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Tampa > Tampa 1904 Electoral Roll

Tampa 1904 Electoral Roll
Western Australia

ALLAN Frederick- Tampa-Miner
ASHCROFT Henry- Tampa-Blacksmith
ASHTON Richard- Tampa-Miner
ATKIN Joseph- Tampa-Miner
ATKINSON John- Tampa-Miner
BIRNLEY Henry- Tampa-Miner
BOWEN Patrick Francis- Tampa-Miner
BRENNAN John- Tampa-Miner
BROWN John- Tampa-Miner
BROWN William- Tampa-Miner
CADDY Joseph- Tampa-Publican
CADDY Rebecca Eleanor- Tampa-Married
CALDWELL William- Tampa-Engine driver
CAMERON Donald W -Tampa-Miner
CAMERON Walter- Tampa-Miner
CAVANAGH William- Tampa-Miner
CHRISTIAN William- Tampa-Miner
CLAYTON Edward- Tampa-Miner
CODNER Frederick- Tampa-Miner
CODY James- Tampa-Miner
COLE Henry- Tampa-Miner
COLE Henry, jun.- Tampa-Miner
DAVIES Caroline- Tampa-Married
DAVIES John Price- Tampa-Fettler
DONNELLY Margaret- Tampa-Married
DONNELLY William- Tampa-Fettler
DORAN Thomas- Tampa-Miner
EDWARDS Thomas- Tampa-Miner
GILLEN John- Tampa-Miner
GILLESPIE Daniel- Tampa-Fettler
GRAY William- Tampa-Fitter
GRAHAM William- Trilby G.M., Tampa-Miner
GREAG Alexander- Trilby G.M., Tampa-Miner
GULL Arthur Courthope- Tampa-Miner
GULL Harold Ernest -Tampa-Miner
GULL Herbert E.B.- Tampa-Miner
GULL William Eckford -Tampa-Miner
GULLAN Robert -Tampa-Miner
HANNA William- Tampa-Labourer
HARVEY Peter- Tampa-Blacksmith
HAYES James- Tampa-Miner
HECKMONT James Henry- Tampa-Miner
HECKMONT Richard- Tampa-Miner
HUNT George -Tampa-Miner
HYNES Michael- Whale G.M., Tampa-Miner
JOHNSON Alexander- Tampa-Miner
LAING Samuel- Tampa-Miner
MARTIN John- Tampa-Miner
MASON George- Tampa-Miner
MATHEWS Ellen- Whale G.M., Tampa-Home duties
MATHEWS William- Tampa-Miner
McGILLEN James- Whale G.M., Tampa-Miner
McGILLEN John- Whale G.M., Tampa-Miner
McINTYRE Andrew -Tampa-Miner
McKENNA John- Tampa-Fettler
McKENZIE Donald - Whale G.M., Tampa-Miner
McLEOD Hugh- Tampa-Miner
McWILLIAM Thomas William -Tampa-Miner
O'HALLORAN Michael- Tampa-Miner
OLIVER William- Tampa-Miner
POLLOCK Beatrice -Tampa-Married
POLLOCK Robert- Tampa-Miner
ROSS William -Tampa-Fettler
SHAMP Robert -Tampa-Miner
SMITH James -Tampa-Miner
SMITH Luke- Tampa-Miner
SMITH Robert John- Tampa-Miner
SMITH Thomas- Tampa-Miner
TAYLOR Edward  Plasket- Whale G.M., Tampa-Miner
THOMPSON Thomas- Tampa-Engine Driver
TREMBATH William  -Tampa-Miner
WILSON Amelia -Tampa-Married
WILSON David Alexander -Tampa-Miner
WOOD James Richard -Tampa-Miner

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