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Cue > Cue 1921 Post Office Directory

Cue 1921 Post Office Directory
Western Australia

ACTON James –prospector

ALLOM Henry O –mine assayer

ALLSWORTH Lacey –miner

ANDERSON A E – prospector

ARNOLD Mrs M –boarding house keeper

ARVIDSON J A –grazier

BAKER Henry Archibald

BAPTIE William –miner

BARKER A B –prospector

BELL & Co –store

BELL Robert – Kalli Station

BENNETT Charles H –grocers assistant

BIRD Samuel –miner

BOND George L –miner

BONNER D – Crown Hotel

BOWE Joseph –Murchison Club Hotel

BRAY Richard –miner

BROWN G –railway inspector

BROWN J St J –pastoralist

BURGESS H H –railway driver

BYRNE Myles –prospector

CANT James –railway employee

CARLSON J –well sinker

CARTER G H – engine driver

CHESSON & HEYDON –mine owners

CHESSON & WILLS – tobacconist

CHESSON Albert –prospector

CHESSON Arthur –Roscommon Hotel

CHESSON James – Chesson & Heydon

CLARKSON Bros – butcher

CLARKSON Edward – butcher

CLARKSON Samuel – butcher

COLGAN C M – hospital secretary

COMMINS A W –grocers assistant

COSTER Frank –clerk


CROCKETT L L – warden

Cue Rifle Club

CURRIE S C – station manager

CURLEY James – assistant station master

DALLY - constable

DEEBLE W M –inspector of mines

DICKART M – miner

DICKINSON Mrs A C –dressmaker


DIXON Frederick – prospector

Dominican Convent

DOODY J – railway employee


EMERY & REES – butcher

ESBEREY Albert E –telegraphist

FARNHAM Joseph – station master

FIENBERG B A –auctioneer

FIENBERG Maurice –cordial manufacturer

FISGHER W H –gardener



FRYER Frederick –engine driver

GABLE W H - fettler

GATTI John –accountant

GEORGE John H – Murchison Times Company

GILL & PRATT – picture theatre

GILL Dan –cordial manufacturer

GILL Joseph – miner

GILL Joseph – hotel keeper

GILL Mrs D – tea rooms

GOELDNER Alfred M –tailor

GOLDSWORTHY Paul –railway employee

GOULD C – timber merchant

GRIBBLE J & SON –motor garage
HAINSWORTH Thomas – miner


HESSLER J T –engine driver

HEYDON E R –miner

HEYDON Thomas G – accountant

HEYDON T G –secretary Murchison Goldfields RC

HEYDON W J – Chesson & Heydon mine owners

HICKEY John –contractor

HICKS James –grazier

HOLLAND Rev Newton – Methodist Minister

HUDSON William –miner

HUNTER Thomas –miner

IRWIN Rev F J - Roman Catholic Church

JENNINGS Joseph –miner

JEPSON W F – engine driver

JOHNS W C – pastoralist

JOHNSON Alexander –blacksmith

JOHNSON Robert –miner

KITCHEN Thomas –miner

KNAPP G C – manager WA Machinery Corp

LA GRANGE William –miner

LANGDON William –miner

LATHLAIN F B –pastoralist

LEWIS Montague – saddler

LUPTON Charles & Alfred – farmers Pinnacles

McCORMICK Joseph –engine driver

McCORMICK William –miner

McINTYRE John –leaseholder

McMURRAY Richard – lineman

MANSFIELD Ernest –baker

MARSHALL James H –lineman

MATHERS J V –manager Light of Asia Mararoa Co

Miners Institute

MOORE J – Tolley & Moore

MORETON Mrs E – Murchison Hotel

MORGANS Alfred W –surveyor

Murchison Times Circular Library

MURRAY N – miner

NEIL H J –pastoralist

NOEL H –draper

NUTTALL Ellis – bootmaker

O’DEA Bros – pastoralist

OFFICER James –accountant

PARKER George –engine driver

PARSONS F W – printer

PEKEN J G –carrier

PHILLIPS H R – relieving manager WA Bank

POLLOCK J H – contractor

PRATT Edward –miner

PRATT Mrs A –dressmaker

RIDDLE J C – contractor

RIGHETTI Frederick –pastoralist

ROBERTS Harry –miner

RODGERS William –miner

ROGERS Arthur W –carpenter

RYAN J –teacher

RYAN J J – sergeant in charge Police Station

RYAN J M – matron Cue Hospital

SHIPARD John – Railway Hotel

SHIPWAY Charles – miner

SMITH A B – mining registrar

SMITH F Bayley –contractor

SMITH F – miner

SPENCER James –bricklayer

TOLLEY W & MOORE – gardeners

TRELOAR Thomas – Old Spot Hotel

TYLER E J –plumber

WALKER James –miner

WHITE J T – secretary AWA

WILLIAMS William H –painter

WILLIS John – Chesson & Willis

WILLIS Mrs E –nurse

WILLIS W H –miner

WILSON R – wheelwright

WINGRAVE Edward H - miner

WORROLL Moses - miner

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