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Atson W
Bargh R M
Barrowman A
Brown W T
Bunker W
Butcher L G 
Campbell W D
Connell W
Cooper C
Cragie A
Crichton C B
Crichton W
Davidson A R
Ferguson J
Ferguson W K
Flockart W
Freckelton F
Freer F
Gillan J
Gray J W
Greer G
Hall I
Hallahan W*
JGrey J
Keddie H W
Keith J
Leslie A
MacKenzie J
Marshall A
McBeth J
McColl A
McConnell J
McDoanld D G *
McDonald M
McDonald R
McDonald T
McGarry W J G
McInness J
McKay D
McKay J *
McLean P  *
McPherson A
McPherson D
McPherson J
McPherson J H
Menzies J
Moffat J
Morrison G
Palsley W G
Peacock D *
Pearson D B 
Reid C
Robinson R J
Saul J J
Smith M S
Tait J
Thomson D
Way A
Williams E


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