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Mt Morgans Premier Bakery, King St Mt Morgans. Leased to John James Duff 1903 from Jules Zang, he is the man in the cart. Jules is supposedly on the the men standing in front.

Mt Morgans national Bank 1899

Mt Morgans Fire Braiage 1909

A H McNulty Pioneer News and Cycle Agency

Anglican Church Mt Morgans

Picnic in the Bush, Mt Morgans

Camel and Buggy Mt Morgans 1910

St. Matthias Anglican Church, Mount Morgan, with Rev. R.H. Moore and another man by the entrance, 1900


Catholic Church Presbytery,  Mt Morgans

Court House Mt Morgans 1910

E E Allanson General Merchant Mt Morgans

First Mt Morgans Post Office 1901

Mt Morgans Hospital.

J Smiths Tattersals Hotel Mount Morgans 1901

Mr G Clark's Mt Morgans Hotel 1901

Morgans Football Association -  24th Jul 1908

Back: C J Angell (Sec), W Ladner, H Bickford, F Drew, D Williams, T J Callery, B McLoughlin, R Reece.
Middle: R T Leaney, J Ryan, C Martin, P Ritchie (Captain), E Murley (Vice-captain), A Wilson, P Vincent, A J Faulds (President).
Front – names missing
Martin Murphy Photographer  - Laverton


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