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The Weslyan Church seems to have been the only church established in the townsite of Bonnievale. Although by 1903 there were approxinmetly 6000 residents, there are only four recorded marriages. Many of the residents may have chosen to marry in Coolgardie 7 miles away.

Weslyan Church Marriages:-


BENAIM Henry married 14 Feb 1905 at Bonnivale to Flora Amelia NORRIS, age 27, Bachelor – Occ:- Miner – Father:- BENAIM Henry (Storekeeper) Mother:- Fanny HAMPTON, witness P Young, Minister John TILLER.

BONNEY Beatrice Lois married 30 Nov 1896 at Bonnivale at the residence of J H Darby to James MARTIN age 17yrs – Spinster, Occ:- Dressmaker, Father:- Askin Edward BONNEY (Agent), Mother:- Fanny MANN, Witness J H DARBY, minister Rev TRESTRAIL.

DACEY Ellen married 20 Apr 1905 at Bonnivale to William DAVEY, age 25, Spinster, Father:- David DACEY (Engineer), Mother:- Ellen HARRINGTON, witness William Charles WILLMAN, minister Charles JENKINS.

DAVEY William married 20 Apr 1905 at Bonnivale to Ellen DACEY, age 30, Widower, Occ:- Miner, Father:- William Stephens DAVEY (Miner) , Mother:- Fanny CASTLETON, witness Williams Stevens DAVEY, minister Charles JENKINS.

MARTIN James married 30 Nov 1896 at Bonnivale at the residence of  J H Darby to Beatrice Lois BONNEY age 26yrs, Bachelor, Occ:- Storekeeper at Bonnivale, Father:- John Henry MARTIN (Miner), Mother:- Dorcas WINNES, witness James RANKIN, minister Rev TRESTRAIL.

NORRIS Flora Amelia married 14 Feb 1905 at Bonnivale to Henry BENAIM, age 24yrs, Spinster, Occ:- Domestic, Father:- William Tilder NORRIS (Miner), Mother:- Francis May WILLIAMSON, witness E NORRIS, minister John TILLER.

ROBERTSON Sarah Marion, married 10 oct 1898 at Bonnivale at the residence of W Tyson to John Edward TYSON, age 23yrs, Spinster, Occ:- Home Duties, Father:- Lachlin ROBERTSON (Farmer), Mother:- Levinia Florence NICHOLSON of East Charlton VIC, witness C L TYSON, minister A J FRY.

TYSON John Edward married 10 Oct 1898 at thr residence of W Tyson at Bonnivale to Sarah Marion ROBERTSON, age 24yrs, Bechelor, Occ:- Miner, Father:- John TYSON (Miner), Mother Sarah TUCKER, witness Walter TYSON, minister A J FRY.


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