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The Desert Warriors Football Team 1973

Annaconda Copper Mine Mt Margaret GF

Golden Cliffs GM 1898 Mt Margaret

Mt Margaret Football Team 1950

Mt Margaret School 1981

Front Row – J Giles, L Johnson, W Stokes, S Edwards, N Johnson, S Smith, D Grey. D Ranger, H Edwards

2nd Row – T Johnson, V Bates, L Linton, B Graham, T Shaw, J McIntyre, L Grey, E Ward

3rd Row – J McIntyre, L Edwards, I McIntyre, V Green, S Stokes, M Green, M Scott

4th Row – L Grey. M Thomas, M Stokes, L Smith, M Ward, J Linton, R Edwards

Teachers – R Hastie, K Hastie, B Muhling, W Ranger, A Stokes


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