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SOUTH KALGOORLIE class photo of 1964/65 Courtesy of Karen Tonkin and Cheryl Green

Front row: Janet Cox, Pam Woods, Christine Anderson, Marg Fraser, Shelley Laws, Kayleen Smith, Dallas Taylor, Linda Riggio, Raelene McNally.2nd row. Ann Henderson , Julie Huxtable, Cheryl Green, Karen Elliot, Gai Murphy, Debra Ainsbury, Freda Kokins, Helen Thomas , Lorraine Jasper, Kim Maffina
3rd row. Alan Winfield, Colin Mears, Brian Davies, Peter Rasmussen, Laurie Basley, Steven Butchart, Allan Paton, George Rowe, Brian Thomas, Alan ?, Robert Hamilton.
4th Row. Peter Newman, (?) , Steve Felton, Paul Howe, Michael Conroy, (?) , Tony Fletcher, Ken Alexander, Kerry Halse, (?) (?) Stephen Solly, Shaun O'Rourke, (?)

South Kalgoorlie class Photo Grade 1 1960. - Karen Tonkin

South Kalgoorlie Grade 1 class photo Year 196I - Karen Tonkin

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