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Leonora Cemetery Continued

EVA – Aboriginal Woman, d 4 Dec 1907 at the Leonora Hospital, Spear Wound - buried Leonora Cemetery.

EVANS Annie, d 17 Mar 1910, Gwalia, Married woman, 49yrs, Cause:- Cerebral Haemorrhage, Father:- Thomas BARRY (Miner) Mother:- Mary ?, born Swan River Fremantle, In VIC 39yrs, In WA 10yrs, Married to William EVANS in Wallsend NSW at age 19yrs, Children:- Evan 29yrs, Ethel May 23yrs, Deceased 3 males 2 females. Buried Leonora Cemetery.

EVANS  Craig Shane        Meth     age 54   born Kalgoorlie WA         bur 29/06/2017

EVANS Damien age 3mths Aboriginal b. Laverton bur 10 Jun 1976

EVANS D-1.JPG (20952 bytes)

EVANS Daniel T A age 51 bur 27 Apr 1942 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 8/42

EVANS  Edward Meth     age 88                   bur 9/01/1993

EVANS Evelyna age 32 Presby Section

EVANS  Francis Clyde      ANG      age 81   born Leonora WA             bur 8/08/2003

EVANS Isobel age 66 bur 18 Oct 1989 Methodist Section

EVANS I-1.JPG (25071 bytes)

EVANS Ivy L age 47 bur 10 Aug 1946 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 12/46

EVANS  Ivy          Meth     age 78   born Carnarvon WA        bur 15/10/1990

EVANS Ivy (nee Archer) age 78 bur 15 Oct 1990 Methodist

EVANS  Janice    Meth     age 56   born Mount Margaret WA            bur 24/10/2013

EVANS John Albert age 68 bur 23 Apr 1954 Anglican 9/54

EVANS K-1.JPG (20268 bytes)

EVANS Kathleen V age 55 bur 5 Sept 1948 RC -Mt Marg death cert 17/48

EVANS  Lyall David           ANG      age 65   born Southern Cross WA               bur 13/07/1996

EVANS S age 43 Aboriginal b. Laverton bur 11 Aug 1980

EVANS  Shirley Anne      Meth     age 58   born Leonora WA             bur 24/04/2009

EVANS  Stefan   Pres       age 40                   bur 21/04/2012

EVANS  Stewart Meth     age 55   born Kalgoorlie WA         bur 30/01/2016

EVANS  Ted        Meth     age 69   born Darlot WA bur 12/06/1999

FACCINI Lorenzo age 27 b. Italy bur 28 Jul 1927 RC -Mt Marg death cert 11/27

FANETTA S-1.JPG (28656 bytes)

FANETTI Stefano age 71 b. Italy bur 25 Oct 1961 RC Section

FANOTTI Joseph lived 12 hrs bur 18 Feb 1935 RC -Mt Marg death cert 7/35

FARLIE J-1.JPG (30098 bytes)

FAIRLIE James William Glass age 48 bur 12 Jul 1912 Presby -Mt Marg death cert 25/12

FASAINI David John bur 7 Jun 1963 RC Section 21/63

FASNINI Andrea age 29 b. Italy bur 1 Jan 1934 RC -Mt Marg death cert 20/34

FELD David L age 8mths bur 22 Nov 1937 RC -Mt Marg death cert 26/37

FELSTEAD Alfred Ambrose:-  age 35 bur 15 Dec 1912 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 40/12

FENNELL-1.JPG (23168 bytes)

FENNELL John d. 9 Oct 1899 age 56 - Mt Margaret death cert 1297/1899 Transferred in 1999 from King of The Hills Cemetery.

FENNELL              J              RC           age 56   born Scotland    bur 10/12/1994

FERGUSON Charles H age 77 bur 21 Apr 1944 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 5/44

FERRY George John, d 1 Jan 1910, Mt Clifford, Leonora, Occ:- Miner, 29yrs, Cause:- Gunshot wound, self inflicted not known if accident or suicide, Verdict of Coroner, Father:- James FERRY (Farmer) Mother:- Mary BARBER, born NSW, In NSW 19yrs in WA 10yrs, Buried Leonora Cemetery. -Mt Marg death cert 4/10

FISHER Andy age 71 Aboriginal b. Leonora bur 4 Jun 1969

FISHER Charles age 84 bur 21 Aug 1941 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 26/41

FISHER Dulcig age 67 bur 27 Aug 1988 Methodist

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