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Many of you may be familiar with the excellent publication "Men of Western Australia' but you may not have heard of the following book 'Men of the Goldfields' - It covers the years 1934-1935 - subscribers to the book each received a personalized leather-bound copy with their name engraved in gold on the front cover.

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Surname First names Occupation Page 
ALLEN James Semmens Mining Engineer 54
ANDERSON Noel Cosgrave Car Dealer 102
ANDERSON William Thomas Baker 104
ANDREWS James Albert Horace Rev 32
BAILEY John Councilor 12
BENN John Wilfred Prospector 56
BENNETT Alfred Accountant 40
BOCK Frederick Sharebroker 58
BOWRY Cpt James Mining Engineer 60
BRAHAM Godfrey Dentist 106
BREWIS Thomas Ernest Rev 34
BRIMAGE Ernest Elisha Mayor 8
BROWN Frank Hubbard Hotel Keeper 108
BROWN William George Hotel Keeper 110
BRUCE Ernest Cyril Hotel Keeper 112
BURKETT William Vincent Manager 114
BURTON William Robert Commercial Agent 116
BUTCHER James Storekeeper 118
CHAMBERS Edward Archibald Storekeeper 120
COATH Walter Forrester Mayor 10
CRAMP Richard James Storekeeper 122
CROWE William S Police 24
DALLY George Herbert Accountant 42
DIXON John Knight Radio Dealer 126
DODMAN Leslie John Tailor 124
EDDY John Trezise Surveyor 62
ELLIOT Edward Burton Chemist 128
ELLIOTT Colin JP Accountant 130
ELSEY William Edward Rt Rev 28
FISHER George Alfred Hotel Keeper 132
FITZPATRICK James William Hotel Keeper 134
FLEMING Ernest Reginald Stockbroker 44
FLETT John Builder 138
FORBES Walter Reginald Rev 36
FORD John Hubert Vincent Storekeeper 64
GAYNOR William Contractor 66
GEDDES James Alexander Tributor 68
GEDDES John JP Prospector 70
GIBBS Richard Rodney Capt Bank Manager 142
GLASSON William Thomas Tailor 140
GLEESON John Manager Ice Works 144
GRANGER Victor Engineer 72
GREENHILL Thomas William Warren Mine Manager 74
GRUNDT William Mining Director 76
GUNN Richard T Mine Manager 78
HACK Gordon Hotel Keeper 146
HAMMOND Herbert Alexander Storekeeper 148
HARRIS William Clifford JP Accountant 80
HENRY Lawrence Charles Contractor 82
HICKS Harry Crandon Storekeeper 150
HOCKING Sidney Edwin Editor 152
HOLLINS Thomas Clerk 84
HOLLIS John Harold Hotel Keeper 154
HUNT Percy Campling Merchant 14
HUNTER Leo Henry Sharebroker 156
JENSEN Edwin Albrecht Accountant 46
JOHNSON Samuel Edwin Engineer 86
JONES William Daniel Merchant 16
JULIAN Walter John Garage Prop 158
KOZUL Ivan Prospector 88
KURING Arthur Ernest Hotel Keeper 160
LANGE Fritz Christopher Trader 164
LARCOMBE James Joseph Hotel Keeper 162
LAWLER Joseph John Sec ALP 166
LESLIE Donald Melville Commission Agent 168
LOWRY John Storekeeper 170
MARTIN Thomas John Investor 90
MASSEY Charles JP Printer 172
MAY John Harrison Investor 92
MCNEIL William George Garage Prop 174
MONTGOMERY Max Henry Storekeeper 176
OATES Edward Ernest Tobacconist 178
O'KEEFE Kevin Patrick Hotel Keeper 180
ORR James Allan Plumber 182
PATON Adolph Ernest Mine Manager 94
PHYLAND James Investor 184
QUINLAND Jack Hotel Keeper 186
RAINSFORD George Henry Auctioneer 18
RANCLAUD James Builder 188
RUSSELL Patrick Joseph Menswear 190
SCOTT Thomas Dearness Builder 194
SEDDON Harold MLC Insurance 192
SHEEHAN John Walter Butcher 196
SHERIDAN John Assay Sampler 198
SIMMONS Norman Wilfred Radio Manager 202
SKEPPER Harold Adolphus Tobacconist 200
SPARLING Edwin George Dairy Manager 204
SPOORS William Archibald Menswear 206
STANLEY William Henry Attorney 208
SULLIVAN Edmund DPH Rev 30
TAAFFE Patrick Councillor 20
TREBY Ernest John Accountant 48
WARRICK John Gordon Mine Manager 96
WARRICK John JP General Manager 98
WATSON Arthur Contractor 210
WILLIAMS Thomas Morgan Photographer 212
WILSON Reginald Boulder Auctioneer 22

If you would like a copy of any of these pages just email

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