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Mountain View Gold - Day Dawn & The Italians who made it Happen
by Alex Palmer
ISBN 978-0-85905-514-7, (2012N), illust., 125pp, 240g  :   Avaialble from Hesperian Press

A new day dawned for Day Dawn WA, following a rich strike at Mountain View. A group of Italian prospectors at Day Dawn in the 1940s, down to their uppers, defying the advice of experts, persevered for four years before they finally struck it rich.

1945-47 they worked in conditions that would not be tolerated today and brought to the surface 4,845 ton of 5.25oz/ ton ore, valued at £273,300. (Today's value $ 42,000,000).

Their bonanza supported the old saying; "Gold is where you find it". Their workings were only a matter of metres from where the Great Fingall Mine, a quarter of a century earlier, had abandoned its search.

Triangle  -   W.C. Charnley

ISBN 978-0-85905-729-5, A4, 100 grams  :   Available from Hesperian Press

A murder triangle at Day Dawn in 1908 with a wanton Delilah at the point.

Bony and the Mouse (Fictional story set in the town of Day Break, based on the town of Day Dawn)

Also published asJourney to the Hangman     -     1959   Out of print

Three times a killer has struck in Daybreak, a small town in Western Australia. But what is the connection between these three very differently executed killings? Why are the local Aboriginies always far away from the town at the time of the murders?

Gold on the Murchison   by Phil Heydon
ISBN 0 85905 066 1, (1986, 2008), 221pp, illustrated, Soft Cover, 315 grams
Reprint of 1986 edition  - Available from Hesperian Press

Gold on the Murchison is the story of Cue, Day Dawn and Big Bell and the part the towns and their people played in the development of Murchison gold.

From the first rushes in the 1880s and the hardships of the pioneers to Cue's status as the 'Queen of the Murchison', the decay to ghost towns, oblivion and eventual rebirth.

Just a Century Ago by P R Heydon

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