 28/Aug/1909 Methodist 424 I      
NANKIVELL William James 52 16/Apr/1923 Methodist 786 I      
NASH Unnamed Female Stillborn 29/May/1918 Presbyterian 79 KQ Leonard Arthur Nash    
NASH Walter John Edward 78 24/Oct/1980 Anglican 188 RS      
NAZZARI Mary Winifred 78 13/Aug/2010 Roman Catholic 92 NZ      
NAZZARI Robert Charles 75 03/May/2002 Roman Catholic 92 NZ      
NEASEY Henry J (Harry) 54 21/Apr/1920 Anglican 846 R      
NECK Dorothy 57 08/Jan/1951 Methodist 361 KQ      
NEESON Leslie John 72 03/Feb/1982 Roman Catholic 7 NZ     Unmarked Grave. 
NEIL Keith McKinnon 3 months 03/Jun/1911 Roman Catholic 331 M W H Neil    
NEIL Martin Percy 5 months 07/Nov/1904 Presbyterian 44 KQ Henry Hamilton Neil Anna Huber  
NEILL James 38 01/Aug/1906 Anglican 145 D      
NELSON John 51 15/Aug/1916 Anglican 695 R      
NELSON Reginald Stillborn 02/Jul/1923 Church of Christ 66 H Albert Charles Nelson    
NELSON Unknown Stillborn 19/Aug/1904 Anglican 47 D      
NESINA Amilchere 54 27/May/1952 Roman Catholic 75 N      
NESTLER Edna May 10 months 21/Apr/1912 Roman Catholic 324 M      
NESTLER Eileen Francis 93 17/Nov/2007 Roman Catholic 954 N      
NESTLER George Arno 81 01/Dec/1993 Roman Catholic 954 N George David James Nestler Matilda Cramer  
NESTLER George David James 26 02/Dec/1914 Roman Catholic 324 M Rudolph Arno Nestler Sarah Smith Killed when he was pulled into a drive belt on a stone breaker at the Menzies Consolidated Mine Battery. 
NESTLER Linda Mary 3 days 11/Apr/1955 Roman Catholic 170 N George Nestler Eileen ?  
NESTLER Unnamed Male 2 hours 06/Sep/1946 Roman Catholic 545 M      
NESTLER Vince George (Wacca) 67 18/Mar/2015 Memorial Wall          
NEVILL Jack 3 weeks 13/May/1914 Anglican 543 R      
NEVILL John Charles 60 10/Jun/1933 Anglican 543 R      
NEWNHAM Alma Eileen 19 months 04/May/1937 Roman Catholic 564 M      
NEWNHAM George 56 06/Nov/1945 Anglican 1132 R      
NEWNHAM George Aubrey 62 15/Oct/1973 Anglican 1132 R      
NEWSTEAD William Gordon 45 24/Aug/1910 Anglican 252 E     Register reads "Nieustad"
NEWTON Frederick Thomas 60 17/Nov/1948 Methodist 519 KQ      
NEWTON Mary Emma 54 14/Jun/1947 Methodist 519 R      
NICHOLAS Francis John 3 months 07/Feb/1905 Methodist 54 A Henry Rosewarne Nicholas Matilda Alice Caldwell  
NICHOLAS James Alberet 73 03/Jul/1946 Presbyterian 251 KQ      
NICHOLAS Margaret Elizabeth 76 16/Dec/1922 Presbyterian 174 C      
NICHOLAS Thomas 67 04/Dec/1912 Presbyterian 174 C      
NICHOLLS Annie 77 26/Aug/1919 Methodist 813 I      
NICHOLLS Henry Calbot 7 days 04/Mar/1932 Anglican 1032 R      
NICHOLLS James 63 26/Oct/1934 Methodist 124 KQ      
NICHOLLS John Francis 75 15/Dec/1907 Congregational 44 F      
NICHOLLS Mable Alice 4 months 20/May/1904 Methodist 4 A Joseph Henry Nicholls Margaret Ellen Thornton Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
NICHOLLS Richard 5 hours 09/Jan/1917 Roman Catholic 796 M      
NICHOLLS Richard Edward 41 15/Oct/1913 Methodist 813 I      
NICHOLLS Thomas Livingston 30 12/Sep/1915 Methodist 822 I      
NICHOLSON Alfred 58 18/Feb/1936 Roman Catholic 575 M      
NICHOLSON* Jack 3 days 08/Apr/1906 Methodist 187 A      
NICKLESS Henry J (Harry) 33 27/May/1916 Anglican 687 R      
NICOLI Euginio 28 09/May/1922 Roman Catholic 642 M      
NIEMAN Karl (Charles) 60 22/May/1920 Anglican 850 R      
NIETFELD Frederick Heinrich Conrad 53 02/Oct/1920 Presbyterian 93 C      
NITZSCHMANN Ernest Edmond 30 13/Feb/1906 Anglican 58 D      
NOBLE Daisy Amelia 14 months 04/May/1917 Anglican 253 E      
NOBLE Francis 91 25/Aug/1970 Anglican 253 E Henry Noble Emma  
NOBLE Francis Henry 86 22/Jul/2004 Anglican 1356 R      
NOBLE Henry 67 04/Sep/1937 Anglican 253 E      
NOBLE Myrtle Alice 48 12/Jul/1954 Roman Catholic 844 M David Alice  
NOBLE Shirley June 17 months 24/Nov/1932 Roman Catholic 844 M      
NOBLE Sylvia 2 11/Nov/1910 Anglican 253 E      
NOCK Margaret Ellen 4 months 17/May/1920 Presbyterian 75 KQ      
NOLAN Albert Joseph 2 months 28/Dec/1922 Anglican 784 R      
NOLAN Elizabeth Mary 72 19/Nov/1922 Roman Catholic 616 M      
NOLAN James Albert 41 05/Mar/1924 Anglican 784 R      
NOLAN John Francis 30 08/Dec/1921 Roman Catholic 651 M     Died in a cage fall at the Golden Horseshoe Mine.
NOLAN Joseph Kennedy 73 23/Jan/1952 Roman Catholic 74 N      
NOLAN Matthew 60 02/Jun/1923 Roman Catholic 621 M      
NOLAN Mavis Frances 15 months 29/Jun/1922 Anglican 784 R      
NOLAN Redmond 22 31/Oct/1906 Roman Catholic 169 B      
NOONAN John James 55 11/Jun/1926 Roman Catholic 414 M      
NORBURY Elsie 63 11/Jan/1971 Methodist 195 KQ Frederick Isabella  
NORBURY Henry Clare 74 07/May/1982 Methodist 195 KQ     Ashes.
NORMAN Harry Cecil 74 24/Jun/1942 Methodist 338 KQ      
NORMINGTON Charles Alfred 59 26/Jul/1956 Anglican 1199 R John E Normington Mary E ?  
NORMINGTON John 81 10/Jul/1935 Anglican 1093 R      
NORMINGTON John Richard 69 20/Jul/1944 Anglican 1061 R      
NORMINGTON Kate 79 10/Nov/1955 Methodist 625 KQ Samuel Mary  
NORMINGTON Mary Elizabeth 84 10/Jul/1959 Anglican 1061 R Charles    
NORRIS Cedric Thomas Edward 74 19/Feb/1985 Anglican 232 RS      
NORRIS Dulcie Rita 24 03/Jun/1932 Methodist 84 A      
NORRIS Jane Alice 52 15/Mar/1930 Methodist 84 A      
NORRIS Melba Australia 23 05/Dec/1939 Methodist 112 A      
NORRIS Valda Vinida Violet 43 05/Jul/1949 Methodist 547 KQ      
NORRIS William Henry 68 07/Jul/1944 Methodist 84 A      
NORRIS* William Henry 27 12/Jan/1931 Methodist 112 A      
NORTH John Alfred 25 14/May/1905 Anglican 55 D Mark North Matilda ?  
NORTHEY Alfred Ernest 35 01/Oct/1910 Methodist 131 A      
NORTHEY Caroline 85 25/Mar/1943 Methodist 281 I      
NORTHEY Elizabeth 54 23/Aug/1911 Methodist 554 I      
NORTHEY Eustace Harold 63 29/May/1938 Anglican 404 E      
NORTHEY Florence Julian 3 months 13/Jun/1906 Methodist 190 A      
NORTHEY Frederick 53 18/Oct/1920 Anglican 367 E      
NORTHEY Joseph 54 24/Jan/1908 Methodist 281 I      
NORTHEY Leonard 1 hour 22/Aug/1933 Presbyterian 46 C      
NORTHEY Mary Elhen 65 12/Jul/1946 Methodist 451 KQ      
NORTHEY Nellie Anzac 1 29/Apr/1917 Methodist 190 A      
NORTHEY Oliver Wayland 6 months 08/Dec/1910 Anglican 404 E      
NORTHEY Pearl Lornia 14 months 03/May/1908 Methodist 190 A      
NORTHEY Percy 77 01/Jan/1959 Methodist 451 KQ      
NORTHEY Robert John 68 01/Jan/1946 Methodist 961 I      
NORTHEY Unnamed Male Stillborn 07/Sep/1939 Methodist 173 KQ      
NORTHEY William Edward 1 day 27/Jan/1911 Methodist 455 I      
NORTHEY William Henry 65 10/Sep/1919 Methodist 555 I      
NORTHEY William Pierce 46 11/Oct/1912 Methodist 281 I      
NORTHEY* Percy Stillborn 11/Jan/1912 Methodist 190 A      
NORTHY William Leonard 2 months 14/May/1904 Methodist 70 A   Henrietta Northy Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
NORTON Annie 56 10/May/1933 Anglican 1033 R      
NORTON Doris Annie 10 28/May/1917 Anglican 436 E     Unmarked Grave.
NORTON James Arthur 21 months 05/Jun/1912 Anglican 436 E      
NORTON Raymond Keith 3 days 09/Sep/1957 Roman Catholic 227 N Leo F Norton Ida J ?  
NORTON Thomas Edward 6 09/Nov/1913 Anglican 436 E     Unmarked Grave.
NORTON Thomas Victor 67 05/Jul/1935 Anglican 1033 R      
NOTTLE Aron Douglas 2 hours 08/Aug/1985 General 183 G Chris Nottle Sue  
NUGENT Arthur 32 20/May/1910 Roman Catholic 275 M      
NUGENT Ceciley Marie 6 months 25/May/1908 Roman Catholic 132 B      
NUGENT John 55 26/Jul/1921 Roman Catholic 132 B      
NUGENT John Thomas 58 30/Mar/1933 Roman Catholic 275 M      
NUGENT Arthur Stillborn 31/Dec/1910 Roman Catholic 290 M      
NULSEN Frank Clement 63 17/Apr/1951 Anglican 923 R      
NULSEN Leonard Arthur 28 hours 11/May/1918 Methodist 832 I      
NULSEN* Thelma Ellen 2 days 27/Feb/1928 Roman Catholic 723 M      
NUTALL Richard 56 08/Apr/1915 Roman Catholic 701 M      
NUTT Ethel Vera 2 weeks 20/Oct/1909 Congregational 82 F      
NUTTALL Albert 42 12/Aug/1927 Congregational 111 F      
NUTTALL Charlotte Amelia Fiddler 30 17/Sep/1919 Congregational 111 F      
NUTTALL John 58 15/Oct/1948 Methodist 524 KQ      
NUTTALL Keith Blackmore 6 days 09/Jan/1930 Methodist 931 I      
NUTTALL Sarah Jane 59 07/May/1923 Congregational 110 F      
NUTTALL Unnamed Male Stillborn 13/May/1936 Methodist 931 I      
NYE Arthur Henry 88 22/Feb/1995 Methodist 720 KQ      
NYE Elizabeth Mary Molly 83 16/Aug/1993 Methodist 720 KQ      
NYE Frank 35 21/Nov/1909 Roman Catholic 306 M      
NYE Herbert James 54 11/Jul/1931 Anglican 966 R      
NYLANDER Fred William George 10 months 11/Dec/1907 Presbyterian 66 C      
NYMAN Gustav 50 02/Jun/1945 Anglican 1160 R      
OATES Albert 55 28/Jan/1927 Methodist 672 I      
OATES Albert Ernest 5 months 02/Oct/1922 Methodist 1075 I      
OATES Elizabeth Jane 33 23/Jun/1909 Methodist 384 I      
OATES Martin Henry 36 05/Jan/1911 Anglican 291 E      
OATES Unnamed Female Stillborn 04/Jan/1907 Methodist 95 A J. C. Oates    
OATES* Unnamed Male Stillborn 11/Jul/1947 Methodist 520 KQ      
OATES* William 3 days 26/Jun/1904 Methodist 27 A      
OBRIEN Albert Victor 49 years 5 months 22/Oct/1908 Congregational 72 F      
OBRIEN Alice 56 16/May/1906 Roman Catholic 103 B      
OBRIEN Ann 59 03/Aug/1916 Roman Catholic 779 M      
OBRIEN Ernest Peter Edwards 3 05/Nov/1909 Congregational 72 F Peter O'Brien Emily Frances Edwards Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
OBRIEN George Campley 72 23/Aug/1945 Roman Catholic 477 M      
OBRIEN James George 4 months 01/Mar/1915 Anglican 556 R      
OBRIEN John Francis 11 months 08/Dec/1906 Roman Catholic 141 B      
OBRIEN Lawrence 53 10/Nov/1907 Roman Catholic 179 B      
OBRIEN Lillian Olive 67 04/Jul/1980 Uniting Church 366 KQ      
OBRIEN Margaret (Maggie) 17 months 30/Nov/1904 Roman Catholic 41 B William O'Brien Nellie Morgan  
OBRIEN Michael James 43 24/Oct/1916 Roman Catholic 665 M      
OBRIEN Patrick 80 10/Jul/1917 Roman Catholic 779 M      
OBRIEN Richard 76 22/Jun/1953 Roman Catholic 87 N      
OBRIEN Unnamed Male Stillborn 07/Nov/1904 Roman Catholic 30 B William O'Brien Ellen Morgan  
OBRIEN Unnamed Male Stillborn 25/Jan/1907 Roman Catholic 41 B      
OCONNELL* William Francis 8 days 06/Aug/1916 Roman Catholic 714 M      
OCONNOR Charles Edward 40 24/Oct/1923 Roman Catholic 190 B      
OCONNOR Christopher Joseph 80 03/Jul/2004 Roman Catholic 883 N      
OCONNOR Daniel 65 22/Dec/1916 Roman Catholic 757 M      
OCONNOR James Joseph 76 09/Apr/1946 Roman Catholic 505 M      
OCONNOR John Fenton 25 24/Apr/1940 Roman Catholic 190 B      
OCONNOR Lillian Monica 94 12/Nov/2014 Roman Catholic 883 N      
OCONNOR Margaret 23 04/Mar/1909 Roman Catholic 260 M      
OCONNOR Norah 9 weeks 08/Nov/1908 Roman Catholic 216 B      
OCONNOR Patrick 65 03/May/1930 Roman Catholic 125 B      
ODEA James 11 months 12/Jun/1913 Presbyterian 107 C      
ODEA James Michael 15 months 28/Apr/1904 Methodist 207 A James O'Dea Elizabeth Williamson Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
ODEA John 4 months 20/Sep/1907 Presbyterian 107 C      
ODONI Pietro 60 31/Mar/1916 Roman Catholic 782 M      
ODONNELL Marjorie May 68 10/Oct/1979 Uniting Church 448 KQ      
ODONNELL Phillip Fredrick 69 03/Dec/1977 Methodist 358 KQ      
ODONOGHUE Kathleen Mary 13 months 17/Apr/1911 Roman Catholic 300 M Thomas J O'Donoghue Mary M Moon  
ODRISCOLL John Charles 10 days 27/Jul/1916 Roman Catholic 147 B      
ODRISCOLL Lillian Hannah 16 months 02/May/1912 Roman Catholic 147 B      
ODRISCOLL Monica Kathleen 1 17/Nov/1906 Roman Catholic 147 B Harry Francis O'Driscoll Lilian Tregenza  
ODWYER Allan Francis 35 18/Jan/1977 Congregational 7 F      
ODWYER Elsie ½ hour 29/Feb/1916 Roman Catholic 713 M      
ODWYER Frank Stillborn 04/Mar/1927 Roman Catholic 713 M      
ODWYER James Joseph 63 17/Oct/1940 Roman Catholic 538 M      
ODWYER Margaret 79 09/May/1914 Roman Catholic 713 M      
ODWYER Mary May 20 months 13/Apr/1916 Roman Catholic 630 M      
ODWYER Michael 75 10/Aug/1940 Roman Catholic 552 M      
ODWYER Unnamed Male Stillborn 27/Jan/1917 Roman Catholic 713 M      
OGG Unnamed Female Stillborn 03/Aug/1930 Presbyterian 166 KQ      
OGRADY Elizabeth Jane 33 02/Jul/1928 Anglican 976 R      
OGRADY Hubert Charles 72 06/Aug/1934 Anglican 24 D      
OGRADY James Christopher 47 07/May/1976 Roman Catholic 1002 N      
OGRADY Victor James 70 11/Aug/1958 Anglican 1221 R Daniel F O'Grady Agatha  
OGRADY Winifred May 81 22/Aug/1979 Anglican 1221 R      
OHALLORAN Alice Margaret 34 06/Jul/1912 Roman Catholic 191 B      
OHALLORAN Mary 82 17/Jun/1950 Roman Catholic 415 M      
OHALLORAN Patrick 54 01/Jan/1927 Roman Catholic 415 M      
OHEA Corneleus 57 18/Oct/1922 Roman Catholic 619 M      
OKEEFE Edwin James 43 16/Apr/1906 Roman Catholic 93 B      
OLD Unnamed Male Stillborn 12/Mar/1912 Methodist 460 I      
OLDHAM Annie 70 20/Aug/1937 Anglican 1118 R      
OLDHAM Arthur Thomas 7 30/Mar/1949 Anglican 1118 R      
OLDS Gertrude Jane 67 20/Jun/1959 Methodist 457 KQ William T ? Elizabeth J ?  
OLDS James 53 23/Mar/1945 Methodist 457 KQ      
OLDS Thomas Bone 77 02/Sep/1981 Methodist 533 KQ      
OLIPHANT George Ellis 5 months 11/Aug/1910 Anglican 314 E      
OLIPHANT John Douglas 35 20/Jul/1917 Presbyterian 69 KQ      
OLIPHANT Unnamed Male Stillborn 04/Feb/1914 Anglican 559 R      
OLIVER George 42 27/Feb/1913 Methodist 99 A      
OLIVER Herbert Reveley 17/Mar/1905 Methodist 101 A George Oliver Alma Annie Lemin Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
OLIVER Mary Elizabeth 33 09/Oct/1907 Baptist 73 G      
OLSEN Oscar 21 01/Jan/1907 Anglican 126 D      
OLSON* Charles 35 18/Nov/1912 Anglican 522 R      
OLSSON Bengt Laurientius 75 05/Dec/1933 Methodist 362 I      
OLSSON Bernice Jean 8 months 21/May/1906 Methodist 184 A      
OLSSON Clarence Laurientius Hedley 70 27/Sep/1967 Methodist 121 KQ Bengt Laurience Olsson Mary Elizabeth Rowse  
OLSSON David Roy 52 21/Oct/2007 Roman Catholic 44 NZ      
OLSSON Elsa D 97 08/May/2000 Methodist 121 KQ      
OLSSON Harriet May 79 12/Dec/1975 Anglican 1296 R      
OLSSON Harry Roy 77 09/Nov/1984 Roman Catholic 44 NZ      
OLSSON Laurience Leslie 23 15/Nov/1940 Methodist 336 KQ      
OLSSON Mary Elizabeth 82 10/Apr/1946 Methodist 362 I H Rowse    
OLSSON Mary Kathleen 89 02/Jul/1998 Roman Catholic 44 NZ      
OLSSON Myrtle Edith 34 29/Nov/1924 Methodist 362 I      
OLSSON Oloff Francis Leslie 76 01/Sep/1966 Anglican 1296 R Bengt Laurience Olsson Mary Elizabeth Rowse  
OLSSON Raymond Hedley 6 months 27/May/1926 Methodist 184 A      
OMACINI Guiseppe 63 11/Dec/1952 Roman Catholic 4 N      
OMALLEY James 61 02/Jul/1935 Roman Catholic 200 B      
OMALLEY James Joseph 22 19/Feb/1934 Roman Catholic 200 B      
OMODEI Madalena 83 26/Mar/1957 Roman Catholic 26 N Antonio Bernada  
OMODEI Matteo 74 27/Sep/1950 Roman Catholic 26 N      
ONEIL Johanna Feece 58 09/Jun/1906 Roman Catholic 95 B      
ONEILL Catherine Ann 82 23/Mar/1959 Roman Catholic 220 N Patrick Ann  
ONEILL Catherine Josephine 60 01/Sep/1926 Roman Catholic 590 M      
ONEILL James Joseph 77 25/Oct/1941 Roman Catholic 590 M      
ONEILL John 48 10/Jun/1953 Roman Catholic 83 N      
ONEILL Michael Joseph 88 10/May/1961 Roman Catholic 220 N Michael Margaret  
ONIELL Daniel 49 11/Aug/1908 Roman Catholic 257 M      
ONIELL William 60 12/Mar/1916 Roman Catholic 257 M      
OPENSHAW Emily 41 31/Jan/1919 Anglican 752 R      
OPENSHAW John 8 01/Mar/1915 Anglican 570 R      
OPENSHAW Rachel Ann 86 07/Jun/1961 Presbyterian 217 KQ George Emma  
OPENSHAW Samuel 68 27/Aug/1941 Presbyterian 217 KQ      
OPIE Albert Edward 40 04/Sep/1920 Presbyterian 33 C      
OPIE Mary Young 32 26/Oct/1909 Presbyterian 33 C     Died suddenly 14 days after giving birth to her second child. 
OREGAN Jeremiah Mathew 53 13/Jun/1963 Roman Catholic 98 N Denis Margaret  
OREGAN Patrick 70 05/Sep/1961 Roman Catholic 139 N Patrick Ellen  
ORFORD Alison Megan 6 22/Jan/1977 Anglican 33 RS      
ORLANDO Axel Eugene 84 15/Jul/1942 Anglican 741 R      
ORLANDO Mary Ann H 45 18/Mar/1917 Anglican 741 R      
OROURKE Richard 38 27/Jul/1912 Roman Catholic 316 M      
ORR Ethel Alexander 83 26/May/1964 Presbyterian 297 KQ William Marjorie  
ORR Frank Millington 8 04/Oct/1928 Anglican 878 R      
ORR Hugh Alexandra 14 06/Sep/1923 Anglican 878 R      
ORR Lucy Kate 39 24/Sep/1913 Anglican 398 E      
ORR Thomas Alexander 89 19/Sep/1972 Presbyterian 297 KQ      
ORR Wallace Panton 5 days 23/Sep/1911 Anglican 398 E      
ORR William 2 hours 19/Apr/1943 Anglican 795 R      
ORREL Adeline Lillian 58 26/Aug/1940 Anglican 820 R      
ORSATTI Joseph 24 12/Feb/1914 Roman Catholic 668 M      
ORSMOND Ethel 19 14/May/1902 Methodist 348 I Thomas Henry Orsmond Sarah Ann Vicary Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
OSBORNE Christopher 66 13/May/1925 Methodist 982 I      
OSBORNE Unnamed Female Stillborn 17/Jul/1920 Methodist 712 I      
OSBORNE Unnamed Male Stillborn 20/Oct/1922 Methodist 712 I      
OSHEA William 3 weeks 03/Aug/1904 Roman Catholic 26 B William O'Shea Ellen Weir  
OSMETTI Charles 39 08/Dec/1921 Roman Catholic 655 M     Died in a cage fall at the Golden Horseshoe Mine.
OSMETTI Jack 79 20/Feb/1991 Roman Catholic 77 NZ      
OSMETTI Johanna (Joan) 89 23/Mar/2006 Roman Catholic 37 N      
OSMETTI Joseph (Joe) 50 07/Oct/1964 Roman Catholic 37 N Charles Osmetti Lina  
OSMETTI Silvio 71 17/Aug/1988 Roman Catholic 78 NZ      
OSMETTI Vera 99 03/Dec/2014 Roman Catholic 77 NZ      
OSULLIVAN Denis Charles 57 02/Apr/1962 Roman Catholic 114 N Denis Elizabeth  
OSULLIVAN Thomas Austin 85 02/Jun/1970 Roman Catholic 1082 NZ Thomas Mary  
OSWALD William J B 80 10/Jan/1939 Anglican 892 R      
OTOOLE Thomas 51 26/Aug/1912 Roman Catholic 384 M      
OTWAY John Percival 95 06/Dec/2009 Anglican 1396 R      
OVERALL Thomas Edgar 33 02/Jul/1913 Church of Christ 58 H      
OVERSBY George William 61 30/Jun/1969 Anglican 1256 R George William Oversby Mary A ?  
OVERSBY Jeanette Kay 7½ months 30/Sep/1955 Salvation Army 210 H George William Oversby Mary E M ?  
OVERSBY Patricia Jean 7½ months 28/May/1954 Salvation Army 184 H George William Oversby Mary ?  
OVERSBY Terrance George 14 19/Feb/1962 Anglican 1256 R George William Oversby Mary E M ?  
OVERSBY Thomas William 21 31/Mar/1959 Roman Catholic 189 N George William Oversby Katherine E  
OVERSBY Wilfred 65 11/Jul/1967 Methodist 122 KQ George William Oversby    
OWEN Catherine 87 28/Oct/1924 Anglican 786 R      
OWEN Richard 59 03/Jun/1926 Methodist 782 I      
OWENS Marcella 69 29/Nov/1919 Roman Catholic 720 M      
OXLEY Ernest Albert 39 07/Feb/1950 Anglican 911 R      
PACKER Roy Stillborn 11/Sep/1906 Methodist 206 A      
PACKER Winifred Adelaide 14 months 21/Apr/1908 Methodist 268 I      
PAGANONI Dino 33 15/Oct/1952 Roman Catholic 5 N      
PAGE Albert James 81 16/Dec/1957 Anglican 1177 R      
PAGE Arthur John 76 20/Jan/1962 Anglican 1254 R      
PAGE Edward 79 30/Sep/1936 Anglican 1045 R      
PAINDELLI Andrea 57 08/Apr/1987 Roman Catholic 73 NZ      
PAISLEY James 44 08/Nov/1907 Anglican 169 D      
PALAS Mate Goles 57 09/Nov/1937 Roman Catholic         Lived at No. 3 Camp, Lakeside.
PALMER Reginald John 61 30/Oct/1953 Anglican 1136 R      
PAPE Mark Albert   24/Sep/1910 Anglican 318 E      
PARKANYI Laszlo 68 15/Dec/2007 Methodist 38 KQ      
PARKER Henry 78 11/Jun/1908 Anglican 175 D      
PARKER Leonard Arthur 8 days 22/Jul/1908 Anglican 142 D      
PARKER Mary Jane Ann 81 16/Sep/1950 Methodist 783 I      
PARKER Phyllis 51 28/Mar/1959 Anglican 1224 R Malvern Mary E  
PARKER Stephen Henry 54 04/Jul/1924 Methodist 783 I      
PARKER Edward John 2 hours 25/Jul/1933 Anglican 1029 R      
PARKES Edward 73 18/Sep/1967 Anglican 1305 R Thomas Parker Sarah A  
PARKINSON Geoffrey Darrell 31 08/Oct/1981 Anglican 200 RS      
PARKINSON John 72 16/Jan/1935 Roman Catholic 214 B      
PARKINSON Sarah Ellen 52 17/Nov/1920 Roman Catholic 770 M      
PARKYN Henry 52 23/Mar/1911 Methodist 536 I      
PARKYN James 60 20/Oct/1912 Methodist 536 I      
PARNELL Beryl Charlotte 69 13/Apr/1981 Uniting Church 203 KQ      
PARNELL Frederick Douglas 60 03/Feb/1960 Methodist 203 KQ Frederick G Parnell Catherine M  
PARNELL Keith Maxwell 3 days 12/Dec/1941 Methodist 203 KQ      
PAROLO Antonio 67 07/Oct/1968 Roman Catholic 147 N      
PAROLO Adelia 40 20/Apr/1908 Roman Catholic 252 M      
PARRY Margaret 33 07/Jul/1919 Presbyterian 145 KQ      
PARTINGTON John 62 18/Dec/1924 Methodist 922 I      
PASALICH George 65 09/May/1953 Roman Catholic 3 N      
PASCOE Amy Elizabeth 81 04/Aug/1967 Methodist 118 KQ Thomas Elizabeth J  
PASCOE Elizabeth 45 21/Apr/1909 Anglican 248 E      
PASCOE Ellen Medlin 74 14/May/1929 Salvation Army 74 H      
PASCOE Ethel May 87 12/Dec/1969 Methodist 785 KQ James Abigail J  
PASCOE Francis 80 13/Jan/1935 Salvation Army 74 H      
PASCOE Francis James 48 26/Jul/1967 Salvation Army 206 H Hanes N Pascoe Eva A  
PASCOE Henrietta 94 27/Dec/1941 Methodist 337 KQ      
PASCOE James 77 04/Sep/1922 Methodist 1074 I      
PASCOE James Henry 72 18/Aug/1962 Salvation Army 207 H Francis Pascoe Ellen  
PASCOE Leonard Oswald Holman 64 08/Aug/1942 Methodist 337 KQ William Bolitho Pascoe Henrietta Holman  
PASCOE Leslie Charles 88 12/Jan/1970 Presbyterian 118 KQ William Bolitho Pascoe Henrietta Holman  
PASCOE Robert 57 20/Jul/1915 Anglican 248 E      
PASCOE Sylvie Beatrice 82 21/Aug/1979 Salvation Army 207 H      
PASCOE Unnamed Female Stillborn 18/Jul/1946 Methodist 284 KQ      
PASCOE William John 85 04/Oct/1962 Methodist 785 KQ William Pascoe Mary J  
PATERSON Albert Edward 8 months 10/Apr/1905 Methodist 145 A Albert Henry Paterson Sarah Elizabeth Gazzard  
PATIENCE David 70 06/Nov/1919 Anglican 768 R      
PATON Peter 89 13/Aug/1937 Methodist 206 KQ      
PATRIZI Antonio Dell Agnello 83 16/Sep/1983 Roman Catholic 31 NZ      
PATRIZI Olympia ? 03/Apr/1991 Roman Catholic 31 NZ      
PATTERSON Harold 48 hours 20/Mar/1919 Roman Catholic 804 M      
PATTERSON Unnamed Male Stillborn 23/Jun/1925 Anglican 684 R      
PATTERSON Violet Irene 20 30/Jun/1925 Anglican 943 R      
PAUL John Allan 10 months 29/Aug/1904 Anglican 50 D William Paul Grace Louisa Hammond  
PAULEY Bridget 82 12/Feb/1920 Roman Catholic 818 M      
PAULEY Edward 73 07/Oct/1942 Roman Catholic 2 B      
PAULEY Ellen Winifred 84 29/Oct/1996 Roman Catholic 3 B      
PAULEY Johanna 76 09/Nov/1941 Roman Catholic 1 B      
PAULEY John 81 14/May/1992 Roman Catholic 3 B      
PAULL Eliza 66 30/Jun/1914 Methodist 19 A      
PAULL Elsie May 15 09/Mar/1925 Methodist 728 I      
PAULL Harry Thomas Frederick 21 months 09/Apr/1907 Methodist 254 I      
PAULL Marcella 42 28/Nov/1937 Roman Catholic 582 M      
PAULL Margaret 3 08/May/1917 Roman Catholic 664 M      
PAULL Royce 3 days 20/May/1917 Methodist 947 I      
PAULL Shirley 6 days 02/Feb/1933 Methodist 633 I      
PAULL William James 40 10/Oct/1915 Methodist 19 A      
PAULSON Frederick Karl 39 13/May/1949 Anglican 904 R      
PAVLINOVICH Pavo 67 21/Nov/1969 Roman Catholic 1090 NZ Mijo Pavlinovich Matija  
PAVY George 65 23/Aug/1924 Congregational 100 F      
PAVY George 18 weeks 01/Nov/1910 Methodist 421 I      
PAVY James Albert 64 06/May/1926 Congregational 100 F      
PAVY James Bruce 18 03/May/1915 Congregational 100 F      
PAVY Sarah Anne 76 25/May/1944 Congregational 100 F      
PAYNTER Adelaide Lee 87 06/Aug/1965 Methodist 43 KQ Edward Sabrina  
PAYNTER John 41 28/May/1915 Methodist 802 I      
PEACOCK Arthur William George 73 14/Dec/1978 Anglican 217 RS      
PEAKE Catherine 77 20/Dec/1921 Anglican 87 D      
PEAKE Georgina Queenie 21 13/Feb/1905 Anglican 87 D George Peake Kathleen Scanlon  
PEAKE Unnamed Female Stillborn 23/Oct/1913 Anglican 87 D      
PEARCE Edna Bernice 5 months 06/Apr/1913 Methodist 528 I      
PEARCE Elizabeth Jane 57 24/Sep/1918 Methodist 612 I      
PEARCE Elsie Elizabeth 17 20/Apr/1908 Methodist 311 I      
PEARCE John 51 20/Jan/1917 Roman Catholic 706 M      
PEARCE Mary Marguerite 93 02/Jun/2003 Roman Catholic 15 NZ      
PEARCE Phillip Robert 69 30/Apr/1983 Roman Catholic 15 NZ      
PEARCE Richard 59 14/Jul/1944 Methodist 612 I      
PEARCE Samuel John 23 10/Sep/1910 Methodist 612 I      
PEARCE Thomas Henry 52 22/Aug/1906 Methodist 311 I      
PEARSE Catherine 74 03/Jul/1914 Roman Catholic 744 M      
PEARSE Thomas 46 15/Dec/1917 Roman Catholic 706 M      
PEART Edith Mary 5½ months 03/Jul/1905 Methodist 148 A Robert Peart Harriet Louisa Krentzin Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
PEART Unnamed Male 12 hours 22/May/1905 Methodist 148 A Robert Peart Harriet Louisa Krentzin  
PEART Unnamed Male Stillborn 11/Jun/1906 Methodist 148 A Robert Peart Harriet Louisa Krentzin  
PEAT James 72 23/Sep/1919 Presbyterian 91 KQ      
PEDDIE James Alexander 45 20/Oct/1908 Methodist 361 I      
PEDDY Unnamed Female Stillborn 08/Jun/1907 Methodist 334 I      
PEDLER John 63 13/Jul/1920 Methodist 789 I      
PEDLER John Price 36 17/Jul/1919 Methodist 789 I      
PEEK Benjamin William 74 03/Oct/1940 Methodist 335 KQ      
PEEK Herbert Leslie 46 06/Sep/1954 Methodist 335 KQ Benjamin William Peek Mary J  
PEEK Mary Jane 59 22/May/1927 Methodist 335 KQ      
PEEL Mollie 72 11/Feb/1988 Anglican 718 R      
PEEL Robinson William 43 13/Nov/1951 Anglican 718 R      
PEEL Theodora (Fredoria) 49 04/Jul/1922 Anglican 883 R      
PEEL Thomas 57 11/Oct/1963 Anglican 1266 R Robinson H Peel Theodora  
PEMBER Annie Ross 86 04/Jun/1977 Anglican 1251 R      
PEMBER Cecil William 77 22/Dec/1958 Anglican 1251 R Henry Pember Mary  
PENBERTHY Edwin 50 12/Jun/1920 Anglican 841 R      
PENGILLY Majorie Phyllis 15 months 26/Nov/1914 Methodist 78 A      
PENMAN David Niven 68 13/May/1933 Anglican 963 R      
PENN Pamela Ann 1 hour 27/Jun/1947 Anglican 1217 R      
PENN Robin William 8 hours 29/Jul/1950 Anglican 1217 R      
PENNEFATHER Alan Douglas (Penny) 63 18/Jul/2007 Memorial Wall          
PENNEFATHER Frederick 91 08/Aug/1984 Roman Catholic 34 NZ      
PENNEFATHER Isabella 87 20/Dec/1986 Roman Catholic 34 NZ     Ashes.
PENNEY Alfred James 33 22/Jun/1904 Presbyterian 7 C Robert Penney Mary Bottle  
PENROSE Charles Nicholas 51 02/Jan/1918 Anglican 732 R      
PEREIRA Arthur Henry 2 days 28/Feb/1916 Roman Catholic 749 M      
PEREIRA Ellen Josephine 38 25/Jan/1922 Roman Catholic 726 M      
PEREIRA Unnamed Male Stillborn 31/Mar/1921 Roman Catholic 749 M      
PEREIRA Unnamed Male Stillborn 24/Jan/1922 Roman Catholic 749 M      
PEREIRA Violet M 2 days 09/Jul/1910 Roman Catholic 283 M      
PERETTI Sirio 57 09/Jan/1986 Roman Catholic 85 NZ      
PERICH John 30 09/Dec/1921 Roman Catholic 657 M     Died in a cage fall at the Golden Horseshoe Mine.
PERKINS Linno Olive 23 06/Aug/1915 Methodist 710 I      
PERKOVICH Luka 38 16/Mar/1942 Roman Catholic 517 M      
PERKS Alice Maud 54 13/Jul/1935 Anglican 1094 R      
PERKS John Henry 69 18/Sep/1943 Anglican 1094 R      
PERKS Rueben John 44 14/Jun/1955 Anglican 1094 R John Henry Perks Alice Maud Stevenson  
PERROW William Edward 46 13/Jun/1914 Anglican 593 R      
PERRY Annie 57 30/Aug/1930 Anglican 785 R      
PERRY James 53 01/May/1921 Anglican 785 R      
PERRY John 63 16/Jun/1925 Roman Catholic 420 M      
PERVAN Iva 91 15/Jun/1983 Roman Catholic 25 NZ      
PERVAN Manda 51 07/Jan/1952 Roman Catholic 73 N      
PERVAN Mate 92 19/Feb/1981 Roman Catholic 25 NZ      
PERVAN Simun 68 24/Jun/1970 Roman Catholic 73 N Josep Pervan    
PERVAN Yure 67 18/Dec/1963 Roman Catholic 67 N Frances Pervan Pera  
PETERS Alan Royston 31 22/Feb/1983 Methodist 445 KQ      
PETERS Edward 75 13/Sep/1928 Anglican 974 R      
PETERS Olive Mary 63 20/Oct/1992 Methodist 719 KQ      
PETERS Sarah 90 03/Jun/1932 Anglican 914 R      
PETERSON Christian Joseph 55 17/May/1971 Salvation Army 216 H Roy F Peterson Elizabeth  
PEWSEY Noel William 3 months 13/Apr/1951 Methodist 56 KQ      
PHILIPPE Lalla Wynne 6 months 17/Jun/1908 Anglican 122 D      
PHILLIPS Alistair 22 29/Apr/1983 Church of Christ 11 H      
PHILLIPS Francis Stephen 38 29/Mar/1922 Roman Catholic 684 M      
PHILLIPS James George 62 09/Mar/1983 Church of Christ 9 H      
PHILLIPS Janet Rutherford 70 27/May/1990 Church of Christ 10 H      
PHILLIPS John Richard 30 29/Jul/1906 Methodist 271 I      
PHILLIPS Una 20 19/Dec/1917 Methodist 939 I      
PHOEBE Ellen Jane 11 06/Sep/1908 Methodist 377 I      
PHOEBE Unnamed Male Stillborn 27/Oct/1907 Methodist 377 I      
PICKERING Lisa Marie 15 months 21/Apr/1982 Methodist 8        
PICKERING Stephen George 37 01/Oct/1991 Roman Catholic 87 NZ      
PICKUP Mary Ann 92 28/Jun/1952 Anglican 1067 R      
PIDGEON Unnamed Male Stillborn 17/Nov/1913 Anglican 541 R      
PIGGOTT Doris May 20 16/Apr/1938 Methodist 287 KQ      
PIGOT Lillian Francis 1 13/Feb/1910 Roman Catholic 271 M      
PIGOTT James 83 13/Jun/1955 Roman Catholic 271 M      
PIGOTT Lillian Bina 28 24/Nov/1911 Roman Catholic 271 M      
PILGRIM Priscilla Mary 85 24/Sep/1998 Methodist          
PILKINGTON Henry 65 12/Sep/1961 Methodist 792 KQ John Pilkington Matilda  
PILKINGTON Ruby 76 19/Aug/1977 Methodist 792 KQ      
PIMBLETT James Percival 9 17/Sep/1909 Anglican 383 E      
PINCATICH Unnamed Male Stillborn 05/Nov/1914 Roman Catholic 356 M      
PINCH Harold Thomas 21 03/Nov/1916 Methodist 954 I     Died from injuries received when pinned against a wall by a truck at the Ivanhoe Gold Mine. 
PINI Cesere 29 11/Apr/1914 Roman Catholic 710 M      
PINI Florence Alvena 41 09/Sep/1942 Anglican 979 R      
PINI Rosalia 81 29/Aug/1980 Roman Catholic 13 NZ     Unmarked Grave. 
PINKERTON Mervilla Jane 69 03/Jul/1959 Anglican 1087 R Mervyn Mary  
PINKERTON Walter Henry 63 26/Feb/1944 Anglican 1087 R      
PINOLI Caterina Ida 82 17/Jun/1993 Roman Catholic 952A N      
PINOLI Egidio 43 23/Jan/1989 Roman Catholic 951b N      
PINOLI Guiseppe 51 04/Apr/1957 Roman Catholic 185 N Clemente Pinoli Quonita  
PIPER Mary Jane 85 04/Jun/1952 Anglican 470 R      
PIPER William Thomas 81 30/Jul/1946 Anglican 470 R      
PISANO Carmelo 52 28/Apr/1965 Roman Catholic 215 N Francesco Marin  
PISANO Maria 71 20/Sep/1985 Roman Catholic 1018 NZ      
PITCHER Robert 79 28/May/1960 Anglican 1233 R William Pitcher Mary J  
PITCHERS Unnamed Male 6 hours 07/Feb/1924 Methodist 631 I John A Pitchers Gwendoline Griffiths  
PITCHES Norah 51 07/Sep/1918 Roman Catholic 842 M      
PITT David 77 31/Jul/1973 Roman Catholic 1047 NZ      
PITTARD John Ormonde Connelly 83 03/Aug/1987 Roman Catholic 1017 NZ      
PITTARD William 80 01/Nov/1945 Anglican 1133 R      
PLANKE Werner Bernard 39 12/Sep/1969 Anglican 1317 R Bernard Planke Wielmina  
PLANT Alfred John 1 day 30/Aug/1912 Roman Catholic 334 M      
PLANT Catharine 32 13/Sep/1913 Roman Catholic 334 M      
PLANT Unnamed Male Stillborn 06/Jun/1920 Roman Catholic 334 M      
PLEASS George Victor 46 28/Aug/1925 Roman Catholic 408 M      
PLEASS Gwendoline Marion 23 01/Mar/1935 Roman Catholic 408 M      
PLEASS Olive Marie 14 08/Sep/1923 Roman Catholic 408 M      
PLUNKETT John 68 31/Jan/1918 Roman Catholic 805 M      
PODGER William 53 27/Nov/1909 Anglican 245 E George Laurence Podger  Elizabeth Barnard Unmarked Grave.
PODSIADLO William 11 hours 03/Nov/1955 Roman Catholic 177 N Jan Podsiadlo Brunhilde J  
POLKINGHORNE Charles Garnet 45 31/Jul/1928 Methodist 246 I      
POLKINGHORNE Harriet 70 28/Feb/1947 Church of Christ 60 H      
POLKINGHORNE Laurel M Stillborn 20/Aug/1917 Methodist 954 I      
POLKINGHORNE Leslie Smith 11 months 15/May/1920 Church of Christ 60 H      
POLKINGHORNE Ronald G 1 01/Dec/1919 Methodist 954 I      
POLLARD Annie Harriet 57 03/Oct/1936 Anglican 1042 R      
POLLARD John Frederick 47 21/Feb/1918 Methodist 1093 I      
POLLARD John James 45 23/Mar/1922 Methodist 925 I      
POLLARD Joseph Robert William 30 18/Dec/1939 Methodist 278 KQ      
POLLARD Margaritti Louisa 79 04/Jul/1957 Methodist 925 I Francis A Jean  
POLLARD Maud 3 hours 11/Mar/1921 Methodist 719 I      
POLLARD Reginald Edward James 76 16/Nov/1984 Methodist 794 KQ      
POLLEY Jack 6 days 22/Oct/1931 Methodist 961 I      
POLMEAR Samuel Langdon 44 14/Feb/1919 Methodist 561 I      
POLMEAR Thomas James 12 04/Jun/1913 Methodist 561 I      
POLMEAR Unnamed Female Stillborn 28/Sep/1907 Methodist 329 I      
POMI Luigi 75 16/Oct/1961 Roman Catholic 144 N   Paolina  
POOL Charles Henry 4½ months 24/Sep/1917 Methodist 14 A      
POOL Charles Henry 50 27/Mar/1912 Methodist 15 A     Reinterred from a cemetery in Africa.
POOL Ellen Amelia 4 months 10/Oct/1911 Anglican 422 E      
POOL Violet May 16 11/Apr/1929 Anglican 422 E      
POOL William 43 23/Feb/1906 Anglican 117 D      
POOL William James 68 11/Sep/1925 Methodist 1068 I      
POOLE Frederick 35 07/Mar/1907 Roman Catholic 182 B      
POOLE Joseph 68 14/May/1955 Roman Catholic 132 N Thomas Poole    
POOLEY Ella Rosewall 56 10/Aug/1954 Methodist 622 KQ James Eva  
POOLEY George Alfred 74 06/Aug/1964 Methodist 622 KQ      
POOLEY George Alfred 65 08/May/1926 Anglican 946 R      
POOLEY Grace 57 15/Oct/1926 Anglican 947 R      
POPE Harriet Isabel 93 25/Aug/2000 Salvation Army 81 H Thomas Henry Riggs Ellen ?  
PORTER Ethel Maud 21 22/Oct/1910 Anglican 378 E      
PORTER John Curry 92 08/Aug/1968 Anglican 1322 R John T Porter Jessie  
POTTER Albert Elliot 8 weeks 14/Dec/1914 Anglican 601 R      
POTTER William Arthur 43 21/Aug/1911 Congregational 87 F      
POTTS Isobella Kerr 78 16/Jul/1956 Salvation Army 209 H David Isobella  
POWELL Dudley ? 25/Aug/1999 Anglican 1289 R      
POWELL John 52 23/May/1931 Methodist 21 A      
POWELL John Alfred 65 29/Nov/1944 Roman Catholic 493 M      
POWELL Samuel Charles 83 06/Jun/1966 Anglican 1289 R William Ellen  
POYNTON James Francis 72 28/Aug/1943 Roman Catholic 544 M      
POZZONI Enrico 45 14/Mar/1921 Roman Catholic 683 M      
PRATT Ann Francoise 66 12/Aug/1932 Methodist 962 I      
PRATT Richard 76 04/Nov/1917 Methodist 962 I      
PREBBLE George Albert Victor 21 31/Jul/1908 Anglican 237 E      
PREEN Alexander Patrick 10 weeks 22/Dec/1950 Anglican 1187 R      
PREEN Alfred Roy 5 months 12/Oct/1905 Church of Christ 48 H Thomas Preen Sarah Widger  
PREEN Beverley 9 11/Jan/1966 Anglican 1288 R John Preen Iris May  
PREEN Ellen Catherine 11 months 17/Dec/1926 Roman Catholic 425 M      
PREEN Francis William Thomas 3 days 20/Feb/1920 Anglican 43 D      
PREEN Iris May 43 04/May/1968 Anglican 1288 R Alexander Freda  
PREEN John 87 24/Jul/1988 Anglican 1288 R      
PREEN Lila Margaret 9 months 22/Dec/1910 Anglican 43 D      
PREEN* Thomas Alfred 5 months 18/Dec/1910 Church of Christ 43 H Thomas Preen Sarah Widger  
PRICE Michael John 65 14/Nov/2014 Memorial Wall          
PRICE Robert Thomas 65 08/Feb/1966 Anglican 1292 R   Margaret  
PRICE Unnamed Female Stillborn 30/Oct/1953 Methodist 53 KQ      
PRIDEAUX Agnes 26 11/Dec/1909 Presbyterian 141 C William Meharry Margaret Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
PRIDEAUX Albert Victor 32 07/Jul/1917 Methodist 11 A James Prideaux Johanna Sheehy Died at sea on voyage home to Australia. 
PRIDEAUX Eliza 76 19/Dec/1929 Salvation Army 72 H      
PRIDEAUX John Henry 45 12/Jun/1917 Presbyterian 141 C      
PRIDEAUX Richard James 61 21/May/1937 Methodist 11 A      
PRIDEAUX William Thomas 46 21/Jul/1928 Methodist 11 A      
PRIDEAUX* Unnamed Female 2 days 11/Dec/1909 Presbyterian 141 C      
PRIME Eli 83 07/Dec/1919 Anglican 771 R      
PRINCE Lionel 65 13/Nov/1987 Anglican 190 RS      
PRINCE Magdalena 85 02/May/1959 Anglican 666 R      
PRINCE William John 50 24/Nov/1918 Anglican 666 R      
PROCTOR James George 21 months 13/Dec/1905 Methodist 168 A George Proctor Elizabeth Stewart  
PROCTOR Unnamed Male 3 hours 04/Jul/1905 Methodist 152 A George Proctor Elizabeth Stewart  
PROLES* Unknown Stillborn 14/Apr/1907 Anglican 209 D      
PROSSER Charles Raystreck 64 01/Feb/1937 Anglican 241 E      
PROSSER Dulcie May 19 08/Jan/1930 Anglican 241 E      
PROSSER Eliza 58 22/Jun/1930 Anglican 241 E      
PROSSER Wilfred 74 03/Sep/1982 Roman Catholic 23 NZ     Unmarked Grave.
PROWES* John Henry 22 24/May/1907 Methodist 326 I      
PUGH Edwin Charles 2 days 21/Nov/1932 Anglican 962 R      
PUGH Joseph Henry 58 24/Mar/1918 Anglican 748 R      
PUGH Mary Ann 81 14/Sep/1944 Anglican 748 R      
PUGH Melissa Louise 23 04/Oct/2011 Anglican 803 KQ      
PULLIN Eli John 74 30/Jul/1910 Methodist 383 I      
PURCELL Arthur 67 14/Jun/1935 Roman Catholic 205 B      
PURCELL Walter Michael 66 02/May/1937 Anglican 435 E      
PURDIE Ernest Arthur 58 08/Aug/1946 Methodist 452 KQ      
PURDIE Jane 52 08/Feb/1908 Anglican 129 D      
PURDIE Olive Ida 65 04/Jun/1970 Methodist 452 KQ George T Eliza  
QUADRIO Caterina 74 23/Jan/1968 Roman Catholic 520 M Guiseppe Marianna  
QUADRIO Charles 47 08/Dec/1941 Roman Catholic 520 M      
QUADRIO Christopher Leo 1 month 22/Aug/1920 Roman Catholic 756 M      
QUADRIO Joseph Sylvester 53 10/Jul/1975 Roman Catholic 957 N      
QUADRIO Unnamed Male Stillborn 19/Sep/1917 Roman Catholic 756 M      
QUARRELL Nellie 10 months 22/May/1906 Baptist 45 G William John Quarrell Ellen Wingrove  
QUEEN Unnamed Female 2 hours 23/Dec/1907 Anglican 141 D      
QUICK William 4 05/Oct/1913 Methodist 608 I      
QUILTY Unnamed Male Stillborn 18/Aug/1907 Roman Catholic 173 B Patrick    
QUINN Unnamed Male Stillborn 28/May/1910 Roman Catholic 248 M Patrick    
QUIRK James 59 10/Jul/1929 Roman Catholic 240 M      
QUIRK Patrick 87 15/Nov/1925 Roman Catholic 416 M      
RADDICH* Unknown Stillborn 24/Feb/1940 Roman Catholic 588 M      
RADETICH Ivan 43 07/Aug/1940 Roman Catholic 528 M      
RADETICH Mary Blanch 4 months 03/Jul/1940 Roman Catholic 451 M      
RADICH Nikola 38 14/Nov/1936 Roman Catholic 436 M      
RADICH Unnamed Female Stillborn 28/Jan/1932 Roman Catholic 578 M      
RADISICH Mate (Mathew) 55 17/Apr/1932 Roman Catholic 42 B      
RADISICH Rudolph 22 01/Jul/1935 Roman Catholic 607 M      
RADISICH Yella 77 17/Oct/1955 Roman Catholic 42 B Tom Kate  
RADLEY John 40 25/Jan/1907 Anglican 99 D      
RAFAILOVICH Risto 50 14/Aug/1939 Anglican 791 R      
RAFFERTY Margaret 52 24/Jan/1920 Roman Catholic 698 M      
RAINA Mario 43 12/Jun/1950 Roman Catholic 573 M      
RAINSFORD Frederick Charles 9 months 02/May/1912 Presbyterian 170 C      
RAINSFORD George Henry 67 17/Apr/1940 Presbyterian 170 C      
RAINSFORD Ruth Saul 67 24/Feb/1939 Presbyterian 170 C      
RANKIN Alexander Duncan Edward 4½ months 12/Oct/1904 Anglican 77 D Duncan Frederick Rankin Hannah Carwethen  
RANKIN Marina Emma Lillian 9 months 20/Sep/1905 Anglican 77 D Duncan Frederick Rankin Hannah Carwethen Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
RASTOVICH John 57 19/Oct/1925 Roman Catholic 423 M      
RASTOVICH Madeline 85 09/Jun/1955 Roman Catholic 423 M Anthony Katherine Not mentioned on headstone. 
RAWLINGS George 48 12/Sep/1919 Methodist 711 I      
READ Cilfford George 59 26/Jun/1986 Anglican 161 RS      
REAR Gladys 6 months 28/Apr/1907 Presbyterian 115 C      
REAR William 6 03/Jun/1907 Presbyterian 114 C      
REARDON Joseph Thomas 44 21/Dec/1911 Roman Catholic 317 M      
REBUFFONI Annie 21 months 10/Sep/1934 Roman Catholic 650 M      
REDDIE Donald Melville 70 08/May/1989 Methodist 730 KQ      
REDDIE Mavis E Stillborn 27/Feb/1933 Methodist 450 I      
REDDIE Reita Rosalind 5 months 27/Jan/1908 Anglican 96 D David James Reddie Elsie Maria Tippett  
REED Elsie Rose Elizabeth 4 29/Jan/1911 Methodist 445 I George Reed Madge  
REED Ethel Stillborn 01/Oct/1912 Methodist 529 I      
REED George Henry 36 06/Nov/1911 Methodist 445 I      
REED George Wheery 24 21/Feb/1907 Methodist 263 I     Unmarked Grave.
REED Jessie Lavinia 16 months 04/Jun/1912 Methodist 529 I      
REED John 61 09/Feb/1923 Presbyterian 135 KQ      
REED John James (Jack) 40 20/May/1913 Methodist 240 I      
REED Norma May 1 month 18/Dec/1919 Anglican 595 R      
REED Unnamed Female Stillborn 27/Aug/1923 Methodist 529 I   Lavina  
REED Unnamed Male Stillborn 30/Mar/1911 Methodist 477 I      
REED William George 60 17/Jan/1916 Methodist 948 I      
REES George Richard Stanley 47 09/Oct/1930 Presbyterian 172 KQ      
REES Gordon John 16 weeks 3 days 18/Mar/1977 Anglican 59 RS      
REEVES Beatrice Gertrude 78 07/Aug/1987 Anglican 1306 R      
REEVES Lancelot Arthur 59 25/Jan/1967 Anglican 1306 R Francis Reeves Sophia E  
REFELD Fred Martin 3 weeks 15/Jan/1907 Anglican 197 D      
REFELD Henry 35 09/Aug/1910 Anglican 197 D      
REFELD Peter 51 20/Jul/1921 Roman Catholic 202 B      
REFELD Unnamed Female Stillborn 12/Dec/1905 Anglican 197 D Henry Refeld Evelyn Julia Chambers  
REGALINI Andrea 51 30/Jul/1956 Roman Catholic 181 N      
REGAN Mary Veronica 59 27/Sep/1933 Roman Catholic 220 M      
REGAN Thomas 71 22/Nov/1943 Roman Catholic 523 M      
REGOLINI Ugenio 14 hours 24/Jan/1926 Roman Catholic 759 M      
REGOLL Susan 69 06/May/1928 Anglican 860 R      
REID Agnes 73 20/Apr/1951 Roman Catholic 44 N      
REID Anges Mary Kilgallon (Mollie) 1 10/Mar/1910 Roman Catholic 305 M James Reid Agnes Kilgallon  
REID Christina 84 07/Aug/1957 Anglican 978 R Frederick    
REID Francis Edward 51 18/Jun/1947 Roman Catholic 12 N      
REID Frank 71 26/Mar/1974 Anglican 978 R      
REID George 31 28/May/1907 Anglican 120 D      
REID George Ernest 8 months 14/May/1920 Roman Catholic 84 B      
REID Gertrude May 86 15/Dec/2002 Anglican 1381 RS      
REID James 62 26/Jun/1928 Presbyterian 122 C      
REID Joseph 66 05/Oct/1942 Anglican 978 R      
REID Margaret 85 26/Nov/1936 Roman Catholic 457 M      
REID Margaret Liamia 77 13/Oct/1958 Presbyterian 173 C Thomas Margaret E  
REID Mary 64 30/Nov/1908 Presbyterian 122 C      
REID Peter 63 13/Jan/1924 Presbyterian 142 KQ      
REID Samuel 84 11/Nov/1977 Methodist 310 KQ      
REID Vera 13 months 23/Jul/1907 Roman Catholic 84 B      
REID William 59 31/Oct/1939 Roman Catholic 457 M      
REID* Mary 79 07/Jul/1929 Presbyterian 135 KQ      
REILLY Francis M 4 months 11/Jun/1913 Roman Catholic 330 M      
REISS William Albert 32 20/Oct/1911 Anglican 533 R      
RELJA Jakov 82 24/May/1979 Roman Catholic 836 N      
RENTON Adelaide Lila Muriel 67 24/Jun/1970 Salvation Army 186 H Samuel J Ethel J  
RENTON Colin M Stillborn 14/Aug/1946 Methodist 353 I      
RENTON Donald Leslie 73 09/Sep/1992 Salvation Army 228 H      
RENTON Frances Emma 60 10/Feb/1950 Methodist 353 I      
RENTON James Henry George 49 12/Jun/1958 Salvation Army 186 H John Henry Renton Frances E  
RENTON John Henry 66 30/Dec/1939 Methodist 353 I      
RENTON Margaret Joan 61 24/Sep/1985 Salvation Army 229 H      
RENTON Nellie 9 months 09/Jun/1930 Methodist 354 I      
RENTON Phyllis Rebecca 6 weeks 04/May/1905 Methodist 146 A Percy William Renton Sarah Jane Elliss  
RENTON Ronald James 35 20/Dec/1982 Salvation Army 230 H      
RENTON Thelma Jean 7 19/May/1933 Methodist 353 I      
RENTON Thomas Daniel 65 16/Nov/1987 Salvation Army 229 H      
RENTON William John 56 28/Sep/1968 Salvation Army 214 H John Henry Renton Frances E  
RENTON Unnamed Male Stillborn 23/Sep/1929 Salvation Army 78 H      
RENWICK John William 34 03/May/1941 Methodist 397 I      
RENWICK Minnie 55 13/Dec/1918 Anglican 572 R      
RENWICK Thomas 39 31/Dec/1913 Anglican 572 R      
RENWICK Victor 67 19/Mar/1976 Anglican 36 RS      
RENWICK* John William 64 23/Nov/1932 Methodist 397 I      
REVILL John Charles 57 27/Jan/1920 Presbyterian 89 KQ      
REX Unnamed Female 1 hour 21/Jun/1920 Anglican 743 R      
REYNOLDS James Henry 56 26/May/1920 Methodist 354 I      
REYNOLDS James Henry 09/Apr/1908 Methodist 354 I      
REYNOLDS Mabel 20 27/Oct/1908 Methodist 344 I      
RIBBONS Edward Charles 47 08/Aug/1921 Presbyterian 143 C      
RICE Edna Margaret 14 months 02/Jun/1912 Presbyterian 173 C      
RICH Percy 33 25/Dec/1904 Anglican 85 D      
RICHARDS Charles 55 04/May/1923 Anglican 862 R      
RICHARDS Frank 1 week 14/Jun/1910 Methodist 423 I      
RICHARDS John Clifford 67 28/May/1989 Anglican 176 RS      
RICHARDS May Stillborn 22/Mar/1906 Methodist 185 A James Richards    
RICHARDS Percy Arthur 57 09/Apr/1938 Anglican 843 R      
RICHARDS Rhoda Leith 36 06/Jun/1920 Anglican 843 R      
RICHARDS Stephen E W 48 18/Jan/1911 Congregational 37 F      
RICHARDS Sydney 58 17/Nov/1933 Roman Catholic 858 M      
RICHARDS Thelma 6 29/Aug/1907 Congregational 37 F      
RICHARDS William Giles 59 09/Aug/1935 Methodist 360 I      
RICHARDS William S 62 11/Aug/1909 Methodist 382 I      
RICHARDSON Fred 83 11/Sep/2002 Baptist 2 G     Died at the Esperance Nursing Home.
RICHARDSON John William 53 27/Aug/1940 Roman Catholic 445 M      
RICHARDSON Lily 82 16/Nov/1995 Baptist 2 G      
RICHARDSON Reginald Stillborn 17/Apr/1906 Anglican 187 D      
RICHARTZ Ada 6 weeks 06/May/1914 Roman Catholic 360 M      
RICHMOND Constance May 1 05/Nov/1907 Anglican 172 D      
RICHMOND William 61 09/May/1910 Anglican 391 E      
RICHMUND Marie Anna Elizabeth 72 07/May/1962 7th Day Adventist 103 G Anthony    
RICKARD John William 59 14/Aug/1938 Anglican 1121 R      
RICKKERS Stephen Laurence 10 months 27/Feb/1906 Methodist 198 A      
RIDLEY Evelyn Louisa 70 17/Apr/1980 Anglican 206 RS      
RIDLEY Florry Evelyn 51 14/Mar/1942 Roman Catholic 454 M      
RIDLEY Gladys 16 12/Jun/1934 Methodist 123 KQ      
RIDLEY Hannah Selina 21 01/Mar/1906 Methodist 117 A      
RIDLEY Reginald Arnold 80 01/Oct/1988 Anglican 206 D      
RIGGANS Thomas Gillespie 45 06/Jun/1928 Presbyterian 170 KQ      
RIGGS Arthur Henry 71 02/Aug/1975 Methodist 264 KQ      
RIGGS Edward Joseph 8 months 08/Jun/1906 Methodist 217 A      
RIGGS Ellen Isabella 78 25/May/1953 Salvation Army 81 H      
RIGGS Merle L 3 25/Aug/1930 Methodist 551 I      
RIGGS Nora May 74 11/Jan/1978 Methodist 264 KQ      
RIGGS Thomas Henry (Harry) 63 13/Jul/1930 Salvation Army 81 H      
RIGGS Thomas Leslie 15 08/Aug/1928 Salvation Army 81 H      
RIGGS Unnamed Female Stillborn 22/Sep/1911 Methodist 451 I Thomas Henry Riggs    
RIGHTON Clement Edward 73 27/Sep/1972 Anglican 1329 R      
RIGHTON Ruby Mary 60 02/Feb/1970 Anglican 1329 R David J Lydia  
RIGOLL Edmund Walter Otto 38 27/Jun/1923 Anglican 860 R      
RIGOLL Kathleen Victoria 3 01/Dec/1953 Roman Catholic 123 N      
RIGOLL Leonard Rudolf Reinhold 58 22/Nov/1936 Roman Catholic 458 M      
RILEY Frederick Askew 50 20/Apr/1940 Methodist 256 KQ      
RILEY Minnie Gertrude 49 15/Dec/1941 Methodist 256 KQ      
RILEY William John 4 months 21/Dec/1939 Anglican 921 R      
RINALDI Enrico Martin 57 19/Nov/1984 Roman Catholic 1057 NZ      
RINALDI Giovanni 63 15/Sep/1975 Roman Catholic 36 N      
RINALDI Marco 69 16/Aug/1967 Roman Catholic 203 N      
RINALDI Martino 72 20/Mar/1971 Roman Catholic 1057 NZ Giovanni Rinaldi Domenica  
RIORDAN Jeremiah Valentine 69 14/Mar/1975 Roman Catholic 1020 NZ      
RISDALE Annie Cameron 84 03/Mar/1992 Salvation Army 234 H      
RISEBERRY Henry Stanley 28 26/Feb/1927 Roman Catholic 628 M      
RISEBERRY John Osmond 40 01/Aug/1952 Anglican 1070 R      
RITCHIE Edith May Victoria 15 months 29/Dec/1910 Methodist 486 I      
RITCHIE Gertrude 79 08/Feb/2007 Anglican 1380 RS      
RITCHIE Mary 72 06/Jun/1917 Anglican 623 R      
RITCHIE Robert Lewis 34 19/Nov/1907 Anglican 95 D      
RITCHIE Unnamed Male Stillborn 16/Jun/1932 Anglican 1027 R      
RITCHIE William 74 11/Jun/2002 Anglican 1380 RS      
RIVA Severino 66 17/Jun/1964 Roman Catholic 66 N      
RIVERS Herbert 84 17/Jun/1977 Roman Catholic 954 N      
ROACH Robert James 7 months 23/Nov/1925 Anglican 940 R      
ROBAARTSON Alma Cecilia 95 10/Apr/2005 Anglican 1401 RS      
ROBERTS Alice 1 day 05/Mar/1907 Baptist 53 G      
ROBERTS Catherine 10 months 11/Nov/1908 Roman Catholic 210 B      
ROBERTS Charles 50 15/Sep/1911 Methodist 684 I      
ROBERTS Edith 78 11/Jan/1947 Anglican 1128 R      
ROBERTS Emma 51 29/Oct/1906 Methodist 309 I      
ROBERTS George Brown 77 19/Jun/1967 Anglican 1304 R Edward Roberts Ann J  
ROBERTS Joseph Henry 57 20/Apr/1943 Methodist 987 I      
ROBERTS Mary 26 12/Jan/1908 Roman Catholic 108 B      
ROBERTS Molly 58 19/Oct/1983 Roman Catholic 4 NZ      
ROBERTS Percy George 52 27/Mar/1992 Anglican 191 RS      
ROBERTS Samuel Israel 33 24/Aug/1919 Methodist 803 I      
ROBERTS William Aloysius 51 04/Nov/1912 Anglican 524 R      
ROBERTSON Donald Athol 11 days 30/Jun/1906 Presbyterian 50 C      
ROBERTSON Elsie Victoria 9 months 01/Jun/1904 Anglican 44 D Frank Gustaf Robertson Elizabeth Tyrell  
ROBERTSON Frank Stillborn 27/Nov/1909 Anglican 102 D Frank Gustaf Robertson Elizabeth Tyrell  
ROBERTSON Frank Oscar 4 months 02/Dec/1905 Anglican 44 D Frank Gustaf Robertson Elizabeth Tyrell  
ROBERTSON James Clouston 9 days 06/Aug/1904 Presbyterian 50 KQ William John Robertson Frances Bath  
ROBERTSON Mary Ann 68 04/Aug/1921 Roman Catholic 798 M      
ROBERTSON Unnamed Female Stillborn 07/Sep/1906 Anglican 192 D Frank Gustaf Robertson Elizabeth Tyrell  
ROBINSON Alice Myrtle 65 15/Jan/1965 Roman Catholic 35 N John Annie  
ROBINSON Dorothy Hanorah 44 06/Oct/1954 Roman Catholic 126 N Charles E Catherine I  
ROBINSON Ettie 74 28/Aug/1959 Anglican 1226 R James Mary  
ROBINSON Francis Charles McGan 47 07/Jul/1981 Roman Catholic 6 NZ      
ROBINSON Gavin Andrew 2 days 17/Dec/1970 Roman Catholic 1074 NZ Philip L Robinson Victoria  
ROBINSON Harry Hammett 63 15/Feb/1958 Roman Catholic 35 N Henry Robinson Nellie  
ROBINSON Helen Mary 38 28/Mar/1908 Roman Catholic 200 B      
ROBINSON Henry Francis 61 12/Aug/1969 Roman Catholic 126 N Francis H Robinson Florence A  
ROBINSON Henry J J 62 18/Jan/1929 Roman Catholic 200 B      
ROBINSON Marjorie Doreen Alice 2 19/Jul/1906 Roman Catholic 90 B      
ROBINSON Mary Stillborn 14/Mar/1934 Roman Catholic 254 M      
ROBINSON Millicent 68 16/Dec/1967 Roman Catholic 202 N Joseph H Robinson Jeanette  
ROBINSON Richard 60 14/Jul/1930 Roman Catholic 254 M      
ROBINSON Sybella 64 26/Oct/1939 Roman Catholic 254 M      
ROBINSON Sybella 6 weeks 11/Oct/1910 Roman Catholic 254 M      
ROBINSON Unnamed Female Stillborn 22/May/1906 Anglican 213 D Henry Herbert Robinson    
ROBINSON Unnamed Male Stillborn 24/Aug/1916 Methodist 707 I Alec    
ROBINSON William Henry 72 14/Jan/1974 Anglican 202 D      
ROBJOHNS Albena Clarisa 76 18/Jan/1962 Methodist 19 A William H Eliza  
ROBJOHNS Alfred John 80 02/Sep/1961 Methodist 20 A Charles J D Robjohns Elizabeth  
ROBSON Jane Ann Reafrey 67 08/Sep/1917 Anglican 110 D      
ROBSON John George 64 16/Jan/1905 Anglican 110 D Joseph Robson Jane Hudson  
ROBUSTELLINI Angelina 48 11/Jul/1955 Roman Catholic 143 N Matteo Maddelena  
ROBUSTELLINI Colin Charles Stillborn 18/Mar/1957 Anglican 1203 R Oreste J Robustellini Margaret L  
ROBUSTELLINI Giovanni 55 01/Dec/1954 Roman Catholic 134 N Guiseppe Robustellini Marcanna  
ROBUSTELLINI Margaret Lois 67 06/Mar/1999 Anglican 1203 R      
ROBUSTELLINI Oreste Joseph 76 18/Aug/2005 Anglican 1203 R      
ROBUSTELLI Stefano 52 16/Jun/1942 Roman Catholic 516 M      
ROCHESTER Allan David 11 weeks 27/Sep/1940 Presbyterian 120 C      
RODDA Albert William 68 21/Sep/1926 Presbyterian 68 KQ      
RODDA Susan 80 08/Jun/1921 Methodist 479 I      
RODDA William T 70 24/May/1910 Methodist 479 I      
RODEN Michael Kim 10 20/Feb/1970 Roman Catholic 1094 NZ Jock Roden Olive  
RODER Peter 66 25/May/1925 Methodist 811 I      
RODGERS Alexander 76 09/Aug/1917 Presbyterian 84 KQ      
RODGERS Alexander Charles 22 months 11/Sep/1907 Presbyterian 109 C      
RODGERS Annie Alexander Cameron 2 days 08/Dec/1908 Roman Catholic 208 B      
RODGERS Elizabeth Jean 36 10/Mar/2001 Memorial Wall          
RODGERS Francis Victor James 56 15/Sep/1954 Roman Catholic 167 N Michael Rodgers Rosemary  
RODGERS John A 5 weeks 02/Sep/1908 Presbyterian 96 C      
RODGERS John Geoffrey 24 18/May/1965 Roman Catholic 210 N Francis V Rodgers Mary M  
RODGERS Joseph 46 18/Jul/1919 Roman Catholic 767 M      
RODGERS Margaret Gipsey 45 23/Apr/1906 Presbyterian 73 C      
RODGERS Mary Monica 83 23/Jul/1986 Roman Catholic 167 N      
RODGERS Michael 76 07/Nov/1939 Roman Catholic 444 M      
RODGERS Mick 60 13/Feb/2004 Roman Catholic 167        
RODGERS Rose Mary 92 19/Mar/1955 Roman Catholic 133 N George Mary A  
RODGERS Unnamed Male Stillborn 02/Feb/1934 Roman Catholic 731 M      
RODOMAN Milan 50 15/Dec/1932 Anglican 1021 R      
ROGERS Arthur 16 hours 06/Jun/1909 Methodist 412 I      
ROGERS Charles Frederick 3 months 30/Apr/1911 Methodist 475 I      
ROGERS Francis 67 07/Jan/1923 Methodist 671 I      
ROGERS Frederick George 5 21/Feb/1922 Methodist 929 I      
ROGERS John Richard 37 24/Aug/1904 Methodist 55 A Daniel Rogers Esther Griffiths  
ROGERS Robert Alfred 4 days 15/Oct/1909 Methodist 381 I      
ROGERS Robert Victor 36 23/Nov/1918 Methodist 835 I      
ROGICH Nicholas 71 03/Aug/1953 Roman Catholic 92 N      
ROHAN Edward 43 27/Oct/1919 Roman Catholic 727 M      
ROHAN Gladys May 34 19/Jan/1943 Roman Catholic 514 M      
ROHAN William 71 15/Jul/1940 Anglican 730 R      
ROHAN* Allen Francis 11 weeks 24/Jul/1915 Roman Catholic 786 M      
ROKI Annie Stillborn 13/Mar/1912 Roman Catholic 336 M Ivan John Roki    
ROKI Cora 6 months 26/Dec/1913 Roman Catholic 336 M Ivan John Roki    
ROKI Ivan John 68 14/Dec/1946 Roman Catholic 9 N      
ROLFE Frederick William 45 08/Oct/1916 Anglican 597 R      
ROMANO William Thomas 33 29/Oct/1910 Methodist 613 I      
ROMERI George 35 17/May/1918 Roman Catholic 807 M      
RONBERG Clarence Henry 51 17/Sep/1956 Anglican 1201 R Frederick Julia  
RONBERG Frederick 57 30/Aug/1919 Anglican 758 R      
RONBERG Frederick 65 14/Apr/1976 Anglican 1201 R      
RONBERG Julia 80 01/Aug/1947 Anglican 1210 R      
ROOKS Isaac 47 18/Jul/1922 Salvation Army 83 H      
ROSATI Ardvino 72 24/Feb/1988 Roman Catholic 72 NZ      
ROSATTI Anselmo 74 27/May/1957 Roman Catholic 183 N      
ROSCOE Unnamed Male Stillborn 05/May/1905 Anglican 154 D Fenwick Roscoe Margaret Alexandra Ross  
ROSE Anton 71 06/Jun/1961 Roman Catholic 136 N      
ROSE Ernest 33 04/Jun/1911 Methodist 689 I      
ROSENIUS James 41 13/Jul/1928 Anglican 968 R      
ROSENIUS Patricia 17 13/Mar/1944 Anglican 968 R      
ROSEWALL Walter 27 02/May/1905 Methodist 92 A Thomas Rosewall Mary Riggs Died from injuries received in a fall of earth at the Golden Horseshoe Mine. Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery. 
ROSEWARNE Agnes Joyce 3 months 03/Apr/1917 Methodist 823 I      
ROSEWARNE Dorothy Lucy 1 day 02/Mar/1916 Roman Catholic 702 M      
ROSI Menoncelli 5 months 01/Dec/1915 Roman Catholic 670 M      
ROSS Hannah May Shefferson 3½ months 06/Nov/1905 Presbyterian 82 C Donald Alexander Ross Bessie Barnes  
ROSS James Kellett 51 10/Dec/1905 Methodist 105 A Peter Kellett Ross Jessie Forbes  
ROSS Liston Daniel Alexander 34 19/Mar/1907 Presbyterian 126 C Daniel Ross    
ROSS Marjorie 4 days 19/Dec/1908 Presbyterian 78 C      
ROSSATTI Stefano 70 09/May/1959 Roman Catholic 218 N      
ROSSER Doris Evelyn May 53 21/Jun/1955 Anglican 1148 R Charles Martha  
ROSSI Giovanni 79 09/Feb/1963 Roman Catholic 94 N Fillipo Rossi Virginia  
ROSSI Joseph Stillborn 20/Jun/1935 Roman Catholic 648 M      
ROURKE Eric Bolton 56 21/Mar/1933 Anglican 19 D      
ROURKE Eric Graham 9 26/Apr/1922 Anglican 688 R      
ROURKE Graham Bolton 72 06/Feb/1925 Anglican 688 R      
ROURKE Olive Violet Stillborn 14/Feb/1910 Methodist 417 I      
ROURKE Violet Olive 74 09/May/1963 Anglican 19 D Thomas Marion  
ROURKE William Joseph 69 03/Jan/1953 Anglican 1080 R      
ROWAN Anna Pauline 64 06/Nov/1936 Anglican 1046 R      
ROWE Charles 44 hours 08/Oct/1918 Anglican 582 R      
ROWE Edwin John 53 04/May/1911 Methodist 93 A      
ROWE George Henry 35 24/Nov/1915 Methodist 824 I      
ROWE George Thomas 64 16/Aug/1968 Anglican 1293 R John H Rowe Mary A  
ROWE Grace 94 22/Aug/1979 Salvation Army 204 H      
ROWE Harold Francis 56 07/Jul/1972 Presbyterian 321 KQ      
ROWE Johanna Jane 70 20/Jul/1951 Roman Catholic 33 N      
ROWE John Henry 78 07/Apr/1941 Anglican 848 R      
ROWE John Newberry 53 21/Dec/1916 Presbyterian 71 KQ      
ROWE Martha 75 20/Sep/1948 Anglican 901 R      
ROWE Mary Ann 67 26/Jul/1934 Anglican 848 R      
ROWE Nicholas 14 26/Apr/1920 Anglican 848 R      
ROWE Nicholas Robert (Roy) 30/Oct/1904 Methodist 93 A Edwin John Rowe Catherine Eliza Roberts Drowned while bathing. 
ROWE Percy Charles 68 13/May/1948 Roman Catholic 33 N      
ROWE Richard James 72 20/Dec/1923 Methodist 824 I      
ROWE Robert Phillip 64 04/Apr/1966 Anglican 1293 R John H Rowe Mary A  
ROWE Thomas Mill 87 04/Dec/1967 Salvation Army 204 H      
ROWE* John Thomas 63 20/Jun/1967 Anglican 1302 R      
ROWLAND Clara Jane 36 28/Jul/1922 Baptist 90 G      
ROWLING Kathleen Harriet  10 months 01/Nov/1908 Anglican 276 E      
ROWLINGS Roy 4 hours 08/Oct/1912 Anglican 276 E      
ROWSE Mary 27 01/Nov/1904 Roman Catholic 44 B Cunneen Rowse Mary Buckley  
ROWSE Mary Jane 4 15/Sep/1908 Methodist 385 I      
ROWSE Thomas Henry 39 28/Dec/1908 Methodist 362 I      
ROY Irene May 18 10/Dec/1923 Presbyterian 111 C      
ROY Margaret Martha 9 months 08/Sep/1913 Presbyterian 111 C      
RUDDICK Allan Fyfe 48 18/Jul/1941 Methodist 343 KQ      
RUDDICK Ellen Elizabeth 81 22/Oct/1973 Methodist 257 KQ      
RUDDICK Frances Elizabeth 72 19/Oct/1944 Anglican 1047 R      
RUDDICK Joseph George 56 27/May/1940 Methodist 257 KQ      
RUDDICK Walter Edwin 63 26/Sep/1936 Anglican 1047 R      
RUDWICK Maurice 42 09/Feb/1910 Anglican 384 E      
RULE Arthur James 6 months 26/Apr/1911 Methodist 480 I      
RULE Doris 78 28/Nov/1977 Anglican 207a RS      
RULE Jack 30 01/May/1952 Anglican 1066 R      
RULE Mary 36 07/Aug/1906 Roman Catholic 115 B      
RULE Mary Margaret 5 months 10/Jan/1907 Roman Catholic 86 B      
RULYANCICH Cherry Frances 3 days 23/Dec/1944 Anglican 1005 R      
RUMBLE Basil Hamilton 45 14/Jan/1986 Anglican 155 RS     Unmarked Grave.
RUNDLE Eva Stillborn 23/Jan/1906 Anglican 196 D      
RUSSELL Alfred McCourt 83 07/Dec/1983 Roman Catholic 28 NZ     Unmarked Grave.
RUSSELL Cedric Charles 10 months 27/May/1921 Anglican 763 R      
RUSSELL Charles Edward 60 13/Sep/1949 Anglican 906 R      
RUSSELL Ellen 7 months 11/May/1909 Roman Catholic 216 B     Unmarked Grave. But mentioned on headstone at 312M
RUSSELL Eva 77 08/Sep/1969 Anglican 1311 R Herman C    
RUSSELL Flora Eleanor 3 months 20/Nov/1907 Anglican 167 D      
RUSSELL Hanora 71 08/May/1940 Roman Catholic 312 M      
RUSSELL Herman Charles 75 24/Oct/1967 Anglican 1311 R      
RUSSELL John 63 09/Apr/1962 Roman Catholic 112 N Thomas Russell Ellen  
RUSSELL Norman 46 09/Jul/1977 Anglican 58 RS      
RUSSELL Patrick 13 months 13/Sep/1908 Roman Catholic 144 B     Unmarked Grave. But mentioned on headstone at 312M
RUSSELL Patrick Joseph 7 03/Jan/1918 Roman Catholic 312 M      
RUSSELL William 37 27/Nov/1910 Roman Catholic 312 M      
RUTLAND James Henry McKenzie 35 18/Jul/1984 Salvation Army 40 H     "Lost at Sea" - is he actually buried here?
RUTLAND Vera Gwendoline 68 14/Mar/1995 Salvation Army 40 H      
RYAN Charles 26 07/Dec/1910 Anglican 381 E      
RYAN Edith 69 09/Jul/1947 Roman Catholic 584 M      
RYAN Edward 91 22/Dec/1969 Roman Catholic 1087 NZ      
RYAN Edward Francis 4 weeks 26/Jun/1944 Roman Catholic 512 M Edward Ryan Lorraine ?  
RYAN Eric Murray 1 year 10 months 05/Oct/1908 Anglican 257 E      
RYAN Francis Charles 46 24/Aug/1919 Roman Catholic 728 M      
RYAN Harry Stillborn 01/May/1922 Roman Catholic 693 M      
RYAN James 3 months 21/Nov/1922 Roman Catholic 635 M      
RYAN John Francis 46 24/Dec/1915 Roman Catholic 661 M      
RYAN Margaret 57 24/Mar/1938 Roman Catholic 570 M      
RYAN Martin 36 28/May/1906 Roman Catholic 124 B      
RYAN Martin 63 21/Jun/1944 Roman Catholic 661 M      
RYAN Michael 62 10/May/1967 Roman Catholic 201 N      
RYAN Michael 56 06/Sep/1974 Anglican 1363 R      
RYAN Patrick William 36 02/May/1907 Roman Catholic 119 B      
RYAN Reginald Sydney 6 27/Sep/1910 Anglican 246 E      
RYAN Stella Doreen 68 19/Jun/1982 Anglican 1363 R      
RYAN Thomas Morgan 11 months 14/Jan/1906 Anglican 155 D      
RYAN Unnamed Female Stillborn 14/Nov/1904 Roman Catholic 57 B John Ryan Mary Brown  
RYAN Unnamed Female 2 days 26/Aug/1907 Roman Catholic 164 B      
RYAN Unnamed Female Stillborn 24/Apr/1913 Roman Catholic 332 M James Ryan    
RYAN Unnamed Male Stillborn 01/Sep/1905 Roman Catholic 60 B Jeremiah Edward Ryan Catherine Tyner  
RYAN Unnamed Male Stillborn 11/Oct/1906 Roman Catholic 111 B Jeremiah Edward Ryan Catherine Tyner  
RYAN Unnamed Male Stillborn 22/Jul/1905 Roman Catholic     John Ryan Mary Brown  
RYAN William 60 07/Feb/1939 Roman Catholic 584 M      
RYAN William J H 16 20/Nov/1924 Roman Catholic 626 M     Accidentally shot himself with a shotgun. 
RYDER Charles Ernest 47 18/Oct/1944 Roman Catholic 229 M      
RYDER John 52 26/May/1924 Roman Catholic 229 M      
RYDER John Francis 19 16/Aug/1927 Roman Catholic 230 M      
RYDER Margaret 62 06/Jun/1911 Roman Catholic 228 M      
RYLES Unnamed Male Stillborn 28/Jun/1919 Roman Catholic 814 M F W Ryles    


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