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Comet Vale Postal Directory 1921

ALEXANDER James G. – miner

BELL Tom – carpenter

BLACKMORE Garnet –miner

BLACKMORE Lesley D. –miner

BROWN Benjamin –miner

BROWN James –engine driver

BRYNES James –carrier

CARLILE Frederick & Robert – Comet Vale Hotel

CASTLES Gordon Henry –miner

CRAMOND Frank –baker

CRUICKSHANK James & Harry – contractors

DODDS J. –miner

EGAN John –miner

FOSTER Reginald –mine accountant

HILL John – engine driver

HOULAHAN Martin – engine driver

HOWLEY Patrick –miner

HYETT John –miner

KILLINGTON – storekeeper – grocer –draper

LISTON James –fitter

McCONNELL James –miner

McNAMARA Mary –teacher

MANONI Peter – miner

MARSHALL Thomas P. –teacher

MEAGHER Dennis –leaseholder

MOSS Herbert W. –mine manager

MOYLE Henry W. –fireman

MURPHY Thomas –miner

PHILLIPS Frederick –miner

RICHARDS Jack –miner

RICHARDS William –miner

RUTHERFORD Mrs – boarding house keeper

SCHMIDT Edward –grocer

SEEBER John –miner

SILVA Robert –butcher

SKEWES Vivian –station master

SMITHURST Harry –miner

SNELL James H. –driver

STRACHAN John J. –grocer

THOMSON Thomas – miner

TOUGH James –miner

WALSH Peter – mine manager

WATSON Charles –miner

WILLIAMS C.L. - store manager

WILLIAMS William –miner

WRIGHT George M. – mine owner

YOUNG John –contractor

ZAPPA Peter –miner

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