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Gold on the Murchison   by Phil Heydon
ISBN 0 85905 066 1, (1986, 2008), 221pp, illustrated, Soft Cover, 315 grams
Reprint of 1986 edition  - Available from Hesperian Press

Gold on the Murchison is the story of Cue, Day Dawn and Big Bell and the part the towns and their people played in the development of Murchison gold.

From the first rushes in the 1880s and the hardships of the pioneers to Cue's status as the 'Queen of the Murchison', the decay to ghost towns, oblivion and eventual rebirth.

"Just a Century Ago"
by P.R. Heydon
A history of the Shire of Cue
photos, maps and indexed
Published by Hesperian Press 1987
ISBN 0 85905 110 2

"Poona W.A. and the Seekers of Emeralds
by Alex Plamer
lots of pictures and great characters & indexed
Published by LAP Industries 1990
ISBN 0 7316 8854 6


"The Old Coach Roads to Cue and Beyond"
by Alex Palmer
Murchison district history
photos, maps and indexed
Published by Hesperian Press 1993
ISBN 0 85905 183 8


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