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Boulder Schools  -  Western Australia

From - Arthur Renton

Boulder primary grade 3, Date could be around 1954 -55
My brother Graham Renton is in the back row big ears 
The boy just to the right next row in the tie is Wally Fraser 


Boulder School 1910 from - Gail Mandurah

Grade 4 1950 to 51 Boulder Primary  -   from Kish Turner

Boulder Primary School 1969 Grade 4 from Karen Matthews

Headmaster: Edward Crawford Robinson Class Teacher: K Wearne

Back Row: Chris BOASE, John WEARY, Peter WARD, Trevor RUSSELL, Peter McGILLIVRAY, Peter TWIGGER, Greg SARTORI, Craig HARVEY, Chris BILLAM, Greg HARVEY, Terry HEARN, Steven CRISPIN, Michael TERRELL
Second Row:- Donna DIMER, Teresa MITCHELL, Suzanne TARBET, Karen MATTHEWS, Ruth LOVE, Lorraine COOK, Susan WEILDERS, Robina ELLIOT, Catherine MOUNTENEY, Glanda BEER, Janine CURRAN
Front Row:- Sally NORMINGTON, Audrey GARRIGAN, Fiona TERMS, Jenny Wilson, Debbie SHACKLETON, Karen GOULD, Julie JONES, Linda DELLAVANZO, Fay GOODE, Glenda JONES, Joy WHALLEY, Jennifer OVERSBY

Boulder 1921-1.jpg (74103 bytes)

Grade 3a Boulder School 1921

South Boulder School-1.jpg (57336 bytes)

South Boulder School

School Photo 1.jpg (60426 bytes)

Primary School photo I don't know what year, however my Uncle Frederick Bown is front row 4th from the right,
small blond fellow again.  He looks about 6 or 7 years old.      Wendy Mills 2003

Boulder Central School, Standard V111 1941,  Back Row:  Brian GEACH, Walter AXELL, Ronald BILLETT, Alan BOYLE, Paul FORBES, Ray BARRASS, John STEINHAUSER, Ron BEILKEN, Ron EARLE. Walter BENNETT, Kevin OLDS.


Front Row:  Betty HIORNS, Gloria LANDRE, Gloria HAWKE, Beryl HELSON, Yvonne NORMAN, Shirley CLEMENTS, Jean WEARING, Beth SEXTON, Ina FRANCIS, Roma MORGAN.

Boulder School c 1923, girl in floppy hat is Inez Sommers - Photo Tracey Miller

Standard 3, 1953.   
Teacher – Mrs. Verna Brennan

Back Row (from left)
Edwin Grafton, Brian Bingley, Brian Harvey, David Wreford, Ian Baker, Roger Collie, Lee Cassidy, John Binet.
2nd Back Row

Fay Tinetti, Maureen O’Keeffe, Marilyn Forrest, Sandra Banes, Maureen Woosnam, Betty Jensen, Elizabeth Birrell, Mandy Edmonds, Anne Bracanin.
Middle Row
Colin Bingley, Don Head, Peter Taylor, Ray Hansen, John Goss, Stanley Armitt, Don McAllister, Ray Baldwin, Murray McGillivray, Michael Compton, Neville Yates, David Scott.
2nd Front Row

John Rawlings, Lorraine Malacari, Fay Campbell, Laura Harding, Alison Schoeffler, Margaret Morton, Elwyn Gansberg (Contributor) Carol Wallace, Maureen Vergo, Janice Jasson, Lynette Meyers, Marian Nye.
Front Row

Mary Farrell, Janice, Jarrett, Jill Thomson, Marlene Thomas.


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