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Kurnalpi Cemetery

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New Cemetery - 1 mile SW of town Reserve 2715
Cemetery Gully – near road 1050, 1 ½ Miles East of Town,  Reserve 4068

BAUM John, 25yrs, d 31 Jul 1897, at the Jubilee Lease Kurnalpi, Cause: Food Poisoning from eating a tin of saveloy sausage, Reg 563/1897.

COOK William Tilley, 19yrs, d 25 Nov 1897, at the Scottish Lass GM, Kurnalpi, Cause: A charge of dynamite missed fire.  William Tilley Cook went down to investigate, when the shot exploded.  He was removed to the hospital unconscious, and died within two hours.  His father helped to bring him to the surface, Father: Joseph Howell COOK, Mother: Ellen RICHMOND,  Mine accident: ,Buried in the new Kurnalpi Cemetery.

ELLIS male stillborn d 16 Mar 1912, at Kurnalpi, Father: Owen ELLIS (Miner), Mother: Anna Elizabeth BERGNER, death Registered by father, buried 17 Mar 1912, Cause: Stillborn

Reg 3/1912 North East Coolgardie, Buried New Kurnalpi Cemetery

HANRAHAN Patrick,  about 60yrs, at Kurnalpi, d 14 Apr 1901, Cause: Asthma, Verdict of the Coroner,  In WA about 14yrs, Reg 14/1901 North East Coolgardie, buried 14th April 1901

New Kurnalpi Cemetery.

HARROD William Henry, 32 yrs  d 8 May 1898, at Kurnalpi Hospital, Occ: Miner, Cause: Dysentery, Father: Henry Sedgwick HARROD (Wool Classer), Mother: Maria RYAN, death registered by G Harrod (Brother), born Timaru New Zealand, In NZ 30yrs, In WA 2 yrs, Single, Reg 16/1898 North East Coolgardie, buried 9 May 1898 New Kurnalpi Cemetery.


Southern Times 21 April 1896, page 2

McGREGOR Simon Forrest, 23yrs 5mths, d 13 Mar 1896, Father: Daniel McGREGOR, Mother: Agnes C LOCKHART, born 12/10/1892, Quindalup WA, buried Cemetery Gully Cemetery, Kurnalpi.

MITCHELL John, 27yrs, d Jul 1894, Cause: Fever, Occ Prospector, from Rutherglen VIC, 700 men followed attended his burial, buried Cemetery Gully Cemetery, Kurnalpi.

MORRIS Beatrice, 24yrs,   d 12 Apr 1900, at Exchange Hotel, Kurnalpi, Occ: Bar Attendant, Cause: Cerebral Complaint, Effusion, Father: Thomas MORRIS (Builder), Mother: Louisa GILBERT, born: Williamstown VIC, In VIC 2yrs, In SA 17 ½ yrs, In WA 4 ½ yrs, Single, Death registered by John D McLeod, (Hotelkeeper),  buried 13 Apr 1900 New Kurnalpi Cemetery, Reg 19/1900 North East Coolgardie. (Headstone)

MOORE James ‘Jim’, d 1894, at camp at Moons Mine, near Kurnalpi, Cause: Dysentery, Occ: Prospector,

MOUNTAIN Sydney Charles, 24yrs, d c 8 May 1895, 1 ½ Miles East of Kurnalpi, Occ: Miner, Cause: Typhoid Fever, Father: John Thomas MOUNTAIN, Mother: Anna Maria BRUMBY, Reg 1500/1895. Buried Cemetery Gully Cemetery, Kurnalpi.

QUINN Roderick, 28 yrs, d 8 Oct 1899, at Kurnalpi Hospital, Cause: Meningitis, Occ: Miner, Father: Patrick QUINN, Mother: Annie MCINTYRE, born: Footscray VIC, in VIC 20yrs, In WA 6yrs, buried 9 Oct 1899 New Kurnalpi Cemetery, Reg 46/1899 North East Coolgardie.

TREVALYAN Trevillian George, 28 yrs d 19 May 1894, From VIC, Buried Cemetery Gully Cemetery, Kurnalpi.

WISKEN William Charles 34yrs, d 18 Jun 1898, at Kurnalpi Hospital, Cause: Peritonitis, Occ: Miner, born: London England, In NZ 12yrs, In WA 3yrs, Single, Reg 26/1898 North East Coolgardie, buried 19 Jun 1898 New Kurnalpi Cemeter

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