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Because of Burbanks close proximity to Coolgardie, many of the weddings of the local people took place there. The ones which took place at Burbanks were conducted mainly in peoples homes despite there being a Methodist Church in the town. The first wedding in the church was that of Henry Jones and Jane Letitia Howe in 1903.

ARTHUR Maude Mary    1902 Dec 10        Age 23  Spinster,    Coolgardie. Scots Church  to   BRYCE William Dougald   Burbanks  address - Eaglehawk, Vic, Father: - ARTHUR Edwin Arthur/ Engine Driver,   Mother: GREY Emily Maud    Witness -GREY Jane       Brides Parents- Eaglehawk Vic.

BOAG Hannah Elizabeth    1899 Oct 11         Age 19  Spinster/Home Duties,    Coolgardie, Wesley Manse,   to  CROCOMBE George Francis,       Address - Burbanks         Father- BOAG Robert (dec)/Miner , Mother - LAWRENCE Emma,    Witness - FRY L

BOLTON Elizabeth   1906 Aug 08        Age 36  Widow,  Burbanks. Res Mr Colling,   to  COLLING John Lewis , Address - Burbanks,   Father - PARKS William/Miner, Mother - ANDERSON Mary,  Witness - TEDGE Joseph

BOLTON Rachel  1913 May 21    Age 20  Spinster,    Burbanks, Res. Mr J Collings  to  THORNTON Bertram,    address - Burbanks,  Father - BOLTON George/Deceased Miner,  Mother - PARKES Elizabeth,   Witness - BURTON Ellen

BRYCE William Dougald  1902 Dec 10   age 25   Bachelor/ Miner,    Coolgardie. Scots Church  to   ARTHUR Maude Mary,    Address: Burbanks   Father: BRYCE William/ Miner     Mother MCLEAN Flora, Witness - WILLIAMS George

BUCK Esther       1900 Jul 25           Age 20  Spinster/ Tailoress      At -Burbanks. Mrs Rogers Res         to THOMAS Frederick ,   Address: Bendigo Vic     Father: BUCK William/ Miner      Mother - WEBBER Elizabeth,    Witness - BUCK John    Parents - Bendigo Vic

BURSILL Martha Mavell    1901 Jul 15,  Age 23       Spinster    Coolgardie. Wesleyan Church to DALY John,                Address – Burbanks,      Father- BURSILL Timothy/Carrier,    Mother - JORDAN Jane Elizabeth,   Witness –  ARTHUR Martha Agnes Burbanks

CARTER Isabell Tasman 1900 Mar 12    Age 20 Spinster,    Burbanks. Res Mr Warner to WATERS Patrick Joseph,   Address – Burbanks , Father - CARTER James Edward/Tanner Mother - ROBB Annie Tasman    Witness - CARTER Stella

CLYDE Samuel   1900 Aug 18   Age 24  Bachelor/ Miner , Coolgardie. Wesleyan Church  to DICKSON Agnes              Address-  Burbanks,   Father - CLYDE John/ Miner,       Mother - MORTON Helen            Witness - STEWART Thomas Dougal

COLLING John Lewis       1906 Aug 08     Age 35  Bachelor/Miner,     Burbanks. Res Mr Colling  to  BOLTON Elizabeth, Address - Burbanks,   Father - COLLING John/Miner,   Mother - LEWIS Sarah    Witness - WARE M L

CROCOMBE George Francis   1899 Oct 11         Age 29  Batchelor /Carpenter  -   Coolgardie. Wesley Manse  to BOAG Hannah Elizabeth            Address: Burbanks, Father - CROCOMBE George/Miner,  Mother: MERRITT Annie Maria, Witness - MARSHALL Albert.

EDWARDS Fanny Edith  1912 Sep 11  Age 29,   Spinster/Domestic Duties,  Burbanks. Methodist Church  to  WEARMOUTH John,   Address - Burbanks,  Father - EDWARDS Harry/Carpenter, Mother - CROWHURST Evelyn,  Witness - WEARMOUTH Catherine

FITZPATRICK Henry  1902 Jul 14  Age 37   Widower/ Miner,   Coolgardie. Meth Church   to RODGERS Emma Jane    Address – Burbanks,  Father: FITZPATRICK Edmond James/ Miner, Mother -FROST Susan,   Wittness - THOMAS Esther

GOLDSWORTHY Richard Leslie  1905 Jun 01,  Age 26  Bachelor/Baker , Burbanks.   Res Mr James Small  to SMALL Ethel,  Address – Burbanks,  Father - GOLDSWORTHY Thomas Manager/Agent,  Mother - PARKS Harriett,  Witness - LANGE C

HALL Elizabeth Roberts Williams    Age 28,   Spinster/ Housekeeper,     1900 Dec 12,    Burbanks. Res Mr Reams
to REAMS Albert,   Address Woolundra Siding,   Father - HALL Thomas / Miner    Mother- WILLIAMS Margaret,  Witness -REAMS James

HEIM Ann   1903 May 07    Age 30    Spinster  - Coolgardie. Methodist Church  to TERRELL Thomas , Address - Burbanks Father: HEIM Henry/Painter, Mother - BLACKWELL Mary,   Witness - COX Elsie, Parents address - Halifax St, Adelaide SA

HILLIER Ada Emily   1901 Jul 13   Age 19  Spinster,  Burbanks. Res Mr Hillier to PROCTER Thomas Henry,  Address- Burbanks,  Father - HILLIER William/ Contractor,  Mother - JORDAN Herodias , Witness - MCDONALD Thomas

HILLIER Albert   1903 Apr 22   Age 24 ,  Bachelor/Laborer,  Burbanks. Res Mr Hillier to STOCK Esther Jane,  Address - Burbanks, Father - HILLIER William/Contractor,    Mother - JORDAN Herodias,   Witness:- PROCTOR Thomas Henry

HILLIER Ernest Alfred Ruben,  Age 25  Bachelor, 1905 Feb 15, Burbanks. Res William Hillier, to STOCK Charlotte Ann , Address - Burbanks,   Father - HILLIER William/Gentleman, Mother - JORDAN Herodias,   Witness - HILLIER Charles Richard

HOBBA Henry Pascoe    1914 Mar 31   Age 29  Bachelor/Miner, Coolgardie, Res. Mr J T Lock   to  LOCK Thelma Sarah Jane,  Address - Burbanks,   Father -HOBBA Henry Pascoe/Miner, Mother - SMALL Annie  Witness - HENWOOD James Henry

HODGE Albert Richard  1908 Mar 18   Age 27  Bachelor/Engine Driver,    Coolgardie. Wesley Methodist Church  to  HAYES Elsie Jane,  Address - Burbanks, Father - HODGE Daniel/Blacksmith,   Mother - GODING Mary Ann , Witness - SAUER J E

Hodge and Hayes wedding Coolgardie Miner 20 March 1908, page 2


HOWE Jane Letitia   1903 Mar 18 ,   Age 25  Spinster, Burbanks. Meth Church  to  JONES Henry     Address – Burbanks,   Father - HOWE George/Coachbuilder,    Mother - BOND Harriett , Witness - HOWE Pearl Harriett Grauge

JAMES Albert Ernest  1899 Sep 11   Age 25  Batchelor/Miner,   Coolgardie. Wesley Church, to RAE Elizabeth, Address - Burbanks  Father - JAMES James/Miner     Mother - PRIOR Margaret ,  Wittness - CRONIN G W

JONES Henry  1903 Mar 18   Age 25  Bachelor/Plumber ,    Burbanks. Meth Church   to HOWE Jane Letitia,   Address - Burbanks  Father - JONES Tom/Farmer,   Mother - SPINSTERARGO Eliza   Witness -HOWE John Edward

Jones - Howe wedding Coolgardie Miner 27 March 1903, page 3

JONES William  1909 Aug 25    Age 35  Bachelor/Laborer,     Coolgardie. Wesley Church   to RUNGE Annie,     Address - Burbanks   Father- JONES Henry (dec)/Contractor,   Mother - HOLT Jane      Witness - TOEY Albert

LYNCH Ernest    1900 Feb 09    Age 24  Bachelor/Miner,   Burbanks. Res Mr Bell,   to STEWART Elizabeth,   Address - Burbanks  Father - LYNCH John/Assay Officer,         Mother - CALLANDER Mary         Witness - WATERS Patrick

MCLEAN Catherine         Age 21  Spinster,  1900 May 30     Coolgardie. Wesleyan Church   to ROBERTS Edward        Address - Burbanks   Father - MCLEAN Allan/ Miner   Mother - YOUNG Mary Ann        Witness - MERCER Mary

PARK Elizabeth Jack        1909 Sep 01   Age 20  Spinster/Dressmaker,    Burbanks. Methodist Church      to SAUER Joseph Emil,  Address- Burbanks,  Father - PARK John Jack/Miner,  Mother- THORN Mary  Witness - PARK S TPRATT George   1901 Jul 26,  Age 28          Bachelor/ Miner,   Coolgardie. Wesleyan Church, to SAUNDERS Agnes Mary   Address - Burbanks  Father - PRATT George/ Miner  Mother - MCCANN Ann, Wittness - SALES John Samuel

PROCTER Thomas Henry,  Age 23  Bachelor/ Miner,    1901 Jul 13  Burbanks. Res Mr Hillier  to HILLIER Ada Emily   Address – Burbanks,    Father - PROCTER John Petty/ Carpenter, Mother- PAGE Mary Isabella  Witness - HILLIER Ernest Alfred Renton

RAABE John   1903 Jun 02,  Age 23,   Bachelor/ Miner , Coolgardie. Meth Church   to YOUNG Amelia               Address - Burbanks,    Father - RAABE Franz/Miner,   Mother - ROY Ellen,    Witness - HANLEY Mary Ann

RAE Elizabeth    1899 Sep 11   Age 21  Spinster/Home Duties,    Coolgardie. Wesley Church,  to JAMES Albert Ernest   Address - Burbanks   Father - RAE Harry/Miner,           Mother - BRENNAN Mary            Witness - BIRCH Annie,  Parents address - Bendigo Vic

REAMS Albert   1900 Dec 12,   Age 28  Bachelor/ Miner,  Burbanks. Re Mr Reams to  HALL Elizabeth Roberts Williams   Address - Woolundra Siding,  Father - REAMS Thomas / Miner,   Mother - MCGIFFORD Elizabeth,    Witness - HALL William Thomas

ROBERTS Edward    1900 May 30  Age 27  Bachelor/ Miner,  Coolgardie. Wesleyan Church to MCLEAN Catherine, Address - Burbanks   Father - ROBERTS Daniel/ Miner,    Mother -  DAVIES Jane    Witness - MERCER George

RODGERS Emma Jane    1902 Jul 14 ,  Age 30  Widow,  Coolgardie. Meth Church,  to FITZPATRICK Henry            Address – Burbanks,   Father - BUCK William/ Miner,  Mother - WEBBER Elizabeth,   Witness - FRANKLIN John Henry

RUNGE Annie    1909 Aug 25   Age 41  Widow,   Coolgardie. Wesley Church to JONES William   Address-  Burbanks,  Father - HALLS James (dec)/Miner, Mother - RENWICK Annie (dec)        Witness - MATTHEWS May      Parents - Bendigo Vic

SAUER Joseph Emil   1909 Sep 01   Age 31  Bachelor/Miner,  Burbanks. Methodist Church     to   PARK Elizabeth Jack,   Address - Burbanks,  Father - SAUER Herman/Farmer, Mother - SPINSTERORN Caroline   Witness - PARK J J

SLIGHT Ellen Elizabeth  1913 Apr 19         Age  20 Spinster/Domestic Duties,  Coolgardie. Methodist Manse    to   RUDDICK Joseph George,  Burbanks,  Father - SLIGHT Archibald/Miner,  Mother - WILSON Mary,  WALKER Witness - Mary Fortune

SLIGHT Mary Fortune    1908 Aug 15   Age 19  Spinster,  Burbanks.    Res John Walker  to WALKER John   Address – Burbank,  Father - SLIGHT Archibald/Miner,  Mother, WILSON Mary Fortune,  Witness - EDWARDS Mrs H

SMALL Ethel       1905 Jun 01  Age 19  Spinster,  Burbanks.   Res Mr James Small    to GOLDSWORTHY Richard Leslie,    Address - Burbanks,  Father - SMALL James/Engine Driver,  Mother - GOWHURST Georgina,     Witness - HARRIS B C

STEWART Elizabeth    Age 19  Spinster,  1900 Feb 09   Burbanks. Res Mr Bell to LYNCH Ernest  Address – Burbanks,  Father - STEWART George/Miner, Mother - HUNTLEY Annie,     Witness - MOLONEY Mary

STOCK Charlotte Ann     1905 Feb 15    Age 20  Spinster/Domestic,     Burbanks. Res William Hillier  to HILLIER Ernest Alfred Ruben,   Address – Burbanks, Father - STOCK Frederick James (dec)/Miner,   Mother - DALEAM Louisa Elizabeth,    Witness - STOCK Adeline C         Parents in - VIC

STOCK Esther Jane   1903 Apr 22   Age 23  Spinster/Domestic,    Burbanks. Res Mr Hillier to  HILLIER Albert,   Address - Burbanks   Father - STOCK Frederick James (dec)/Miner  Mother - DALCAM Elizabeth Louisa,  Witness - HILLIER Herodias

TERRELL Thomas    1903 May 07       Age 25  Bachelor/Bootmaker,    Coolgardie. Meth Church  to   HEIM Ann   Address – Burbanks,   Father - TERRELL John/Miner      Mother - BOSANKO Ellen,   Witness - HARRIS James

THOMAS Frederick         1900 Jul 25  Age 26  Bachelor/ Miner,     Burbanks. Mrs Rogers Res      to BUCK Esther    Address - New Lambton NSW   Father - THOMAS George/ Miner,    Witness -  JONES George

WALKER John    1908 Aug 15   Age 31  Bachelor/Miner,     Burbanks. Res John Walker to  SLIGHT Mary Fortune    Address - Burbanks,   Father - WALKER Matthew Muir (dec)/Miner,  Mother - TREMBATH Sarah Jane,               Witness - JENKINS Alfred

WATERS Patrick Joseph  1900 Mar 12  Age 30  Bachelor/Miner,    Burbanks. Res Mr Warner  to  CARTER Isabell Tasman  Address – Burbanks,  Father - WATERS Malachi/Contractor,    Mother - KAIN Mary Ann,  Witness - HORNE P

WEARMOUTH John  1912 Sep 11 ,   Age 26  Bachelor/Store Keeper,   Burbanks. Methodist Church   to   EDWARDS Fanny Edith,  Address – Burbanks,   Father - WEARMOUTH Richard/Mine Manager,  Mother - PURDY Catherine Julia, Witness - WEARMOUTH Richard

YOUNG Amelia   1903 Jun 02   Age 21  Spinster,  Coolgardie. Meth Church to  RAABE John ,   Address – Burbanks,  Father - YOUNG William (dec),  Mother - CRITCHLEY Alice    Witness -  ELDER John

These records were transcribed from the original certificates by Amanda Lovitt.

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