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Flower Girls : NKPS Fancy Dress 1952, Back row Robin Henderson, Sandra Martin, Verna Keighley, Fay Keighley, Front row:- Raye Rudwick, Lesley Watson, Margaret Douglas.(below)

NKPS Fancy Dress : Nurses and Soldiers  : 1954  :  Left to right, Merelyn Pusey, Brian Thornton, Helen Reeks, Michael Lawson, Carol Howe, John Buckley, Jan Littlewood, Robert Moore. below


NKPS Fancy Dress Pirates 1954 On left John Emerson other two unknown.below


NKPS Fancy Dress : Pearly Coaster 1955 : Back:- Ken Oates, Kevin Jackson, Robert Perks, Brian Thornton, Front:- Merelyn Pusey, Jan Littlewood, Helen Reeks, Pat Hennessy. Below

NKPS Fancy Dress  - Peter Pan  1955, Left to right :  ?   ?   John Hopkins  ?  John Emerson


NKPS Fancy Dress : Gumnuts  1956  :  Sue Jones, Lynne McGrath, Margaret Rowe below


NKPS Fancy Dress:- Sailors  :  1956  :  Montgomery Twins, Maxine Cruickshank, Judith Wills, Dennis Basset, John Emerson.

NKPS Fancy Dress  :  Koalas  :  1957  :  John Emerson (back row far right) others unknown.


NKPS Fancy Dress : Sleep Time  :  1957  :  Joyce Berridge and Anthea McGrath.


NKPS Fancy Dress : Geishas :  1958  Back Row:- Robert Pugh, Phillip Hammond, David Bowman, Gordon Coates, Front:- Erica Huntley, Carolyn Robartson, Heather Cruickshank, Margaret Baker.


NKPS Fancy Dress :- Mixed Set  :  1958  : Lorraine Elms, Diane Elms, Sandra Kelman, Kerry Elms.below

NKPS Fancy Dress :- Knitting Balls  :  1958  :  Sue Morrison, Anthea McGrath, Lynne McGrath. below

NKPS Fancy Dress :- Nurses  :  1958  Val Cragan, Erica Summerville.

NKPS Fancy Dress : Water Bottles  :  1959  :  Anthea McGrath, Lynne McGrath, Margaret Rowe,   ?  .


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