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Boulder Cemetery S - U (New)

Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery & Crematorium Board -

I would first like to thank Danelle Warnock for her tireless work in editing and correcting the names on this list. The job was a big one, which she has spent a great deal of time on. The full register would not now be available to everyone without her assistance.

This data has been compiled from several sources such as copies of the index of the Kalgoorlie/ Boulder Cemetery which were photocopied many years ago by the Goldfields Family History Soc members on behalf of WAGS (The Western Australia Genealogical Soc) who in turn were assisting AGCI (Australian Genealogy Computer Index). This information was then put on the ‘AGCI disk’ and made available for purchase, now out of production unfortunately. This was done by the ‘Society of Australian Genealogy.  It contains the burials from hundreds of cemeteries all over Australia along with other information.   The burial details for Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, Boulder and many of the other smaller cemeteries in our area are also listed.  The disk can be found at some libraries and at WAGS and the Battye Library in Perth. When the AGCI disk was completed the photocopied cards were then returned to the Goldfields Family History Society which sadly closed its doors some ago. Additional information has been added by family members and from the newspapers.

The complete list of all the burials along with details of grave number and locations has always been available from the Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery office which is open every weekday.  If you do wish to locate a grave in person you can obtain a map from the office. This list in no way replaces the excellent service offered by the Cemetery Board but is an additional search tool for those who aren't able to visit in person.

Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery Board
P.O.Box 79 Kalgoorlie WA 6430

* denotes – unable to locate on the Western Australian Deaths with the WA Registrar General

More recent deaths may not be included as the records have only been recently become available and will be added in due course. If you would like a name added now please do send us the details.

If you have any photographs of your relatives headstone or memorial and would like it to be added to the web site please get in touch with me and I will add it in.  We will soon start adding the photographs from my own collection.

I would like to ask if you find any entry incorrect or missing please contact me for correction.


First Name Age Burial Date Denom Grave No. Section Father Mother Comments          
SABINE John Doyle 5 months 13/Dec/1906 Roman Catholic 142 B      
SADAK Alexander Karl 33 14/May/1973 Roman Catholic 1046 NZ      
SALA Thomas 56 04/Oct/1943 Anglican 1057 R      
SALA William (Martin) 16 08/Sep/1936 Roman Catholic 763 M Nicholas Sala Monica  
SALA Nicholas (Mick) 41 03/Aug/1930 Roman Catholic 763 M      
SALLUR Charles 65 18/Jun/1908 Anglican 207 D      
SALLUR George Charles 15 months 30/Jan/1905 Anglican 74 D George Sallur Susan Mosley  
SALLUR Muriel 11 months 27/May/1908 Methodist 307 I      
SALLUR Violet Mary 6 months 15/Jan/1906 Anglican 74 D      
SALLUR* Mary 73 29/May/1931 Anglican 207 D      
SALMON Antionetta 72 31/Jan/1959 Roman Catholic 230 N Antonio Katie  
SALMON Catherine 69 24/Jun/1927 Roman Catholic 598 M      
SALMON Francis Joseph 76 02/Oct/1968 Roman Catholic 145 N Maurice Salmon Katherine  
SALMON Gertrude 78 27/Jun/1978 Roman Catholic 531 M      
SALMON James 58 17/Jan/1925 Presbyterian 158 C      
SALMON Lilian May 72 02/Jun/1971 Roman Catholic 1055 NZ James G    
SALMON Maurice Ignatius 69 07/Dec/1957 Roman Catholic 234 N Maurice Salmon Katherine  
SALMON Michael Patrick 60 09/Mar/1959 Roman Catholic 221 N Maurice Salmon Katherine  
SALMON Robert Raymond 86 16/Jul/1980 Roman Catholic 1055 NZ      
SALVO Titus Mary 50 28/May/1905 Methodist 68 A      
SAMPSON Augusta Wilhemina 81 27/Oct/1951 Methodist 96 A      
SAMPSON Bert Bramwell 24 04/Oct/1917 Methodist 81 A John Bramwell Rawling Sampson Augusta Wilhemina Sampson Killed In Action
SAMPSON Elizabeth 79 28/Nov/1919 Methodist 715 I      
SAMPSON Elva Muriel 8 months 08/Oct/1906 Methodist 64 A      
SAMPSON Florrie 18 05/Mar/1909 Anglican 373 E      
SAMPSON Harriet 57 03/Mar/1922 Methodist 82 A      
SAMPSON John Bramwell Rawling 43 25/Jan/1905 Methodist 81 A John Sampson Susan Rawling Saunders  
SAMPSON John Frederick Arnold 44 03/Jul/1927 Methodist 81 A      
SAMPSON Lorna Elsie 20 02/Oct/1942 Methodist 27 KQ      
SAMPSON Rebecca 78 17/Apr/1923 Anglican 863 R      
SAMPSON Susan Fanny 23 31/Mar/1936 Salvation Army 147 H      
SAMPSON Thomas 57 14/Feb/1921 Methodist 82 A      
SANDERSON Ivan Ronald 75 24/Jun/1974 Roman Catholic 1032 NZ      
SANDERSON Mary 83 10/Mar/1983 Roman Catholic 1032 NZ      
SANDFORD Bertram Frederick 68 05/Dec/1955 Anglican 1196 R      
SANTICH Catherina Stillborn 01/Oct/1916 Roman Catholic 225 M      
SARAH Doreen Elizabeth 16 months 17/Jun/1913 Anglican 542 R      
SARDELIC* Peter 69 18/Nov/1967 Roman Catholic 204 N      
SARRE Henry James (Twin) Stillborn 06/Oct/1904 Roman Catholic 38 B John Harold Sarre Elizabeth Blanche Lawler  
SARRE John Francis (Twin) Stillborn 06/Oct/1904 Roman Catholic 38 B John Harold Sarre Elizabeth Blanche Lawler  
SARTORI Gordon Leslie 69 02/Feb/1996 Anglican 1370 R      
SASCHE Jean 1 01/May/1907 Roman Catholic 151 B      
SATCHELL Elizabeth 58 14/Dec/1918 Anglican 594 R      
SATTELL William 5 days 24/Nov/1905 Methodist 167 A William Sattell Emily Atkinson  
SAUER Doris E Stillborn 27/Jan/1909 Methodist 378 I      
SAUL Thomas 40 30/Nov/1905 Presbyterian 51 C      
SAUNDERS Arthur George 31 31/Aug/1919 Anglican 673 R      
SAUNDERS Edward Harper 20 months 07/May/1906 Anglican 204 D      
SAUNDERS John Sylvester 17 months 16/May/1909 Methodist 401 I      
SAUNDERS Phyllis Stillborn 14/Jan/1921 Anglican 660 R L Saunders    
SAUNDERS Richard Edward 28 16/Aug/1915 Anglican 660 R      
SAUNDERS William Edgar 9 13/Feb/1926 Anglican 659 R      
SAVOLLDELLI Angelus 42 07/Oct/1924 Roman Catholic 399 M      
SAWYER John 87 05/Apr/1917 Anglican 573 R      
SAYER George Butters 28 28/Jan/1908 Anglican 91 D      
SCADDAN Elizabeth (Bessie) 23 03/Aug/1904 Methodist 13 A Henry Fauckner Fanny Evans Reglas Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
SCANLAN Ellen 74 18/Jul/1960 Roman Catholic 195 N Andrew Mary  
SCANLAN Francis Aloysius 2 weeks 18/Apr/1916 Roman Catholic 783 M      
SCANLON Dorothy Mary 9 months 04/Aug/1909 Roman Catholic 297 M      
SCANLON William John 72 11/Feb/1984 Roman Catholic 202 A      
SCANLON Unknown Stillborn 18/Oct/1913 Roman Catholic 291 M      
SCATTERGOOD Edith 96 25/Jan/1981 Methodist 364 KQ      
SCATTERGOOD Isaiah 63 05/Oct/1942 Methodist 364 KQ      
SCEGHI Margherita 90 30/Mar/1985 Roman Catholic 41 NZ      
SCHEKIRA Bertha 16 09/May/1907 Methodist 306 I   Louisa  
SCHERINI Barry 61 06/Apr/2008 Roman Catholic 68 N      
SCHERINI Carl John 52 13/Jan/1964 Roman Catholic 68 N Antonio Scherini Ida  
SCHERINI Vera 92 09/Mar/2009 Roman Catholic 68 N      
SCHICKERLING John 42 14/Dec/1912 Anglican 503 R      
SCHLEMAKER Ada 87 01/Apr/1968 Methodist 624 I Cosworth W Elizabeth J  
SCHLEMAKER Albert Theodore 43 18/Jan/1926 Methodist 624 I      
SCHMIDT Charles Frederick Julius 65 28/Apr/1909 Methodist 342 I      
SCHMIDT Ernest Olgast Louie 63 11/Feb/1921 Salvation Army 73 H      
SCHMIDT Gustav Adolph 77 04/Feb/1952 Presbyterian 223 KQ      
SCHMIDT Olga 4 days 07/May/1914 Methodist 512 I      
SCHOEFFLER Unnamed Male 3 days 20/Mar/1940 Methodist 204 KQ      
SCHONING Julius Albert 21 28/Jun/1905 Methodist 98 A John Schoning Margretha Wolter  
SCHOPPE Joseph Andrew 71 17/Apr/1984 Methodist 731 KQ      
SCHOPPE Veronica 84 15/Nov/1992 Methodist 731 KQ      
SCHREUDER Albert 37 30/Jan/1986 Roman Catholic 74 NZ      
SCHULTZE Ernest John 26 02/Sep/1924 Anglican 737 R      
SCHULZE August Ernest 63 17/Jul/1917 Anglican 737 R      
SCOBLE Honor 90 11/Nov/1929 Methodist 562 I      
SCOBLE Sylvia Stillborn 19/Jun/1922 Methodist 470 I      
SCOTT Ada Stillborn 13/Aug/1911 Presbyterian 162 C Allen Scott   Unmarked Grave.
SCOTT Douglas 9 weeks 25/Nov/1935 Methodist 128 KQ      
SCOTT Emma 55 25/Feb/1910 Methodist 490 I      
SCOTT John Gartland 2 days 26/Feb/1914 Roman Catholic 364 M      
SCOTT Keith Parker 1 day 14/Dec/1936 Methodist 128 KQ      
SCOTT Michael Balfour 52 26/Nov/1918 Presbyterian 27 C      
SCOTT Philip 26 06/Mar/1936 Anglican 1037 R      
SCOTT William 58 22/Jan/1923 Anglican 877 R      
SCOTT* Mabel Edith 35 07/Sep/1933 Anglican 21 D      
SCOUGALL Charles 69 19/Jan/1938 Methodist 207 KQ      
SCOUGALL Emma Jane 79 04/Sep/1951 Methodist 207 KQ      
SCOUGALL Unnamed Male Stillborn 01/Jun/1912 Methodist 467 I      
SCROOP Robert James 9 months 26/Nov/1914 Presbyterian 159 C      
SCULLIN Catherine 86 18/Nov/1947 Roman Catholic 395 M      
SCULLIN Daniel 71 12/Aug/1931 Roman Catholic 395 M      
SCULLIN James 54 20/Oct/1917 Roman Catholic 395 M      
SCULLIN Joseph 67 22/Oct/1973 Roman Catholic 1034 NZ      
SEABORN Agnes 61 17/Jun/1917 Anglican 684 R      
SEABROOK Henry 77 23/Jun/1967 Roman Catholic 200 N Joseph Seabrook Mary V  
SEABROOK Louise Lilley 86 07/Feb/1976 Roman Catholic 200 N      
SEALEY Edna May 4 months 30/Nov/1915 Anglican 562 R      
SEARSON Frank 55 23/Mar/1912 Anglican 478 R      
SEDDON Percy 32 09/Oct/1907 Methodist 262 I      
SEDGMAN James Roland 27 05/Jun/1914 Methodist 634 I      
SEFTON William 49 27/Jul/1907 Anglican 69 D      
SEIBEL Erhardt (Tom) 49 20/Feb/1973 Roman Catholic 1042 NZ      
SEINOR Gavin Leo 1 day 27/Oct/1967 Anglican 1326 R Quenton L Seinor Diane P  
SEIVER Albert Charles 42 05/May/1925 Anglican 613 R      
SELAK Grgo (George) 42 04/Feb/1942 Roman Catholic 484 M      
SELAK Stipan 61 09/Aug/1948 Roman Catholic 48 N      
SELLARS John Horace 2 25/May/1906 Presbyterian 90 C      
SELLS Pearl Muriel Mary 13 years 10 months 25/Jun/1905 Methodist 58 A David Sells Mary Jane Prideaux  
SELLS William Parker 32 20/Apr/1911 Methodist 58 A      
SEMINI Olive 1 hour 11/Dec/1922 Roman Catholic 815 M      
SEMINI Thelma Elsie 4 months 03/Nov/1918 Roman Catholic 815 M      
SENDZIUK Czeslava Stanislava (Teresa) 11 06/Jun/1964 Roman Catholic 65 N Stanislaw Sendziuk Helena  
SENDZIUK Helena 82 27/Apr/1992 Roman Catholic 65 N      
SENDZIUK Stanislaw 62 29/Mar/1972 Roman Catholic 1052 NZ      
SERTIS Mary 4 hours 08/Jul/1939 Anglican 899 R      
SERTORINI Luigi 5½ hours 27/Sep/1919 Roman Catholic 773 M      
SESTICH Ivan 69 12/Jul/1968 Roman Catholic 155 N Ante Sestich Mare  
SESTICH Tony 65 12/Nov/2002 Roman Catholic 155 N      
SEXTON Frederick Joseph 35 23/Jul/1908 Anglican 239 E      
SEXTON William 3 01/Jan/1912 Methodist 502 I      
SEXTON William Stillborn 31/Dec/1925 Methodist 785 I   Winifred  
SEXTON William 55 02/May/1925 Anglican 931 R      
SHACKLETON Ernest Cecil 76 29/Aug/1996 Anglican 1345 R      
SHACKLETON Midgley 65 02/Jul/1922 Anglican 788 R      
SHADBOLT Albert Edward 36 03/Jan/1940 Anglican 818 R      
SHANAHAN Thomas 51 08/May/1927 Roman Catholic 410 M      
SHANAHAN Unnamed Female Stillborn 16/Jul/1940 Roman Catholic 450 M      
SHANNHAN Patrick 3 days 20/Oct/1909 Roman Catholic 282 M      
SHANNHAN Thomas 1 day 15/Nov/1910 Roman Catholic 299 M      
SHANNON John Frederick 80 16/Dec/1963 Anglican 1270 R      
SHAPCOTT Unnamed Female Stillborn 12/Sep/1905 Methodist 162 A Francis Abraham Shapcott Lucy Hannah Quarrell  
SHARKEY Lawrence 66 01/Nov/1912 Roman Catholic 351 M      
SHARKEY Myles Patrick 4 months 01/Oct/1924 Roman Catholic 351 M      
SHARKEY Pearl May 36 12/Aug/1925 Roman Catholic 351 M      
SHARLAND Frederick 45 15/Jan/1909 Anglican 359 E      
SHARP Andrew Patterson 65 22/Aug/1916 Anglican 690 R      
SHARP John Edward 33 22/Jun/1918 Anglican 690 R      
SHARP Richard Stewart 74 31/Jul/1961 Presbyterian 238 KQ John Sharp Elizabeth  
SHARP Robert Corbett 46 21/Aug/1910 Anglican 365 E      
SHARP Thomas Patterson 72 30/Apr/1948 Anglican 810 R     Exhumed to Kalgoorlie in 1969.
SHARP William W 36 17/May/1928 Anglican 856 R      
SHAW George W G 2½ months 30/May/1907 Presbyterian 116 C     Unmarked Grave.
SHAW Unnamed Female Stillborn 02/Jan/1910 Anglican 324 E Robert A Shaw    
SHEAHAN Timothy Leo 8 19/Dec/1916 Roman Catholic 825 M      
SHEEDY Denis 62 20/Sep/1943 Roman Catholic 542 M      
SHEEHAN Alice 48 20/Feb/1912 Roman Catholic 318 M      
SHEEHAN Alice 6 15/Dec/1910 Roman Catholic 320 M      
SHEEHAN Dennis 10 02/Nov/1905 Roman Catholic 79 B Dennis Sheehan Minnie Kinnane  
SHEEHAN Dennis 50 29/Nov/1910 Roman Catholic 278 M Luke Sheehan Mary Sheehan  
SHEEHAN Dennis 6 26/Sep/1909 Roman Catholic 296 M      
SHEEHAN Horatio 47 12/Oct/1928 Roman Catholic 826 M      
SHEEHAN John 52 11/Oct/1909 Roman Catholic 318 M      
SHEEHAN Minnie 52 17/Jan/1922 Roman Catholic 79 B      
SHEEHAN Monica A 19 03/Jul/1917 Roman Catholic 278 M      
SHEEHAN Walter Henry 21/Jun/1915 Methodist 814 I      
SHEEHY Elizabeth 85 14/Jul/1954 Roman Catholic 339 M James Annie  
SHEEHY Michael 46 04/Aug/1912 Roman Catholic 339 M      
SHELDON George William 56 10/Apr/1972 Roman Catholic 1082 NZ      
SHELLEY James William 2 days 04/Aug/1914 Roman Catholic 709 M      
SHEPHARD Richard Newman 3 days 03/Sep/1908 Congregational 46 F      
SHEPPARD Bernard Weisly 15 months 06/Oct/1907 Roman Catholic 120 B      
SHEPPARD Charles Jamieson 63 17/Oct/1931 Anglican 960 R      
SHEPPARD Joseph 51 19/Sep/1921 Anglican 829 R      
SHEPPERD George Clement 82 05/Oct/1943 Salvation Army 175 H      
SHEPPERD Mark 61 19/Jun/1922 Anglican 694 R      
SHERIDAN John 69 19/Feb/1948 Anglican 809 R      
SHERIDAN Kate 68 04/Mar/1949 Anglican 809 R      
SHERIDAN Lawrence Francis 37 19/May/1918 Roman Catholic 838 M      
SHERIDAN Theresa  1 hour 23/Nov/1908 Roman Catholic 207 B      
SHERIDAN Unnamed Female Stillborn 15/Aug/1904 Roman Catholic 28 B Lawrence Francis Sheridan Annie Dynan  
SHERIDAN Violet May Elizabeth 56 06/Nov/1969 Anglican 809 R John Kate  
SHERIFF John Withno 73 20/Sep/1965 Presbyterian 296 KQ      
SHERRY Michael 37 27/Dec/1905 Roman Catholic 75 B      
SHERVILL Charles Henry 61 09/Jan/1930 Presbyterian 169 KQ      
SHERVILL John McKenzie 64 30/Sep/1969 Presbyterian 302 KQ Charles H Shervill Isobella  
SHETLAT Alfred Joseph (Sex Offender) 62 24/Apr/1984 Methodist 180 A      
SHIELD Elizabeth 78 04/Mar/1928 Methodist 279 I      
SHIELD Joseph 75 14/Oct/1907 Methodist 279 I      
SHIELD Joseph Henry 39 26/Sep/1953 Methodist 618 KQ      
SHIELDS John Thomas 72 17/Dec/1936 Anglican 52 D      
SHIELDS Richard Verdun 2 months 10/Jun/1916 Methodist 350 I      
SHIELDS Ruth Emily 14 months 23/Mar/1908 Anglican 52 D      
SHIELDS Samuel John 42 07/Aug/1922 Methodist 350 I      
SHIELDS Thelma Irene 13 months 24/Dec/1909 Methodist 373 I      
SHIELDS William (Willie) 1 28/Oct/1908 Methodist 350 I      
SHILLINGLAW Albert 72 06/Mar/1986 Methodist 544 KQ      
SHILLINGLAW Arthur P 7 months 07/Jul/1916 Anglican 432 E      
SHILLINGLAW Beatrice 75 10/Dec/1956 Methodist 428 KQ Thomas R Grace  
SHILLINGLAW Doris Parkes 11 26/Jul/1911 Anglican 432 E      
SHILLINGLAW Emily Jane 92 01/Oct/1973 Anglican 1015 R      
SHILLINGLAW Joseph Granter 44 01/Jun/1928 Methodist 1057 I      
SHILLINGLAW Unnamed Male Stillborn 15/Mar/1918 Anglican 432 E      
SHILLINGLAW William Charles 77 04/Aug/1952 Anglican 1081 R      
SHILLINGLAW Kevin James 2 days 15/Nov/1936 Roman Catholic 565 M      
SHILLINGLAW Unknown Stillborn 07/Jan/1914 Anglican 432 E      
SHINGLER William Charles 15 12/Oct/1911 Presbyterian 91 C      
SHINGLER William Jeffery 41 14/May/1908 Presbyterian 91 C      
SHINNICK Mary R ? 26/Oct/1906 Roman Catholic 167 B     Unmarked Grave.
SHORT Albert James 56 20/Jun/1947 Anglican 1193 R      
SHORT Ethel Maud 73 30/Oct/1984 Presbyterian 390 KQ      
SHORT Walter Reid 71 30/Jul/1979 Uniting Church 390 KQ      
SILES Edith 96 28/Jan/1981 Anglican 364 K      
SILES Thomas 79 25/May/1954 Methodist 550 KQ Henry Siles Bridget  
SILICH Antony 4 months 03/Nov/1910 Roman Catholic 80 B Michael Silich Klara Breskovic  
SILICH Katherina 4 months 17/Feb/1906 Roman Catholic 80 B Michael Silich Klara Breskovic  
SILICH Klara 4 27/Apr/1921 Roman Catholic 80 B Michael Silich Klara Breskovic  
SILICH Klara 52 15/Feb/1931 Roman Catholic 80 B      
SILICH Ludovika 5 months 11/Feb/1907 Roman Catholic 80 B Michael Silich Klara Breskovic  
SILICH Michael 4 months 02/Nov/1913 Roman Catholic 80 B Michael Silich Klara Breskovic  
SILICH Michael (Mick) 59 03/Mar/1932 Roman Catholic 80 B      
SILICH Victor Nicholas 4 months 07/Dec/1911 Roman Catholic 80 B Michael Silich Klara Breskovic  
SILVA Harold Vincent 6 months 23/Mar/1919 Presbyterian 165 C      
SILVA John Henry 4 months 06/Nov/1912 Presbyterian 165 C      
SILVA Thelma Irene 7 20/Jun/1915 Presbyterian 165 C      
SIMMONDS Ethel Mary 23 19/Aug/1935 Anglican 1053 R      
SIMMONDS James W Stillborn 19/Aug/1935 Anglican 1053 R   Ethel  
SIMPSON Annetta Joyce 14 months 01/May/1920 Anglican 759 R      
SIMPSON Edna May 5 months 13/Aug/1906 Presbyterian 119 C      
SIMPSON Ernest 3 days 05/Jul/1920 Anglican 759 R      
SIMPSON Hannah Jane 34 02/Nov/1908 Anglican 235 E      
SIMPSON Ronald Jack 12 days 27/Sep/1925 Anglican 759 R      
SIMPSON Tom McIntosh 60 13/Jan/1983 Presbyterian 387 KQ      
SIMPSON William Coulson 67 05/Jan/1935 Anglican 235 E      
SIMUNOVICH Ivan 38 01/Jul/1935 Roman Catholic 606 M      
SIMUNOVICH Ivan 69 12/Dec/1974 Roman Catholic 55 N      
SIMUNOVICH Jelica (Ella) 96 12/Jul/2016 Roman Catholic 55 N      
SIMUNOVICH Rade 54 24/Dec/1951 Roman Catholic 55 N      
SINCLAIR Cullam Glenn 16 days 22/Dec/2002 Roman Catholic 93 NZ      
SINCLAIR Neil 65 22/Jan/2003 Anglican 1382 R      
SINCLAIR Tammy Anne (Gypsy) 29 07/May/2003 Roman Catholic 93 NZ      
SIWIK Antoni 70 28/Apr/1987 Roman Catholic 906 N      
SKANE Albert Edward 69 24/Oct/1975 Anglican 1355 R      
SKANE Annie 6 months 10/Jan/1921 Methodist 503 I      
SKANE Eric 35 09/Mar/1957 Anglican 1200 R Edward Ernest Skane Matilda Sarah Pike  
SKANE John Gilbert 10 months 17/Dec/1913 Methodist 503 I      
SKANE Matilda Sarah 55 23/Mar/1933 Anglican 1026 R      
SKANE Roy 48 17/Oct/1963 Anglican 1026 R Edward Ernest Skane Matilda Sarah Pike  
SKANE Unnamed Male Stillborn 10/Dec/1904 Anglican 104 D Edward Ernest Skane Matilda Sarah Pike  
SKANE Albert Ernest 80 29/Mar/1951 Anglican 1026 R      
SKELLY John Adrian (Shaun) 57 19/Aug/2007 Methodist 805 KQ      
SKINNER Charles 3 weeks 20/Sep/1912 Presbyterian 139 C      
SKINNER Mavis Isabella 3 22/Mar/1918 Methodist 828 I      
SKINNER Olive Irene 3 06/May/1918 Methodist 828 I      
SKIPWORTH Dorothy May 74 18/May/1996 Methodist 707 KQ      
SKIPWORTH Edith Eleanor 33 27/Nov/1905 Methodist 123 A Samuel Isaac Skipworth Elizabeth Sarah Chapman  
SKIPWORTH Edward William 38 05/Jun/1959 Methodist 707 KQ      
SKIPWORTH Ella A Stillborn 03/Feb/1912 Methodist 504 I      
SKIPWORTH Olive 10 months 15/Mar/1905 Methodist 70 A Alfred Skipworth Edith Eleanor Pierce  
SKIPWORTH Susan 75 18/Nov/1926 Methodist 941 I      
SKOKANDICH Tony ? 26/Mar/1911 Roman Catholic 302 M     Unmarked Grave.
SKOKANDICH Visko 18 months 29/Jul/1913 Roman Catholic 302 M Nichlis Skokandich Jozi Breskovich Unmarked Grave.
SLABIC Jacov 62 25/Jan/1963 Roman Catholic 97 N      
SLABIC Toni 82 21/Sep/1938 Roman Catholic 434 M      
SLADE Ethel Adelaide 77 18/Aug/1934 Anglican 269 E      
SLATER Charles Battersby 52 09/Sep/1922 Anglican 869 R      
SLATER Robert 80 19/Jan/1940 Anglican 796 R      
SLATTERY James 3 days 30/Jul/1918 Roman Catholic 755 M      
SLEE Frank 6 weeks 26/Jul/1913 Congregational 56 F      
SLEE George 52 12/Feb/1922 Congregational 56 F      
SLEE John Henry 39 03/Mar/1911 Methodist 498 I      
SLEE Norma May 9 months 03/Nov/1929 Methodist 683 I      
SLEPIKOWSKI Leon 66 06/Jun/1973 Roman Catholic 1054 NZ      
SLY Hilda Baker 10 weeks 19/Oct/1909 Roman Catholic 281 M      
SLY Hilda Gertrude 17 years 6 months 13/Aug/1909 Roman Catholic 307 M     Died of Heart Failure. 
SLY Thomas Joseph 42 03/Aug/1910 Roman Catholic 307 M      
SMART Alfred James 32 15/Jan/1929 Anglican 971 R      
SMART Alice May 2 days 03/Aug/1916 Anglican 583 R      
SMART Cecil Joseph 78 26/Feb/1973 Anglican 1353 R      
SMART Helen Agnes 6 days 06/Aug/1916 Anglican 583 R      
SMART Ivy May 25 09/Dec/1920 Anglican 583 R      
SMART Joseph 67 29/Jan/1940 Anglican 971 R      
SMART Joseph Andrew 9 months 11/Apr/1918 Anglican 583 R      
SMART Sarah 65 11/Mar/1947 Anglican 871 R      
SMART William 68 29/Jul/1939 Anglican 817 R      
SMITH Alfred Stillborn 23/Oct/1911 Congregational 69 F Arthur Samuel Smith Caroline Cook  
SMITH Alfred Stillborn 08/Dec/1911 Methodist 469 I Alfred Smith    
SMITH Alfred 75 10/Nov/1935 Methodist 126 KQ      
SMITH Alfred 80 11/Jun/1948 Anglican 808 R   Mother:- Margaret Bourke ( Smith ) of Green Ponds Tasmania . Convict transported over from Ireland in 1850’s Father:- James Smith of Green Ponds Tasmania . Convict transported over in 1850’s from Scotland
SMITH Alice ? 13/Nov/1982 Anglican 620 R      
SMITH Arthur Samuel 35 12/Mar/1914 Congregational 69 F      
SMITH Bert 68 09/Sep/1990 Methodist 631 KQ      
SMITH Brian Vernon 49 06/Jul/2001 Methodist 619 KQ      
SMITH Cedric Gordon 46 02/Jan/1943 Anglican 985 R      
SMITH Charles 49 23/Apr/1909 Anglican 376 E      
SMITH Charles Leonard 16 months 22/Nov/1910 Anglican 321 E      
SMITH Colleen Glenice 4 months 20/Jan/1954 Methodist 619 KQ Frederick J Smith Lorna D  
SMITH Edward George 24 18/Feb/1936 Presbyterian 80 C      
SMITH Elizabeth Annie Maree 13/Nov/1905 Presbyterian 83 C Harry Edgar Smith Annie Kirk  
SMITH Elsie Blanche 65 05/Oct/1984 Anglican 741 R      
SMITH Ernest Edgar 4 months 25/Apr/1906 Presbyterian 86 C      
SMITH Florence 78 16/Jul/1985 Salvation Army 215 H      
SMITH Frederick ? 19/Jan/1990 Anglican 620 R      
SMITH Frederick North 77 08/Nov/1950 Anglican 993 R      
SMITH George Edward 71 09/Sep/1941 Anglican 702 R      
SMITH George Milne 2 weeks 20/Jul/1905 Methodist 155 A Alan Edward Smith Laura Violet Semmens  
SMITH Gertrude Maud 5 19/Jun/1919 Methodist 1085 I      
SMITH Gladys 2 weeks 12/Apr/1908 Anglican 84 D      
SMITH Hannah Mary ? 02/Sep/1907 Anglican 127 D     Unmarked Grave.
SMITH Harriet Ann 44 20/Jan/1914 Presbyterian 158 C      
SMITH Harry James 22 01/Jul/1921 Roman Catholic 654 M      
SMITH Henry Jarret 56 05/Apr/1935 Anglican 1055 R      
SMITH Henry Law 54 20/Apr/1916 Presbyterian 158 C      
SMITH Hugh Alexander 33 20/Aug/1912 Church of Christ 56 H      
SMITH Isabella Ethel 31 19/Jul/1912 Methodist 595 I      
SMITH Ivy May 4½ months 30/May/1906 Presbyterian 88 C      
SMITH James Ernest Stillborn 08/May/1933 Anglican 851 R      
SMITH Jessie 16 months 06/Sep/1906 Baptist 51 G      
SMITH John 57 16/Feb/1917 Methodist 831 I      
SMITH John 52 29/Oct/1918 Roman Catholic 810 M      
SMITH John Milne 78 21/Jan/1927 Anglican 953 R      
SMITH Kathleen Mary 56 03/Oct/1932 Roman Catholic 654 M      
SMITH Lila 14 03/May/1906 Anglican 192 D      
SMITH Lily Jane 44 29/Jul/1915 Presbyterian 202 C      
SMITH Maria Louisa 88 30/Dec/1940 Anglican 620 R      
SMITH Marjorie 7 weeks 23/Nov/1905 Presbyterian 80 C Thomas Albert Smith Martha Carson  
SMITH Marjorie Violet ? 26/Jan/1910 Roman Catholic 264 M     Grave only has a headstone for Francis James McCormick.
SMITH Martha 70 19/Apr/1939 Presbyterian 80 C      
SMITH Mary 57 25/Aug/1922 Roman Catholic 625 M      
SMITH Mary Findlater 18 05/Jul/1924 Anglican 33 D      
SMITH Maud 71 07/Oct/1944 Methodist 126 KQ      
SMITH Maxwell Neil 6 24/Jul/1944 Methodist 362 KQ      
SMITH Peter Joseph 5 days 07/Sep/1964 Roman Catholic 64 N      
SMITH Reginald 21 01/Jun/1914 Presbyterian 80 C      
SMITH Reginald 10 28/Mar/1927 Methodist 687 I      
SMITH Robert Stanley 48 25/Jun/1948 Methodist 527 KQ      
SMITH Robert Thomas 77 28/Apr/1961 Methodist 741 KQ      
SMITH Roy Linton John 8 02/May/1926 Methodist 92        
SMITH Ruth Ivy 5 01/Mar/1911 Anglican 273 E      
SMITH Samuel James 66 04/Nov/1970 Salvation Army 215 H   Isabella  
SMITH Sarah 65 23/Feb/1942 Anglican 1055 R      
SMITH Sarah Ann 69 21/Nov/1944 Anglican 1085 R      
SMITH Sarah Mary 1 22/Nov/1906 Roman Catholic 152 B John Smith Ellen May Power  
SMITH Thomas 79 19/Feb/1953 Roman Catholic 469 M      
SMITH Thomas Albert 63 03/Nov/1931 Presbyterian 80 C      
SMITH Unnamed Female Stillborn 12/Nov/1936 Anglican 1108 R H Smith    
SMITH Unnamed Male Stillborn 07/Sep/1916 Roman Catholic 778 M Sydney    
SMITH William 3 days 24/Oct/1905 Roman Catholic 46 B George Augustus Smith Margaret Charlotte Barry  
SMITH William Arthur 82 19/Sep/1949 Anglican 910 R      
SMITH William Henry 75 08/Sep/1927 Anglican 620 R      
SMITH William Merdue 79 17/Jan/1910 Anglican 271 E      
SMYTHE Ethel Gertrude 65 12/May/1955 Roman Catholic 41 N George    
SMYTHE George Francis 24 04/Aug/1949 Roman Catholic 40 N      
SMYTHE Ruby 75 13/Jul/1967 Methodist 120 KQ Thomas Ann  
SMYTHE William 40 13/Jun/1912 Presbyterian 183 C      
SMYTHE William John 70 04/Apr/1986 Methodist 541 KQ      
SMYTHE William John 65 04/Jan/1955 Roman Catholic 169 N Patrick Smythe Mary  
SNELL John Lean 60 02/Aug/1906 Methodist 269 I      
SNELL Raymond Ivan 2 04/Jan/1956 Methodist 644 KQ Ivan Snell Mona  
SNELLING Elizabeth 79 10/Dec/1945 Anglican 1169 R      
SNELLING Margaret 71 21/Jan/1969 Anglican 1169 R Walter Elizabeth  
SNELLING Walter 74 07/Jan/1938 Anglican 1169 R      
SNOWDEN James Lewis 50 18/Apr/1922 Roman Catholic 639 M      
SOKOLENKO John 36 29/Dec/1986 Roman Catholic 79 NZ      
SOLE George 54 13/Jul/1933 Anglican 1028 R      
SOMERVILLE Alice May 15 months 11/May/1906 Church of Christ 47 H      
SOMERVILLE Stanley Morris 37 18/Aug/1933 Anglican 1035 R     Killed in a premature explosion at the Great Boulder Proprietary Mine.
SOMMERVILLE Kevin Wayne 16 18/Oct/1972 Anglican 1035 R      
SPAJICH Joe 77 10/May/1948 Anglican 803 R      
SPANGLER Alfred 45 30/Nov/1921 Methodist 975 I      
SPANGLER Clarence 62 02/Nov/1972 Methodist 975 I      
SPANGLER Eliza Jane 71 24/Jan/1948 Methodist 975 I      
SPANGLER Ronald 3 days 17/Nov/1914 Methodist 699 I      
SPEAKMAN William 2 days 18/Jan/1915 Anglican 536 R      
SPENCE Charles Kerr 58 10/Apr/1906 Anglican 140 D      
SPENCE Ethel Alcock ? 14/Jan/2009 Methodist 426 KQ     Unmarked Grave.
SPENCE George 35 19/Feb/1944 Methodist 426 KQ      
SPENCE John 70 26/Dec/1928 Methodist 212 A      
SPENCE Mary Elizabeth 73 31/Dec/1943 Methodist 212 A      
SPENCE May Reece 17 months 20/May/1911 Anglican 349 E      
SPINKS Ernest 53 05/May/1926 Methodist 960 I      
SPINKS Ernest 74 29/Jul/1987 Presbyterian 337 KQ      
SPINKS Lavinia 43 07/Sep/1917 Methodist 960 I      
SPINKS Violet Florence 11 months 07/May/1910 Methodist 434 I      
SPINKS William Leslie 28 24/Oct/1940 Presbyterian 219 C     Unmarked Grave.
SPRILJAN Unnamed Child Stillborn 25/Dec/1914 Roman Catholic 752 M      
SPRILJAN Unnamed Female Stillborn 29/Jul/1916 Roman Catholic 752 M Josef Spriljan    
SPRUHAN Bridget 62 09/Jan/1905 Roman Catholic 59 B Patrick Dunne Bridget Smith  
SPRUHAN Laurence 70 06/Aug/1906 Roman Catholic 59 B      
STABERG Charles Francis 8 11/Jul/1910 Methodist 313 I      
STACE Albert Harry 67 19/May/1931 Salvation Army 82 H      
STACK Alice 42 26/Dec/1918 Roman Catholic 150 B      
STACK Robert 49 15/Jan/1925 Roman Catholic 422 M      
STACK Robert Patrick 3 11/Feb/1907 Roman Catholic 150 B      
STALEY Robert Alexander ? 01/Sep/1904 Presbyterian 41 C     Unmarked Grave.
STARR John Joseph 18 09/May/1934 Roman Catholic 201 B     Not mentioned on headstone. 
STARR Mary May 26 05/Dec/1918 Roman Catholic 201 B      
STEEL Clara 9 22/Apr/1925 Roman Catholic 823 M      
STEEL Elizabeth Ellen 83   Anglican 187 RS      
STEEL Marlene 27/Apr/1942 Roman Catholic 727 M      
STEEL Martha Eliza 73 14/Oct/1936 Anglican 1098 R      
STEEL May Cresent 27 06/Oct/1936 Anglican 1097 R      
STEEL Phelomena Ruby 32 30/Nov/1937 Roman Catholic 729 M      
STEEL Robert Crescent 78 25/May/1973 Anglican 1357 R      
STEEL William Jameson 51 24/Oct/1955 Roman Catholic 174 N Archibald Steel Margaret  
STEEL* Robert Anthony 2 14/Jan/1934 Roman Catholic 729 M     Died at the Kalgoorlie Government Hospital after a short illness. 
STEELE Stephen 45 20/Aug/1908 Anglican 350 E      
STEFANOU Angelidis Constantino 28 05/Feb/1942 Anglican 984 R     Died in the Boulder Bombings
STEIN Lawrence Jeffrey 22 months 19/Nov/1984 Anglican 165 RS Jeffrey Albert Stein Kathryn May Blanchard  
STEINHAUSER David Robert 30 26/Nov/1907 Anglican 170 D      
STEINHAUSER Elizabeth Victoria 88 08/Jun/1976 Anglican 842 R      
STEINHAUSER Hannah Hilton 18 months 17/Jul/1922 Anglican 842 R      
STEINHAUSER Henry Jacob 74 31/Jul/1959 Anglican 842 R      
STEINHAUSER Jean Mary 62 27/Nov/1980 Uniting Church 444 KQ      
STEINHAUSER Ruby Ellen 80 26/Sep/1988 Salvation Army 203 H      
STEPHEN James Bartholomew 43 02/Nov/1915 Presbyterian 213 C

Henry Charles STEPHEN and mother was Elizabeth Theresa (nee Wool) and cause of death was fire at the Lake View Gold Mine.

STEPHENS Albert Edwin 41 13/Jun/1925 Methodist 273 I      
STEPHENS Clara 52 11/Jun/1927 Methodist 778 I      
STEPHENS Edwin Alec 89 01/Jul/1996 Methodist 272 I      
STEPHENS Edwin Barrett 58 03/May/1931 Methodist 272 I      
STEPHENS Eunice Evelyn 68 02/Apr/1976 Methodist 232 A      
STEPHENS Garnet Walter 102 09/Jul/1990 Methodist 273 I      
STEPHENS George 31 16/Mar/1911 Methodist 611 I      
STEPHENS James Henery 59 29/Sep/1928 Methodist 247 I      
STEPHENS Jane 89 26/Jun/1940 Methodist 273 I      
STEPHENS John 37 02/Mar/1911 Anglican 401 E      
STEPHENS John 75 12/Nov/1913 Methodist 628 I      
STEPHENS John R 49 21/Mar/1912 Methodist 603 I      
STEPHENS Lily J 25 05/Dec/1906 Methodist 308 I William A Stephens J  
STEPHENS Mary 74 28/Jun/1914 Methodist 628 I      
STEPHENS Myrtle Olive 10 months 19/May/1908 Methodist 339 I      
STEPHENS William 70 11/Jun/1918 Methodist 312 I      
STEPHENS William Edward 45 08/Nov/1930 Anglican 435 E      
STEPHENSON Catherine May 8 22/Apr/1909 Methodist 489 I      
STEPHENSON Lawrence James 3 10/Nov/1920 Baptist 92 G      
STERRITT Edwin William (Ted) 70 10/Apr/1987 Anglican 174 RS      
STEVENS Catherine Sarah Agnes 37 28/Dec/1909 Roman Catholic 310 M      
STEVENS Dorothy Enid 16 months 21/Nov/1918 Methodist 10 A      
STEVENS Ronald George 3 days 23/May/1955 Methodist 51 KQ Frederick A Stevens Dorothy  
STEWART Alexander 9 months 06/Jul/1911 Presbyterian 171 C Alexander Stewart Isabella  
STEWART Archibald Daniel 50 07/Apr/1912 Methodist 677 I     Body found in the bush. 
STEWART Cecil Francis 71 08/Jan/1974 Roman Catholic 153 N      
STEWART Donald 61 10/Apr/1929 Anglican 933 R      
STEWART Donald William 35 27/Nov/1927 Anglican 932 R      
STEWART Isabella ? *1960 Presbyterian 171 C Malcolm Martha  
STEWART Jean McCullum 19 months 27/Aug/1910 Presbyterian 171 C Alexander Stewart Isabella  
STEWART Robert James 21 18/Jul/1968 Roman Catholic 153 N Cecil F Stewart Ruth  
STILLMAN Ella Rose 84 26/Aug/1985 Methodist 42 KQ      
STILLMAN Gemma Louise 4 months 21/Jan/1987 Methodist 37 KQ      
STILLMAN Robert David 35 29/Apr/2000 Methodist 726 KQ      
STILLMAN William James 87 02/Sep/2016 Methodist 39 KQ      
STILLMAN Willie Christabel 66 25/May/1965 Methodist 42 KQ Samuel J Stillman Emily  
STOCKDALE Albert 10 months 02/May/1912 Anglican 445 E     Unmarked Grave.
STOCKDALE Arthur Henry 70 11/Oct/1977 Anglican 224 RS      
STOCKDALE Charles Ronald 22 26/Jan/1923 Anglican 577 R      
STOCKDALE Elizabeth Mary Ann 59 04/Jan/1929 Anglican 38 D      
STOCKDALE George 49 13/Feb/1915 Anglican 577 R      
STOCKDALE Harry 11 months 17/Jul/1913 Anglican 445 E      
STOCKDALE Mary Belle 90 26/Nov/1997 Anglican 224 RS      
STOLT Frederick 58 25/Jul/1926 Anglican 951 R      
STONE Arthur 60 05/Aug/1927 Anglican 7 D      
STONE Brainard Josiah 44 16/Aug/1919 Roman Catholic 378 M      
STONE Henry Ralph 2 months 07/Dec/1912 Church of Christ 52 H      
STONE Ivy Mary 1 04/Apr/1905 Anglican 7 D James Stone Margaret Mary Parker  
STONE James Herrill 15 months 14/Jun/1911 Anglican 7 D      
STONE Lena Agnes 33 08/Feb/1912 Roman Catholic 378 M      
STONE Maria 95 03/Sep/1928 Roman Catholic 765 M      
STONEHILL Henry 27 22/Sep/1908 Anglican 358 E      
STORER Charles Henry 66 19/Aug/1955 Methodist 651 KQ Ruben R Storer    
STOREY Frances 64 24/Nov/1908 Methodist 422 I      
STOREY William Edward 53 06/Jul/1911 Methodist 422 I      
STRACHAN Ronald James 24 13/Jun/1931 Anglican 3 D      
STRATFORD John William 15 months 08/Jan/1916 Roman Catholic 704 M      
STREMPEL Janet Adelaide 34 05/Jul/1909 Congregational 67 F      
STRONGMAN Emily 51 24/Mar/1909 Methodist 488 I      
STROTHER John Edward 22 months 21/Jun/1927 Roman Catholic 413 M      
STROTHER Ruby Victoria 20 07/Dec/1913 Anglican 504 R Charles Henry Truscott Helen Tretheway Died at St John of God Hospital, Kalgoorlie. 
STROTHER Walter 8 months 15/Dec/1931 Anglican 1017 R      
STROTHER William John 4 25/Dec/1942 Roman Catholic 448 M      
STUART Arthur Gordon 52 17/Feb/1921 Methodist 677 I      
STUART Eliza 88 12/Jul/1960 Methodist 736 KQ Samuel Mary  
STUBBS Eric Kenneth 54 26/Jan/1970 Methodist 185 KQ Stokes Ulysses Stubbs Ethel Florence Cook  
STUBBS Janice Lesley 53 30/Jul/1999 Methodist 189 KQ      
STUBER Cyril Stillborn 15/Jan/1923 Roman Catholic 646 M   Catherine May  
STYLE Annie 59 07/Jun/1914 Anglican 530 R      
STYLE Unnamed Male Stillborn 12/Apr/1910 Anglican 331 E      
STILES Rosina Alice 28 28/Oct/1919 Anglican 26 D      
STYLES Lily 26 16/Jul/1920 Methodist 390 I      
SUFFIELD John William 76 18/Sep/1956 Anglican 1206 R William Suffield Mary  
SULLIVAN Caroline Maude 85 08/Feb/1996 Roman Catholic 214 N      
SULLIVAN Cyril James 62 26/Feb/1965 Roman Catholic 214 N Jacques Sullivan Nancy J  
SULLIVAN Doreen Mary 33 19/Dec/1946 Roman Catholic 10 N      
SULLIVAN John L Stillborn 05/Jul/1907 Anglican 232 D      
SULLIVAN Nance 43 18/Apr/1906 Roman Catholic 83 B     AKA: Annie Heeney
SULLIVAN Unnamed Male Stillborn 22/Jun/1944 Roman Catholic 425 M      
SULLIVAN Unnamed Male Stillborn 11/May/1920 Anglican 761 R William J Sullivan    
SUMICH Milan 28 01/Feb/1939 Roman Catholic 554 M      
SUMPTER Ada 43 23/Feb/1978 Anglican 226 RS      
SUTHERLAND Alexander 63 22/Aug/1915 Presbyterian 152 C      
SUTHERLAND Leonard James 16 22/May/1922 Anglican 834 R      
SUTHERLAND Mary 42 09/Jul/1957 Methodist 713 KQ Kenneth Jean  
SUTICH Nediljko 83 31/Dec/1975 Roman Catholic 1040 KQ      
SUTTON Anthony 78 25/Sep/1915 Anglican 653 R      
SUTTON Elizabeth Harriet 11 months 31/May/1910 Anglican 306 E      
SUTTON Florence Ellen 8½ months 07/Dec/1915 Anglican 502 R      
SUVALJKO Ivan 56 27/Aug/1951 Roman Catholic 56        
SUVALJKO Vesela 82 27/Feb/1987 Roman Catholic 56        
SIRCAROVICH Vido Stillborn 01/Jun/1908 Roman Catholic 213 B      
SWAIN Henry 63 20/Oct/1933 Roman Catholic 857 M      
SWAINSON George Frederick 8 months 25/May/1912 Anglican 347 E     Unmarked Grave.
SWAINSON Percy W 1 day 16/Nov/1916 Anglican 580 R      
SWAINSON Unknown Stillborn 14/Aug/1917 Anglican 347 E     Unmarked Grave.
SWAINSON Unknown Stillborn 18/Aug/1917 Anglican 580 R      
SWAINSON Unnamed Female Stillborn 31/May/1918 Anglican 580 R      
SWAINSON Unnamed Male Stillborn 02/May/1913 Anglican 347 E     Unmarked Grave.
SWAINSON Unnamed Male Stillborn 14/Feb/1914 Anglican 347 E     Unmarked Grave.
SWAINSON Unnamed Male Stillborn 25/Nov/1914 Anglican 347 E     Unmarked Grave.
SWAINSON Unnamed Male Stillborn 02/Nov/1916 Anglican 347 E     Unmarked Grave.
SWAINSTON Hannah 39 19/Nov/1913 Anglican 561 R      
SWAINSTON Tom Clyde 24 26/Jul/1922 Anglican 561 R      
SWAINSTON Thomas Robert 42 06/Nov/1917 Anglican 561 R      
SWINCER Gilbert Henry 53 15/May/1920 Anglican 852 R      
SYDENHAM Bertha 34 26/Feb/1909 Anglican 364 E ? Finck    
JAMES Leslie Colin 15 months 05/Nov/1916 Anglican 592 R      
SYMONS Matthew Eddie 55 12/May/1927 Presbyterian 152 KQ      
TAAFFE Alice 91 12/Feb/2002 Anglican 12 RS ? Wilson    
TAAFFE Stephen Douglas 3 months 21/Jul/1953 Salvation Army 189 H      
TAAFFE Ernest Clive (Pud) 54 13/Mar/1979 Salvation Army 231 H      
TAAFFE Frances Mary 13 29/Jun/1936 Roman Catholic     Patrick Clive Taaffe Delphina J Hutchison  
TAAFFE Mary Elizabeth 75 18/Oct/1956 Roman Catholic 464 M John J McMahon Mary Elizabeth ?  
TAAFFE Patrick Clive (Paddy) 34 18/Jan/1934 Roman Catholic 853 M Patrick Joseph Taaffe Mary Elizabeth McMahon Drowned while holidaying with his family in Esperance. 
TAAFFE Patrick Francis 4 days 28/Sep/1959 Salvation Army 152 H Ernest Clive Taaffe Doris L  
TAAFFE Patrick Joseph 67 14/Jan/1938 Roman Catholic 464 M      
TAAFFE Peter Joseph 36 23/Dec/1986 Roman Catholic 81 NZ      
TAAFFE Unnamed Male Stillborn 26/Aug/1934 Salvation Army          
TAAFFE William John 26 19/Sep/1974 Salvation Army 231 H      
TAGLIAFERRI Elia 40 15/Mar/1931 Roman Catholic 82 B      
TAGLIAFERRI William ? *2001 Roman Catholic 82 B      
TAIT Agnes 63 03/Dec/1923 Presbyterian 149 KQ      
TAJNSEK Joseph Stillborn 05/Mar/1953 Roman Catholic 86 N      
TALBOT James 57 27/Aug/1914 Anglican 585 R      
TAMBLYN Ariel Rita 82 23/Sep/1980 Uniting Church 25 KQ      
TAMBLYN Harold 41 18/Jul/1935 Methodist 25 KQ      
TAMBLYN James Clifton 71 18/Mar/1969 Methodist 25 KQ James Edward Tamblyn Jane ?  
TAMBLYN James Edward 54 07/Sep/1920 Methodist 494 I      
TAMBLYN Jane 82 28/Mar/1951 Methodist 494 I      
TAMBLYN Lillian Myrtle 14 08/Jul/1910 Methodist 494 I      
TAMBLYN William Leslie (Les) 2 17/Jan/1902 Methodist 494 I James Edward Tamblyn Jane Julian Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
TANGEY Charlotte 70 20/Apr/1943 Anglican 1012 R      
TANGEY John 72 03/Sep/1951 Anglican 1012 R      
TANNER William John 50 26/Jul/1922 Anglican 875 R      
TARABINI Giovanni 56 30/Apr/1956 Roman Catholic 179 N Pietro Tarabini Catarina ?  
TASKER Unnamed Male Stillborn 14/Dec/1909 Anglican 370 E      
TASKER Henry Robert 18 months 27/Nov/1909 Anglican 370 E      
TASKER Janice May 4 months 05/Oct/1946 Anglican 1082 R Ray Tasker Daisy  
TASKER Unnamed Female Stillborn 29/May/1918 Anglican 370 E      
TASSELL Terry 6 months 25/Mar/1907 Methodist 253 I      
TATTI Anita Pearl 16 months 12/Jun/1918 Anglican 294 E      
TATTI Edna Mary 6 months 02/Oct/1909 Anglican 294 E      
TATTI Florence 30 hours 06/Jul/1915 Anglican 294 E Vincent Tatti Alma Mary Clay  
TATTI Alma Mary 42 13/Jun/1920 Anglican 779 R George Antony Clay Mary Ann Smith  
TAVERNINI Amabile (Mabel)   20/Dec/1937 Roman Catholic          
TAYLOR Arthur   19/Dec/1941 Methodist          
TAYLOR Arthur James 91 09/Jan/1965 Anglican 1276 R Frederick Taylor Annie  
TAYLOR Arthur William 87 07/Mar/1961 Anglican 1242 R Arthur J Taylor Catherine Mary  
TAYLOR Betty 81 09/Jan/2006 Anglican 201 RS      
TAYLOR Catherine Mary 85 09/Sep/1968 Anglican 1276 R James Mary  
TAYLOR Christina 18 months 21/Mar/1908 Baptist 55 G James Taylor    
TAYLOR Frederick James 4 months 12/Jun/1905 Anglican 184 D Arthur James Taylor Katherine Power  
TAYLOR Isabel   27/Feb/1941 Anglican          
TAYLOR James 57 05/Jun/1920 Baptist 55 G      
TAYLOR James 57 19/Sep/1926 Anglican 942 R      
TAYLOR James Albert 72 27/Feb/1993 Anglican 201 RS      
TAYLOR James Edward 17 months 08/Feb/1911 Anglican 338 E      
TAYLOR John P 3 20/Oct/1907 Baptist 55 G      
TAYLOR Leonard 12 days 22/Apr/1927 Anglican 928 R      
TAYLOR Leslie Colin   15/Sep/1948 Methodist          
TAYLOR Lincoln 16 04/Nov/1908 Methodist 419 I      
TAYLOR Mary Ann 36 14/May/1914 Roman Catholic 748 M      
TAYLOR Millicent Clara   20/Dec/1947 Methodist          
TAYLOR Nora E 5 months 29/Mar/1907 Anglican 184 D      
TAYLOR Thelma Rosetta 2 22/Jun/1906 Methodist 193 A      
TAYLOR* Fred Stillborn 04/Aug/1904 Methodist 32 A      
TEASDALE Donald Grant 17 months 21/Apr/1907 Presbyterian 118 C      
TEASDALE Martha Margaret 40 21/Jun/1909 Methodist 355 I      
TEASDALE Martha N (Twin) Stillborn 06/Jun/1909 Presbyterian 118 C      
TEASDALE Mary N (Twin) Stillborn 06/Jun/1909 Presbyterian 118 C      
TEDGE Alfred Edward 17 months 08/Feb/1915 Anglican 540 R      
TEEDE Charles Robert 70 25/May/1937 Anglican         Found dead in the Trotting Ground office where he worked, with a bullet in his head. 
TEMBY Rodda 15 27/May/1919 Anglican 248 E      
TENNANT Eliza 87 12/Sep/1955 Anglican 1077 R      
TENNANT George 83 19/Mar/1953 Anglican 1077 R      
TENNANT William James 49 15/Apr/1917 Roman Catholic 800 M      
TENNANT Jeffrey Eustace 3 months 30/Mar/1955 Anglican 708 R Eustace M Tennant Gloria D ?  
TENNI Andrea Stillborn 26/Oct/1921 Roman Catholic 695 M Benedetto Tenni Caterina  
TERRELL Elizabeth Jane 86 10/Jun/1932 Anglican 1014 R      
TERRELL Jessie 78 12/Jul/1963 Methodist 104 A William Rachel  
TERRELL Kevin 6 24/Feb/1927 Methodist 919 I      
TERRELL Richard 83 26/Jun/1931 Anglican 1014 R      
TERRELL Richard 65 05/Aug/1980 Anglican 203 RS      
TERRELL Richard H 53 08/May/1933 Anglican 1015 R      
TERRELL Samuel John 52 09/Sep/1919 Congregational 25 F      
TERRELL Walter 47 14/Aug/1929 Methodist 104 A      
TERRELL Ronald 6 months 23/Mar/1908 Congregational 25 F      
THOMAS Allan George 67 16/Dec/1980 Anglican 191 RS      
THOMAS Beatrice Elsie 10 weeks 12/Apr/1908 Methodist 280 I Richard P Thomas Mary E Tregear  
THOMAS Bernice 11 months 04/Jan/1917 Methodist 821 I      
THOMAS Charles Edward 57 01/Aug/1937 Methodist 675 I Samuel Thomas Mary  
THOMAS Dorothy 2 days 20/Feb/1918 Methodist 1087 I      
THOMAS Edward Howell 38 27/Apr/1919 Methodist 1087 I      
THOMAS Elizabeth Ann 42 21/Aug/1910 Methodist 492 I      
THOMAS Ellen Annie 30 23/Dec/1922 Methodist 675 I      
THOMAS Ethel 8 months 25/Apr/1906 Methodist 196 A      
THOMAS Eva 62 09/Sep/1931 Methodist 820 I      
THOMAS Evelyn Anne 10 months 28/Jan/1907 Methodist 34 A Johnson Thomas Mildred Nankivell  
THOMAS Evelyn Julia S 3 months 20/Apr/1907 Methodist 248 I      
THOMAS Francis Newton 42 09/Jun/1920 Methodist 829 I      
THOMAS George Henry 60 18/Oct/1931 Methodist 352 I      
THOMAS Harold George 14 months 28/May/1906 Methodist 214 A      
THOMAS Henry 72 01/Aug/1909 Methodist 391 I      
THOMAS Hugh Norman (Digger) 62 22/Oct/1986 Anglican 156 RS      
THOMAS Irene 18 hours 18/Jul/1900 Methodist 34 A Johnson Thomas Mildred Nankivell Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
THOMAS John 47 03/Feb/1919 Methodist 829 I      
THOMAS John Martin 49 14/Aug/1915 Methodist 820 I      
THOMAS John Owen 39 25/Jan/1913 Methodist 618 I      
THOMAS Madeline Mary 24 02/Sep/1904 Methodist 39 A Joseph Elliott Dixon Jane Brown  
THOMAS Malcolm Owen 2½ months 07/May/1942 Presbyterian          
THOMAS Margaret Isabel 80 17/Dec/1963 Methodist 813 KQ John Jane  
THOMAS Mary 72 18/Apr/1914 Methodist 599 I      
THOMAS Maureen Dawn ? 08/Jan/1951 Anglican 1188 R      
THOMAS Nellie Irene 86 31/Oct/1973 Methodist 265 KQ      
THOMAS Pearl 3 03/Aug/1920 Methodist 821 I      
THOMAS Phyllis May 2 05/Aug/1916 Methodist 949 I      
THOMAS Richard James 2 10/Aug/1907 Anglican 67 D      
THOMAS Richard James 42 19/Feb/1911 Methodist 552 I      
THOMAS Rispa Carn ? 31/May/1939 Methodist 351 I John Polkinghorne Harriet Chegwin Unmarked Grave.
THOMAS Robert Alfred 71 26/Jul/1997 Methodist 632 KQ      
THOMAS Rosina Grace (Biddy) 8 21/Sep/1913 Methodist 621 I J M Thomas E  
THOMAS Samuel 71 05/Jun/1913 Methodist 599 I      
THOMAS Samuel 43 26/May/1918 Methodist 821 I      
THOMAS Thomas 65 10/Dec/1915 Roman Catholic 677 M      
THOMAS Unnamed Male Stillborn 11/Jun/1907 Methodist 34 A     Reinterred. No information available.
THOMAS Unnamed Female Stillborn 23/Oct/1916 Methodist 599 I Charles Thomas    
THOMAS William 34 01/Nov/1909 Methodist 420 I      
THOMAS William 60 14/Nov/1935 Methodist         Found dead in his camp. 
THOMAS William George 80 08/Aug/1969 Anglican 1312 R   Emma  
THOMAS William Gill 48 20/Jan/1907 Anglican 68 D      
THOMAS William John 76 02/Oct/1975 Methodist 359 KQ      
THOMAS* George Henry 1 02/Aug/1916 Methodist 949 I      
THOMPSON Annie Martha Ellen 13 23/Apr/1920 Roman Catholic 353 M      
THOMPSON Bridget Mary   07/Sep/1946 Roman Catholic          
THOMPSON Unnamed Male Stillborn 10/Aug/1907 Anglican 222 D      
THOMSON Jessie Murdoch 49 24/Dec/1908 Presbyterian 60 C      
THOMPSON Jessie Edith 56 17/May/1932 Methodist 953 I      
THOMPSON Julia Hannah 35 12/Apr/1908 Anglican 88 D      
THOMPSON Marjory 9 months 21/Apr/1906 Anglican 190 D      
THOMPSON Mary Josephine 66 14/May/1920 Anglican 675 R      
THOMPSON William Thomas Denis 79 24/Aug/1919 Anglican 675 R      
THORNS Molly Elizabeth 25 22/Sep/1951 Anglican 716 R      
THORN Horace 76 01/Jun/1956 Anglican 1197 R      
THORN Unnamed Male Stillborn 18/Oct/1909 Anglican 305 E   Stella Seymour  
THORNE* Mary 70 02/Sep/1920 Presbyterian 87 KQ     Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
THORNTON Ellen Lydia 54 02/Apr/1937 Roman Catholic 429 M      
THORNTON Ellen Mary 1 04/Jan/1923 Roman Catholic 691 M      
THORNTON Harry Thomas 72 03/Apr/1940 Roman Catholic 429 M      
THORNTON John 71 22/Aug/1933 Anglican 23 D      
THRUPP George R 48 10/Feb/1926 Anglican 944 R      
THRUPP Thomas William 37 28/Jun/1941 Anglican 944 R George Thrupp Elizabeth Wilson Killed In Action (Syria)
THRUPP Unnamed Female 1 hour 14/Feb/1908 Anglican 56 D George Thrupp Elizabeth Wilson  
THRUPP Unnamed Male Stillborn 06/Feb/1907 Anglican 112 D George Thrupp Elizabeth Wilson  
TICKELL Paul Andrew 12 11/Jan/1982 Anglican 194 RS      
TIE Aloysius 37 25/Apr/1919 Methodist 1084 I      
TIE Merle Mildred 18 26/Nov/1923 Methodist 1084 I      
TIGHE Eric Charles 7 months 20/Mar/1916 Roman Catholic 792 M      
TIGHE Joseph 54 22/Feb/1940 Roman Catholic         Died when the cage that he was working in fell down a shaft at the White Hope Gold Mine. 
TILLER Peter 2 days 14/Mar/1946 Anglican 1083 R      
TILLET Frederick 67 16/Oct/1921 Anglican 278 E      
TILLETT Fred 76 19/Jun/1969 Anglican 1318 R Frederick Tillet Louisa  
TILLETT Unnamed Male Stillborn 27/Dec/1909 Anglican 326 E      
TILLY-LAURIE Eric George 55 22/Apr/1957 Roman Catholic 236 N George Tily-Laurie Agnes  
TIMMINS William 56 12/Sep/1918 Methodist 1091 I      
TINDALL Arthur 59 06/Aug/1968 Anglican 1319 R Edward Tindall Katherine  
TINDALL Edward 68 28/Aug/1934 Anglican 4 D      
TINDALL Eileen May 55 05/Oct/1970 Anglican 1340 R Frank Matilda  
TINDALL Ernest 59 20/Jul/1967 Anglican 1307 R Edward Tindall Katherine  
TINDALL* Fred 76 19/Jun/1969 Anglican 1318 R      
TINDALL Henry 61 09/Nov/1973 Anglican 1340 R      
TINDALL Irene Ruby 86 24/Oct/1990 Anglican 1307 R      
TINDALL Martha Catherine 73 13/Jun/1944 Anglican 4 D      
TINKLER Kathleen Ann Mary 75 30/Jan/1985 Salvation Army 151 H      
TINKLER Mable  7 months 13/Dec/1909 Anglican 360 E     "Dolly Jones" written on the coffin. 
TINKLER Mary Jane 86 11/Jan/1951 Anglican 610 R      
TINKLER Ryan Charles 17 days 03/Dec/1986 Anglican 196 RS      
TINKLER Stephen 53 13/Feb/1915 Anglican 610 R      
TINKLER Stephen Harold 56 30/Jun/1947 Salvation Army 151 H      
TINKLER Stephen John Thomas 49 24/Oct/1985 Anglican 196 RS      
TISELL Cuthbert Charles 24 11/Nov/1905 Congregational 24 F Charles Cuthbert Tisell Elizabeth Hansen  
TIZER Giovanni 73 10/Sep/1973 Roman Catholic 1039 NZ      
TOBIA Guisseppe 1 day 10/Jun/1959 Roman Catholic 190 N Gioni Tobia Lucia  
TODOROVIC Ljubica Fadiga 60 03/Dec/2010 Roman Catholic 886 N      
TOGNOLINI Unnamed Female Stillborn 01/Aug/1919 Roman Catholic          
TOGNOLINI Unnamed Male Stillborn 27/Aug/1918 Roman Catholic 799 M      
TOGNOLINI Unnamed Male Stillborn 07/Jan/1921 Roman Catholic 799 M      
TOIA Giovanni 74 27/Jan/1972 Roman Catholic 1047 NZ      
TOIA Joseph Frank 14 months 02/Oct/1908 Roman Catholic 145 B      
TOLJ Victor Mathew Child 18/Jan/1944 Roman Catholic     Joe Tolj    
TOLMIE Caroline Elizabeth 8 23/Aug/1909 Methodist 322 I      
TOLMIE Edna Caroline 18 months 25/Dec/1917 Methodist 959 I      
TOLMIE John 53 23/Jun/1907 Methodist 322 I      
TOMIC Dominik 40 25/Aug/1916 Roman Catholic 597 M      
TOMICH George 56 19/Aug/1981 Roman Catholic 18 NZ     Unmarked Grave.
TOMICH Johnnie 6 29/Mar/1919 Roman Catholic 795 M      
TOMICH Pave 81 05/Jun/1968 Roman Catholic 154 N Ivan Tomich    
TOMLINSON John Edward 69 13/Nov/1938 Salvation Army 150 H      
TOMS Unnamed Female Stillborn 22/Apr/1917 Roman Catholic 660 M   Ellen  
TONKIN Richard 60 28/Dec/1918 Methodist 933 I      
TOOLE Daniel 69 24/Jun/1930 Roman Catholic 126 B      
TOOLE Unnamed Female Stillborn 16/Jan/1908 Roman Catholic 181 B      
TOOMEY Unnamed Female Stillborn 15/Feb/1908 Roman Catholic 214 B William John Toomey    
TOONE Unnamed Male Stillborn 12/Feb/1940       Thomas Toone Millicent Elari  
TOOTELL Jean Elizabeth 2 days 26/Sep/1928 Methodist 223 A      
TOOTH Anna Maria   19/Mar/1945 Anglican          
TOOTH George 50 18/May/1936 Anglican 254 E      
TOOTH William 36 15/May/1909 Anglican 254 E     Died from injuries received in a fall of stone at the Ivanhoe Gold Mine.
TOPHAM Joseph Henry 48 08/Dec/1904 Anglican 83 D      
TORPY Stephen 54 23/May/1912 Roman Catholic 244 M      
TOUGH William George A 6 months 15/Nov/1922 Presbyterian 58 KQ      
TOY Albert Thomas 30 years 10 months 19/Sep/1928 Methodist 16 A      
TOY* Edward Ernest 22 months 08/May/1921 Methodist 788 I      
TOY Harold James   25/Apr/1942 Anglican          
TOY Joseph John 47 09/Oct/1919 Methodist 18 A      
TOY Redvers Roberts 14 years 5 months 26/Jun/1914 Methodist 16 A      
TOY Violet Myrtle 31 25/Nov/1932 Methodist 1066 I      
TOY William Henry 51 04/Jul/1922 Methodist 16 A      
TOZER Jane   08/Jul/1950 Anglican          
TRAVAGLIONE Unnamed Female Stillborn 23/Sep/1965 Roman Catholic 198 N Clorindo Travaglione Carmela  
TREBILCOCK Joseph Henry 2 days 01/Oct/1905 Methodist 177 A John Thomas Trebilcock Minnie Williams  
TREBILCOCK Mary Ellen 10 months 11/May/1909 Anglican 282 E      
TREBY Phyllis Roselyn   19/Jan/1939 Anglican          
TREDDINICK William 14 months 25/Dec/1907 Anglican 93 D      
TREDINNICK Ada 60 14/Jan/1932 Anglican 965 R      
TREDINNICK Ellen 61 17/Aug/1905 Methodist 121 A Richard ? Anna Ivy  
TREDINNICK Horace W 58 25/Jun/1924 Methodist 121 A      
TREDINNICK Paul 47 30/Oct/1926 Methodist 989 I      
TREDINNICK Stephen Richard 62 10/Sep/1926 Methodist 988 I      
TREDINNICK* Stephen 64 03/Nov/1906 Methodist 121 A      
TREFFENE Julia Maud 40 13/Feb/1925 Roman Catholic 155 B      
TREFFENE Cecil Ashford 5 months 23/Nov/1906 Roman Catholic 155 B      
TREFFENE Joseph Henry 25/Oct/1907 Roman Catholic 155 B      
TREGEAR Joseph 74 12/Jul/1914 Methodist 280 I      
TREGEAR* Phillipa 70 04/Jan/1922 Methodist 280 I      
TREGILLAS Doris Vina 1 17/Feb/1927 Methodist 704 I      
TREGILLAS Elsie May 65 20/Feb/1952 Roman Catholic 82 N      
TREGILLAS Gipsy Fay   06/Aug/1935            
TREGILLAS Jessie 2 08/Sep/1919 Methodist 704 I      
TREGONING Alfred Norman 15 months 29/Aug/1908 Methodist 365 I      
TREGONING Ella May 5 05/Sep/1914 Methodist 365 I      
TREGONING Unnamed Male Stillborn 31/Dec/1905 Methodist 191 A      
TRELEAVEN Evelyn Maude 7 months 15/Feb/1906 Methodist 172 A      
TRELOAR Albert Edward 46 13/Feb/1953 Anglican 1078 R      
TRELOAR* Albert Russell 42 31/May/1912 Methodist 564 I      
TRELOAR Charles C K 7 months 26/Apr/1909 Methodist 402 I      
TRELOAR Daisy Leitha 17 months 18/Jun/1912 Methodist 402 I Albert Russell Treloar Jessie Elizabeth Hudson  
TRELOAR Emily Jane 83 18/Aug/1959 Methodist 682 I      
TRELOAR Eric John 43 28/Jul/1984 Anglican 57 RS William Matilda  
TRELOAR Harold Russell 55 17/Mar/1960 Methodist 733 KQ Albert Russell Treloar Jessie Elizabeth Hudson  
TRELOAR Hilda Mary 59 10/Dec/1947 Methodist 978 I      
TRELOAR Oliver Athel 36 21/Jul/1922 Methodist 978 I      
TRELOAR Percival Gordon 47 05/May/1950 Methodist 548 KQ William Howe Treloar Emily Jane Congdon  
TRELOAR Rita Charlotte ? 13/Nov/1909 Methodist 415 I Ernest Cecil Treloar Edith Mary Hutton Unmarked Grave.
TRELOAR Suzanne Margaret 11 08/Oct/1982 Anglican 57 RS Eric John Treloar Joan Pamelia  
TRELOAR William Howe 33 11/Nov/1911 Methodist 682 I      
TREMBATH Francis Leo 3 29/Jul/1919 Roman Catholic 784 M      
TREMBATH James 25 05/Jun/1927 Methodist 991 I      
TREMBATH James 73 26/Apr/1946 Methodist 991 I      
TREMBATH John Uren 47 24/Sep/1911 Methodist 605 I      
TREMBATH Patrick William 15 months 28/Jul/1915 Roman Catholic 784 M James Trembath    
TREMELLEN Henry 32 07/Aug/1905 Anglican 57 D Thomas James Tremellen Elizabeth Ann Pengelly  
TRESIDDER Henry 54 10/May/1927 Congregational 99 F      
TREVAINI Agostino 33 27/Jul/1919 Roman Catholic 734 M      
TREWHELLA Annie 58 08/Oct/1932 Anglican 545 R      
TREWHELLA Annie Josephine 51 12/May/1958 Roman Catholic 232 N Michael F Catherine  
TREWHELLA Frederick John 71 09/Oct/1968 Anglican 1324 R John Trewhella Annie  
TREWHELLA John 44 09/May/1914 Anglican 545 R      
TREWHELLA Leslie Henry 61 09/Sep/1961 Anglican 1239 R John Trewhella Annie  
TREWIN Reginald 5 months 20/Mar/1916 Roman Catholic 676 M      
TRIPODI Maria   14/May/1938            
TROTT George Edward 48 05/Feb/1952 Roman Catholic 53 N      
TRUSCOTT Charles Henry 64 18/Apr/1925 Anglican 887 R      
TRUSCOTT Clarence Leonard 29 04/Apr/1916 Anglican 680 R      
TRUSCOTT Eric Harman 1 22/Jul/1908 Methodist 284 I      
TRUSCOTT Ernest 40 18/Apr/1925 Anglican 887 R      
TRUSCOTT Gordon Reders Buller 20 12/Dec/1919 Anglican 504 R      
TRUSCOTT Gwendoline May 18 months 14/May/1920 Anglican 855 R      
TRUSCOTT John Henry 43 29/Dec/1922 Anglican 868 R      
TRUSCOTT Nellie   12/Oct/1938 Anglican          
TRYTHALL William Thomas 43 13/May/1906 Methodist 127 A      
TUCKER Benjamin 56 15/Dec/1964 Anglican 1276 R Benjamin Tucker Jane  
TUCKER Edward 52 16/Jun/1915 Anglican 635 R      
TUCKER Eileen Jessie 83 04/Apr/1985 Anglican 1211 R     Ashes.
TUCKER Olive May 64 26/Nov/1966 Anglican 1211 R Henry Janet M  
TUCKER George E 6 hours 12/Jul/1926 Anglican 635 R      
TUCKER Robert James 57 02/Apr/1980 Uniting Church 435 KQ      
TUCKER Robert James 50 08/Aug/1947 Anglican 1211 R      
TUCKER Zachariah 64 01/Sep/1912 Methodist 500 I      
TRICKETT William Henry 75 01/Sep/1924 Anglican 736 R      
TULLY Owen 45 06/Sep/1905 Roman Catholic 91 B Martin Tully Catherine Kelly  
TURLEY Keith 27 19/Jul/1943 Anglican 1091 R     Died by gas poisoning at the Great Boulder Mine. 
TURNBULL Cecile Jean 2 months 21/Feb/1907 Methodist 249 A      
TURNBULL Robert John 5 months 12/Nov/1908 Methodist 404 I      
TURNBULL Matthew Thomas 20 05/Nov/1910 Presbyterian 178 C     Died on the Boulder Perserverance Mine when he was pulled into a crusher. 
TURNBULL Unnamed Female Stillborn 08/Feb/1905 Methodist 56 A Frederick Isaac Turnbull Mabel Evelyn Francis Ramsey  
TURNER Dorothy Alice 71 26/May/1975 Anglican 997 R      
TURNER Ethel Maud 34 06/Jul/1922 Anglican 885 R      
TURNER Hazel Browning 3 months 24/Jul/1907 Methodist 113 A Edward John Turner Ida Pearl Browning  
TURNER John Reginald 54 20/Jul/1951 Anglican 977 R     Killed on the Chaffers Mine. 
TURNER John Vincent 67 16/Jan/1992 Anglican 977 R      
TURNER Robert Keith 52 17/Apr/1980 Anglican 1227 R      
TURNER Roland Joseph 39 03/Aug/1925 Anglican 885 R      
TURNER Unnamed Male Stillborn 24/Nov/1952 Anglican 1073 R      
TURPIN Alfred 52 08/Sep/1931 Anglican 959 R      
TURRELL Ivy 2 days 09/Oct/1909 Anglican 328 E      
TUYA Joseph 37 14/Jan/1915 Roman Catholic 741 M      
TVRDEVICH Marin   22/Dec/1937 Roman Catholic          
TYERS Arthur Sidney 21 months 06/Nov/1916 Roman Catholic 666 M      
TYERS Hilda Geraldine 26 25/Sep/1922 Roman Catholic 666 M      
TYNAN Elizabeth 60 10/Jan/1911 Baptist 94 G      
TYSON Gertrude Florence Louise 75 29/Nov/1961 Anglican 22 D Thomas W Sarah J  
TYSON Herbert 48 28/Aug/1933 Anglican 22 D      
TYSON Herbert   12/Aug/1934            
TYSON Unnamed Male Stillborn 03/Jun/1918 Anglican 745 R      
UHDE George 72 20/Sep/1976 Anglican 64 RS     Unmarked Grave.
UNKOVICH Ivan 63 12/May/1952 Roman Catholic 1 N      
UNKOVICH Kata 87 27/Jul/1959 Roman Catholic 118 N      
UNKOVICH Matija 53 09/Jun/1952 Roman Catholic 1 N      
UNKOVICH Nickolas 80 19/Mar/1955 Roman Catholic 118 N Andrew Unkovich    
UPTON John Michael 2 days 07/Dec/1959 Presbyterian 290 KQ Douglas Upton Myrtle J  
UREN Albert Francis 67 27/Jul/1937 Presbyterian 214 C Edward Uren Caroline Louisa Goyne  
UREN Jane 64 30/Sep/1937 Presbyterian 212 C      
UREN Percy Charles Leslie 37 09/Jul/1937 Anglican 1117 R Henry Albert Uren Mary O'Neill Collapsed suddenly at his home. 
URQUHART William Donald 11/Feb/1911 Methodist 545 I      


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